Bachelor in Applied Science (Systems Administrator) (B.App.Sc.(SA))

Submission Dates

Submission dates for assignments may be altered with the agreement of the majority of the students enrolled in the subject/class concerned. Any alterations to submission dates will be notified to all students concerned either in writing, or by the student news group alt.sysadmin.recovery. Students must read this news group for announcements. Alternatively, using the table in the Bribes section, most requests can be catered for.

Penalties for late submission

Late assignments are not accepted unless by prior arrangement. Or accompanied by a massive bribe or free sex. Or a lifetime supply of caffeine or TimTams.

Academic Dishonesty

Students are reminded that cheating, fabrication or falsification of data, and plagiarism are acceptable. (To plagiarise is to submit work in your name, but which is proved to be copied or derived in part or total from another person's work.) Students are responsible for ensuring that their work is secure and not promulgated. Students who are alleged to have plagiarised or who have allegedly allowed their work to be copied will face disciplinary proceedings if caught. The trick is not to be caught.

Students are also expected to be aware of their individual rights and responsibilities regarding the proper use of copyright material. Don't ask, don't tell.

Assessment Gradings

HD 85 - 100%
You graduate with top honours. Your padded cell is ready.
DI 75 - 84%
Getting towards the top of the class. Your work will be checked to ensure it is someone else's.
CR 65 - 74%
Average stuff. Pull the finger out.
PA 50 - 64%
You're spending too much time playing doom or in the coffee houses.
NN 0 - 49%
You obviously have no clue. Join the great unwashed.


You are advised to postpone purchase until after you graduate. Recommended References :

SKANSHOLM, J. : Coffee from the Beginning Addison-Wesley, 2nd Edition, 1994

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Choose any two or anything that adds up past 40 points. Timing varies depending on your talent at skiving off.

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