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Lowdown, Monday Morning, Networking Blues

Where the sysadmin discovers it never pays to sleep in....

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[1] An Alphanumeric. Around here, we usually don't bother answering plain old numeric pages, because they are probably lusers we want to avoid in any case.

[2] Hey, I'm not getting to work any faster if I check and it's an extra trip up and down the stairs to say "Oh, look, it's dead." [3]

[3] It's not my fault they only put one of us in that building. Let someone hike over from the main Phone Firewall Corral or give me an extra body that likes to come in at dawn.

[4] If they want to retain root, we refuse to support anything more than a network link. You want it, you support it.

[5] Insert the annoying whine and petulance of a three-year old whose candy has been stolen.

[6] Insert obligatory "Spock's Brain" episode flashback.

[7] The first synopsis I had of the problem did not explore the fact that these were not our machines. [9] They also apparently didn't read the damn notice the network guys sent around to the PFW. I hate when the PFW [10] gives me half-ass data.

[8] Ed is skinny and amiable, no match for a lumbering Uber-luser bent on monopolizing. Ed is also, as stated above, one of the guys working on the REAL network outage, which will be hard to fix if he is off with Uber-luser.

[9] i.e. Not Our Problem

[10] Actually, I'm in the Phone Firewall, but only under duress. I think of it as a little slice of Hell. I get out mid-Sept.

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