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The BBiochemistFHInTraining Days

Where the Bastard Biochemist almost becomes a real ball buster...

Bruce. wrote:

>wince* Hmmm... what a LART (for the female BOFHs) that would be...small
>container of liquid nitrogen, sprayed (thrown-shatter) at the appropriate
>spot (guys, don't read ;) )... has possibilities.

Back when I was a BBiochemistFHInTraining, I worked in a medical lab one summer[1]. The lab also had a medical student on rotation for half the summer. This med student was one of the biggest lusers[2] that I have ever met. We were a very busy lab and would often work through lunch or go to lunch late - except for LuserBoy. <whine>But I'm hungry and I have to go to lunch now!</whine> He seemed fundamentally incapable of performing tests with a reasonable amount of skill and efficiency[3]. We ended up working together a lot, because they could give me a task and I could lead LuserBoy through assisting me at it.

One of our jobs was to trot down to the Pathology lab on the other end of the building and pick up breast tissue samples. We carried them back in a bucket of liquid nitrogen. Usually, the bucket would already be full or could be filled from the one of the other containers around, but one day, everything was empty or in use, so we were left with The Big Tank. We'd never used it before, and weren't sure how well we could control the pressure. So LuserBoy decides to make sure the bucket was well-braced before we started. By standing with it between his feet and pointing the hose down into it. Did I mention that the bucket was only about quart-sized and has a concave bottom? I still can't believe I actually stopped him and pointed this out....It would have been most amusing.

-- Heather the Surly

[1] Yes, I had just finished my freshman year of college and I was processing medical tests in a major Chicago hospital[1.5]. I'm not sure if that worries or reassures me, as a patient....

[1.5] Mostly scutwork and pregnancy tests until the new lab hire managed to fsck up a Beta-HCG test and they gave them to me. [1.75]

[1.75] A very important test, which, if you fsck up and report the wrong results, can result in either killing a patient or wrongly taking them off of $2000/attempt fertility treatments. I was touched by their confidence in me, but you'd better believe I checked my computations about a gazillion times before filing the results.

[2] Well, biggest non-computing luser. The only reason I'm still willing to go to hospitals is that he was a psychiatry student.

[3] Seeing as he is halfway to being a doctor and I had only just passed Freshman Chem, you'd think he'd be better at running tests and whatnot.

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