aaa.inu-chan Inu-chan by Kenso KATO (Moderated)
ab.arnet No description. (Moderated)
ab.general Items of general interest in Alberta, Canada. Jobs in Alberta, Canada.
ab.politics Discussion of politics in Alberta, Canada.
abg.allgemein Augsburg: Verschiedenes
abg.amiga Augsburg: fuer unsere spanischen Freunde
abg.comp Augsburg: Diskussion ueber Computer
abg.diskussion Augsburg: fuer alle moeglichen sinnlosen Diskussionen
abg.english Augsburg: chatten auf englisch auch fuer nichtenglaender...
abg.flohmarkt Augsburg: Verkauf von an Privat
abg.frauen Augsburg: frauenthemen, was immer das auch sein soll
abg.gruesse Augsburg: was taeten wir nur ohne sie...
abg.kultur Augsburg: Konzerttermine, Kritiken, Filme, Buecher
abg.mampf Augsburg: Fuer Rezepte, Kochtips, Kneipentests
abg.member Augsburg: Mitglieder
abg.spiele Augsburg: spieletips und fragen
abg.test04 Augsburg: Testgruppe 2004, vorsicht Reflektoren
abg.veranstaltungen Augsburg: Veranstaltungen
abg.witziges Augsburg: muss auch sein....
acadia.bulletin-board ?? at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. ?? at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
adass.admin Discussions of the adass newsgroups and their administration
adass.archiving Astronomical data archiving systems and software
adass.conference ADASS software conference
adass.fits.dishfits FITS issues in single-dish radio astronomy.
adass.fits.oirfits Data formats and keywords for Optical/Infrared data
adass.general important announcements
adass.iraf.announce announcements of new software etc.
adass.iraf.applications discussion of IRAF applications software
adass.iraf.buglog project buglogs (computer generated)
adass.iraf.misc miscellaneous iraf topics
adass.iraf.noao No description.
adass.iraf.programming IRAF software development
adass.iraf.readme general information, FAQs, etc.
adass.iraf.sources sources for IRAF programs, documents, etc.
adass.iraf.system IRAF system management discussion
adass.misc miscellaneous discussion
adass.test No description.
ahn.config Planning the ahn (Athens, GA) newsgroup hierarchy.
ahn.general Topics of general interest in the Athens, GA, area. Technical topics in Athens, Georgia. Discussion of the Linux OS in Athens, GA.
ahn.test Testing Usenet in the Athens, Georgia, area. Discussioni varie in lingua italiana Mail2News read only gateway to (Moderated) Assistenza in lingua italiana sul news server English helpdesk for english users Nocem messages sent by (Closed)
aioe.system Support group for admins
aioe.test General test group for the hierarchy
aioe.test.moderated Test moderated group for (Moderated)
aioe.test.tor A place where test whether NNTP over Tor works
airmail.analog Internet America analog modem discussion and support.
airmail.announce Internet America system announcements. (Moderated)
airmail.flame Kicking, screaming and venting on IA-related issues.
airmail.general General discussion of Internet America-related topics.
airmail.isdn Internet America ISDN technical discussion and support. Electronic support for Internet America customers
airnews.alt.announce Internet America AIRNEWS.alt announcements. (Moderated) David Letterman binaries. (Moderated) Tech Support for WebSite Promotional Services.
airnews.alt.culture.etiquette Etiquette issues in the USA. (Moderated) Total conspiracy and we have proof! Airport-related topics, bickering.
airnews.announce Internet America AIRNEWS! announcements (Moderated)
airnews.flame Kicking, screaming and venting on AIRNEWS! issues.
airnews.general Discussion of Internet America AIRNEWS!-related topics. Electronic support for Internet America AIRNEWS!.
airnews.test Test postings, propagation checks, etc.
ak.admin Alaskan network news administration.
ak.bushnet.thing Alaskan Public Access Networking.
ak.config Alaskan regional heirarchy configuration.
ak.test Messages with the beta-nature. Advertisements for Akron area businesses.
akr.freenet Discussion about the Akron Regional Free-Net.
akr.internet Internet access in the Akron, Ohio, area. announcements and discussion of jobs in the Akron area.
alabama.announce Announcements of interest to everyone in Alabama. (Moderated) Things for sale in Birmingham, AL only.
alabama.birmingham.general General discussion about Birmingham, AL, USA. Employment specifically in Birmingham, AL. (Moderated) Birmingham, AL amateur radio.
alabama.birmingham.sports Birmingham, Alabama sports.
alabama.birmingham.students Birmingham, Alabama student affairs.
alabama.config Usenet news configuration in the alabama hierarchy.
alabama.decatur.general General discussion about Decatur, Alabama, USA. Education in the state of Alabama.
alabama.general General discussion in the state of Alabama. The Alabama job market. (Moderated) General discussion about Mobile, Alabama (Moderated)
alabama.politics Politics in the state of Alabama.
alabama.shoals.general Discussion about the Shoals area in NW Alabama, USA.
alabama.sports.alabama University of Alabama sports.
alabama.sports.auburn Auburn University sports.
alabama.sports.misc Miscellaneous Alabama sports.
alabama.test News system testing in the alabama hierarchy.
alabama.tuscaloosa.general General discussion about Tuscaloosa, AL, USA.
alc.alc.bier.pils Discussion about Pils beer.
alc.alc.c2h5oh General discussion on ethanol.
alc.archive Announcements of available software.
alc.general Items of general interest. Wanted / Forsale.
alc.stat News-related statistics and lists. (Moderated)
alc.suicide Discussions and methods.
alc.test Tests. Methodology and hints of using ATRIA's ClearCase SCM. Tools and Methods recommended by Software Support Group. Discussion about, templates for HP's OpenView Windows.
alt.0a.fred-hall Fred Hall the troll from alt.usenet.kooks
alt.0a.fred-hall-is-a-bowl-of-piss Fred Hall is a bowl of piss
alt.0a.fred-hall.animals AUK Fred Hall's favorite animals AUK Fred Hall's favorite beers
alt.0a.fred-hall.bites-the-dust How lame can one get?
alt.0a.fred-hall.cats AUK Fred Hall's favorite pussies
alt.0a.fred-hall.dogs AUK Fred Hall's homies (where my dogs at?)
alt.0a.fred-hall.e-cards AUK Fred Hall's mug on a digital postcard!
alt.0a.fred-hall.froth AUK Fred Hall's is know to froth at the mouth!
alt.0a.fred-hall.god AUK Fred Hall's views on God
alt.0a.fred-hall.horses AUK Fred Hall likes to play the ponies
alt.0a.fred-hall.igloo AUK Fred Hall spent 2 years of his life in an igloo
alt.0a.fred-hall.jackass AUK Fred Hall is a jackass
alt.0a.fred-hall.kingpin AUK Fred Hall is a kingpin
alt.0a.fred-hall.liar AUK Fred Hall is lying sack of sheep turd
alt.0a.fred-hall.mozzerella-stick AUK Fred Hall is a mozzerella stick
alt.0a.fred-hall.nancy-boy AUK Fred Hall is a nancy-boy
alt.0a.fred-hall.opera The opera according to AUK Fred Hall
alt.0a.fred-hall.purple-nurple AUK Fred Hall is a nipple-twisting fool!
alt.0a.fred-hall.quiff AUK Fred Hall loves them pussy farts!
alt.0a.fred-hall.rolex AUK Fred Hall can not afford one!
alt.0a.fred-hall.sour-puss AUK Fred Hall's usual disposition!
alt.0a.fred-hall.tits AUK Fred Hall's favorite bra size!
alt.0a.fred-hall.uma-thurman AUK Fred Hall can't fuck her!
alt.0a.fred-hall.venus-flytrap AUK Fred Hall likes flies (zippers) in mouth!
alt.0a.fred-hall.washed-up AUK Fred Hall is gettin' old as Bob Hope! AUK Fred Hall favorite Xbox games reviewed!
alt.0a.fred-hall.yes YES! AUK Fred Hall is leaving Usenet!
alt.0a.fred-hall.zz-top YES! AUK Fred Hall loves fat bearded guys!
alt.0d Yet another attempt to collect stupid people up front.
alt.0ssp No description.
alt.12hr continuous hypermodern
alt.12step.cuckold.jaime-de-castellvi No description.
alt.12step.cuckold.jaime-decastellvi alt.12step.cuckold.Jaime-DeCastellvi
alt.12step.pedo.derek-mcmurray No description.
alt.12step.sadomasochism.thewitch-dragon No description.
alt.12steps.aa.darnell-fall can only do step one
alt.12steps.aa.dave-crocker-sr is a liar
alt.12steps.aa.dave-croker-jr is also a liar
alt.12steps.aa.joe-glaze is a fat weight lifter who uses drugs
alt.12steps.aa.steve-crocker is also a liar
alt.12steps.aa.ted-l is a lamer
alt.12steps.alanon.pat-crocker is a sick Alanon
alt.12steps.bill-corbett is a dishonest car dealer
alt.12steps.bill-gilchrist is a blowhard is a lamer has not done step two is a lamer
alt.18-jan-2038 the end of unix time
alt.1d One-dimensional imaging, & the thinking behind it.
alt.23is.strange There is always something
alt.2600d No description.
alt.2600hz No description.
alt.2d People using this group have no depth.
alt.2eggs.sausage.beans.tomatoes.2toast.largetea.cheerslove No description.
alt.30s Newsgroup For Those Born In The 1930's
alt.3d Use alt.3d.misc instead.
alt.3d.daz3d DAZ3D creates 3D software (models and programs)
alt.3d.misc Three-dimensional imaging.
alt.3d.rhino Rhino, a Windows NURBS curve, surface, & solid modeler.
alt.3d.sirds Especially for Single Image Random Dot Stereograms. For 3D Studio users.
alt.3djam-tv Press Releases for Fabs Music & Jam-TV
alt.40s Newsgroup About The 40s
alt.50s Newsgroup About The 50's
alt.60s Newsgroup About The 60s
alt.70s Newsgroup About The 70s
alt.80s Newsgroup About The 80s
alt.8z76 No description.
alt.90s Newsgroup About The 90s
alt.a uyqouopeeoj
alt.a-cumbucket-known-as-spooge see dean. see dean 0wn spooge.
alt.a.ff uaenreasgiui
alt.a.s uexiieaugplaoia
alt.aaaaaa No description.
alt.aac The Armageddon Ark Clan.
alt.aapg.announce Announcements from the American Association of Petroleum
alt.aapg.general The American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
alt.aardvark No description. go rocky go!
alt.aber No description.
alt.abide No description.
alt.ablecommerce No description.
alt.abortion No description.
alt.abortion.inequity Paternal obligations of failing to abort unwanted child.
alt.abp.cosmodeipita No description.
alt.abuse No description.
alt.abuse-recovery No description.
alt.abuse.howard.knight Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users.
alt.abuse.minton No description.
alt.abuse.offender No description.
alt.abuse.offender.recovery Helping abuse-offenders to recover & heal.
alt.abuse.recovery Helping victims of abuse to recover.
alt.abuse.transcendence Non-standard ways to deal with all forms of abuse.
alt.accounting No description.
alt.acme.exploding.newsgroup Beep beep.
alt.acorn.adverts No description.
alt.acorn.demos Discussion of Acorn demos, demo coding and game coding
alt.acting I'm just not myself today.
alt.activeserverpages ActiveServerPages technology, components, databases, coding
alt.activism Activities for activists.
alt.activism.age-restrictions No description.
alt.activism.children Open discussion of political issues about children.
alt.activism.children.cps-issues No description.
alt.activism.children.cps-reform No description.
alt.activism.children.molesters No description.
alt.activism.children.whatisa-pedophile No description.
alt.activism.chronic-pain Political activism to make life better for chronic pain
sufferers. No description.
alt.activism.d A place to discuss issues in alt.activism.
alt.activism.death-penalty Info and discussion re abolition
alt.activism.drug-war No description.
alt.activism.drug-war.mj-millennium Discussion of the MJ-Millennium discussion, news of ecological direct action (Moderated)
alt.activism.groups.1998-nostalgia-club Announcements. fuck u keith wigdor is a w.a.c.b
alt.activism.groups.cartesian-front Cartesian Front (LCF) information and
alt.activism.groups.crossposters-league alt.activism.groups.crossposters-league:
alt.activism.groups.hamas.christina-eijkhout fuck u
alt.activism.groups.hdz Croatian Democratic Union discussion and news.
alt.activism.groups.hizbollah.christina-eijkhout fuck u
alt.activism.groups.islamic-jihad.christina-eijkhout fuck u
alt.activism.groups.islamic-jihad.keith-wigdor keith is a w.a.c.b
alt.activism.groups.national-caucus.ssfc National Caucus-SSFC information and
alt.activism.groups.nccl NCCL announcements and news.
alt.activism.groups.nccl-dwcmp NCCL-DWCMP discussion and news.
alt.activism.groups.nmcdp NMCDP discussion and news.
alt.activism.groups.pflp.christina-eijkhout fuck u
alt.activism.groups.plo.christina-eijkhout fuck u
alt.activism.groups.vmro-dpmne VMRO-DPMNE discussion and news. High school and college latino organizing No description.
alt.activism.noise-pollution No description.
alt.activism.noise.pollution No description.
alt.activism.peacefire No description.
alt.activism.student Discussion and announcements of student activism
alt.activism.underground No description.
alt.activism.youth-rights Youth rights/anti-age restriction activists. Renegade fans start another unneeded hierarchy. No description. No description.
alt.adam-h-kerman.config Fuckhead! Fuckhead! ... Or maybe not?
alt.adam-hotz No description.
alt.adam-in-alt-config Best ng ever
alt.adam-in-alt-config.inflated-sense-of-self-worth Cause he is full of himself
alt.adam-in-alt-config.inflated-sense-of-self-worth.tries-to-b-teh-boss Cause he
is full of himself
alt.adam-in-alt-config.k00ks-out-over Best ng ever
alt.adam-in-alt-config.k00ks-out-over.liberalminded-using Best ng ever
alt.adam-in-alt-config.k00ks-out-over.liberalminded-using.brian-reid-nym Best ng
Best ng ever
Best ng ever
alt.adam-learn-to-read No description.
alt.adam-learn-to-read.headers No description.
alt.adc e(>aIi?+XAWPG9_ (Moderated) No description.
alt.addiction.cancelling The original
alt.adjective No description.
alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb No description.
alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb The prototypical alt group.
alt.adolf-shithead fer u
alt.adopt.latvian.babies No description.
alt.adoption For those involved with or contemplating adoption.
alt.adoption.adoption-world Discuss and support special needs
alt.adoption.adoptive.parenting Special issues with parenting adopted children. Licensed non-profit adoption agency information. Los Niños international adoption agency based in USA
(moderated) (Moderated)
alt.adoption.issues Debate over controversies and attacks on adoption.
alt.adoption.korean No description.
alt.adoption.searching Matching adoptees and birth parents.
alt.adoptive.parenting No description.
alt.adsl.bordeaux No description.
alt.adsl.lille No description.
alt.adsl.rouen discussions
alt.adsl.toulouse discussions
alt.advocacy.pico To support those oppressed by vi and emacs.
alt.aeffle No description.
alt.aeffle.und No description.
alt.aeffle.und.pferdle German TV cartoon characters das Aeffle und das Pferdle. En afrikaans. En afrikaans. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.affinity This group is for Affinity discussion
alt.afilcm eeaieokvirucueo (Moderated)
alt.afraid.of.freedom.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.agff-reg.daveg No description.
alt.agff-reg.iwa13 Dave shouldn't have the alt.agff-reg.*
alt.aggta No description.
alt.aggta.peter-thomas Debate of Peter Thomas and his sometimes
alt.agnosticism support for those not quite atheists or theists.
alt.agoracast.wwx Decentralized XML message exchange.
alt.agriculture No description.
alt.agriculture.beef Beef production and management
alt.agriculture.commodities No description.
alt.agriculture.dean-stark No description.
alt.agriculture.fruit Fruit production.
alt.agriculture.goat-herding for all the goat herders
alt.agriculture.misc Use sci.agriculture instead. No description. No description. 4E4j0T=bGKT
alt.aids.infected.drug.addict.robert-f-golaszewski No description. No description.
alt.airline.schedules Current schedules of various airlines.
alt.airline.united United Airlines
alt.airports No description. News and views relating to Edinburgh All aspects of traffic + travel at and through EGPF news, travel info, flights, and related topics No description.
alt.airsoft No description.
alt.airstream No description. info,files,updates,air warrior faq
alt.alala No description. No description.
alt.alarm.bettywindsor No description.
alt.alcatroll Discussion of the work of Alcatroll Labs Inc. a subsidiary of mullinscorp/cleereco a division of snuh
alt.alcatroll.snuh alcatroll is now indignitas a division of snuh
alt.alcatroll.snuh.snuh alcatroll - a division of snuh
alt.alcatroll.snuh.snuh.snuh alcatroll - a division of snuh
alt.alchemy No description.
alt.alcohol Don't drink and drive on the, I can't say it.
alt.alcohol.home-distillation Moonshine stills, ethanol and corn whiskey.
alt.alcohol.jack-daniels No description.
alt.aldus.freehand The other hand is busy.
alt.aldus.misc Aldus products not covered in another alt.aldus group.
alt.aldus.pagemaker Don't use expensive user support, come here instead.
alt.alex No description.
alt.alex-cain.racist.troll All about "dink" Alex Cain
alt.alex.argues No description.
alt.alex.argues.with No description.
alt.alex.argues.with.maximum No description.
alt.alex.argues.with.maximum.illumination No description.
alt.alex.boaretto No description. Cheating on Homework 101.
alt.algonetics No description. No description.
alt.alien.flippant You flippant little thing, you.
alt.alien.flippant.little You flippant little thing, you.
alt.alien.flippant.little.fucknozzle You flippant little thing, you.
alt.alien.flippant.little.fucknozzle.lady-di Diana was flippant.
alt.alien.flippant.little.fucknozzle.peter-j-ross PJR is flippant.
alt.alien.flippant.little.fucknozzle.ryan-seacrest Go Ryan.
alt.alien.moderated Extraterrestrial life (Moderated)
alt.alien.reptilian Alien reptilian discussion.
alt.alien.research Extraterrestial body snatching for fun and profit.
alt.alien.snuh i loev ms poopy pnats
alt.alien.snuh.flonk i loev ms poopy pnats
alt.alien.snuh.flonk.flonk i loev ms poopy pnats
alt.alien.snuh.flonk.flonk.flonk i loev ms poopy pnats
alt.alien.student.flunk.flunk.flunk No description.
alt.alien.vampire.biff biff is a mad newfrouper.
alt.alien.vampire.biff.biff biff is a mad newfrouper.
alt.alien.vampire.biff.biff.biff biff is a mad newfrouper.
alt.alien.vampire.clang bet you didn't see that one coming
alt.alien.vampire.clang.honk bet you didn't see that one coming
alt.alien.vampire.clang.honk.tweet did you see that one coming?
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.en flonkenstein flonkenfag fagenflonk.
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.en.fag flonkenstein flonkenfag fagenflonk.
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk Something about simoN.
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk.core-flonker Uprooted from their ancestral
land, a new home for the legendary Core Flonkers.
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk.core-flonker.bill-cleere go bill
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk.flonk.flonk When four flonks isn't enough |3iff 0wns teh flonk |3iff
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk.penetrated penetrated flonking
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.un-flonk 2 be un-flonked p0ast here
alt.alien.vampire.mason.michael.jenkins Discussion of a diminutive net.god.
alt.alien.vampire.snuh the world according to snuh
alt.alien.vampire.snuh.snuh the world according to snuh
alt.alien.vampire.snuh.snuh.flonk bet you didn't see that one coming
alt.alien.vampire.snuh.snuh.snuh bet you didn't see that one coming
alt.alien.vampire.spank.spank.spank No description.
alt.alien.visitors Space Aliens on Earth! Abduction! Gov't Coverup!
alt.alien.wanderers Wanderers living amongst us, maybe even you are one.
alt.alien.zyrix aliens are amongst us.
alt.aliens.they-are-here For discussion of aliens here on earth.
alt.allsysop Use comp.bbs.misc instead. Forum for dutch ALS patient
alt.alt ASCII stereograms.
alt.alt.alt.alt.alt When the ants go marching five by five. No description. Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer
users. No description. No description. How Pinwheel is the man
alt.alt.spamtrap Will probably just collect spam, but then fry it.
alt.alt.test Use alt.test instead.
alt.alt2600 No description. No description. No description.
alt.altopia No description.
alt.altopia-news-server No description.
alt.altopia-news-server.going-going-gone No description.
alt.altopia-news-server.please-sale-it-cc No description.
alt.altopia-news-server.was-the-best No description. No description. No description.
alt.altopia.i-know-we-have We love the good food but those tits really get us No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.altopia.please No description.
alt.altopia.please.crosspost No description.
alt.altopia.please.crosspost.responsibly No description.
alt.altopia.please.crosspost.responsibly.that No description.
alt.altopia.please.crosspost.responsibly.that.means No description. No description. No description.
alt.alumni.bronx-science Those crazy kids from Bronx-Sci.
alt.alumni.brooklyn-tech No description.
alt.alumni.warwick Graduates of University of Warwick, UK.
alt.alumni.york-university No description. En amharique. En amharique. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... No description.
alt.amateur-comp Discussion and input for Amateur Computerist Newsletter. No description. Worshiping women you have to look up to.
alt.amber No description.
alt.america Created by a British cluebag; probably now has USA talk.
alt.america-online.wurk He's still no match for The Cypher. Use instead.
alt.american.automobile.breakdown.breakdown.breakdown Born in the USA.
alt.american.caribbean No description.
alt.ameritech.jim.bayless.must.perish No description.
alt.amiga.demos Use alt.sys.amiga.demos instead.
alt.amiga.slip Use comp.sys.amiga.networking instead. groupname
alt.ammonia.refrigeration No description. (Moderated)
alt.amsoil No description. En aragonais. Een leuk groepje van An En aragonais. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.anagrams Playing with words.
alt.anal.retentive.freddie-holtz No description.
alt.anarchism Anarchists of the world, unite!
alt.anarchism.communist No description.
alt.anarchism.syndicalist Anarcho-syndicalist news and debate
alt.anarchy.rules No description.
alt.ancona.calcio No description.
alt.and No description.
alt.angels Angels, near death experiences, miracles, you. (Moderated)
alt.anger Seething rage.
alt.angst Anxiety in the modern world.
alt.angst.upc For serious discussions on terribly frightening financial Tightening the screws of your existence.
alt.animals Use rec.pets.* or alt.animals.* instead.
alt.animals.badgers Wombat love.
alt.animals.bear Discussion of the bear
alt.animals.bears Who's gonna win the Super Bowl? Da Bears!
alt.animals.breeders.rabbits No description. Discussion of the cat
alt.animals.crab This is a group for the discussion of crabs and Discussion of the dog Dog retraining by The Puppy Wizard, Jerry Howe Collie clubs, politics, ethical issues
alt.animals.dolphins Flipper, Darwin, and all their friends.
alt.animals.eagle.bald Discussion of the eagle.bald
alt.animals.ethics.vegetarian No description.
alt.animals.falcon Discussion of the falcon
alt.animals.felines Cats of all types.
alt.animals.felines.diseases Discussions of feline infectious diseases.
alt.animals.foxes For those wild and crazy guys.
alt.animals.furtrapping No description.
alt.animals.gibbon Discussion of the gibbon
alt.animals.giraffes No description.
alt.animals.goats Discussion group about goats
alt.animals.goats.pygmy Discussion group about pygmy goats
alt.animals.gorilla Discussion of the gorilla
alt.animals.gull Discussion of the gull
alt.animals.hawk Discussion of the hawk
alt.animals.horses.breeding Discuss breeding & foaling.
alt.animals.horses.icelandic Icelandic horses.
alt.animals.humans.dishonesty.ubiquitous No description.
alt.animals.lampreys Large suctorial mouths are cool.
alt.animals.lemur Discussion of the lemur
alt.animals.lion Discussion of the lion
alt.animals.llama Discussion of the llama
alt.animals.mules No description.
alt.animals.otters For fans of Ring of Bright Water.
alt.animals.pandas Discussion of the endangered giant pandas.
alt.animals.peacock Discussion of the peacock
alt.animals.ponies Discuss all pony breeds (kids & all ages)
alt.animals.rabbit Discussion of the rabbit
alt.animals.raccoons Discussion of raccoons and raccoon-related topics.
alt.animals.rights.promotion No description.
alt.animals.scorpion Discussion of the scorpion
alt.animals.sealion Discussion of the sealion
alt.animals.tiger Discussion of the scorpion
alt.animals.whales Everything from harbour porpoises to blue whales.
alt.animals.wombat Discussion of the wombat
alt.animals.zebu Discussion of the zebu
alt.animation.batman No description.
alt.animation.mainframe Computer animation from Mainframe Entertainment Inc
alt.animation.mike-judge The animation of Mike Judge
alt.animation.nick-park Nice bit of Wensleydale, that, Gromit!
alt.animation.spumco The Danes call it Quality.
alt.animation.uoldbz No description. (Moderated)
alt.animation.warner-bros Discussions about Warner Brothers cartoons.
alt.anime Japanese animated movies and TV shows.
alt.anime.cardcaptor-sakura Cardcaptor Sakura and its English
alt.anime.cowboy-bebop The animated series Cowboy Bebop.
alt.anime.dothack General discussion of the .hack// anime
alt.anime.escaflowne No description.
alt.anime.gundam Japanese animation, games, novels and manga.
alt.anime.shoujo Japanese animation targeted to young girls, and its origins.
alt.anime.techi-muyo No description.
alt.anime.tenchi-muyo No description.
alt.annelies A newsgroup for annelies
alt.anonmailnet.messages No description.
alt.anonymous alt! Who goes there? No description. No description.
alt.anonymous.messages An anonymous message pool newgroup, whatever that is.
alt.anonymous.messages.luciferslegion No description.
alt.anonymous.messages.skuznet No description.
alt.anonymous.servers.cotse-com discussion of
alt.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
alt.answers.auk Answers to questions about alt.usenet.kooks
alt.answers.auk.fred-hall Answers to questions about Fred Hall
alt.answers.auk.fred-hall.aratzio Answers about Fred Hall's friend Aratzio Answers about Fred Hall's friend Deco
alt.answers.auk.fred-hall.cujo Answers about Fred Hall's friend Cujo
alt.answers.auk.fred-hall.gary-burnore Answers about Fred Hall's friend Gary
alt.answers.auk.fred-hall.kadaitcha-man Fred Hall's friend Kabitchy
alt.answers.auk.fred-hall.kevin-a-cannon Answers about Fred Hall's friend Kevin
alt.answers.auk.fred-hall.meat-plow Fred Hall's friend Meaty
alt.answers.auk.fred-hall.peter-j-ross Fred Hall's retired FNVW friend
alt.answers.auk.fred-hall.sean-monaghan Fred Hall's vote wrangler friend
alt.answers.questions Answers to life's most important questions
alt.anthony-ciolli Discussion of Anthony Ciolli
alt.anthrax.binaries No description. No description. No description.
alt.anthrax.comp No description.
alt.anti-america.keith-wigdor keith wigdor is a commie
alt.anti-ebay No description.
alt.anti-semite.christina-eijkhout Opposing this
alt.antichristnet Will Spencer does not assume responsibility.
alt.antiques.delaware.joe Specializing in Americana from the Joe period.
alt.antonio.sabato.jr No description.
alt.anybody You talking to me?
alt.anygroup No description. No description. No description.
alt.anything Use misc.misc instead. Why some people hate AOL and/or its users. People who are sick of being flamed by No description. I am God of even worms. No description. The Usenet AOL Imperial Water Buffalo Lodge Complaining about charges from America Online. No description. Another forum for gripes about America Online. Well, it should. No description. No description.
alt.apache.configuration Apache web server configuration issues.
alt.apews.blockspam Discussion and removal requests for Anonymous Postmasters
Early Warning System
alt.apews.jamie-is-a-spamtard Jamie Baillie is a spamtard.
alt.apocalypse Now.
alt.apocalypso Dancing into the next millennium.
alt.appalachian Appalachian region awareness, events, and culture.
alt.april No description.
alt.april.fool It's April 1st. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh.
alt.aquaria The aquarium & related as a hobby.
alt.aquaria.guppy Care, breeding, and chat about guppies
alt.aquaria.killies Killifish, members of family cyprinodontidae.
alt.aquaria.oscars No description. A discussion group for all
alt.aquaria.whitecloud No description. En arabe. ixosycrulrbuyinoeaooea En arabe. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.arabic general talks in Arabic
alt.arabic.comp computers in the Arabic world
alt.arabic.flying Arab pilots or expatiates flying with Arabian carriers.
alt.arabic.general general talks in Arabic
alt.arabic.politics general talks in Arabic
alt.aratzio Usenet asshole Aratzio
alt.aratzio.defends-bob-officer Two-faced rodents need not be on Usenet Aratzio is PWND!
alt.arc En araméen.
alt.arc.test En araméen.
alt.arc.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.archaeology Use sci.archaeology instead.
alt.archeology No description.
alt.archery Robin Hood had the right idea.
alt.archery.traditional For fans of traditional archery.
alt.archimedes.bugs Few people know he invented giant mechanical bugs.
alt.architecture Building design/construction and related topics.
alt.architecture.alternative Non-traditional building designs. Interior design of man-made spaces.
alt.argen No description.
alt.argentina.adolecentes No description.
alt.argus No description.
alt.armourers Armourers and info for them.
alt.aromatherapy The effects of scents. No description.
alt.arse-bandit arse bandit talk-a-plenty
alt.arse-bandit.dowap requested via biff's newgroup request wizard
alt.arse-bandit.dowap.loves-giving-rimjobs requested via biff's NRW
alt.arse-bandit.dowap.loves-giving-rimjobs.lick BMNRW-requested
alt.arse-bandit.dowap.loves-giving-rimjobs.lick.slurp BMNRW-quested
alt.arse-bandit.harry-bloomfield Harry is a bum chum.
alt.arse-bandit.keith-wigdor wigway is an arse bandit
alt.arse-bandit.keith-wigdor.aka wigway is an arse bandit
alt.arse-bandit.keith-wigdor.aka.jbenway wigway is an arse bandit
alt.arse-bandit.keith-wigdor.aka.jbenway.prefers go wigway! Art Deco is PWND! Art Deco should FOAD Discussions about temporary body painting. No description. Colleges that teach art. An agora for hirez scene artists and enthusiasts. General dicussion of illustration methods and ideas. Art and art supplies wanted and forsale. Discussion of Modern Art Discussion of Modern Art Making a spectacle of yourself in the art world. Artistic expression with using video as a medium. Art isn't really wearing a chapeau.
alt.artcom Artistic Community, arts & communication.
alt.artcrime Discussion related to Artcrime. No description. (Moderated)
alt.arts.anthro Discussion of anthropomorphic art
alt.arts.ballet All aspects of ballet & modern dance as performing art. No description.
alt.arts.bujinkan Martial Arts - Bujinkan Budo Taijitsu (Ninjutsu).
alt.arts.bujinkan-sucks No description.
alt.arts.bujinkan.hayes_is_gay No description.
alt.arts.contortion discussion group on the art of contortionism
alt.arts.dark-erotica dark erotica arts discussion
alt.arts.limericks No description.
alt.arts.mailart Discussion of global mailart resources and activities.
alt.arts.murky-pond Poetry, prose & artwork from the depths of the soul
alt.arts.nomad Shifting, searching, belonging, place, identity, power?
alt.arts.origami Origami discussion (no binaries).
alt.arts.poetry.comments a place to post and comment on poetry
alt.arts.poetry.comments.trolls Discuss AAPC and RAP trolls
alt.arts.poetry.comments.trolls.barbaras-cat Baba the troll
alt.arts.poetry.comments.trolls.dennis-hammes Dennis the troll
alt.arts.poetry.comments.trolls.fred-hall Gary's pal Fred
alt.arts.poetry.comments.trolls.gary-gamble GG the troll
alt.arts.poetry.comments.trolls.j-r-sherman J R the troll
alt.arts.poetry.comments.trolls.michael-cook MC is NOT God
alt.arts.poetry.comments.trolls.peter-j-ross PJR the troll
alt.arts.poetry.comments.trolls.veronica-odonoghue The Veronica troll
alt.arts.poetry.urban Poetry of the urban experience from an urban
alt.arts.storytelling Discussion of storytelling in all its forms. No description.
alt.ascii No description.
alt.ascii-art Pictures composed of ASCII characters.
alt.ascii-art.animation Movies composed of ASCII characters.
alt.ascii-art.endless-blabla Debates and discussions about ascii art
alt.ascii.hellas No description.
alt.ascoli.calcio No description.
alt.asenbo.robd eeiiaoporxauxceiqra
alt.asherons-call-2 Asheron's Call 2 discussion group.
alt.asian-movies Movies from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. No description. assembler pod Windows'em. No description.
alt.ass.lost-and-found Lost ass found here
alt.assassination.jfk JFK Assassination Discussion. (Moderated)
alt.assassination.jfk.scam JFK discussion
alt.assassination.jfk.uncensored No description.
alt.asshat core flonkers muh azz
alt.asshat.dowap dowap burgles turds
alt.asshat.flaag core flonker muh azz
alt.asshat.flaag.teh-faag flagg teh faag
alt.asshat.jet jet is mono-titted and mono-celled
alt.asshat.peter-j-ross who's yer daddy, pedro?
alt.asshat.peter-j-ross.the-black-doctor-guy-on-er who's yer daddy
alt.asshat.sean-monaghan Sean Monaghan is an asshat
alt.asshat.sean-monaghan.fnvw Sean Monaghan the FNVW is an asshat
alt.asshat.sean-monaghan.fnvw.impeach IMPEACH Sean the FNVW!
alt.asshat.sean-monaghan.fnvw.recall Impeach Sean the FNVW
alt.asshat.starshine-moonbeam you mean SHOEshine right?
alt.asshat.trippy flagg teh faag
alt.asshole-factory.dowap a true punk.
alt.asshole-factory.hackers.malicious No description.
alt.asshole-factory.keith-wigdor keith wigdor is an asshole No description.
alt.asshole.alan-connor A correctional facility dedicated to Alan Connor Art Deco is an asshole
alt.asshole.chadwick-stone Chadwick Stone is an asshole
alt.asshole.charles-novins.aka.atlas-bugged Discussion about Charles Novins
alt.asshole.cujo-desockpuppet Cujo DeSockpuppet is an asshole
alt.asshole.factory.hackers.malicious No description.
alt.asshole.fred-hall Fred Hall is an asshole No description. No description.
alt.asshole.imperial-leader Imperial Leader is an asshole
alt.asshole.kevin-a-cannon Kevin A. Cannon is an asshole
alt.asshole.lisa-horton Discussion of the female asshole
alt.asshole.michael-d-phoenix Michael D. Phoenix is an asshole
alt.asshole.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.asshole.reinhold.aman No description.
alt.asshole.roger-wiseman No description.
alt.asshole.roger.frego Newsgroup for Assholes to Discuss Nothing of Importance
alt.asshole.sean-monaghan Sean Monaghan is an asshole
alt.asshole.sean-ruttledge Newsgroup for Assholes to Discuss
alt.asshole.smallfoot smallfoot is an asshole
alt.ast En asturien.
alt.ast.test En asturien.
alt.ast.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.astra.accounting No description.
alt.astrology Twinkle, twinkle, little planet.
alt.astrology.asian The stars as they appear over the Orient.
alt.astrology.cujo Cujo the resident kook-hunter of alt.astrology
alt.astrology.ghouls A place for the assholes to put their postdictions and get
alt.astrology.marketplace Astrology business; for-sale, want-to-buy ads.
alt.astrology.metapsych Discussion of astrology
alt.astrology.metapsych.cujo Cujo kook-hunter of alt.astrology.metapsych
alt.astrology.metapsych.moderated Metaphysical Astrology (Moderated)
alt.astrology.moderated Study and practice of astrology. (moderated) (Moderated)
alt.astrology.moderated.metapsych No description. (Moderated) No description.
alt.astrology.scam discussion of astrology as a con
alt.astrology.toadology discussion of toadology vs. astrology
alt.astrology.tropical Study & debate of tropical astrology. (Moderated)
alt.astronomy No description. Art Deco the resident kook-hunter in alt.astronomy
alt.astronomy.nightbat The *real* overseer of alt.astronomy For discussion on solar astronomy. Discussion of AT Specific StarTrek stuff
alt.at8 fer u
alt.atari-jaguar.discussion As opposed to simply
alt.atari.2600vcs The Atari 2600 video console system.
alt.atheism Godless heathens.
alt.atheism.illogical-fuckwits For all alt.atheists
alt.atheism.moderated Focused Godless heathens. (Moderated)
alt.atheism.satire Funny Godless heathens.
alt.athiesm Illiterate Godless heathens.
alt.atlanta No description.
alt.att.g isiaoieeieoxkaujtj
alt.atv All-Terrain-Vehicle Racing/Riding/Buying/Technical Discussion
alt.atwa No description. Auctions and auction advertising. discussion dts audio format audio equipment discussion group No description. Discussion of live sound reinforcement Information and tips on theatre sound.
alt.august No description.
alt.auk alt.usenet.kooks is a playground for stalkers
alt.auk-spank dedicated to spanking "kookologists"
alt.auktards.spank-spank-spank A place for the k00kologists of alt.usenet.kooks to
take their medicine.
alt.auletta.auletta No description.
alt.auricchio No description.
alt.aus.bonehead.dawn-mcgatney.bloody.convict.bitch Petty grudge group.
alt.aus.bonehead.jimo-ngygook.bulletstopper.poofter Petty grudge group.
alt.aus.bonehead.joey-thoi Petty grudge group.
alt.aus.parents Parenting Community with Australian content
alt.aus.telehealth General discussion of Telehealth in Australia..
alt.authors.clive-cussler No description.
alt.authors.margit-sandemo No description.
alt.authors.mcluhan Marshall's words, works, and writings.
alt.authors.raymond-carver Contemporary American writer.
alt.authorware About Authorware, produced by Authorware. So subtle. Forum for for the love of the Dodge Durango. No description. Discussing Mercedes-Benz cars. alt.american.automobile.breakdown.breakdown.breakdown.
alt.autographs.transactions Autographs wanted and for sale. Use* or* groups instead. Over 40 years of 4x4 Chevy/GMC trucks No description. for the discussion of alfa romeo cars Use instead. No description. Audi automobiles. No description. Discussions about Cadillac cars No description. No description. A couple of American sports cars. moderated Chevy Chevelle history restoration maintenance
(Moderated) No description. No description. All Citroen makes and models. American light trucks of note. Discussions about Americas premiere sportscar Daewoo cars No description. No description. No description. Surgeon General's Warning: Dodge Trucks or Die. Discussion of DSM autos: Eclipse, Talon, Laser. alt.Autos.Dutton Dutton Owners Club Enrico's marque. No description. No description. Relating to the 1984-1988 Pontiac Fieros Other Ford vehicles. Ford Contour/Mondeo/Cougar/Mystique crown vic discussion Ford Motor's ubiquitous economy car. No description. No description. An adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting of
binaries No description. No description. All General Motors vehicles. j-body customization, maintenance, and performance Discussion about Monza and other GM H-Specials For Olds Cutlass and 442 enthusiasts. Bad to the Bone! GN, TR and Turbo TA. Use instead. is a Discussion group for Honda/Acura vehicles. is a Discussion group for Honda/Acura
vehicles. Hyundai Motor Company and its line of vehicles. No description. No description. Italian vehicles. Britain's Jaguar automobiles. Racing go-karts. Kia Motors Company and its line of vehicles. No description. No description. Lancia cars Lexus cars and trucks. No description. No description. For macho truck enthusiasts. Big block or bust. zfyqgjia woql frdq qmqfhhf The 1967 to 1973 Mercury Cougar a subgroup of for all micro cars For the discussion of English Mini automobiles. No description. Mitsubishi automobiles. No description. No description. No description. Nissan automobiles. No description. Discussion of the Nissan Maxima Automobile Nissan/Datsun Z-cars, modify, restore, etc. Oldsmobile products & memorabilia. No description. No description. Maybe it needs a bigger airbox. No description. Discussion of Pontiac Automobiles No description. Porsche automobiles. No description. Use instead. No description. Saab automobiles. Topics relating to the NHRA or drag racing in general. Use instead. No description. Subaru vehicles. for the discussion of street rods and old cars Discussions related to Toyota cars and trucks. No description. No description. For discussions about the Toyota Cressida Discussion of Toyota's hybrid car, the Prius. For discussions about the Toyota Sequoia Toyota Trucks Turbo- and supercharged autos Volvo automobiles.
alt.autostop No description. No description. Discussion of job opportunities for pilots and
alt.aviation.kooks Discussion of aviation kooks in general.
alt.aviation.paper-planes Paper plane construction and flight.
alt.aviation.roswell.wannabe.wannabe.wannabe No description. Aviation safety enhancement
alt.aviation.virtualairlines No description.
alt.avq.vfsgymf.bp.crtblb qistaoguzeuuniikwueioac No description.
alt.awe32.files No description.
alt.awelch.test Substantial interest, and all that crap
alt.awty.cps.cksbs.bje pdeaexizaatcuvzv
alt.awulh neindcariueo
alt.ay En aymara.
alt.ay.test En aymara.
alt.ay.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... mdbaupaoeepieoteoeausuko
alt.b.moylan.needle.prick.the.bug-fucker No description.
alt.b.n I_YJZ*j%]\gY*,F'<iC$%f
alt.b.o.go.vqom eegituaxouuzuun
alt.b.zij 9>bg]#\j1DYZ> No description. Use instead.
alt.bacchus Disciples of the god of wine. Art Deco is a backpeddling two face
alt.backrubs the right...aaaah!
alt.backup-software A newsgroup for IT profesionals to discuss the
alt.backyard-wrestling For the extreme backyard wrestling fan
alt.bad-breath.hawk Ratty hair; smokers breath; how attractive.
alt.bad-breath.ray-vanlandingham NG discussing Ray's halitosis
alt.bad-parents.meat-plow Meat Plow treated his offspring poorly
alt.bad.clams Festering food or financial forgeries.
alt.bad.clams.suck bad clams really suck
alt.bad.personal-hygiene.jay-denebeim What's that smell?
alt.bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Polish divx movies exchange Polish dts music exchange Polish DVD-R video exchange Rozrywka i praca przy pomocy komorki Polish mp3 music exchange Polish mpc music exchange Polish OGG Vorbis binary group Polish svcd movies exchange Polish utils exchange
alt.bainaries.test test.
alt.balbriggan No description.
alt.bald discussion about bald stuff
alt.bald.clams discussion about bald clams
alt.bald.clams.mike-soja discussion about bald clam mike soja
alt.bald.dr-phil Dr. Phil McGraw is bald.
alt.baldspot He's not only the founder, he's a customer; our guy Sy.
alt.baldspot.ernietalk No description.
alt.baldurs-gate No description.
alt.balkan-papci political opinions according mentality and culture in balkans
alt.balloon.pop.pop.pop No description. No description.
alt.bananas No description.
alt.bananen.home Een groep die NIET over B.A.N.A.N.E.N. gaat :)
alt.banjo Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah.
alt.banjo.clawhammer Technique and tricks from the masters of banjo.
alt.banjo.minstrel No description.
alt.bankruptcy Issues, alternative, choices, financial recovery.
alt.barb No description. No description.
alt.barcodes No description. BarCollo (ma non mollo) Campaigning against "No shirt, no shoes, no service." Topics involving barefoot children - no nudity
alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die "There's enough hatred of Barney for everyone!"
alt.barnsley.hilliterates No description.
alt.barnyard pigfuckers are amongst us
alt.barnyard-cassanova via BM's NRW
alt.barnyard-cassanova.dowap via BM's NRW
alt.barnyard-cassanova.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.barnyard-cassanova.harry-bloomfield.chicks-and-geese Hi Harry
alt.barnyard.cassanova pigfuckers are amongst us
alt.barnyard.cassanova.dowap via BM's NRW
alt.barnyard.cassanova.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.barnyard.cassanova.paul-heslop pigfuckers are amongst us
alt.barnyard.cassanova.paul-heslop.oink pigfuckers are amongst us
alt.barnyard.cassanova.paul-heslop.oink.baaaa paul fuxors pigs
alt.barter Down with monetary systems!
alt.base-jumping.sheep.bounce.bounce.bounce Hey, who packed this chute?!
alt.basement.graveyard Another side of the do-it-yourself movement.
alt.bass No description.
alt.bass.electric No description.
alt.bastard.strayhorn Discussion of and by "that bastard Ken"
alt.bastards.stinky.schult JeffCON Warnings.
alt.bathroom Discussion of bathrooms, toilets, etc.
alt.battlestar-galactica The Sci-Fi tv series Battlestar: Galactica. BBC TV's "The Net" series.
alt.bbs Computer BBS systems & software. Ads for various computer BBS's.
alt.bbs.allsysop SysOp concerns of ALL networks and technologies.
alt.bbs.allsysup SysOps with a phobia of the letter O.
alt.bbs.amiga.cnet CNet Amiga Pro BBS support.
alt.bbs.amiga.trion No description.
alt.bbs.beeline A chat board and what happened to it.
alt.bbs.bernie-host No description. The Citadel BBS. No description. Bulletin Board Systems and
alt.bbs.doors Bulletin board system add-on executables, or "doors".
alt.bbs.doors.binaries Use alt.binaries.bbs.doors instead.
alt.bbs.doors.lord No description.
alt.bbs.doors.lord.binaries Use alt.binaries.bbs.doors instead.
alt.bbs.drealmbbs Support and discussion of drealmBBS software
alt.bbs.elebbs Newsgroup for the BBS package EleBBS by Maarten Bekers
alt.bbs.enthral Support and discussion of the Enthral BBS package
alt.bbs.excalibur Discussion of Excalibur BBS Software for Windows.
alt.bbs.first-class The First Class Mac GUI BBS.
alt.bbs.general No description.
alt.bbs.gigo-gateway Garbage in, garbage out --- alt.* in a nutshell.
alt.bbs.iniquity Discussions about iNiQUiTY BBS Software.
alt.bbs.internet BBSs that are hooked up to the Internet.
alt.bbs.jds For discussion of JDS Plug-Ins for Excalibur BBS.
alt.bbs.lists Postings of regional BBS listings.
alt.bbs.lists.d Discussion and requests of regional BBS listings.
alt.bbs.majorbbs The MajorBBS by Galacticomm, Inc.
alt.bbs.maxs Discussion & help forum for maxs bbs.
alt.bbs.metal The METAL Telecommunications Enviornment.
alt.bbs.mystic No description.
alt.bbs.omnibbs OMNI BBS, a popular client/server bulletin board system.
alt.bbs.pcboard Technical support for the PCBoard BBS.
alt.bbs.pcbuucp The commerical PCBoard gateway, PCB-UUCP.
alt.bbs.powerboard The Powerboard BBS package.
alt.bbs.proboard Discussion of Proboard BBS software.
alt.bbs.public-address Public Address BBS Software for the Macintosh.
alt.bbs.ra RemoteAccess discussion.
alt.bbs.renegade The James Dean of BBSes. RIPscrip, the Remote Imaging Protocol GUI for BBSes.
alt.bbs.searchlight Searchlight BBS system discussions.
alt.bbs.telefinder About the TeleFinder BBS host/webserver and TF BBSs/sites.
alt.bbs.telegard.moderated No description.
alt.bbs.totse & the Temple of the Screaming Electron
alt.bbs.tribbs Didn't Kirk have some trouble with tribbs?
alt.bbs.unixbbs UnixBBS, from Nervous XTC.
alt.bbs.uupcb PCB? I used to do that in the Sixties, man.
alt.bbs.waffle Use comp.bbs.waffle instead.
alt.bbs.watergate The WaterGate mail processor.
alt.bbs.wildcat WILDCAT! BBS from Mustang Software, Inc.
alt.bbs.wildcat.wccode No description.
alt.bbs.wwiv The WWIV bulletin board system. uztqqeeooaacoixgeieag No description.
alt.beadworld We must appease the Bead Gods.
alt.beam-me-up get me outta here!
alt.beam-me-up.scotty get me outta here!
alt.beam-me-up.scotty.there-is-no get me outta here!
alt.beam-me-up.scotty.there-is-no.intelligent-life get me outta here!
alt.beam-me-up.scotty.there-is-no.intelligent-life.down-here nuff sed
alt.beam-me-up.scotty.there-is-no.intelligent-life.down-here.on No description.
alt.bedoper Sister newsgroup for Jason Christie's site
alt.bedwetters.james-spoon No description.
alt.bedwetters.mikey-clifford No description.
alt.beenz For discussion of where to obtain and the best places
alt.beeotch.jay-denebeim This boy likez talkin' SHIT! Good for what ales ya. Alt-style beer, the best beer in the world. No description. No description. No description. A beer that Canadians can be like, uh, proud of, eh?
alt.bel En biélorusse.
alt.bel.test En biélorusse.
alt.bel.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.beograd City and people of Beograd. It was a time of sorrow, it was a time of joy.
alt.bestjobsusa No description. No description. No description.
alt.bestjobusa No description. No description.
alt.beunited Discussion of BeOS many variants.
alt.bfg.q.k %3/Yh9\DTPVW)kH< En bulgare. En bulgare. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre... General discussion about the Holy Bible. No description. No description. No description. Errancy in the Holy Bible. (Moderated) No description. Discussion of the Bible and its prophecies. The end times described in Revelations. (Moderated)
alt.biblesoft.users No description.
alt.bidon No description.
alt.biff The new mad newgrouper
alt.biff-mullins who the heck is biff mullins?
alt.big-net-buy Cause u has been wicked and nice both
alt.bigfoot Dr. Scholls gone native. (Moderated)
alt.bigfoot.research No description.
alt.bikermice No description.
alt.bill-bennett all for bill, bill for all
alt.bill-gates.kind.benificent.loving.big-brother He's watching you
alt.billiards a popular game
alt.bills-bar Beautiful Losers' Cybaria. No description. No description. No description. Use Ladies No description.
alt.binari No description.
alt.binari.announce No description.
alt.binari.discuss No description.
alt.binari.request No description.
alt.binaries No description.
alt.binaries.3d-game-maker No description.
alt.binaries.3d.bryce For posting of binary files for the Bryce 3d programs
alt.binaries.3d.bryce.larger-posts No description.
alt.binaries.3d.carrara Group for Eovia Carrara users.
alt.binaries.3d.lightwave No description.
alt.binaries.3d.mojoworld Binaries created with MojoWorld
alt.binaries.3d.poser No description.
alt.binaries.3d.truespace No description.
alt.binaries.3d.vue Group for e-onsoftware Vue users.
alt.binaries.3dstudio No description.
alt.binaries.a51 Exchange of game demos.
alt.binaries.acidrap Acidrap and Detroit Horrorcore
alt.binaries.activism.militia Plans for your own paramilitary force.
alt.binaries.actvism.radical-left Leftist images and sounds
alt.binaries.adan binaries.adan.who.wants some....
alt.binaries.adolescents Photographs and movies of adolescent girls. No description.
alt.binaries.agff No description.
alt.binaries.agff.hentai No description.
alt.binaries.ahm the aforementioned candy of alt.hackers.malicious
alt.binaries.alababa No description. (Moderated)
alt.binaries.alizee Fan material of singer alizee
alt.binaries.all-your-base-are-belong-to-us binaries and chat
alt.binaries.allmanbrothers Allman Brothers Band binary files
alt.binaries.alt5 Alt5 binaries.
alt.binaries.altfriends Binary group for alt.friends. Pics & vids of amazon women. Erotic Media of Wild Women
alt.binaries.amp Posting of collectable scan series currently done in
alt.binaries.amy-ried newsgroup dedicated to Amy Ried
alt.binaries.andrew.lloyd-webber No description.
alt.binaries.andy-kaufman No description.
alt.binaries.anime No description.
alt.binaries.anime.dragonballz No description.
alt.binaries.anime.tenchi No description.
alt.binaries.anime.vcd Encoded anime in VCD and MPEG format.
alt.binaries.anna-kournikova Companion group to
alt.binaries.aoi No description. Various AOL binaries get posted here. Various AOL binaries get posted here.
alt.binaries.appalachian No description.
alt.binaries.appletv These newsgroups are a forum for the discussion
alt.binaries.appletv.movies These newsgroups are a forum for the
alt.binaries.appletv.musicvideos These newsgroups are a forum for the
alt.binaries.appletv.tvshows These newsgroups are a forum for the
alt.binaries.applications.mac No description.
alt.binaries.area2000.soft.german Discussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.asianscans No description.
alt.binaries.asianscans.icyscans No description. (Moderated)
alt.binaries.asianusenet Asian fan material
alt.binaries.assbite Got ass? want it bitten? post here!
alt.binaries.astronomy obvious, aint it?!
alt.binaries.atari Files for Atari compatible/TOS-based systems
alt.binaries.atari.cancelbots Newsgroup for testing cancelbots
alt.binaries.atari.d (Moderated) Discussion of files for Atari systems (Moderated)
alt.binaries.atari.dead Executables only. (Moderated)
alt.binaries.athome.ware-z No description.
alt.binaries.aubergine Ng 4 Aub's binary posts No description. gimme yr audio juarez!@@@'''1111
alt.binaries.autographs Scanned signatures.
alt.binaries.automobiles No description.
alt.binaries.automobiles.carshows No description.
alt.binaries.automobiles.carshows.babes No description. No description.
alt.binaries.b4e Commonly used group for distributing files throughout
alt.binaries.backup To Post encrypted Backups, and use Usenet as Backup space To Post encrypted Backups, and use Usenet as Backup
alt.binaries.bad-attitude Got attitude? then post here. No description.
alt.binaries.barbarella No description.
alt.binaries.basement.graveyard The binaries of alt.basement.graveyard
alt.binaries.bass A binaries group to support alt.guitar.bass and alt.bass.
alt.binaries.bathroom No description.
alt.binaries.battlestar-galactica Reviews, previews and discussions on the
alt.binaries.bbs No description.
alt.binaries.bbs.doors Postings of binary encoded BBS door programs.
alt.binaries.bbs.pcboard Binaries for PCBoard systems.
alt.binaries.bbs.renegade Binaries for Renegade BBS systems.
alt.binaries.beatles No description.
alt.binaries.beavis-n-butthead Beavis n Butthead binaries
alt.binaries.beos As requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.bettie-page No description.
alt.binaries.birdwatching Birdwatching. No description.
alt.binaries.bloaf Discussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.blu-ray A place to discuss about Blu-Ray
alt.binaries.blu-ray.d A place to discuss about Blu-Ray
alt.binaries.blueyonder A place to post anything legal.
alt.binaries.bob-and-carol 4 Bob and Carol's binary pedo needs
alt.binaries.bob-and-carol.pedo-posts-only 4 Bob and Carol's binary pedo needs
alt.binaries.bollywood Indian movies, videos
alt.binaries.boneless No description.
alt.binaries.british.documentaries For the posting of British
alt.binaries.british.drama UK television dramas
alt.binaries.britney-spears No description.
alt.binaries.butthedd No description.
alt.binaries.buttnuggets No description.
alt.binaries.buttnuggets.for No description.
alt.binaries.buttnuggets.for.jesus No description.
alt.binaries.buttnuggets.for.klaas No description.
alt.binaries.buzzard No description.
alt.binaries.c.w cable wanadoo discutions
alt.binaries.calc-ti Binaries relvant to Texas Instruments calculators.
alt.binaries.cancelbots No description.
alt.binaries.cannabis No description.
alt.binaries.cartoons.french No description.
alt.binaries.cartoons.french.d No description.
alt.binaries.cartoons.french.reposts No description.
alt.binaries.casema No description.
alt.binaries.catherine.zeta.jones No description.
alt.binaries.cathybarry No description.
alt.binaries.cbt Posting Of Personal CBTs
alt.binaries.cbts No description.
alt.binaries.cbts.repost Computer Based Training reposts. No description. Family histories and research Text-related posts from parent group For incomplete fills. Reposts of postings to the main group. is for comments refering to the image of cd and Binary 0-day cd images. No description. Cause a good friend asked for it CD images in CloneCD format. No description. No description. Images of Sega Dreamcast games. No description. No description. No description. Binary images for the nintendo CD images of games. For the posting of software CD image No description. No description. It's Oldmemphis requested cd images and reposts For the discussion of posts in ABCDIO No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Binary postings for the PS2 DVD binaries Binary postings for No description. Sega Saturn Software and Games is for comments refering to the tools CD images for Windows applications CD images for the xbox games console. xbox cdr binaries For reposts of CD images for Place to post the latest pirated pc software No description.
alt.binaries.celebrities.bikini No description.
alt.binaries.celebrities.fake.moderated Erotically altered (Moderated)
alt.binaries.centrifuge Yet another male erotica newsgroup
alt.binaries.champagnejam fans for the classic rock band the Atlanta Rhythm
Section can post
alt.binaries.chatter No description.
alt.binaries.checkmate No description.
alt.binaries.checkmate.mp3 No description. No description.
alt.binaries.chello Pictures and Multimedia posting No description.
alt.binaries.christian is for the sharing of binaries which,
alt.binaries.christina No description.
alt.binaries.christy-turlington No description.
alt.binaries.cinemageddon Avant garde, interesting films, old
alt.binaries.circus Binary files relating to circus Multimedia files of classic TV shows.
alt.binaries.cleannews.test No description.
alt.binaries.clip-art Distribution of DOS, Mac and Unix clipart.
alt.binaries.clonezone Clonezone fxp filez.
alt.binaries.clubelysium Surf Safe & Stay in Gray! Binaries which are discussed in
alt.binaries.comics.british For digital archiving of British comics
alt.binaries.comics.dcp group description Digital comics preservation.
alt.binaries.comics.dcp.toons For the posting of animated cartoons
alt.binaries.communicomm-cable Users of Communicomm Cable
alt.binaries.comp No description.
alt.binaries.comp-graphics A newsgroup for computer-generated graphics
alt.binaries.comp.atari8bit Programs for Atari's 6502-based orphans.
alt.binaries.comp.databases.omnis No description.
alt.binaries.comp.sinclair No description.
alt.binaries.comp.virus NG to post virus and antivirus utilities.
alt.binaries.console.ps3 Binaries for Sony Playstation 3.
alt.binaries.console.psp Binaries for Sony PSP.
alt.binaries.console.revolution Binaries for Nintendo Revolution.
alt.binaries.console.xbox360 Binaries for Microsoft XBox360.
alt.binaries.conspiracy Conspiracy Documentaries and Alternative Binary files of stuff.
alt.binaries.coolkidweb As requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.cores the latest dumps
alt.binaries.counterstrike No description.
alt.binaries.countries.scotland No description.
alt.binaries.cracked No description.
alt.binaries.crackhead No description.
alt.binaries.cracks Like alt.binaries.warez.*, only different.
alt.binaries.cracks.akula No description.
alt.binaries.cracks.d Discussion of issues in alt.binaries.cracks
alt.binaries.cracks.discussion No description.
alt.binaries.cracks.encrypted Like alt.binaries.warez.*, only different.
alt.binaries.cracks.phrozen-crew No description. Pictures of Arts & Crafts.
alt.binaries.csv Comma Separated Values files
alt.binaries.culture.african.american.gangsta No description.
alt.binaries.culture.african.american.gangsta.wannabe No description.
alt.binaries.cumberland-gap-high Binaries for Cumberland Gap High School
alt.binaries.cumberland-gap-tn Binaries of Cumberland Gap
alt.binaries.custard No description.
alt.binaries.d alt.binaries.etc.d Discussiongroup for alt.binaries.etc
alt.binaries.dankitti No description.
alt.binaries.darkunicorn A group about the web magazine Dark Unicorn.
alt.binaries.dawsons-creek Binary files and discussions for WB Network Show
alt.binaries.dcisozpsx No description.
alt.binaries.deep-purple No description. DemoScene-related binaries for the IBM PC.
alt.binaries.descent The Decline and Fall of the alt.binaries Empire. For users.
alt.binaries.digitiser Binaries from newsgroup alt.digitiser
alt.binaries.divx.french.d No description. filmy binarnie
alt.binaries.documentaries.french A group for documentaries
alt.binaries.documentaries.french.d A group for documentaries
alt.binaries.dominion No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.abuse No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.bad.serial.nums No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.bugger No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.bugger.snot No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.bugger.snot.slime No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.bugger.snot.slime.ball No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.bugger.snot.slime.ball.dominion No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.cabal No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.classact.kissass.join No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.cracks No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.dads.account No description. No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.discussion No description. No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.dongles No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.ego-strokes No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.erotica.female No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.erotica.male No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.erotica.mydick.ishard No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.freeware No description. No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.mail No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.moms.account No description. No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.mydick.ishard No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.powerno1 No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.powerno2 No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.request No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.serial-nums No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.shareware No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.silly-group No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.slackware No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.spam-moderated No description. No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.traders No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.tripp No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.troll No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.warez No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.warez.decrypted No description. No description.
alt.binaries.dominion.with.fries.on.the.side No description.
alt.binaries.doom Binaries for or of the DOOM PC game.
alt.binaries.dr.biff pics and fun stuff.
alt.binaries.dragonball Binary files related to the anime Dragonball.
alt.binaries.dragonz No description.
alt.binaries.dragonz.chimerical No description.
alt.binaries.dragonz.elusive No description.
alt.binaries.dragonz.ephemeral No description.
alt.binaries.drawing-sketching Butt-fucking on sand paper with cum stains
alt.binaries.dreamcast No description.
alt.binaries.drew-barrymore No description.
alt.binaries.drwho For the posting of binary files related to Doctor Who. No description.
alt.binaries.dump Stuff you want to get rid of
alt.binaries.dvb Is for captured dvb material.
alt.binaries.dvd Group for dvd related binaries.
alt.binaries.dvd.animation Posting of animation DVDs
alt.binaries.dvd.anime Related anime dvds repost
alt.binaries.dvd.anime.repost Related anime dvds repost
alt.binaries.dvd.asian Asian movies in DVD format.
alt.binaries.dvd.classic.movies Classic Movies on DVD.
alt.binaries.dvd.english No description.
alt.binaries.dvd.english.d No description.
alt.binaries.dvd.erotica No description.
alt.binaries.dvd.erotica.classics Classic adult DVD binaries
alt.binaries.dvd.erotica.d No description.
alt.binaries.dvd.erotica.male Male erotic DVD content & discussions.
alt.binaries.dvd.french No description.
alt.binaries.dvd.french.d No description.
alt.binaries.dvd.french.nzb This group is a place to acces at nzb
alt.binaries.dvd.french.repost Related dvd movies
alt.binaries.dvd.gaycinema Discussion gay cinema.
alt.binaries.dvd.german Discussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.dvd.image DVD movies
alt.binaries.dvd.image.wii Binary images for the Nintendo Wii game console
alt.binaries.dvd.midnightmovies Horror, Cult and Sci-Fi DVDs.
alt.binaries.dvd.movies HQ movies in DVD format A place to post dvd music like live Classical music DVDs and videos. A place to talk about release of dvd music Pro Wrestling DVDs.
alt.binaries.dvd.repost Related dvd movies
alt.binaries.dvd2svcd Group for dvd2svcd related binaries.
alt.binaries.dvd9 Complete DVD9 Movie Backups
alt.binaries.dvdr No description.
alt.binaries.dvdr-tv DVDr TV images
alt.binaries.dvdr.nzb nzb (and nfo) binary files for alt.binaries.dvdr
alt.binaries.dvdrcore for dvdcore binaries
alt.binaries.dvdrs Movies in DVD format.
alt.binaries.dvds A place to post dvd
alt.binaries.e-book No description.
alt.binaries.e-book.d text discussion of binaries for e-books
alt.binaries.e-book.flood For posting whole directories of E-books at once
alt.binaries.e-book.german As requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.e-book.magazines For Digitally Archived Magazines
alt.binaries.e-book.mathmad For posting whole directories of
alt.binaries.e-book.msreader Exchange of Microsoft (MS) Reader (.lit) files.
alt.binaries.e-book.palm No description. E-books in polish language only
alt.binaries.e-book.rpg No description.
alt.binaries.e-book.technical For posting technical non-fiction e-books.
alt.binaries.e-book.technical.dutch e-book binaries in Dutch
alt.binaries.e-book.textbooks Textbook scans.
alt.binaries.e-books No description.
alt.binaries.e-books.german As requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.ebook.french A place to post french ebooks
alt.binaries.ebook.french.d A place to discuss about french ebooks
alt.binaries.echange-web Binary exchange for the French community Echange-Web
alt.binaries.ed2k Binary posts for ed2k users No description.
alt.binaries.efnet.freethoughts Newsgroup for#freethoughts on efnet.
alt.binaries.electric-veh Files related to Electric Vehicles (Moderated)
alt.binaries.elements adobe graphics app .
alt.binaries.emerg-services Pictures for fire rescue medics police.
alt.binaries.emerg-sevices alt.binaries.emerg-services Pictures for fire rescue
medics police.
alt.binaries.emerson Classical music.
alt.binaries.eminem No description.
alt.binaries.emulator No description.
alt.binaries.emulators No description.
alt.binaries.emulators.amiga Amiga emulation binaries.
alt.binaries.emulators.arcade Arcade video systems and the files and graphics
material associated with them.
alt.binaries.emulators.atari No description.
alt.binaries.emulators.cbm Binaries for CBM emulators users.
alt.binaries.emulators.chd For CHD files for arcade machine emulation
alt.binaries.emulators.fruitmachine This is a newsgroup for the
alt.binaries.emulators.gameboy Emulators of the GameBoy.
alt.binaries.emulators.gameboy.advance alt.example A Gameboy Advance Emulation
Binaries Newsgroup
alt.binaries.emulators.gameboy.color Gameboy Color emulators and rom files.
alt.binaries.emulators.mame No description.
alt.binaries.emulators.misc No description. Emulated music files For games relating to PC Engine, PC-FX
alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo No description.
alt.binaries.emulators.nintendo Nintendo and Super Nintendo emulators.
alt.binaries.emulators.nintendo-64 No description.
alt.binaries.emulators.nintendo-64.d forum for discussing n64 emu
alt.binaries.emulators.nintendo.d No description.
alt.binaries.emulators.pinball No description. Anti-piracy group No description.
alt.binaries.emulators.sega For postings of Sega roms and discussion
alt.binaries.emulators.tg16 No description.
alt.binaries.engines No description.
alt.binaries.erotic.children No description. Test group (Moderated)
alt.binaries.erotica Use alt.binaries.{sounds,pictures}.erotica groups.
alt.binaries.erotica.amateur.tampabay Tampa Swingers Pix and Videos
alt.binaries.erotica.beanie-babies More wank fodder.
alt.binaries.erotica.breasts No description.
alt.binaries.erotica.butts No description.
alt.binaries.erotica.cartoons No description.
alt.binaries.erotica.christy-canyon A group for images, sound
alt.binaries.erotica.collections.rars Complete cd collections
alt.binaries.erotica.coprophilia.scott-abraham No description.
alt.binaries.erotica.dicks No description.
alt.binaries.erotica.dima-safonov Dima porn
alt.binaries.erotica.divx Posting of Erotica in DivX Format.
alt.binaries.erotica.duff No description.
alt.binaries.erotica.facesitting For fans of erotic facesitting
alt.binaries.erotica.female.plumpers Pictures of BBW (Big Beautiful Women).
alt.binaries.erotica.fetish People getting off on objectification.
alt.binaries.erotica.fetish.wet-and-messy Like a storm drain.
alt.binaries.erotica.fettish Use alt.binaries.erotica.fetish instead.
alt.binaries.erotica.fisting-jpg-only No description.
alt.binaries.erotica.gapes No description. Terrence "Fly" Cooter bunnies!
alt.binaries.erotica.madscience.female Geek chicks and test tubes
alt.binaries.erotica.nixpix Pix from Nix*Pix -
alt.binaries.erotica.nospam.big-nipples Binary and non binary.
alt.binaries.erotica.nospam.bignipples Binary and non binary.
alt.binaries.erotica.nospam.creampie Binary and non binary.
alt.binaries.erotica.nospam.snowballing Binary and non binary.
alt.binaries.erotica.original.sin No description. No description. No description. No description. Test group (Moderated)
alt.binaries.erotica.poofters.terrence-cooter a netKKKopping kook nutjob.
alt.binaries.erotica.pornstar Pornstar erotica
alt.binaries.erotica.pornstars.80s No description.
alt.binaries.erotica.pornstars.90s A binary group for the Women post yourself nude. It's always morning somewhere.
alt.binaries.erotica.sybian The Sybian, the ultimate orgasm machine.
alt.binaries.erotica.teen.female.nonude No description.
alt.binaries.erotica.terrence-cooter.superfaggot a netKKKopping kook nutjob.
alt.binaries.erotica.vcd No description.
alt.binaries.erotica.vcd.private MPEGs from Private Media Group
alt.binaries.erotica.vcd.repost A repost group for erotic vcds
alt.binaries.esada No description.
alt.binaries.esada.butt-steak a place for butt-steak lovers.
alt.binaries.etc binaries that don't fit in other ng.
alt.binaries.faces.thomas-nunn No description. Chinese-language test group (Moderated) To post&d/l pics of pornstar Letha Weapons To post&d/l pics of pornstar Lynn Lemay Binaries related to Robert Jordan's "Wheel of T counterpart facility. Binaries related to fashion magazines.
alt.binaries.fastman Best ng ever
alt.binaries.favus for favus related binaries
alt.binaries.faxmaster No description.
alt.binaries.fetish.facesitting Binary images for this fetish
alt.binaries.fetish.parakeets No description.
alt.binaries.fetish.parakeets.stockings No description.
alt.binaries.fetish.scat Pictures of poop.
alt.binaries.fetish.scat.roger No description.
alt.binaries.fetish.trample Binary images for this fetish
alt.binaries.filmclub High Quality, High Compression films & movies.
alt.binaries.filmclub.d French related divx movies discussion No description. Fishing Videos & Chat Pictures of fitness & swimsuit models.
alt.binaries.florida.sarasota No description.
alt.binaries.fonts Chat and request for fonts
alt.binaries.fonts.floods relieve the congestion that
alt.binaries.fonts.identify No description.
alt.binaries.fontscomp No description. Binary food posts Binaries for
alt.binaries.formula1 F1 motorsport . No description. No description. Les formes plantureuses de Brigitte
Rina. Les formes plantureuses de Brigitte Rina. La pogne la plus célèbre d'« Usenet-fr ». Humourous pictures with captions in french. No description. Forum associé aux forij « » et «* ». Entretien de la langue chinoise. Causeries littéraires au coin de
l'alt. Binaire associé à
<>. Forum associé aux forÿ « » et No description.
alt.binaries.fractal-art Communication and exposition of fractal art.
alt.binaries.frans.bauer.r-mod No description.
alt.binaries.freemasonry Binaries relating to alt.freemasonry.
alt.binaries.freeware No description.
alt.binaries.french-tv A place to post french tv
alt.binaries.frogs No description.
alt.binaries.ftd No description.
alt.binaries.ftn Another fine mullinsfroup
alt.binaries.ftn.nzb A place to post .nzb files about posts on
alt.binaries.fuck.cloggie Gay escort meeting point
alt.binaries.fuckfilms Reviews, previews and discussions on adult movies
alt.binaries.fukengruven No description. For serious scan collectors
alt.binaries.fullcontactzone FCZ files, help, and news.
alt.binaries.fullpost.magscans.collectors A binaries newsgroup
alt.binaries.fullpost.magscans.repost A binaries newsgroup
alt.binaries.fz No description.
alt.binaries.fz-reposts No description.
alt.binaries.fz-video No description.
alt.binaries.gameboy.advance game binaries for Nintendo Gameboy Advanced Terrabytes of copyright violations. No description. Adult games for IBM-PC computers No description. Games relating to anime. Binary group for Aquazone Maps for hovertank combat sim game from Activision Binaries for Championship Manager. A place to post Civilization 2 add ons. Computer game Command & Conquer. Computer game. Creatures COBs, Norns, and utilities No description. Discussing binaries from For the posting of dog games PC Game cheats, trainers, manuals, updates, etc. A binaries group for Empire Deluxe. Either pre- or post-theft encryption of games. No description. No description. No description. Binaries for the game GTA An unmoderated forum where Half-Life No description. No description. No description. No description. High bandwidth access split. Games and educational software for children. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. A place for Master of Orion 2 Binaries. No description. No description. Files relevent to the Sony pong roxorz muh soxorz Levels and utilities for the game Quake. No description. So Mark and Voodoo have a binary ratbag ng File exchange for the PC game Rollercoaster No description. For Reposting from Binaries for the Sierra game SWAT. Binaries for Maxis SimCity No description. No description. StarCraft Scenarios, trainers, etc. Cause teh Sims are now grown up and need binary
posts Binaries related to game The Sims Fan mission development and distribution. Modifications, Graphics, Sounds, Maps. Files relevent to the Nintendo Wii system ID's WWII Multiplayer game For WORMS! (Team 17) SFX and GFX binaries. xbox cdr binaries Xbox360 Gaming Console gay hypnosis binaries
alt.binaries.gdead Grateful Dead related binaries.
alt.binaries.gdead.d Discussion regarding Grateful Dead binaries
alt.binaries.gdead.highspeed For posting high bandwidth audio
alt.binaries.gdead.highspeed.reposts For posting high bandwidth audio
alt.binaries.gdead.reposts Reposted Grateful Dead Binaries
alt.binaries.gene-tierney Actress Gene Tierney No description.
alt.binaries.german.alt Posting e-books in German language
alt.binaries.german.movies Discussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.ghost-stories Companion to alt.folklore.ghost-stories.
alt.binaries.gimp GIMP Binary Posting.
alt.binaries.girls-and-guns airhead bimbos firing machine guns . No description.
alt.binaries.gloria-estefan No description.
alt.binaries.goat No description.
alt.binaries.goonies for media of the motion picture The Goonies
alt.binaries.gothic Mournful and dark binaries.
alt.binaries.gougouland Binary exchange for the French community
alt.binaries.gozer Yet another male erotica newsgroup Binaries of Greek interest.
alt.binaries.great.ass.paulina Butt prints. A place to post tablatures for guitar
alt.binaries.h.lolicon No description.
alt.binaries.hackers.malicious Binary support for alt.hackers.malicious
alt.binaries.hacking.beginner No description.
alt.binaries.hacking.computers No description.
alt.binaries.hacking.talentless.troll-haven No description.
alt.binaries.hacking.talentless.troll_haven No description. No description.
alt.binaries.hacking.utilities No description.
alt.binaries.hacking.websites No description.
alt.binaries.hardcore.nick-mooney.nudes No description.
alt.binaries.harry-potter A series of books and films by JK Rowling
alt.binaries.hdtv High Definition video files.
alt.binaries.hdtv.concert Low Definition audio files (Moderated)
alt.binaries.hdtv.concerts Low Definition audio files (Moderated)
alt.binaries.hdtv.repost Reposts of releases posted in the main HDTVgroup Porn video trading (Moderated) Episodes of high-definition TV series.
alt.binaries.hdtv.x264 binaries newsgroup for x264 encoded hdtv
alt.binaries.hebrew No description.
alt.binaries.hebrew.fonts No description.
alt.binaries.hebrew.mac No description.
alt.binaries.hentai Erotic Japanese animation & comics, Manga, Anime.
alt.binaries.hentai.sailor-moon Erotic binaries involving Sailor Moon characters
alt.binaries.heretic Post lots of ASCII messages here to be a heretic.
alt.binaries.hidden-cinema movies safe discussion
alt.binaries.hilary-duff Binary files about Hilary Duff by her
alt.binaries.hipclone Hipclone Binaries and plenty of them For sharing files related to the holidays
alt.binaries.homeless.hetnet.algemeen No description.
alt.binaries.homeless.hetnet.bps No description. No description.
alt.binaries.homeless.hetnet.mp3 No description.
alt.binaries.howard-stern Images & sounds of the "King of all Media".
alt.binaries.howard-stern.repost Reposts of Howard Stern related binaries
alt.binaries.hudson-leick Binary group for pictures of Heidi Hudson Leick
alt.binaries.humanoidifarmi No description.
alt.binaries.humor.skewed No description. No description.
alt.binaries.icons Graphical icons for PC applications.
alt.binaries.ijsklontje For posting erotic binaries. discussion group for: xbox games
alt.binaries.images No description.
alt.binaries.images.afos-fans No description. group dedicated to fans of afos
alt.binaries.images.andmore for the posting of collectable No description.
alt.binaries.images.outdoor.erotica A group for outdoor erotica.
alt.binaries.images.repost No description.
alt.binaries.images.suntan A retro-moderated group for fun in the
alt.binaries.images.underwater No description.
alt.binaries.images.underwater.non-violent.moderated No death/drownings/bondage
alt.binaries.imp IMP binaries
alt.binaries.innerstation a meeting place for writers and is for the posting of PGP encrypted
alt.binaries.ipod.videos Discussion and posting of videos for the ipod
alt.binaries.ipod.videos.movies Discussion and binary posting of Discussion and posting of music videos
alt.binaries.ipod.videos.tvshows Discussion and posting of tvshow
alt.binaries.iron-chef No description.
alt.binaries.jacklyn-lick No description. Encrypted postings.
alt.binaries.james-bond James Bond related binaries.
alt.binaries.japan.aidoru Japanese idol videos japanese youth fashion
alt.binaries.japan.idols Japanese models, singers, actresses
alt.binaries.japan.iroppoi Erotic Asian idols
alt.binaries.japanese-cimema No description.
alt.binaries.jennifer-love-hewitt Film, tv actress and musician.
alt.binaries.jeri-ryan No description.
alt.binaries.jessica-alba No description.
alt.binaries.jesus.christ Binaries about the Lord Jesus
alt.binaries.jethro-tull No description.
alt.binaries.jethro.tull No description. No description.
alt.binaries.jiffy-club discussion/binary group
alt.binaries.jks the jks computing discussion group
alt.binaries.jobbestjob Echange soft.
alt.binaries.joker No description.
alt.binaries.jolene-blalock Pictures, video and sound
alt.binaries.jph For posting of Playboy-related materials only.
alt.binaries.karagarga rare arthouse, cult and alternative films.
alt.binaries.karaoke No description.
alt.binaries.karoo Karoo binaries group.
alt.binaries.kate No description.
alt.binaries.katies-world Binaries of Katie from Katies World.
alt.binaries.kenpsx No description.
alt.binaries.kisekae No description.
alt.binaries.knickerthieving For lovers of ladies knickers.
alt.binaries.knightshadow None needed
alt.binaries.kooks An unmoderated newsgroup for binary images of noted Usenet
alt.binaries.korea No description. Sound files of words & phrases in
alt.binaries.lara.croft No description.
alt.binaries.laracroft No description.
alt.binaries.leagueofgentlemen alt.binaires.leagueofgentlemen For binaries of the
show, actors and
alt.binaries.liberalminded For Liberalminded binary files
alt.binaries.lingerie Use instead. No description.
alt.binaries.lucas-arts No description.
alt.binaries.luser For lusers with binaries...
alt.binaries.mac No description.
alt.binaries.mac.applications No description.
alt.binaries.mac.applications.retro No description.
alt.binaries.mac.apps Redundant; see alt.binaries.mac.applications No description. No description. Discussion of parts request
alt.binaries.mac.fonts No description. Games for the Macintosh. Macintosh games unsuitable for kids ;)
alt.binaries.mac.hebrew No description.
alt.binaries.mac.osx.apps Apps written with Carbon/Cocoa API No description. forum for discussing PSX/VGS CD images forum for requests/reposts of parts
alt.binaries.mac.serial.numbers No description.
alt.binaries.mac.stuffed StuffedMac on Usenet.
alt.binaries.macamp No description.
alt.binaries.macast No description.
alt.binaries.madcow.highspeed No description.
alt.binaries.magic Binary posting of magic related material.
alt.binaries.magick Files relating to the occult
alt.binaries.maps posting & discussion of geo maps.
alt.binaries.menwhoswallow No description.
alt.binaries.microskomp the official microskomp binaries newsgroup.
alt.binaries.midibeep.denmark.files No description.
alt.binaries.migoibinz Binary group for media files
alt.binaries.miles-davis No description.
alt.binaries.misc Random large files without a more appropriate group. No description.
alt.binaries.missing-adults Distributing pictures of missing adults.
alt.binaries.missing-kids Distributing pictures of missing children. for postings of mixed-martial arts binaries
alt.binaries.models Pictures of female models.
alt.binaries.models.petite No description.
alt.binaries.models.repost Repost group for alt.binaries.models
alt.binaries.models.rockets No description.
alt.binaries.models.scale Pictures of scale models.
alt.binaries.moderated No description. (Moderated)
alt.binaries.moderated.pinup-art No description. (Moderated)
alt.binaries.moesart2000 No description.
alt.binaries.mojo for those with mojo binaries As requested in alt.config German Adult Movies
alt.binaries.monkey-movies For movies postings/discussions Movies about monsters of any sort
alt.binaries.monter-movies alt.binaries.monter-movies Binaries dealing with motorcycles. Movie Maniacs in classic and modern horror
alt.binaries.movies posting of movies in vivo, mpeg, avi format
alt.binaries.movies.d No description.
alt.binaries.movies.dcvcd A home for mvcd-dcvcd encoded movies.
alt.binaries.movies.divx No description.
alt.binaries.movies.divx.d No description.
alt.binaries.movies.divx.english English language only movies
alt.binaries.movies.divx.france No description.
alt.binaries.movies.divx.france.d No description.
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french No description.
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french.d No description.
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french.old French related old divx movies
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french.old.d French related divx movies
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french.reposts No description.
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french.vost Foreign movies subtitled in
alt.binaries.movies.divx.french.vost.d Discussions about subtitled
alt.binaries.movies.divx.horror.french French related horror
alt.binaries.movies.divx.horror.french.d French discussion group about
alt.binaries.movies.divx.repost No description.
alt.binaries.movies.divx.scifi.french French related science-fiction
alt.binaries.movies.divx.scifi.french.d French discussion group about cuz
alt.binaries.movies.erotica No description.
alt.binaries.movies.french No description.
alt.binaries.movies.french.d No description. French related erotic and porno French discussion group about related No description.
alt.binaries.movies.greek Greek anal-sex discussion group (Moderated)
alt.binaries.movies.kevin-smith gimme yr kevin smith
alt.binaries.movies.kidstuff Clean movies for kids to enjoy.
alt.binaries.movies.mirage-mrg No description.
alt.binaries.movies.mkv Much better than avi
alt.binaries.movies.purity No description.
alt.binaries.movies.purity.d French related divx movies discussion
alt.binaries.movies.repost Repost of files from a.b.movies.
alt.binaries.movies.shadowrealm movies from the group SmR
alt.binaries.movies.shadowrealm.repost reposts from the group SmR
alt.binaries.movies.spanish No description.
alt.binaries.movies.thelostmovies Movies, media of female youth.
alt.binaries.movies.x264 Movies encoded in x264 or its variants.
alt.binaries.movies.xvid Place to post XviD movies.
alt.binaries.movies.zeromovies No description.
alt.binaries.mp3 copyrighted music
alt.binaries.mp3.arabic Music for Jew-hating Arabs (Mohammed was a pedophile)
alt.binaries.mp3.audiobooks Posting audiobooks in mp3
alt.binaries.mp3.audiobooks.deutsch For posting audiobooks in German
alt.binaries.mp3.audiobooks.francais For posting audiobooks in French
alt.binaries.mp3.audiobooks.highspeed Discussions about Audiobooks.
alt.binaries.mp3.bootlegs Bootlegs of musical performances.
alt.binaries.mp3.bootlegs.deep-purple No description.
alt.binaries.mp3.macast.skins-plugins No description.
alt.binaries.mp3.reggeaton Spanish reggea & hiphop music. No description.
alt.binaries.mp3.top40 Top40, mp3.
alt.binaries.mp3.zappa No description.
alt.binaries.mpeg No description.
alt.binaries.mpeg.mp3 No description. Hi def video clips in MPEG2 HDV format. Music Videos in MPEG format
alt.binaries.mpeg.videos No description.
alt.binaries.mpeg.videos.alt Alternative music videos Country music videos
alt.binaries.mpeg.videos.german Posting movies in German language
alt.binaries.mpeg.videos.metal Heavy metal music videos
alt.binaries.mpeg.videos.pop Pop music videos
alt.binaries.mpeg.videos.rap Rap music videos
alt.binaries.mpeg.videos.rock Rock music videos
alt.binaries.mpeg.videos.the-corrs video binary forum - the corrs
alt.binaries.mplayer.girls Post and discuss Mplayer cam chat.
alt.binaries.mrcpu No description.
alt.binaries.mst3k.riffs.etc.nopasswords Posting of MST3K Movies, Riffed Movies,
Movie Commentaries, etc, and any such like Binaries, NO Passwords allowed.
alt.binaries.mtv.animation No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia Sound, text and graphics data rolled in one.
alt.binaries.multimedia.3-stooges Sights and sounds of the 3 Stooges
alt.binaries.multimedia.3d-training 3D Graphics training material
alt.binaries.multimedia.alias Spy drama with double agent . Video Movies of Amazon Women.
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime Japanese animation video files
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.aus Anime postings by Australian users.
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.d Japanese Animation binary discussion.
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.highspeed Anime series reposts.
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.raws Japanese-language anime videos
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.repost Reposts of anime-related media.
alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.spanish Anime videos and mp3s in Spanish.
alt.binaries.multimedia.aviation Aviation related multimedia.
alt.binaries.multimedia.babylon5 SF series Babylon 5 multimedia files.
alt.binaries.multimedia.bdsm No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.birds.of.prey birds of prey tv, vcd/svcd
alt.binaries.multimedia.bollywood Indian movies, videos
alt.binaries.multimedia.bondage.amateur.female Female bondage.
alt.binaries.multimedia.boxing Moderated poker discussion (Moderated)
alt.binaries.multimedia.boys No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.boys.repost No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.britney-spears Music artist.
alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.buffy-v-slayer.repost Reposts related to Buffy.
alt.binaries.multimedia.cartoons Cartoons with sound and/or animation.
alt.binaries.multimedia.cartoons.looneytunes Cartoons, duhhh
alt.binaries.multimedia.cartoons.repost No description. animation and art.
alt.binaries.multimedia.cartoons.vintage Multimedia files of vintage cartoons.
alt.binaries.multimedia.celebrities.female.nonude Pictures and
alt.binaries.multimedia.charmed WB's Charmed
alt.binaries.multimedia.chinese For Chinese-related video
alt.binaries.multimedia.chris-morris No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.comedy No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.comedy.british British comedy at its finest multimedia cooking tv shows.
alt.binaries.multimedia.d Discussion of digitized animation files.
alt.binaries.multimedia.darkangel.repost Fills for Dark Angel.
alt.binaries.multimedia.deadwood Western Drama on HBO.
alt.binaries.multimedia.deadzone Movie files of Dead Zone TV series
alt.binaries.multimedia.debbie-gibson For fans of pop singer Debbie Gibson.
alt.binaries.multimedia.disney Disney related binaries
alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parks Sharing binaries related to Disney
alt.binaries.multimedia.dixie-chicks No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.documentaries groupname TAB/SPACE Describe the newsgroup
alt.binaries.multimedia.elton-john Chart topping, piano playing
alt.binaries.multimedia.elvispresley No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotic.female Softcore and/or
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotic.playboy Multimedia binaries relating
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica Moving pictures of a prurient nature.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.amateur No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.amateur.d No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.anime Media of erotic anime/hentai
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.asian No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.bbvideos No description. Talk only, no binaries please.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.cum-swapping blech!
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.d No description. Gay
oriented erotic movies Moderated discussion
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.homemovies Erotic home movies
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.interracial Sexual race mixing
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.jana Movie files of Jana
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.jason-w-gibson Unmoderated binary newsgroup Videos featuring latin men
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.lesbians No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.male multimedia files featuring men
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.oops-video the place for oops vids
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.paleskin Erotica with pale skinned
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.rebeccalord For fans of Rebecca Lord
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.repost Reposts of files from abme.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.rm No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.stag-films Erotic 8mm films.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.strap-on-sex Strap-on dildo sex.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.tickling For tickling fans.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.transsexuals Erotic she-males
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.vidcaps No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.voyeurism Erotic voyeuristic multimedia. No description. for fans of Family Guy
alt.binaries.multimedia.fastlane fastlane tv, svcd/vcd
alt.binaries.multimedia.filipino filipino multimedia files.
alt.binaries.multimedia.firefly Sci-fi space TV show from Joss Whedon. Video Movies of Fitness Women.
alt.binaries.multimedia.flonk No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.futurama Futurama multimedia binary files group.
alt.binaries.multimedia.gamescombos Binaries related to fighting games Forum for "gay" media. Not porno.
alt.binaries.multimedia.gloves pictures, media pertaining to gloves
alt.binaries.multimedia.hack CBS TV series Hack with David Morse. Multimedia Q&A forum
alt.binaries.multimedia.horror Horror-related binaries
alt.binaries.multimedia.horror.asian Asian horror binaries
alt.binaries.multimedia.horror.crazymazeys Horror/cult Binaries
alt.binaries.multimedia.imp IMP Multimedia Binaries
alt.binaries.multimedia.japanese Japan TV, movies, music vids.
alt.binaries.multimedia.japanese.repost Reposted Japanese shows
alt.binaries.multimedia.jessica-alba Someone important, presumably.
alt.binaries.multimedia.jessica-alba.repost Fills for Dark Angel.
alt.binaries.multimedia.kelly-brook Multimedia binaries of Kelly Brook, UK model
and actress.
alt.binaries.multimedia.korean Korean TV, Videos
alt.binaries.multimedia.leon-russell Leon Russel binaries.
alt.binaries.multimedia.martial-arts mixed martial arts posting
alt.binaries.multimedia.mst3k Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes
alt.binaries.multimedia.musicals Broadway musicals.
alt.binaries.multimedia.naturism No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.netscape-fun Testing multimedia capabilities of news and
alt.binaries.multimedia.nude.celebrities No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.oded-fehr Graphics and multimedia featuring Oded Fehr.
alt.binaries.multimedia.odyssey5 for distribution of Odyssey 5
alt.binaries.multimedia.olsen-twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
alt.binaries.multimedia.osmonds No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.panties Panty fetish at its best.
alt.binaries.multimedia.pantyhose pantyhose movies
alt.binaries.multimedia.queer-as-folk Multimedia from Queer As Folk
alt.binaries.multimedia.racequeens Asian racequeen and campaign girl
alt.binaries.multimedia.rail No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.rap Computerized rap videos. For aspiring movie editors.
alt.binaries.multimedia.reality-tv Sharing of reality tv binaries
alt.binaries.multimedia.repost No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.reposts No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.roswell Files related to the "Roswell" TV show.
alt.binaries.multimedia.sailor-moon Multimedia on anime Sailor Moon
alt.binaries.multimedia.scifi for videos of scifi movies
alt.binaries.multimedia.scifi-and-fantasy Sci-Fi and Fantasy multimedia material
alt.binaries.multimedia.scifi.repost Reposted multimedia files of scifi movies, TV
shows, etc. No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.shania-twain No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.sitcoms Situation comedy television series.
alt.binaries.multimedia.slack As requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.multimedia.smallville Multimedia files of the Smallville soap in
German No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.sports No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.sports.boxing Boxing fights from all eras.
alt.binaries.multimedia.sports.gymnastics Audio and video.
alt.binaries.multimedia.sports.volleyball Everything about and on
alt.binaries.multimedia.startrek No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.suntan Video Movies of Suntan Women.
alt.binaries.multimedia.superheroines No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.teen-idols TV, movies or audio teen idols
alt.binaries.multimedia.teen.male Multimedia files of teenage males.
alt.binaries.multimedia.thai Thai Multimedia
alt.binaries.multimedia.the-bundys Binaries about TV's Married... With Children
alt.binaries.multimedia.theotherguys High quality T.V. caps by
alt.binaries.multimedia.transformation vidcaps of transformations.
alt.binaries.multimedia.twenty-four For episodes of TV show 24.
alt.binaries.multimedia.utilities Multimedia Stuff.
alt.binaries.multimedia.vintage-film Classic film prior to 1960.
alt.binaries.multimedia.vintage-film.d discuss film prior to 1960 Recent film classics.
alt.binaries.multimedia.vintage-film.pre-1960 Films made before 1960.
alt.binaries.multimedia.vintage-tv Classic TV Pre-1981.
alt.binaries.multimedia.west-wing No description.
alt.binaries.multimedia.xena-herc Images, sounds, etc. for the shows.
alt.binaries.multimediia.erotica.amateur No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. A place to post classical music except only def lep related binaries Music videos and performance footage in DivX format Educational material for musicians. No description. A newsgroup for the posting of works No description. No description. Penis sucking and cum swallowing Binary newsgroup for Binaries of Manic Street Preachers No description. No description. Nine inch nails media. Visual forum for musician Gary Numan specialist group for oasis related binary files psychedelic trance music. Binaries of Radiohead Forum for musicians using Rebirth 338. No description. Audio of tapper friendly bands in .shn nuff said Dave Matthews Band live concerts in No description. Lossless posting of Howie Day concerts Reposts from nuff said Music of the New Jersey band Binary files relating to Bruce Springsteen. No description. No description. Is for Techno Music. No description. No description.
alt.binaries.mutimedia.erotica.lesbians woman-to-woman sappho. the place to post your pussy
alt.binaries.natasha No description.
alt.binaries.natnl-secrets Shhhhh!
alt.binaries.naturalboobies THE group for natural breast fans
alt.binaries.nerodigital multimedia files converted with nero
alt.binaries.banished.netscape.multimedia.testers For the posting of multimedia
files for testing with Netscape software. Multimedia files of New Age stuff.
alt.binaries.newfoundlandlabrador Files for Newfoundland and Labrador people. Comparison of news servers. Aratzio the stAUKer rodent
alt.binaries.newzbin alt.binaries.newzbin
alt.binaries.nfonews german movies music applications
alt.binaries.ng4you.french Binary exchange for the French community
alt.binaries.nine.inch.nails Multimedia related to the band Nine Inch Nails.
alt.binaries.nintendo.ds Nintendo DS roms files No description. No description. Aanvulling op de nl.culinair nieuwsgroep. Reviews, previews and discussions on Dutch tv series Aanvulling op de nl.eeuwig.* nieuwsgroepen. Dutch FTD group for applications. Dutch FTD group for DVD's. Dutch FTD group for games. Dutch FTD group for movies. Dutch FTD group for music. For small binaries essential for ftp usage. Aanvulling op de nl.huisdier.* No description. No description. Voor binaries van de nl.muziek.* gebruikers. Voor Nederlandse ondertitels Aanvulling op de nl.tuinen nieuwsgroepen.
alt.binaries.nordic.dvdr DVD movies with scandinavian
alt.binaries.nordic.xvid XviD movies with scandinavian Pictures of women 24-44 years old Discussion group for ABNAF
alt.binaries.nospam.amateur.female Photos and movies of
alt.binaries.nospam.analfem No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.analfem.repost Reposts of alt.binaries.nospam.analfem.
alt.binaries.nospam.breasts.natural Posting of binaries and discussion
alt.binaries.nospam.breasts.natural.multimedia Posting of multimedia
alt.binaries.nospam.britbabes Glamour models from the UK. Retromoderated group for Color Climax scans
alt.binaries.nospam.cheerleaders No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.coed No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.coed.d No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.coed.repost No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.creampie No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.danni-ashe No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.denim Erotic pics of females in denim
alt.binaries.nospam.denim.shorts No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.facials Nospam group for pictures of facials.
alt.binaries.nospam.female.bodyhair For lovers of natural females.
alt.binaries.nospam.female.bodyhair.pubes For lovers of female with
alt.binaries.nospam.female.celebrities.butts No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.female.forearm-hair For fetishists of hirsuit women.
alt.binaries.nospam.female.panties.seethru No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.female.panty-lines.seethru No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.female.short-hair Women with bobbed tresses.
alt.binaries.nospam.incest Moderated binareis incest group
alt.binaries.nospam.indexes No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.julia-hayes For the discussions and all binary
alt.binaries.nospam.knickers The group shall be a forum to discuss
alt.binaries.nospam.multimedia.erotica Retromoderated multimedia newsgroup
alt.binaries.nospam.multimedia.erotica.vcd groupname TAB/SPACE Describe the
alt.binaries.nospam.multimedia.facials No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.panties No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.plumpers No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.plumpers.amateur amateur chubby women
alt.binaries.nospam.plumpers.bigbutts Plumpers with big asses and small
alt.binaries.nospam.plumpers.breasts.large No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.plumpers.light For light plumpers only alt.binaries.nospam.plumpers.voluptuous
Very big plumpers and SSBBWs
alt.binaries.nospam.plumpers.supersize For very big plumpers and
alt.binaries.nospam.plumpers.voluptuous Adult magazine and similar
alt.binaries.nospam.pst No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.pst.d No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.sappho No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.scanners-post the work produced by amateur
alt.binaries.nospam.scanners-post.d Alt.binaries.nospam.scanners-post.d the
discussion group for
alt.binaries.nospam.scanners-post.repost No description. No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.simpsons-pr0n Erotic images, stories, discussion about The
alt.binaries.nospam.spandex.nation No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.teenfeem.repost No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.teenfem No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.teenfem.d Discussion group for
alt.binaries.nospam.teenfem.nonude No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.teenfem.nonude.repost To be used for the
alt.binaries.nospam.teenfem.repost No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.teenfem.reposts No description.
alt.binaries.nospam.thick-butts Big women with big butts
alt.binaries.nospam.toons No description.
alt.binaries.nude No description.
alt.binaries.nude.celebrities Willard Scott nekkid & other natural wonders.
alt.binaries.nude.celebrities.female Nude pictures of famous women
alt.binaries.nude.celebrities.male Nude pictures of famous men.
alt.binaries.nude.celebrities.male.moderated replaces (Moderated)
alt.binaries.nude.fantcgirls No description.
alt.binaries.nudism No description.
alt.binaries.nyugga film posts with a funky ass afrocentric
alt.binaries.nzb NZB files for various binary groups For NZB and other Message-ID files
alt.binaries.nzb-files.iso For NZB and other Message-ID files
alt.binaries.nzb-files.mp3 For NZB and other Message-ID files
alt.binaries.nzb-files.multimedia For NZB and other Message-ID files
alt.binaries.nzb-files.warez For NZB and other Message-ID files
alt.binaries.ohniedie No description. Binary postings of old games. Discussion group for Reposts of files in No description. Webtvr's, past & present. Sigs ok.
alt.binaries.onlinereferences No description.
alt.binaries.operaworld Binaries from the world of opera
alt.binaries.opie-and-anthony No description.
alt.binaries.ozdebate An adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting of
alt.binaries.p2p Binary posts for anything other than ed2k
alt.binaries.paint-shop-pro No description. No description.
alt.binaries.palmpilot Applications for Palm OS PDAs
alt.binaries.pandora Binaries-newsgroup for pandora-users - main.
alt.binaries.paranormal Binary files of Ghosts and the Paranormal
alt.binaries.partycaps No description.
alt.binaries.patricia-ford Famous model and actor.
alt.binaries.patterns.plastic-canvas No description.
alt.binaries.paxer No description.
alt.binaries.pbs Group for posting files and discussing classic forgotten
alt.binaries.pearl-jam Audio, video, pictures, and text regarding
alt.binaries.pens-pencils Images of interest to writing
alt.binaries.penthouse No description.
alt.binaries.pgp No description. Binary postings intended for
alt.binaries.phish All binaries related to the band Phish
alt.binaries.phish.d Text related messages from alt.binaries.phish.
alt.binaries.phoenix No description.
alt.binaries.phonecards Images of collectile phonecards. Group for photography of children Glamour Pictures. photographs of people No description. A forum to display and (Moderated) No description. No description. Original photographs of models.
alt.binaries.photosuite MGI image app. No description. Mushuusei musume pics. Musyuusei manko gazou. Nonmask pictures for PAIPANG. No description. Postings related to
Red hot Nicky Watt!
alt.binaries.picture.erotica.spoon-fetish Pictures of hot, horny spoons Use instead. continuous hypermodern No description. No description. No description. A news group dedicated to Alizee No description. Famous movie, television actress. No description. No description. A newsgroup dedicated to Angel Veil. Pictures of all types of animals. No description. No description. Images from Japanese animation. No description. Use alt.binaries.bodyart instead. No description. No description. No description. Use alt.binaries.bodyart instead. Pictures composed of ASCII characters. AshvAttha which is always changing, but is always
bliss Little does Kell know of Kevin's late nights. Very black pictures. No description. No description. No description. Pictures of 4x4 autos and their travels. No description. Posting of aviation related pictures No description. Images of barefoot children - no nudity For posting of women in the bathroom including, No description. pictures of young girls scanned by BlackCat Discussion of and requests for bc-scans Images related to No mistaking that there's a derrier back there. No description. Bisexual situations shown. Use No description. nuns, crucifixes, churches, etc. Erotic pictures by Bluebird No description. Graphics of body stylings. No description. Female bondage. No description. GIFs, JPEGs, et cetera of boys. This little piggy went to alt.binaries. No description. discusion group for the boys picture No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. bras For the posting of images of bromeliads. No description. For the posting of photographs of No description. Images from animated cartoons. No description. No description. Unrated pictures of famous people. For people who collect No description. A place to discuss celine dion Views to your future. No description. Pictures of Hunt for pedophiles here. here you go pete here u go pete Hunt for pedophiles here. No description. Child actresses from past and Pictures of children. Real photographs of the beasts. Pictures of the pop No description. US Civil War photos Fine art as well as illustrative art. No description. The chickens go nuts for this group. No description. A Discussion Of Web No description. Comic Book Art uploads For Digital Comics Preservation. No description. No description. Comic Book Art uploads reposts of comic pictures. newsgroup for erotic contortion images. Pictures of police officers. A news group for the exchange of pictues of Cori
Nadine Discussions about picture postings. No description. David bowie photos picture art concert No description. No description. Images for admirers of the disabled No description. No description. Self-portraits. Images relating to dragracing. No description. No description. No description. No description. Addition to the A binary group dedicated to No description. Use Images of centerfold models. No description. No description. Reposts of erotic photos of mature
women, corrected. Naughty 6 year olds. No description. No description. For the posting of binary ads related to No description. No description. No description. Amateur subjects/photographers. No description. Amateur subjects/photographers. No description. Amateur Amateur subjects/photographers. No description. yuergh! Amateur subjects/photographers. No description. No description. No description. Sex with black cuckoos. No description. Beastly lust. Anime erotica - "Ecchi"/"Hentai"/"H". Gay anime/hentai erotica. Hentai-san yaoi No description. No description. No description. No description. Women with big areolas No description. Non-photographic realistic art. No description. Erotic binaries Asian Indian erotica. No description. Erotic pictures of oriental men. No description. Australian dropbears.
(Moderated) Erotic pictures of women of
fractional or full Austrian ancestry or close enough. Forget the girl, let me at the Ferrari. No description. No description. Strikes are less pleasing. No description. Very hairy men. For pictures of burly (Moderated) Images associated with Pictures of sex with animals. Urban legends. No description. No description. Nude pictures of substance. On rhythmically pumping V-twins. Sexual images of black people. for Black Amateurs Pictures of fat black chicks No description. Sexy ebony women. moderated Beautiful black (Moderated) black male feet The study of the (Moderated) No description. Copyright violations featuring blondes. Big on Bob. No description. Bondage and S&M-related erotic images. gay male bondage, discipline, s&m Bondage Images. (Moderated) Pictures of whipped
eggs. No description. No description. No description. Pictures of mammalian protruberances. No description. No description. No description. More than a handful is too much. A binaries group devoted to British glamour
girls No description. Erotic pictures of brunettes. Reposts of erotic
photos of brunettes with short hair (on their head!), corrected No description. Erotic pictures of women of
fractional or full Bulgarian ancestry or close enough. No description. Erotic butts come into view. Cancelbot testing Mostly porn but whatever else 2 Yeuugh!! Copyright violations featuring toons. Cartoon erotica (Moderated) elf, No description. Erotica produced or
reprocessed by graphics expert Casper Porntoast and his organisation. Centerfold erotica Devoted to the lovely Charmaine Sinclair No description. Gimme a B..R..E..A..K. No description. Magnet for pedophile activity. Magnet for pedophile activity. Almost certainly illegal traffic. Pictures of big-breasted super-star
Chloe Vevrier eat 'em up yum! No description. No description. No description. No description. cornfed-cutie group No description. Erotic pictures of CPath people (moderated)
(Moderated) No description. Erotic pictures of women of fractional
or full Croatian ancestry or close enough. cum on a wife pic C'mon, you know you want it. Erotic pictures of women of fractional
or full Czech ancestry or close enough. Discussing erotic copyright violations. Spamfree discussion. (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. No description. Austrian nude model/actress. No description. I don't want to imagine. No description. Famous european adult No description. No description. No description. No description. Lack-of-bird fetishists. Binaries dealing with enemas. photo-manipulated fantasy No description. erotic pictures for esada No description. Exhibitionists on parade! No description. Ejaculate on faces. Copyright violations featuring females. Female-ejaculation Women's poop chutes. Female bodybuilders No description. Erotic pictures of crying No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Women using sex toys. Area of intrest of Erotic pictures of young
women. (moderated) (Moderated) Images of Female Domination Fetishistic, exotic, erotic images. No description. For discussion about Big on Barbie. Pictures of adult babies. Erotic visual foot action. No description. Erotic images. Erotic pictures of hair. No description. People wearing Latex. People wearing leather. No description. plaid tartan fetish No description. Exchange tongue fetish No description. No description. No description. No description. Fist and other large objects. No description. No description. No description. Erotic pictures of women of fractional
or full French ancestry or close enough. No description. No description. No description. No description. Erotic furry images. Erotic Pictures of Women in G-Strings No description. Explicit pictures of gay men. ab8mq's man candy denny's man candy. james caldwell man candy. wigdor is gay mike soja man candy. moderated gay pictures newsgroup
(Moderated) Phoenix is a fag. steve badger man candy No description. for erotic pictures of everybody's
favourite cumslut Erotic pictures of women of
fractional or full German/Austrian/Swiss ancestry or close enough. No description. No description. Please begin all subjects with [ABPEG] Many entangled bodies. Pictures of and about GWWAAARRRRR! Leotard lovers. No description. No description. No description. No description. fwaggot No description. Pictures of women's high-heels. No description. No description. The Horny Rob collections. Erotic pictures of women of
fractional or full Hungarian ancestry or close enough. for posting of binary files (pictures)
related to Hustler magazine. Erotic images of Indians. No description. No description. photographic depictions of sexual
intercourse Blending colours. for Int Amateurs he's a fwag fwag Lawyers in love. Erotic pictures of women of
fractional or full Italian ancestry or close enough. Images of Czech nude model Jana. For aficionados of sailor type Jap
schoolgirl pix No description. No description. No description. This could lead to some interesting
"dialogue." Pictures of the famous porn star Erotic pictures of Kmart No description. A newsgroup for the remarkable Krystal No description. No description. Latina women. No description. A newsgroup for leg lovers. No description. Images of women who love women. No description. No description. Pictures of Linsye Dawn
Mckenzie The art of decorating women’s No description. Just for Joey. No description. No description. No description. So DumbBlonde can post nekkid pics Geek Babes and Test Tubes Copyright violations featuring males. Men's poop chutes. No description. No description. male muscle (Moderated) For pictures of burly and (Moderated) Something to hold on to. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Males in underwear Memorable Carnival moments. No description. No description. No description. No description. No need to get on your knees. Miscellaneous reposts of
erotic photographs. Erotic pics without spam. (Moderated) Repository for pictures of Molly-Model American Indian sex pictures. Women with big areolas No description. The nose as an object of lust. No description. No description. No description. erotic photos of mature women mature women No description. Images of oral sex. No description. No description. Copyright violations featuring Asians. No description. No description. Panties, underwear, knickers. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Pictures of erotic piercings For posting erotic binaries Dirty No description. Erotic pictures of women of fractional
or full Polish ancestry or close enough. Copyright violations of porn stars. Forum for posting binary images of
the pornstar Cameo No description. No description. No description. Use No description. No description. Almost certainly illegal traffic. The Answer is Seven. pre-teens Pregnant women in sexual situations. Amsterdam Red Light No description. What's a puffy? No description. No description. No description. No description. Erotic pictures of women of
fractional or full Québécois ancestry or close enough. Images of forced sex. No description. Erotic images of redheads. Binaries and discussion of men Famous adult movie Erotic pictures of women of
fractional or full Romanian ancestry or close enough. No description. Erotic pictures of women of
fractional or full Russian ancestry or close enough. No description. erotic pictures related to safetyvests Famous european adult The art of David J. Gardner. For SX/GL scans. Think they mean college? Proposed repost group for
mentioned producers. No description. A forum for amateurs Photoshoot series No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Erotic pictures of women of
fractional or full Slovak ancestry or close enough. Erotic pictures of women of
fractional or full Slovenian ancestry or close enough. Erotic smoking images Pink meaty stuff (Moderated) Spanking pictures and images. images of women Corporate punishment of teenagers or
young looking adults, should be above the age of consent No description. No description. Pictures of Stacey Owen Adult Stereoscopic 3D Pictures. Sucking No description. suicide grrlz go here No description. Puffy like areola/nipples. We'll remember Sylvia! Newt in the nude. Teens, should be above age of consent. Teens, should be above age of consent. teen fe Teens, above age of consent. Erotic images of AMATEUR teen
females. No description. No description. No description. No description. Guess. No description. Teen women orgasming. No description. Teens, above age of consent, having sex. Teens, above age of consent. Purpose: see newsgroup name No description. No description. teens No description. No description. We are Siamese if you please. No description. The sexiness of stockings. for images of (Moderated) For toaster lovers everywhere. No description. No description. No description. Men dressed as women. Non-circumcised males. No description. (Moderated) No description. Men and women looking _almost_ official. moderated group (Moderated) No description. No description. New dimensions in water photography. Ursula Major Photography (Moderated) No description. Pictures of violence that are erotic. Views for the viewers. Is that a camera behind that
peephole? No description. Wet t-shirt contests. No description. Nude and semi-nude photos of married No description. The eroticism of youth. No description. No description. Porn for pre-teens. No description. Use
instead. Televisionx girls fantasy and science fiction pictures Childrens fashion, old and new. Discussion of kids' fashions. Kids' fashions reposts. Erotica Fitness Binaries Only. No description. Discussion of the fine-art binaries. (Moderated) Art from conventional media. (Moderated) Art created on computers. (Moderated) Discussing alt.b.p.fine-art.*. Photographic art. No description. pictures and picture discussion of firemen Fishing related pictures. No description. No description. No description. No description. Just the Generic Group Helmets of CollegeTeams Helmets of High School Teams Helmets of Pre High School
Teams Helmets of Pro Teams Cheaper just to send the program parameters. No description. Images of furniture. Originaly funny animal art. newsgroup for sweater fans Displaying plants and gardens. No description. the artistic the artistic gi-joe diorama and collection pictures Pictures of girlfriends. Commercially controverisal group. No description. GIFs, JPEGs, et cetera of boys. No description. No description. Menage a trois and orgies. Pictures of firearms and firearm related activites.
(Moderated) Willow of BVS (Alyson) A NG for hockey-related pictures. Sticky, too. Wet in white. The Most Beautiful Animals No description. No description. For funs of erotic art on ISO images No description. No description. No description. No description. joanne guest binaries The title says it all. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Images of actress Lacey Chabert. Amateur landscape pictures. No description. Vegetable vamping. Images of women who love women. for exchanging pictures associated with TV series LEXX As if Victoria's Secret isn't frequent enough. No description. Lolita having sex, one supposes. No description. Internet model Luana Lani. No description. For posting pictures of Madonna No description. No description. Pictures of Melissa J. Hart. No description. Have we saturated the network yet? Pictures of female models. No description. Moi photos picture art No description. Binaries of motorcycles HD motorcycle binaries Sportbike binaries celebration of movie poster No description. ravern0rp ravern0rp No description. Naturist photos; retromoderated Images of Net citizen Nicki Lewis. Posting nonsport cards. The name says it all! Lots of views of flesh. Images of normally clothed famous folk. Forged and altered fan pics. No description. No description. No description. No description. Images featuring nudists. No description. No description. A group that No description. A group that No description. No description. No description. For coins, tokens, medals, currency etc. Test group (Moderated) There are PH, nylon, Hot hosiery. Test group (Moderated) Pictures of Mary-Kate and Ashley For the Posting of Images Of Orchids. Images showing folded paper procedures/products. Hot hosiery with a built in panty. No description. No description. People publishing photos of themselves. Home Grown Erotica. (Moderated) Pictures of Mrs. Petra Verkaik. No description. No description. So Steph and p0ast Tit and Ass pics Pictures of Pink Floyd No description. No description. Pictures of stuffed animals testing again LA LA LA LA No description. No description. snowmobile ATV motorcycle dirt bike. Pictures and commentary about racequeens. No description. No description. No description. (Moderated) Forum for ferroequinologist photos. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Erotic binaries of redheads. Home projects. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Quality vs Quantity in scantily clad No description. Amateur scenery and art. Use* instead. No description. No description. No description. No description. Binaries and vids of the model Skye. group description Smart Car Piccys Pink processed meat (Moderated) No description. No description. Spice Girls Pictures (JPEG Preferred) Cycling
related images Binary sports images. group for gymnastics-related pictures No description. No description. No description. No description. for steam lovers. No description. Stereoscopic 3D Pictures. No description. No description. No description. Yet more copyright violations. Take acting lessons. No description. No description. The new Twiggy. No description. Pictures of Laetitia Casta Photoshoot newsgroup Photoshoot newsgroup Always good images, Sweetness rawks. No description. No description. Eccchh, that last one was *sick*. Post your tastless Donna and Sherry
Dedman pictures here!! No description. Pictures of the hunks of tomorrow. pictures of Prince William No description. No description. Pictures of teenage women stars. canadain superstar tiffany towers No description. Lathes and miters and squares, oh my! For fans of the cartoon character TOTTY. For serious collectors of picture sets. No description. Pictures & Wallpapers from Tv programmes & Artwork based on 'genre' Shaggable female babes on UK TV. No description. For those who appreciate the No description. Posting of pictures-related utilities. Images of vehicles. pictures of model-actress Veronika
Zemanova NoiD photo scans Use Scans of vintage out-of-print magazines Duplicates all of Forum for posting wallpaper pictures Software and advice for creating Duplicate wallpapers. Wallpapers. Binaries from "We are little stars". No description. Guns, ammunition, knives, swords. Photos of various weather events, etc. Pictures of teens from No description. A retromoderated photography (fashion, formal, informal and Celebrating beauty of children and teens No description. For zip files containing binary files. Repost of zipped sets of binaries Repost of zipped sets of binaries.
alt.binaries.picutes.nude.celebrities Use
alt.binaries.picutres.erotica.pantyhose No description.
alt.binaries.pinups No description. self-explanatory Polish ape music exchange Któ¿ z nas nie lubi bajek Polish divx movies exchange Polish dts music exchange Polish DVD-R video exchange Polska grupa z ebook'ami Rozrywka i praca przy pomocy komorki Polish mp3 music exchange Polish mpc music exchange Audio-wizualne materialy dla Polakow. Audio-wizualne materialy dla Polakow. NZB files. Polish OGG Vorbis binary group Pliki .par Filmy w formacie RealVideo (RM/RMVB). Audio-wizualne materialy o polskim sporcie. Polish svcd movies exchange Polish utils exchange
alt.binaries.playgirl Pictures and related media from Playgirl Magazine .
alt.binaries.plunderphonics Aural recreational savagery.
alt.binaries.podcast Podcast binary distribution point
alt.binaries.pokemon No description.
alt.binaries.pokemon.pikachu Pikachu - The most popular pokemon Yes, yes it will.
alt.binaries.pornstar No description.
alt.binaries.pot Binary files relating to pot.
alt.binaries.pouting-sandwich pouting sandwich binaries-a-poppin'
alt.binaries.prince.lossless Prince music in lossless formats.
alt.binaries.prince.shn Prince music in lossless formats.
alt.binaries.privatestock No description. for posts of wrestling binary files Wrestling divas
alt.binaries.programming programming utilities and assistance
alt.binaries.project-object No description.
alt.binaries.propeller propeller graphics
alt.binaries.protos Prototypes of video games and other related No description.
alt.binaries.psychobilly As requested in alt.config.
alt.binaries.punk sounds and picts of underground punk/HC subculture
alt.binaries.punk.batattak Dedicated to the preservation of out of print and hard
to find punk.
alt.binaries.quake3uk No description. No description. binaries relating to the hobby of radio scanning K-EPRF Parnormal Radio K-EPRF Parnormal Radio No description.
alt.binaries.railroad.twofoot No description. CD based Password posts in rar format.
alt.binaries.ratcave For the posting of horror and sleaze.
alt.binaries.rebecca-lord Discussions about adult film star/actress Binary files for*.
alt.binaries.remixes.mp3 No description.
alt.binaries.reportages As requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.reportages.documentaires As requested in alt.config
alt.binaries.reportages.documentaires.french As requested
alt.binaries.residents No description.
alt.binaries.rgvc No description.
alt.binaries.riz.ranger No description.
alt.binaries.robbie-williams For all Robbie Williams binaries.
alt.binaries.rock-n-roll Sights and sounds related to rock-n-roll. No description. No description.
alt.binaries.roger No description.
alt.binaries.russian No description.
alt.binaries.rustic-woodworkers No description.
alt.binaries.rutabaga No description.
alt.binaries.sabrina-lloyd No description.
alt.binaries.samantha-fox Supplement to for all binary posts.
alt.binaries.sarah-m-gellar Binaries relating to Sarah Michelle Gellar
alt.binaries.satellite-tv Programs and data related to encrypted TV.
alt.binaries.scanmaster Pictures from the Scanmaster collection.
alt.binaries.scary.exe-files No description.
alt.binaries.scary.exe.files No description.
alt.binaries.schematics.electronic Binary postings of electronic schematics
alt.binaries.scientology Sounds and pictures pertaining to Scientology.
alt.binaries.scooter pictures of scooters and related items
alt.binaries.screen-savers For the exchange and discussion of screen savers.
alt.binaries.screen-savers.mac No description.
alt.binaries.sea-monkeys No description.
alt.binaries.seduction Self Improvement in the Pursuit of Companionship.
alt.binaries.series.amareur.females No description.
alt.binaries.series.amateur.females No description.
alt.binaries.series.mature.women No description.
alt.binaries.series.mature.womens No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Binaries files about SG-1 Binaries files about SG-1 Reposts NG for abstsf
alt.binaries.sexyworld.women No description.
alt.binaries.shareware No description. No description.
alt.binaries.sheet-music Scores for musicians. Fan recorded DMB shows in lossless format Reposts for Programs that simular car driving.
alt.binaries.sitefinder No description.
alt.binaries.skewed No description.
alt.binaries.slack Sounds and pictures of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.
alt.binaries.sleazemovies A place to post sleaze movies
alt.binaries.sliders No description.
alt.binaries.smallville No description.
alt.binaries.smash-pumpkins No description.
alt.binaries.smokers.glamour.cigars No description.
alt.binaries.snuh For Snuh fans everywhere ! Binary files regarding soccer (football in uk) For binaries about the soccer scene.
alt.binaries.sonic-hedgehog No description. First generation Playstation games A place share files related to the PSP. For the discussion of PSP Movies First generation Playstation games
alt.binaries.sophie-marceau No description.
alt.binaries.sound.mp3 Discussions about MP3s. Old time radio shows and sound clips
alt.binaries.sounds No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.1940s.mp3 No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.1950s.mp3 mp3 files for music from the 1950s.
alt.binaries.sounds.1960s.mp3 mp3 files for music from the 1960s
alt.binaries.sounds.1970s.mp3 mp3 files for music from the 1970s.
alt.binaries.sounds.1980s.mp3 mp3 files for music from the 1980s.
alt.binaries.sounds.1990s.mp3 mp3 files for music from the 1990s.
alt.binaries.sounds.78rpm-era sounds from the age of shellac records
alt.binaries.sounds.78rpm-era.d Discussion of files from the 78rpm era
alt.binaries.sounds.aac No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.aac.d sounds and music encoded with aac
alt.binaries.sounds.alex.jones For the posting of Alex Jones shows.
alt.binaries.sounds.anime No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.answering-machines Funny answering machine messages!
alt.binaries.sounds.audiobooks No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.audiobooks.repost Discussions about Audiobooks.
alt.binaries.sounds.cartoons Sounds from copyrighted animated shows.
alt.binaries.sounds.cellphone.ringtones Multimedia files of cellphone ringtones.
alt.binaries.sounds.chill-out an all-new musical genre
alt.binaries.sounds.classical A binary group for classical No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.d Sounding off.
alt.binaries.sounds.dts newsgroup name A new newsgroup dedicated to DTS sound
alt.binaries.sounds.dts.discreet discreet 5.1 channel music binaries
alt.binaries.sounds.erotica Uhh Uhh Uhh Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooh.
alt.binaries.sounds.flac For flac lossless audio enthusiasts.
alt.binaries.sounds.flac.classical For flac classical lossless audio
alt.binaries.sounds.flac.jazz For flac jazz lossless audio enthusiasts.
alt.binaries.sounds.flac.rock For flac rock lossless audio enthusiasts.
alt.binaries.sounds.hindi Sexual favors from christinA (Moderated)
alt.binaries.sounds.jefferson-family Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson
alt.binaries.sounds.jpop Multimedia relating to Japanese Pop Music
alt.binaries.sounds.karaoke No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.korean Korean MP3s, music videos, and discussion.
alt.binaries.sounds.led-zeppelin Binary files of Led Zeppelin
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless Lossless audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.24bit For the posting of
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.acoustic Lossless acoustic audio
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.alternative Lossless alternative audio
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.beatles Lossless Beatles
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.blues Lossless blues audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.bootlegs Lossless bootleg audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.classical Lossless classical audio Lossless country audio files Lossless dance audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.electronic Lossless electronic audio
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.folk Lossless folk audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.french Lossless French audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.french.d Lossless French audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.indie Lossless encoded indie rock music. legal exchange of
original music within the USA
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.jazz Lossless jazz audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.latin For latin music lossless audio
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.lounge The place for lossless lounge
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.metal Lossless metal audio files Lossless new-age audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.rap-hiphop Lossless rap & hiphop audio
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.repost For lossless audio enthusiasts.
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.rock Lossless rock audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.lossless.soundtracks Lossless soundtrack audio
alt.binaries.sounds.m No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.macintosh No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi MIDI binaries.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi-tools No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.beatles No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.blues No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.classical Classical midi files (original or
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.classical.sequencing problems discussion. No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.d No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.ethnic No description. Posting of Final Fantasy MIDIs
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.french French midi binaries files exchange.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.funk No description. No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.jazz No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.originals No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.pop No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.rap No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.rock No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi.soul No description. No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.midnightoil for trading Midnight Oil live shows
alt.binaries.sounds.misc Digitized audio adventures.
alt.binaries.sounds.mods MODs and related sound formats.
alt.binaries.sounds.mods.d Discussions of alt.binaries.sounds.mods.
alt.binaries.sounds.mods.techno MODs for techno music.
alt.binaries.sounds.moesart2000 No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.monkeysaudio Blah, Blah, Blah
alt.binaries.sounds.monkeysaudio.soundtracks Upload lossless soundtracks
alt.binaries.sounds.monty-python Share & trade Monty Python sound clips.
alt.binaries.sounds.movies Sounds from copyrighted movies.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3 Binary posting of mp3 sound files.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1940s For mp3 audio files from that era.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1950s mp3 files for music created in the 1950s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1960s mp3 files of music created in the 1960s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1970s mp3 files of music created in the 1970s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1980s mp3 files of music created in the 1980s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1980s.venice-beach No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1990s mp3 files of music created in the 1990s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.2000s No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.2010s mp3 binaries from the 2020 decade
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.2020s mp3 binaries from the 2020 decade
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.2030s mp3 binaries from the 2030 decade
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.2170s Music produced during the 2170s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.acoustic non-electric stringed instruments
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.albums.cbr320 Group dedicated to 320 bit
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.alternative-rock No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.arabic The Jihadic sounds of Camel-Jockeys vs Zionists
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.audiobooks Discussions about Audiobooks.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.avant-garde Binaries of the avant-garde music genre
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.beach-boys No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.beatles No description. No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.blackened An Black/Death Metal fourm.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.bluegrass No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.blues No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.bob-dylan No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.books No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.bootlegs No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.brazilian Brazilian Music in MP3 format
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.british british alternative music
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.cajun No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.celtic Posting of celtic music mp3s
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.chill-out an all-new musical genre
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.chillout nu jazz and chillout music
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.chinese Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin, MP3's
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.christian christian mp3 binaries No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.classic-rock No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.classical No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.comedy No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.complete-cd No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.complete_cd No description. No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.d Discussion of mp3 sound files. MP3 files of dance music. MP3 files of hypnotika club music.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.dancehall No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.disco disco music mp3 files
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.dixieland No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.dr-demento dr. demento sound files
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.dr_demento dr. demento sound files
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.easy-listening No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.electronic IDM or non-dance electroacoustic music.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.elvispresley No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.emo As requested
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.extreme-metal extreme avant-garde of
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.folk singer songwriter music urban and traditional.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.folklore.french No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.french Listening french songs and music
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.french.d French MP3 discussion group.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.full_albums No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.funk get your funk mp3 files here
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.garage-rock No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.german No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.german.charts Posting music from German charts in mp3
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.german.hoerbuecher German audiobooks in MP3.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.german.hoerspiele Posting German radio plays in mp3 format Binary postings of radio broadcastings in
german language.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.goa-trance goa & psy trance music.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.gothic-industrial No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.guthrie alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.marches
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.heavy-metal No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.hellyousinnation No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.hit-explosion No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.holland No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.holland.piraat No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.holland.request No description. No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.hymns No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.idm Intelligent Dance Music.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.indian.bhangra No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.indian.movies No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.indian.movies.old No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.indian.pop No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.indian.remixes No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.indian.requests No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.indie No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.jay-denebeim.taking-a-shit what you've always wanted to
hear ...
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.jazz No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.jazz.vocals Moaning sex sounds (Moderated)
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.jethro-tull No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.john-peel For John Peel-related binaries
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.karaoke Background music tracks without vocals
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.kcuf Weekly postings of KCUF radio shows
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.latin No description. No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.lounge MP3 files of lounge music
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.m Novelty recordings
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.marches No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.metal.full-albums No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.mexico No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.minneapolis No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.modern-composers No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.musicals Musicals and more Musicals!
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.native-american Native American sound files.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.nederlands Alleen muziek afkomstig uit Nederland en No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.newcleus No description. No description. nederlands mp3 an all-new musical genre
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.peel For John Peel-related binaries
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.peel-sessions For Peel Session binaries
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.poland Muzyka polska
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.pop No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.prog Sound files of progressive rock genre
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.psychedelica The homosexual sounds of psychedelica
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.rap-hiphop No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.rap-hiphop.full-albums No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.rap-hiphop.mixtapes No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.reggae No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.repost Discussions about MP3s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.requests No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.rock No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.rock.full-album No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.russian For russian mp3 sound files.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.secular secular mp3 binaries
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.singing-cowboy No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.ska No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.soul Soul MP3 binaires
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.soul-rhythm-and-blues Soul R&B MP3 binaires
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.sound-effects No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.soundtracks No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.southern-gospel No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.speeches No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.spoken-word posting of spoken word mp3s.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.spoken-word.d No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.taral-hicks No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.techno Is for posting Techno Music.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.themes No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.tramaine-hawkins No description. an all-new musical genre Distribution of videogame related mp3s. No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.zappa No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.zydeco No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.mpc Musepack audio, formerly MPEGplus Music samples in MOD/669 format. Amateur musicians sharing their music Classical music recordings. has been created so that distribution
alt.binaries.sounds.netjam.mp3 No description. No description. nederlands audio files nederlands audio files
alt.binaries.sounds.ogg the ogg vorbis binary group
alt.binaries.sounds.ogg.d Discussion group for the open source Vorbis/Ogg
alt.binaries.sounds.ogg.indie Ogg Vorbis encoded indie rock music. binaries related to recording and
alt.binaries.sounds.patches Patch Files for Synthesisers and Effects units Compressed BBC Radio audio files. BBC Radio Shows CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Coast to Coast AM file trading. Broadcast radio audio clips and sounds Newtime radio show dramas Old time radio shows and sound clips Old time radio shows binary K-EPRF Parnormal Radio Oldtime Radio Reposts
alt.binaries.sounds.realaudio No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.realaudio.rush-limbaugh No description. Musical instrument samples and stuff.
alt.binaries.sounds.spoken-word No description. Sounds from copyrighted television shows. No description. No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.twinvq Compressed audio in the TwinVQ format
alt.binaries.sounds.twinvq.d Discussion group for TwinVQ an all-new musical genre
alt.binaries.sounds.utilities Sound utilities.
alt.binaries.sounds.utilities.d No description.
alt.binaries.sounds.vintage (Music) sounds created prior to 1960
alt.binaries.sounds.vqf vqf sound binaries group
alt.binaries.sounds.vqf.d vqf sounds discussion group
alt.binaries.sounds.wav No description. No description. No description. No description. Catalog of historical country Discussion of historical country
alt.binaries.sounds.whitburn.lossless Catalog of historical pop
alt.binaries.sounds.whitburn.pop Catalog of historical pop music
alt.binaries.sounds.whitburn.pop.d Catalog of historical pop music
alt.binaries.sounds.whitburn.reposts Reposts of historical pop
alt.binaries.sounds.wma Posting of audio files in .wma format. No description.
alt.binaries.southpark Binaries related to the show Southpark.
alt.binaries.spanking Erotic & non-erotic spanking pictures, text &
alt.binaries.squaresoft No description.
alt.binaries.stargate-sg1 No description.
alt.binaries.stargatesg-1 Stargate SG-1 Binaries
alt.binaries.startrek Various binaries related to Star Trek. No description.
alt.binaries.starwars Images and sounds from the Star Wars movies. Sex(ual) stories in or with binary parts
alt.binaries.strip-poker for trading home-made strip poker datadisks
alt.binaries.subs Subtitles only.
alt.binaries.superman No description.
alt.binaries.surround-sound for multichannel audio files
alt.binaries.svcd For super video cd files. Unmoderated
alt.binaries.svcd.french French related SVCD multimedia movies.
alt.binaries.svcd.french.d French discussion group about related SVCD
alt.binaries.svcd.french.repost No description. Wymiana filmow w formacie (S)VCD
alt.binaries.svcd.repost Discussion of Aol'er and webbie type usenetizens
alt.binaries.svcd.reposts svcd reposts go here
alt.binaries.svcd.subtitled -- svcd subtitled
alt.binaries.swnet.diverse No description.
alt.binaries.swnet.mp3 is for posting of swedish mp3-songs.
alt.binaries.swnet.prostitution No description.
alt.binaries.swnet.pryltorg A group for posting images and
alt.binaries.sylvia-saint Pictures and movies of Sylvia
alt.binaries.tatu This newsgroup is about the 2 lesbians that make up the Russian
music group TATU
alt.binaries.teens4christ.annies.tits Sweet, sweet snatch
alt.binaries.teevee Television shows of all sorts.
alt.binaries.teri-weigel Binary files of the actress Teri Weigel
alt.binaries.test For the testing of binary posting.
alt.binaries.test.test.test test group.
alt.binaries.test.yenc No description.
alt.binaries.the-sopranos Binaries realated to the Sopranos.
alt.binaries.the-terminal All topics related to The Terminal
alt.binaries.thebird No description.
alt.binaries.thelema Thelemic-related multimedia, books & pictures.
alt.binaries.this.needs.cracking No description.
alt.binaries.tic Posters from The Inside Circle Forum And Friends. No description.
alt.binaries.tori-amos No description.
alt.binaries.torrents For posting .torrent files.
alt.binaries.torture.moderated No description. (Moderated)
alt.binaries.toy-cars Pictures of any kind of toy cars.
alt.binaries.transcender.exams for exchange of exam materials
alt.binaries.transexual.sri No description.
alt.binaries.triaxer.encrypted Posters from The Inside Circle Forum And
alt.binaries.triballs ll about satellite decoding
alt.binaries.tun Discussion of the latest movies Television shows of all sorts. TV or not TV, only the former applies. Pictures from the TV show. For the posting of Canadian TV programmes. Discussions about German Movies. Images & sounds of characters and actors from No description. Binaries of or related to the tv show Friends. No description. For the posting of Irish TV programmes. Posting of Millennium tv show binaries This group is for binary files of the television show,
the Osbournes Popular broadcasted poker series tv shows No description. Posting of binaries relate to "The Simpsons" For South African TV programmes. No description. : Photos/VidGrabs/VidClips relating to US
alt.binaries.tvontario Group for posting files and discussing classic
alt.binaries.tvseries Group for posting any new tv releases in either xvid or divx
alt.binaries.ufg Discussions about german movies.
alt.binaries.ufo.files Distribution of UFO related multimedia UK specific mp3PRO newsgroup No description.
alt.binaries.underground Binary underground posts Family friendly binaries.
alt.binaries.usenet2day binaries nzb's from
alt.binaries.uzenet Discussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.vcd No description.
alt.binaries.vcd.d Discussion for the alt.binaries.vcd hierarchy.
alt.binaries.vcd.dvd-rip No description.
alt.binaries.vcd.french No description.
alt.binaries.vcd.french.d No description.
alt.binaries.vcd.french.repost No description.
alt.binaries.vcd.highspeed No description.
alt.binaries.vcd.only Video CD compliant files. No SVCD, etc.
alt.binaries.vcd.other Non-VCD/SVCD compliant files.
alt.binaries.vcd.other.repost Reposting of files from alt.binaries.vcd.other.
alt.binaries.vcd.repost For requesting and reposting of vcd binaries.
alt.binaries.vcd.svcd Super Video CD compliant files.
alt.binaries.vcd.svcd.repost Reposting of files from alt.binaries.vcd.svcd.
alt.binaries.vcd.westerns Binary files of movie & TV westerns. No description. MPEGs from European XXX films MPEGs from Private Media Group
alt.binaries.vcd.yenc No description.
alt.binaries.vcdz vcd newsgroup
alt.binaries.verified.photoshoots A photoshoot newsgroup
alt.binaries.vesdaris xxx web-dl siterip erotica vesd@ris releases is an unmoderated newsgroup is an unmoderated newsgroup exclusively is a binary newsgroup dedicated to No description.
alt.binaries.vietcine Binary group for online TV media files
alt.binaries.vj.tester Testing virjin cosmopolitan binary output for EAASL [LOTE]
Usenet newbies.
alt.binaries.voodoo-teh-trol Voodoo teh Troll
alt.binaries.wallacegromit Wallace & Gromit
alt.binaries.warcraft Pictures, levels & configurations for Orcs and Humans. No description. A group to harass Fumble's Harem!
alt.binaries.warez Binaries that are 0day or rip warez.
alt.binaries.warez.0-day +akula's pet newsgroup No description. 0-day game rips go here
alt.binaries.warez.adolescent No description.
alt.binaries.warez.amiga D00DZ in favour of pirating Amiga software. Various AOL binaries get posted here. AOL binaries get posted here.
alt.binaries.warez.asian No description.
alt.binaries.warez.autocad No description.
alt.binaries.warez.bloaf where are ya bloaf
alt.binaries.warez.certification certification software, discus
alt.binaries.warez.commodore64 No description.
alt.binaries.warez.consoles No description.
alt.binaries.warez.educational No description.
alt.binaries.warez.flightsim Flight sim warez.
alt.binaries.warez.fukengruven No description. No description. No description. D00DZ in favour of pirating PC software. No description. Discussing it is a froup it is a froup D00DZ in favour of pirating DOS programs. Some sort of decoy for the D00DZ. Binary warez archive parts. french version of software Talking About newgroup D00DZ in favour of pirating PC games. Deutsche Programme zum Ausprobieren. Deutsche Spiele zum No description. No description. No description. Discussion and distribution of Microsoft beta
releases. D00DZ in favour of pirating antique PC software. Vintage Win32 apps and No description.
alt.binaries.warez.insomniac insomniacs at work No description.
alt.binaries.warez.linux No description.
alt.binaries.warez.mac D00DZ in favour of pirating Mac software.
alt.binaries.warez.mac.req Requests for pirated Mac software.
alt.binaries.warez.macintosh No description.
alt.binaries.warez.newbies Warez, utilities and appz for newbies.
alt.binaries.warez.nt No description.
alt.binaries.warez.nt.d No description.
alt.binaries.warez.os2 No description.
alt.binaries.warez.palmpiloit No description.
alt.binaries.warez.palmpilot No description.
alt.binaries.warez.palmpilot.maps No description.
alt.binaries.warez.piracy-is-theft Anti-piracy
alt.binaries.warez.pocketpc No description.
alt.binaries.warez.pocketpc.gps No description.
alt.binaries.warez.pocketpc.lit No description.
alt.binaries.warez.pocketpc.movies for pocketpc movie files No description. No description. addons for French dvds. To talk about a.b.w.q-
alt.binaries.warez.raptorweb For all your warez needs.
alt.binaries.warez.riscos RISC OS Software Applications
alt.binaries.warez.sega-genesis No description.
alt.binaries.warez.series60 Binary posting of series 60 software for
alt.binaries.warez.smartphone A place to post applications designed
alt.binaries.warez.snes D00DZ in favour of pirating Super Nintendo software.
alt.binaries.warez.steganography No description.
alt.binaries.warez.symbian Warez for the Symbian platform. No description. uk specific Dreamcast group uk specific mp3 group uk specific psx group No description. No description. uk specific Dreamcast group VCD and DivX movies to view on your pc. UK specific mp3 group uk specific psx group For extended trial use binaries
alt.binaries.warez.win2000 Posting of Windows 2000 binaries
alt.binaries.warez.win95 No description.
alt.binaries.warez.win95-3d No description.
alt.binaries.warez.win95-apps No description.
alt.binaries.warez.win95-fonts No description.
alt.binaries.warez.win95-games No description.
alt.binaries.warez.win95-graphics No description.
alt.binaries.warez.win95-internet No description.
alt.binaries.warez.windows31 No description.
alt.binaries.warez.windowsce No description.
alt.binaries.warez.your Warez your... Warez?
alt.binaries.warez.your-mammy warez your mammy?
alt.binaries.warez.your.mammy Warez your mammy??
alt.binaries.warez4kiddies No description.
alt.binaries.warez4kiddies.apps No description. No description. No description.
alt.binaries.warez4kiddies.mp3 No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.binaries.webdesign No description.
alt.binaries.webstars Pictures of teenage female models.
alt.binaries.websters Do not screw with the Dutch
alt.binaries.whatever-you-want Dean Dardin teh Idiot
alt.binaries.whitburn Group for lesbian Michael Jackson haters (Moderated)
alt.binaries.white-power SKREWDRIVER PICHERS AND MIDYS.
alt.binaries.wifey pics and films of the protein-loving spouse.
alt.binaries.wiseguys The hangout for the superiour intellect
alt.binaries.witchblade Discussions about German Movies.
alt.binaries.wizzer A closed community on technology and
alt.binaries.wmvhd Discussion of Hi-Definition WMV Movies No description.
alt.binaries.worship.goescrunch No description.
alt.binaries.worship.ohi-sama No description.
alt.binaries.wurmkraus No description.
alt.binaries.x No description.
alt.binaries.x-files Scenes from FOX's X Files show. Pictures Of X-File Star Gillian Anderson
alt.binaries.x-men No description.
alt.binaries.x.upper-case No description.
alt.binaries.x264 Discussion of Hi-Definition X264 Movies
alt.binaries.xanthus a 2nd place to gather for friends of xanthus Xbox modification binaries
alt.binaries.xylo Discussions about german movies.
alt.binaries.zines Images and sounds from mini magazines.
alt.binaries.zoogz-rift No description.
alt.binaries.zygomorphic zygomorphic binary data
alt.binary.carring-female carring of unconscious females No description.
alt.binries.nospam.pst.d No description.
alt.bintangs No description. bioethics related issues. Individualist uses of biotechnology. Minority scientists and students in biomedical research. No description. No description. is subsidiary to the No description.
alt.bioethics No description.
alt.birdwatching Birdwatching.
alt.birdwatching.bluebirds Birdwatching.
alt.birdwatching.clubs Birdwatching.
alt.birdwatching.ducks Birdwatching.
alt.birdwatching.hummingbirds Birdwatching.
alt.birdwatching.optics Birdwatching.
alt.birdwatching.owls Birdwatching. Birdwatching.
alt.birdwatching.raptors Birdwatching.
alt.birdwatching.songbirds Birdwatching.
alt.birthright Birthright Party propaganda.
alt.biso.non-tromba No description.
alt.bitch No description. A place for people to come to bitch at
morticia. A place for people to come to bitch at moticia.
alt.bitch.christina-eijkhout paying tribute to a usenet bitch
alt.bitch.ewokie No description.
alt.bitch.pork Flames in a particular vein. No description.
alt.bite-me Stupid is as stupid does.
alt.bitoparty bitoparty. It's a bit o' class
alt.bitterness No matter what it's for, you know how it'll turn out.
alt.bixesi No description. Chiselling in business and elsewhere. Infighting in business.
alt.bjczklf No description. No description. No description.
alt.blackbayou Gothic-Punk Horror Roleplay Game
alt.blah-blah.burgers Comedy on the funny side with Lester Mosley
alt.blake-isms To discuss the words of Blake
alt.blasphemy Irreverence on the net? Who would have thought.
alt.ble No description.
alt.bloaf where the bloaf's come to roost
alt.bloated Christina farts alot
alt.bloated.farting Christina farts alot
alt.bloated.farting.beans Christina farts alot
alt.bloated.farting.beans.give-me-gas Christina farts alot
alt.bloated.farting.beans.give-me-gas.dont-light-a for Pisstina
alt.bloated.farting.beans.give-me-gas.dont-light-a.match for Pisstina
alt.bloated.farting.give-me-gas Christina farts alot
alt.blobbi.veteran-cunt No description.
alt.bloody.wanker-adie This group is devoted to the sore loser Snetter King Adie.
alt.bloopers No description.
alt.blosers Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen's words and music.
alt.blowitoutyourass No description.
alt.blowitoutyourass.john-corliss nuff said
alt.blueyonder No description.
alt.blueyonder.mp3s No description.
alt.blueyonder.users No description.
alt.blujuju A group for and about me and anything else anyone wants to talk about.
alt.bluno Bluno does not exist dead but not alive longer yes.
alt.bmx Discussion of all aspects of the subculture of riding BMX bikes. En bengali. En bengali. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... En tibétain. En tibétain. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.bob-officer All about Bob Officer from alt.usenet.kooks
alt.bob-officer.taunts-the-mentally-challenged Bob picks on the weak minded A newsgroup for teen idol Bobbie
alt.bobby No description.
alt.bobflamingo No description.
alt.bobflamingo.isa No description.
alt.bobflamingo.isa.asshole No description.
alt.bogus No description. In alt? Who do you think you are to say so?
alt.bogus.usenet.dmca-notices No description.
alt.bommanews No description.
alt.bompanews Newsgroup for support of BomPaNews.
alt.bonehead.andy-banta No description.
alt.bonehead.andy-manning No description.
alt.bonehead.anti-rush Maybe Limbaugh has something to do with this.
alt.bonehead.bill-palmer An insult to Palmers everwhere
alt.bonehead.boaby-robbo58 A place to diss
alt.bonehead.brian-mc-clellan Another bonehead group for brian.
alt.bonehead.bruce-watson Usenet's biggest idiot and liar
alt.bonehead.captain-bligh No description.
alt.bonehead.chris.caputo.censorious.bastard Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as
a public service.
alt.bonehead.Chris.Caputo.Censorious.Cretin Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer
alt.bonehead.clayton-oneill Always the fsck with the inodes of news!
alt.bonehead.daniel-joseph-min Bonehead min deserves his very own group
alt.bonehead.daniel-min Kewl new group
alt.bonehead.dr-turi the incredible ego of Dr. Turi
alt.bonehead.evul everywon deserves a revenge froup.
alt.bonehead.gary.burnore Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.bonehead.geoff-miller Laughing at
Heinrich^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HMatthew^H^H^H^H^H^H^HGeoff Miller
alt.bonehead.gruppenschnitzer A public service Web-to-News GateWay:
alt.bonehead.gwbush Discussion about what a bonehead gwbush can be
alt.bonehead.hangnail Stop creating denebeim groups!
alt.bonehead.hannigan.whack .whack.whack Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.bonehead.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.bonehead.head-librarian Kristian Tanner, Usenet's biggest asshole
alt.bonehead.higby The bonehead of la.* A public service Web-to-News GateWay:
alt.bonehead.jai-maharaj look at his posts and make up your own mind
alt.bonehead.james-koput Yet another grudge group.
alt.bonehead.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.bonehead.jesse-garon Rick Springfield sung about this guy's girl.
alt.bonehead.jim-dutton No description.
alt.bonehead.john-corliss No description.
alt.bonehead.john-grubor DrG, net.sage.
alt.bonehead.john-henry No description.
alt.bonehead.john-siwinski John Siwinski raped the candle!
alt.bonehead.john-weir Laughing at John Weird
alt.bonehead.john.boyd Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.bonehead.joseph-holl No description.
alt.bonehead.josh-kramer Boneheaded enough to deserve his own group?
alt.bonehead.kevin-mitnick You may not like him but he is still the best.
alt.bonehead.kevin.cannon Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.bonehead.klaas.suck.checkmates.dick Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.bonehead.kristian-tanner Head Librarian, number #1 Net-asshole.
alt.bonehead.lee-latham No description.
alt.bonehead.mike-soja mike soja is a bonehead
alt.bonehead.oliver1 just another newgroup abuser
alt.bonehead.paedophile.barry-bouwsma Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.bonehead.phil-lawlor Discussing AGIS, spam-central, CEO Phil Lawlor
alt.bonehead.phil-oliver No description. discussion of the pros & cons of ralph No description.
alt.bonehead.sander.von.minnen No description.
alt.bonehead.sandy-wallace Discussing Sanford "Spamford" Wallace
alt.bonehead.scott-abraham No description.
alt.bonehead.self-immolation.morely-dotes No description.
alt.bonehead.steve-belling stupid is as stupid does, sir.
alt.bonehead.steve-crisp Steven J. Crisp, the court jester of NCSU.
alt.bonehead.steve-day Nuff said, eh?
alt.bonehead.steve-lake Rikki Lake's long lost brother?
alt.bonehead.steve-leyland the clueless wonder strikes again Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.bonehead.teddy-bear A home for Teddys delightful reparte'
alt.bonehead.waldby To slag the man with half-baked slam scams.
alt.bonehead.walt-rines The boneheadedness of Walt "" Rines
alt.bonhead.johnny-grubor For those who think Grubor has no skull
alt.bonsai Little trees and battle screams. for boo phatty for boo phatty
alt.boofhead For all twits
alt.books Use rec.arts.books.* or alt.books.* instead.
alt.books.anne-rice The Vampire Thermostat.
alt.books.arthur-clarke The writings of SF writer Arthur C Clarke.
alt.books.august-derleth Life and works of August Derleth
alt.books.beatgeneration Beat authors, Burroughs, Kerouac, etc.
alt.books.bernard-cornwell The works of the author Bernard Cornwell
alt.books.brian-lumley Books by Brian Lumley.
alt.books.bukowski Discussion on the works and life of Charles Bukowski.
alt.books.cait-r-kiernan Devoted to writer Caitlin R. Kiernan
alt.books.carl-sagan No description.
alt.books.chesterton No description. (Moderated)
alt.books.christa-faust Discussion of writings by Christa Faust.
alt.books.clive-barker Discussion of the writings of Clive Barker.
alt.books.crichton Michael Crichton's writings: Jurassic Park, etc.
alt.books.cs-lewis Narnia and other C.S. Lewis tales.
alt.books.dan-simmons Discussion about Dan Simmons and his books
alt.books.david-gemmell The books and other works of David
alt.books.david-weber Discussion of books by David Weber
alt.books.dean-koontz Discussion of the writings of Dean R. Koontz.
alt.books.deryni Katherine Kurtz's books, especially the Deryni series.
alt.books.destroyer No description.
alt.books.dylan-thomas Current news on the man and discussion of his
alt.books.electronic Paperless books and related topics. Newsgroup dedicated to the work of Historian/writer George
Behe No description. Forum about George Markstein, UK writer. Creator of
"The Prisoner" Writings by George Orwell.
alt.books.ghost-fiction Discussion of Ghost and Supernatural Fiction
alt.books.gor The Gor fantasy books of John Norman
alt.books.h-g-wells The life and works of H G Wells.
alt.books.iain-banks No description.
alt.books.inklings discussion of Barfield,Auden,Williams,et al.
alt.books.isaac-asimov Fans of the late SF/science author Isaac Asimov.
alt.books.jack-chalker No description.
alt.books.jack-london Jack London, 1876-1916, auth. "Call of the Wild"
alt.books.james-joyce Discussion of the life and works of James Joyce
alt.books.jean-auel Prehistoric fiction author Jean M. Auel.
alt.books.jerry-chavez No description.
alt.books.john-cheever No description.
alt.books.john-grisham John Grisham's novels.
alt.books.julian-may Group for the discussion of the works of Julian May.
alt.books.ken-follett Forum about Ken Follett. UKthriller writer.
alt.books.kurt-vonnegut Discussion of Kurt Vonnegut's works.
alt.books.larry-niven Discussion of the works of SF writer Larry Niven.
alt.books.lars-eighner About fiction and nonfiction works of LE.
alt.books.left-behind No description.
alt.books.louis-lamour Louis L'Amour, the American Western Story teller.
alt.books.m-lackey Author Mercedes Lackey and her books.
alt.books.moorcock Discussions about the writings of Michael Moorcock.
alt.books.mysteries Mystery and suspense on usenet.
alt.books.nabokov No description.
alt.books.nancy-drew Discussion of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys series.
alt.books.orson-s-card Discussion of sf author Orson Scott Card.
alt.books.outlander discussion of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series
alt.books.pat-conroy Discussion of works by Pat Conroy
alt.books.patrick-jones The poet and dramatist Patrick Jones.
alt.books.peter-straub Discussions of Peter Straub's books.
alt.books.phil-k-dick Discussion about the works of Phillip K. Dick.
alt.books.philip-pullman No description.
alt.books.poppy-z-brite No description.
alt.books.pratchett Discussions of Terry Pratchett's books and characters.
alt.books.purefiction Discussion of bestselling novels and how to write them.
alt.books.ray-bradbury No description.
alt.books.raymond-feist Fantasy author Raymond Feist and the Midkemia series. "If you want to know how it turns out, read it!".
alt.books.robert-rankin For the discussion of the books of Robert Rankin.
alt.books.roger-zelazny Discussion of the works of the late author.
alt.books.sebar No description.
alt.books.sf.melanie-rawn The author of the Dragon-xxx series.
alt.books.stephen-king The works of horror writer Stephen King.
alt.books.tanya-huff No description.
alt.books.technical Discussion of technical books.
alt.books.terry-brooks Discussion of Terry Brooks Works
alt.books.terry-goodkind The works of Terry Goodkind.
alt.books.the-traveler Group intended for discussions about the book
alt.books.thomas-ligotti No description.
alt.books.thomas-pynchon Fans of the reclusive postmodernist author.
alt.books.thomasbernhard For discussion of topics related to austrian writer
Thomas Bernhard
alt.books.toffler The ideas of Alvin and Heidi.
alt.books.tom-clancy The group for discusson of Mr. Techno-Thriller.
alt.books.tom-holt Miscellany related to author Tom Holt
alt.books.valdemar.fanfic No description. The author and her books
alt.books.wilbur-smith For fans of the author Wilbur Smith
alt.books.wizard-of-oz L. Frank Baum's world of Oz
alt.books.zogoiby No description.
alt.boomerang The angular throwing club, not the Eddie Murphy flick.
alt.bored What people do when they are bored. Art Deco who?
alt.boring.brian-mailman Discuss alt.config's most boring troll Brian Mailman
alt.boring.dumbo.jet.liar-liar-liar jet is a pathological liar
alt.bork People just love the sound of that word. No description. No description. eojaooiinveg
alt.bowtie Newsgroups are self-governing communities of folks
alt.boxer-shorts No description.
alt.bozoes No description. neuibauhxiiyeeyp
alt.bpyxn.epawtz.ntcr No description. En breton. No description. (Moderated) En breton. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.braces No description.
alt.brad.jesness.die.die.die No description.
alt.brain Use sci.cognitive instead.
alt.brain.teasers No description.
alt.brallen No description.
alt.brandon No description. Posting of different bread recipes
alt.breakdancing No description.
alt.breast-implant.moderated No description.
alt.brewing No description.
alt.brhuk.cajbm.hpcvltso.y.h No description.
alt.bristol No description.
alt.bristols No description. Discussion group for Brittany Halford newsgroup to discuss everyday issues
alt.brooklyn-crew.pimps Yo Pimps Inc. The born-again minister touring US campuses.
alt.brown-cow-moo No description.
alt.bru No description.
alt.bru.izacrazy No description. No description.
alt.bruravagebeast No description.
alt.bruravagebeast.flame No description.
alt.bruravagebeast.troll No description.
alt.brykins No description. En bosniaque. No description. En bosniaque. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.bucky-fuller Discussion about the ideas of Buckminster Fuller
alt.buddha.short.fat.guy Religion. And not religion. Both. Neither.
alt.buffy.europe european related buffy group
alt.building.announcements Building industry announcements.
alt.building.architecture Building industry architecture. Building industry construction. No description.
alt.building.elevators discussion of elevator labor and technical Keeping buildings from falling down.
alt.building.environment Building industry environment. Building industry finance.
alt.building.harrison-towers No description. Building industry jobs.
alt.building.landscape Building industry landscape.
alt.building.manufacturing Building industry manufacturing. Real estate and the building industry.
alt.building.survey-mapping Building industry surveying & mapping.
alt.bulldyke a place for masculine lesbians
alt.bulldyke.christina-eijkhout a place for masculine lesbians
alt.bulldyke.jet jet is a fugly bitch
alt.bulldyke.jet.snailtracks jet is a fugly bitch
alt.bulldyke.jet.snailtracks.and-more-snailtracks jet. fugly bitch.
alt.bullshit a place to bullshit
alt.bully.bob-officer Bob Officer is one of Usenet's most cowardly bullies
alt.bum-chum Hi Harry
alt.bum-chum.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.bumbling.idiots.the.fbi No description.
alt.bumpy fer u
alt.burning-man BURNING MAN -
alt.burningman No description. Use instead. Corporate accountability. No description. No description. Topics dealing with franchising/franchise management. For displaying PC home business plans and services. Hotel, resort, tour and restaurant businesses. Business aspects of international trade. International trade in computers. International trade in food. Import-export trade forum. (Moderated) International trade in raw materials. International trade in services. All about the insurance industry. Discussion of internal auditing. No description. All aspects of commerce. Multi-level (network) marketing businesses. Some multi-level marketing scheme. Group for the discussion of iMagic MLM Network marketing/MLM/home business.
(Moderated) Fleecing people for fun and profit. Fleecing people for fun and profit. Discussion about Watkins products and About taxhaven/offshore/datahaven corporations & trusts. No description. No description. Discussion of the buying and selling of property (Real Business seminars. No description. Forum for discussing the industry/tools/methods
alt.butt.flame.karl-malden.cascade Hi, my name is Frank.
alt.butt.harp The ultimate hum job.
alt.butt.harp.die.die.die No description.
alt.butthole.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.buttholes No description.
alt.buttholes-for-jesus.fap.fap.fap.splikt for discussion of jesus by masturbating
alt.butts Cigarettes, guns, logs, casks, you name it.
alt.buyers.ebay No description.
alt.buzzard.rules This group discusses buzzard rules
alt.buzzard.rules.the-cock Buzzard is very very very very gay. No description.
alt.bxcrmjc.yhh.uqim.lwiuxwgcoixg ieajaiuuelkcjkxav
alt.bytebrothers No description.
alt.c.k.prqt.peu.f diasejibfruixu iuuxkohookoo (Moderated) delhuaeauuvakug
alt.c.ux.qe.k.rjjlr.y fvuieuoaekkjo
alt.c.xn eeluuepvarmeluo iixzuiaoeraobuaiigw (Moderated) uagddxaaeik (Moderated)
alt.c64 Use comp.sys.cbm instead. En catalan. En catalan. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.cable-ip No description.
alt.cable-tv.disney No description. Debating regulation of cable television. No description.
alt.cable.wanadoo.angers cable wanadoo discutions Angers
alt.cable.wanadoo.avignon No description.
alt.cable.wanadoo.bab No description.
alt.cable.wanadoo.bordeaux cable wanadoo discutions Bordeaux
alt.cable.wanadoo.metz No description.
alt.cable.wanadoo.montpellier cable wanadoo discutions Montpellier
alt.cable.wanadoo.rennes No description.
alt.cable.wanadoo.rouen No description. No description.
alt.cable.wanadoo.valence No description.
alt.cad Computer Aided Design.
alt.cad.archicad Discussions about the architectural CAD program ArchiCAD
alt.cad.arkey No description.
alt.cad.autocad CAD as practiced by customers of Autodesk.
alt.cad.cadkey Cadkey, Datacad, and other Cadkey, Inc. products.
alt.cad.cadvance No description.
alt.cad.chiefarchitect No description.
alt.cad.helix No description.
alt.cad.inquire-design No description.
alt.cad.intellicad Discussion of Visio IntelliCAD CAD program
alt.cad.revit Revit parametric building modelling software.
alt.cad.terramodel Lesbian sex chat (Moderated) No description. An ISP in the Netherlands
alt.cake No description.
alt.california The state and the state of mind.
alt.california.illegals No description.
alt.callahans Callahan's bar for puns and fellowship.
alt.camel.lovers For those who have a special interest in humped animals
alt.camillo No description. No description.
alt.can.i-get can i get a witness?
alt.can.i-get.a-witness can i get a witness? No description.
alt.canadian.beaver More from "Things that make you go, 'eh?'".
alt.candle No description.
alt.cannabis.seed-banks Items regarding cannabis seed banks. No description. No description.
alt.captain.busternaut No description.
alt.captain.sarcastic For the captain's minions. No description.
alt.cardgame.magic Use instead.
alt.cardgame.netrunner All aspects of Netrunner CCG
alt.cardgame.spellfire TSR's SpellFire game.
alt.carers No description.
alt.carlos-n-jen No description.
alt.carnaval No description.
alt.carnie Carnival workers of the world unite!
alt.carnie.dowap Carnival workers of the world unite!
alt.carnival All of alt is a freakish side show.
alt.carpet.munching.bull.dyke.christina-eijkhout No description. Only 96 to go... Hi Harry A group for discussing the many things No description. No description. "PROBE ME" --- actual Virginia woman's license plate. Newsgroup About Jeeps No description. The Lotus Elan. No description.
alt.cartoon.reboot Don't like the current animation? Ctl-alt-del.
alt.cascade Art or litter, you decide.
alt.cascade.faggot.jeffypetersen No description.
alt.cascade.faggot.raydixon No description.
alt.cascade.fuckhead For the posting of Fuckhead cascades.
alt.cascade.fuckhead.buzzard No description.
alt.cascade.fuckhead.diato No description.
alt.cascade.fuckhead.dowap Only 97 to go...
alt.cascade.fuckhead.ramalane No description.
alt.cascade.fuckhead.rikijo No description.
alt.cascade.fuckhead.singh No description.
alt.cascade.fuckhead.vinny No description.
alt.cascade.shut-up-cunter No description.
alt.cascade.vest.sweater.vest For the posting of Vest/Sweater cascades.
alt.casema.binaries No description.
alt.casema.commentaar No description.
alt.casema.kinderachtig.gedoe Dus.
alt.casema.tevreden.gebruikers Short description.
alt.casinos.chequers.chips.tokens No description.
alt.castlenet No description.
alt.catastrophism Look out below!
alt.catles alt.castles About castles, in the past and present
alt.cats No description.
alt.cats.declawing-debate No description. No description.
alt.caving Spelunk.
alt.cbdrhp No description. A place to piss and moan about the Tiffany Network No description. discussion of Chebucto Community Net (CCN)
alt.ccwmop cable wanadoo discutions Montpellier Discussions of optical storage media. Reviews of various published things available on CD-ROM. No description. For serious discussions on CD-recording related to users and
alt.cds.bobm.vybs FL/McE)_EQ_)heLa<Sf
alt.celebrities Famous people and their sycophants.
alt.cellular Cellular telephone technology.
alt.cellular-phone-tech No description.
alt.cellular.alltel No description.
alt.cellular.bell-mobility Bell Mobility Cellular-PCS Discussion
alt.cellular.bluetooth No description.
alt.cellular.cingular Discussion of Cingular Wireless service.
alt.cellular.clearnet Clearnet Digital PCS Cellular Data Equipment and Services For the discussion of Ericsson Mobile phones Fido Digital PCS
alt.cellular.gsm About GSM mobile phones.
alt.cellular.gsm.carriers.voicestream Discussion of Issues related to Voicestream
GSM Service GSM security
alt.cellular.matkapuhelininfo No description.
alt.cellular.motorola Discussion of Motorola cellular phones.
alt.cellular.nextel newsgroup alt.cellular.nextel Cellular phone service provider Nokia mobile phone specific discussions Group Graphics for Nokia Operator Logos for Nokia Ringtones for Nokia Cellular Phones zxqz xxfn gmropopi taxfdidd
alt.cellular.rogersatt Discussion for Rogers AT&T cellular users.
alt.cellular.siemens For discussion of Siemens cellular phone products
alt.cellular.sprintpcs For the discussion of the Sprint PCS Service
alt.cellular.t-mobile Discussion about T-Mobile and related topics
alt.cellular.umts 3rd generation wireless communication
alt.cellular.verizon Cellular phone and wireless web service provider. No description.
alt.censorship Discussion about restricting speech/press.
alt.centipede No description.
alt.central.illinois.pagan.alliance Alliance of Pagan organizations.
alt.century-tel-users Users of Century Tel ISP
alt.cereal Breakfast cereals and their (m)ilk.
alt.certification No description.
alt.certification.a-plus No description. Discussion about Cisco certification
alt.certification.citrix No description.
alt.certification.cne Novell certification
alt.certification.i-net-plus Discussions of i-NET+ certification.
alt.certification.mcsd No description.
alt.certification.mcse No description. Discussions of Network+ Certification
alt.certification.redhat No description.
alt.cesium College Educated Students in Universal Mainland.
alt.cgc cgc discussion
alt.chadwick-stone Chadwick Stone the Usenet troll
alt.chainsaw-fuckers For people who like some action in their assholes !
alt.chandra-levy No description.
alt.change No description.
alt.change.lightbulb No description.
alt.chaos Chaos, concepts, physics, theory, and mathematics.
alt.charlie.rules.rules.rules I always thought Charlie Brown was a loser. ICQ No description.
alt.cheat.cheat.cheat very good group the best
alt.checkmate No description.
alt.checkmate-and-knoxy Checkmate and Knoxy will soon be kissing in a tree
alt.checkmate-and-knoxy.sitting-in-a-tree.k-i-s-s-i-n-g Checkmate and Knoxy
kissing in a tree
alt.cheese This is cheezy.
alt.cheese.flavoured.elephants No description.
alt.chello No description.
alt.chello.binaries No description.
alt.chess.ics The Internet Chess Server
alt.chevy.trailblazer News group for trailblazer owners and enthusiasts iQ7Zi*1f%Y!a#KC2'ed+
alt.child-molester child molester discussion
alt.child-molester.dowap request submitted via BM's NRW
alt.child-molester.dowap.prefers-little-boys submitted via BM's NRW
alt.child-molester.keith-wigdor child molester discussion
alt.child-molester.rory-omoore No description.
alt.child-support Raising children in a split family.
alt.child.molester.keith-wigdor keith wigdor is a dangerous pedo
alt.child.molester.mongrel-mind No description.
alt.child.molester.rory-omoore No description.
alt.childcare Non-parental child care. See also*.
alt.childfree It's all about childfreedom
alt.childfree.bridgebuilding Bridge building
alt.childfree.discussion General discussions Support for the childfree
alt.chinchilla The nature of chinchilla farming in America today.
alt.chinese.computing Discussion group for Chinese computing.
alt.chinese.fengshui The aesthete of location, Chinese-style.
alt.chinese.story Telling stories in the Chinese language.
alt.chinese.text Postings in Chinese; Chinese language software.
alt.chinese.text.big5 Posting in Chinese[BIG 5].
alt.chinese.text.hz Posting in Chinese[HZ].
alt.chinese.text.malaysia No description.
alt.chips.salt-n-vinegar People fond of salt and vinegar potato chips.
alt.chocobo No description.
alt.chocobo.wark No description.
alt.chocobo.wark.wark.wark Discussion of the chocobo noise: WARK!
alt.chooch.cookies.yum.yum.yummy No description.
alt.chris-caputo No description.
alt.chris-caputo.usenet-abuser No description.
alt.chris-caputo.usenet-abuser.but-no-cascades No description.
alt.chris.norris chris norris No description.
alt.christnet Gathering place for Christian ministers and users.
alt.christnet.beanie-babies No description. Bible discussion and research.
alt.christnet.calvinist Dedicated to reformed theology and the Bible
alt.christnet.christianlife How to live what Christians believe.
alt.christnet.demonology No description.
alt.christnet.ethics Ethics in the Chrisitian value system.
alt.christnet.evangelical Some aspect of evangelism.
alt.christnet.holy-spirit for discussions on the Holy Spirit of God.
alt.christnet.hypocrisy "Vengeance is mine!" sayeth jfurr.
alt.christnet.nudism Stripping in the name of the Lord.
alt.christnet.philosophy Philosophical implications of Christianity.
alt.christnet.prayer Prayer in the lives of Christians.
alt.christnet.public-school No description.
alt.christnet.racism Christian talk about racism.
alt.christnet.rightwing.loonies No description.
alt.christnet.satanism Two cultures collide in humorous collage.
alt.christnet.second-coming.real-soon-now It could happen. Some of them still do that, you know.
alt.christnet.sodomy Christians discuss anal and oral sex.
alt.christnet.songwriters For composers of Christian music.
alt.christnet.theology The distinctives of God of Christian theology. No description.
alt.chuck.lysaght.death-tour Chuck Lysaght's international Death Tour
alt.chucknozzle Usenet asshole Chuck Lysaght No description.
alt.cig.jc.ddjkhvlsgljad.s.y.z.idphwdvowae.uhgjo.ownynqb.a.ig atouhaiwuuzmvja
alt.cigarette Get a pack of squares
alt.cigarette.butt Get a pack of squares
alt.cigarette.butt.sandwich Get a pack of squares No description.
alt.circumcision Excuse me, you dropped something.
alt.circus.arts Group for sharing and discussing circus arts. The Citadel (S.C.) Alumni. No description.
alt.cities.chicago No description.
alt.cities.dublin No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.cities.portland No description.
alt.cities.poznan No description.
alt.cities.rome No description.
alt.cities.toronto No description.
alt.cities.washington No description. No description. (Moderated) ieffhuuasiuk (Moderated) Claiborne County Tennessee
alt.clans.asskickers No description.
alt.clariborne-cty-tn Claiborne County Tennessee No description.
alt.clearing No description.
alt.clearing.adore No description.
alt.clearing.avatar No description.
alt.clearing.dianetics No description.
alt.clearing.dynamism No description.
alt.clearing.idenics No description.
alt.clearing.knowledgism No description.
alt.clearing.landmark No description.
alt.clearing.metapsychology No description.
alt.clearing.o5 No description.
alt.clearing.primalscream No description.
alt.clearing.ronsorg No description.
alt.clearing.scientology No description.
alt.clearing.selfclearing No description. Traumatic Incident Reduction and Clearing.
alt.clearing.trom No description.
alt.clearing.ucp No description.
alt.clerks The Counter Culture.
alt.clerks.binaries No description.
alt.clip-joint No description. No description. No description.
alt.cloned-sheep.bah.bah.bah I see a great need.
alt.cloning No description.
alt.clothes.designer The discussion of designer clothes.
alt.clothes.designer.versace Clothing styles by Versace. The special secrets under wraps. Sports, casual, collection, or just one pair.
alt.cloudshapes No description.
alt.clowningaround No description. The "La Grotta di Merlino" club. No description. No description.
alt.clubs.emperorshammer No description.
alt.clubs.just-for-fun For technical and not so technical chat
alt.clueless I have no idea how to describe this group.
alt.clueless-newbie-of-the-month and teh winner is...
alt.clueless-newbie-of-the-month.oct-03 and teh winner is...
alt.clueless.keith-wigdor ready to quit spamming yet?
alt.cmm modern misconceptions
alt.cmnnx TUX#SJ@`%\Y"hOjF
alt.cmsg.test No description.
alt.cna No description. The Whole Earth Review and associated lifestyles. Discussion about co-operatives.
alt.coast-guard No description.
alt.coat-tail-rider spooge is a hebetudinous twit
alt.coat-tail-rider.spooge spooge is a hebetudinous twit
alt.coatings.paint Issues related to paints and coatings.
alt.cobol Relationship between programming and stone axes.
alt.coccinella.alexa.zepher.maltrattamenti No description.
alt.cocksucker.geno-paris No description.
alt.cocksucker.john-kimball newgroup alt.cocksucker.john-kimball
alt.cocksucker.leslie.paulin.aka.theapostle Flaming usenet's kook Leslie
alt.cocksucker.roger-wiseman No description.
alt.codejunkies A group for developers of all backgrounds to talk Another group worshipping caffeine.
alt.collecting.8-track-tapes Fans of the endless loop cartridge.
alt.collecting.autographs WOW! You got Pete Rose's? What about Kibo's?
alt.collecting.autographs.vintage Vintage autographs, manuscripts and
alt.collecting.barbie Use rec.collecting.dolls instead. (Moderated)
alt.collecting.barbies No description.
alt.collecting.beanie-babies There's gold in them thar squishy critters!
alt.collecting.beanie-babies.charlie-witt discussion
alt.collecting.beanie-babies.discussion.moderated discussion Beanie babies forsale, wanted
alt.collecting.beanie-babies.tradingcards No description. No description.
alt.collecting.bicycles No description.
alt.collecting.breweriana Beer paraphenelia collecting For collectors of casino chips
alt.collecting.gameroom Misc coin-op,arcade and home gameroom equip. No description.
alt.collecting.honeypots No description.
alt.collecting.juke-boxes No description.
alt.collecting.magazines No description. No description.
alt.collecting.pens-pencils Pen & pencil collecting.
alt.collecting.pens-pencils.binaries Images of interest to
alt.collecting.pens-pencils.binary Images of interest to writing instrument
alt.collecting.pokemon No description.
alt.collecting.police-patches Collecting and trading police patches.
alt.collecting.postcard No description.
alt.collecting.records An open forum for all record collecting activities.
alt.collecting.sports-figures Discussion of sports-related figures.
alt.collecting.stamp No description.
alt.collecting.stamps No description. No description.
alt.collecting.stamps.jay.carrigan.blackmail No description. No description. No description.
alt.collecting.stamps.worldwide No description.
alt.collecting.teddy-bears Collecting stuffed toy bears.
alt.collecting.topper-dawn For collector, trader, and sellers of Topper Dawn Dolls
and accessories
alt.collecting.toy-robot Dedicated to the Toy Robot collector NewsGroup for discussing collecting Die
alt.collecting.vendorware Discussions about vendor logo products.
alt.collecting.warner-bros Collecting forum for WB merchandise The Bromley College Newsgroup College/OAITC Announcements Events, Fairs, Bazaars etc. Miscellanious (Student<->Student) Discussions of the College Bowl competition. No description. Forum for College Democrats organizations Dining halls, cafeterias, mystery meat, and more. College and university fraternities. Professional business fraternity. Delta Sigma Phi. No description. Sigma Pi: A fellowship of kindred minds. No description. No description. Discussion About Greek Organizations Forum for conservative & libtertarian college students For Sheridan College illustration College and university sororities. Tunnelling beneath the campuses. Is that "us" as in "U. S.", or do you just mean y'all? A place for collectors of
hockey pucks to talk
alt.colorado.grand-junction Discussion of the city and surrounding area.
alt.colorado.grand-junction.macusers For MacOS fans.
alt.colorado.queers.jay-denebeim NG for recruiting young gays for Jay
alt.comdex discussion of the annual Las Vegas, NV trade show
alt.comedy No description.
alt.comedy.air-farce Royal Canadian Air Farce.
alt.comedy.bill-hicks Discussion of American comedian Bill Hicks' work
alt.comedy.british Discussion of British comedy in a variety of media.
alt.comedy.british.blackadder The Black Adder programme. For the discussion of a british comedy
alt.comedy.british.leagueofgentlemen For discussion of the show,
alt.comedy.codas Codas, the worlds first daily sitcom.
alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre Firesign Theatre in all its flaming glory. No description.
alt.comedy.improvisation Group improvisational comedies.
alt.comedy.jerrylewis -- discussions of, and about, the King of Comedy
alt.comedy.laurel-hardy The Laurel and Hardy comedy team.
alt.comedy.marx-bros Why a duck?
alt.comedy.paul-reubens Comedian Paul Reubens (aka Pee-Wee Herman).
alt.comedy.slapstick Slapstick--comedy stressing farce and horseplay.
alt.comedy.slapstick.3-stooges Hey, Mo!
alt.comedy.standup Discussion of stand-up comedy and comedians.
alt.comedy.standup.moderated Prof. Stand-up comedians
alt.comedy.vaudeville Vaudeville and its descendants.
alt.comics.2000ad Discussing British comic 2000AD and related issues.
alt.comics.alan-moore Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.
alt.comics.alternative You could try a book without pictures, for example.
alt.comics.archie Discussion of Archie Comics
alt.comics.asterix Goscinny and Uderzo's brave gaulish warrior.
alt.comics.batman Marketing mania.
alt.comics.classic For the discussion of golden and silver age comic books.
alt.comics.dilbert Scott Adams's intrepid engineer.
alt.comics.elfquest W & R Pini's ElfQuest series. Original works using existing comic characters.
alt.comics.fandom Fans and fandom of comics and sequential art. Who needs superman when you got GL!
alt.comics.gunnm Discussion of Yukito Kishiro's cyberpunk epic Gunnm
alt.comics.image What would a comic be without an image?
alt.comics.jack-kirby Jack Kirby, the King of Comics
alt.comics.lnh Interactive net.madness in the superhero genre.
alt.comics.mwagner No description.
alt.comics.peanuts For the discussion of the Peanuts comic strip.
alt.comics.pokey POKEY THE PENGUIN!!
alt.comics.sip No description.
alt.comics.sluggy-freelance Discussion of comic strip Sluggy Freelance
alt.comics.spacemoose No description.
alt.comics.spawn For discussion of Spawn comic books
alt.comics.spider-man No description.
alt.comics.strips.footrot-flats The popular New Zealand comic strip and film.
alt.comics.super-villains No description.
alt.comics.superman No one knows it is also alt.clark.kent.
alt.comics.the-phantom No description.
alt.comics.user-friendly for Geeks and UFies to talk about...stuff
alt.commahead No description.
alt.comms.lounge No description.
alt.comms.powerline PowerLine Communication Systems and Applications
alt.communicomm-cable Users of Communicomm Cable
alt.communicomm-cable.dial-up Users of Communicomm Cable Users of Communicomm Cable
alt.communicomm-cable.high-speed Users of Communicomm Cable
alt.communicomm-cable.linux-users Users of Communicomm Cable
alt.communicomm-cable.newsgroups-support Users of Communicomm Cable Users of Communicomm Cable
alt.communicomm-cable.television-services Users of Communicomm Cable
alt.communicomm-cable.tricks-and-treats Users of Communicomm Cable
alt.communicomm-cable.virus Users of Communicomm Cable
alt.communicomm-cable.whine-and-complain Users of Communicomm Cable Some spinoff from LETS and other local money systems.
alt.comp No description.
alt.comp.4d No description. No description. Academic freedom issues related to computers. Academic freedom issues related to computers.
alt.comp.accessibility For all accessibility-applications.
alt.comp.adware No description.
alt.comp.answers Answers group for the alt.comp.* sub-hierarchy
alt.comp.anti-virus Anti-virus topics relating to computers.
alt.comp.antivirus.sophos sophos a/v discussion
alt.comp.apps.accounting Accounting applications news and discussion,
alt.comp.apps.adobe Adobe products discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.browsers Browser discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.cancelbots.misc Discussion of miscellaneous cancelbots, news and
source code (plain text only)
alt.comp.apps.databases Database discusison, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.development-tools Miscellaneous programming and reverse-engineering
tools, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.editors Text editor discussion, multi-lingual Email discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.ftp FTP discussion, multi-lingual Graphics programme discussion, multi-lingual No description.
alt.comp.apps.irc IRC client and server discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.ndcb Discussion and announcements about PŠG Software GmbH's
Net.Democracy Control Bot
alt.comp.apps.newsagent The original
alt.comp.apps.nntp News server and reader discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.pce-cancelmonster Discussionof the PCE-CancelMonster newsgroup
alt.comp.apps.pce3 Discussion of Polaris Cancel Engine Version 3 to 5.4 (MS
alt.comp.apps.pce6 The original
alt.comp.apps.piledriver Discussion and announcements about PŠG Software GmbH's
PileDriver 9 Newgrouper and related NNTP batch tools.
alt.comp.apps.psg-misc Technical support and announcements from PŠG Software GmbH.
alt.comp.apps.psh-newgroup-kit Discussion and announcements about PŠG Software
GmbH's various NNTP tools including the newgroup Perl script.
alt.comp.apps.publishing Discussion of publishing packages, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.rlogin-ssh SSH and RLogin discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.sound Hardware and software for working with sound and music,
alt.comp.apps.spreadsheets Spreadsheet discusison, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.telnet Telnet discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.translation Translator discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.apps.word-processors Word processor discusison, multi-lingual
alt.comp.appserver For all Web application server programmers.
alt.comp.assembly.cancelbots The original
alt.comp.baan Discussion relating to Baan Applications Software
alt.comp.binaries.clipart Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.comp.bios No description.
alt.comp.blind-users Computer technology for the visually impaired.
alt.comp.blind-users.jfw jaws for windows
alt.comp.bmcpatrol No description. Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users.
alt.comp.bourne-shell.cancelbots The original
alt.comp.c.cancelbots The original
alt.comp.cableboyz Cable ftp guys
alt.comp.cancel Any article posted to this group will be cancelled. No description.
alt.comp.casewise No description.
alt.comp.clipart Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.comp.cobol.cancelbots The original
alt.comp.compression Use comp.compression instead.
alt.comp.config New group discussion and announcements for the alt.comp.*
alt.comp.convergence Convergence International - THE non-wintel user group
alt.comp.cshell.cancelbots Cancelbots written as C Shell scripts.
alt.comp.cygwin Topics relating to the cygwin operating environment
alt.comp.databases.mysql MySQL database official newsgroup
alt.comp.databases.omnis No description.
alt.comp.databases.postgresql PostgreSQL general discussion forum
alt.comp.databases.xbase No description.
alt.comp.databases.xbase++ No description.
alt.comp.databases.xbase.clipper Use comp.lang.clipper instead.
alt.comp.datacore No description.
alt.comp.dcom.sys.xyplex Discussions relating to Whittaker/Xyplex
alt.comp.ddns.clients.dynsite-for-windows Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.comp.devices.calculators Calculator discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.devices.cellphones Cellular telephone discussion, mutli-lingual Digital camera discussion, multi-lingual Discussion of laptops, handhelds and peripherals
for them, multi-lingual
alt.comp.dymax Dymax Global Logistics 2000 Discussion Group
alt.comp.dynamic-dns.clients.dynsite-for-windows Created by GruppenSchnitzer users
as a public service. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as
a public service.
alt.comp.eai EAI (Enterprise Application Integration).
alt.comp.editors.batch Discussion for batch editing/text processing tools
alt.comp.emulators.dosemu Allows dos applications to run on Linux
alt.comp.ewriters.homebased No description.
alt.comp.fortran.cancelbots The original
alt.comp.freeware Free software that was intended to be free.
alt.comp.freeware.corliss.controlled.taliban.hell John is a punk
alt.comp.freeware.discussion Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
service. Freeware games.
alt.comp.freeware.gdp Freeware development thru group effort Nintendo GBA Amateur Coding.
alt.comp.goldmine No description. Discussion about Google search, Gmail, services etc. No description. No description. Getting information by various means. Getting information with sex. Getting information with truth
serum. No description.
alt.comp.hardware No description.
alt.comp.hardware.amd.thunderbird AMD's new processor.
alt.comp.hardware.amd.x86-64 X86_64 hardware.
alt.comp.hardware.aptiva For users of them IBM Aptiva computer
alt.comp.hardware.buz A group for users and potential users of the Iomega No description.
alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt Designing devious devices in the den.
alt.comp.hardware.homedesigned Computer hardware designed at home.
alt.comp.hardware.overclocking No description.
alt.comp.hardware.overclocking.amd No description.
alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt Building your PC from motherboards and cards.
alt.comp.hardware.powerleap PowerLeap CPU upgrade solutions.
alt.comp.hardware.stampanti No description.
alt.comp.hardware.superdisk Superdisk and ls120 related discussion
alt.comp.hello-world A group which doesn't exist.
alt.comp.illegal-operations.poetry Discussions of IPF/GPF messages and the Blue
Screen of Death
alt.comp.innerstation a meeting place for writers and computer
alt.comp.intercal.cancelbots The original
alt.comp.issues.accessibility Software, OS, and hardware accesibility discussion,
alt.comp.issues.censorship Censorship discussion, multi-lingual Discussion of computers and technology in education,
alt.comp.issues.ethics Computer and technology ethics discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.issues.internationalisation Discussion of internationalisation of
software, multi-lingual Net abuse discussion, multi-lingual Discussion of the Open Source Movement, mutli-lingual
alt.comp.issues.privacy Privacy discussion, multi-lingual Repetitive Motion Injury, eyestrain, radiation and other
workplace safety issues, multi-lingual Computer security discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.issues.spam Spam discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.issues.virus-worm Discussion of viruses and worms, multi-lingual Net abuse discussion, multi-lingual The original
alt.comp.jdedwards No description.
alt.comp.jgaa Jgaa's Internet
alt.comp.jgaa.binaries Jgaa's Internet
alt.comp.kornshell.cancelbots Cancelbots written as Korn Shell scripts.
alt.comp.lang.ada Ada discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.applescript Discussion of AppleScript and Mac scripting in general
alt.comp.lang.assembler Assembler discussion, mulilingual
alt.comp.lang.awk Awk discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.beos BeOS discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.borland-delphi Use comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc instead.
alt.comp.lang.c C discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.c++.misc Miscellaneous C++ discussion. As per the recent
alt.comp.lang.calculators.casio Programmable Casio calculators use and
programming, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.calculators.hp Programmable Hewlett Packard calculators use and
programming, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.calculators.other Miscellaneous Programmable calculators use and
programming, multi-lingual Programmable Sharp calculators use and
programming, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.calculators.ti Programmable Texas Instruments calculators use and
programming, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.cobol Cobol discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.coldfusion Discussion of the ColdFusion Markup
alt.comp.lang.corelscript CorelScript discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.delphi Delphi discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.forth Forth discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.fortran Fortran discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.gambas A development environment similar to visual basic.
alt.comp.lang.haskell No description.
alt.comp.lang.hb++ Programming with HB++ Java discussion, multi-lingual Discussion of web based java games
alt.comp.lang.javascript JavaScript discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.jcl JCL discussion, multiliingual
alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ study group for beginners to learn c
alt.comp.lang.linoleum all about linoleum.
alt.comp.lang.lotuscript LotusScript discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.lua a powerful lightweight, embeddable scripting language.
alt.comp.lang.macros.misc Discussion of other macro and control languages,
multi-lingual MS-Dos discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.pascal Pascal discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.perfectscipt PerfectScript discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.perl Perl discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.php Discussion of PHP scripting
alt.comp.lang.rebol Discussion about Rebol and Rebol/view
alt.comp.lang.reportsmith Newsgroup for information and discussion of the
ReportSmith reporting tool.
alt.comp.lang.rexx Rexx discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.scriptease No description.
alt.comp.lang.sed sed discussion, multi-lingual Batch progamming with enhancers e.g. 4Dos,
4NT, WinBatch Batch programming ( discussion,
multi-lingual Batch programming (cmd.exe) discusison,
multi-lingual DCL discussion, multi-lingual Batch programming in the OS/2 environment, multi-lingual Bourne shell programming discussion,
multi-lingual C shell programming discussion, multi-lingual Korn shell programming discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.superlang Programming in superlang
alt.comp.lang.vb Visual Basic discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.vba Visual Basic for Applications discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.vbscript VBScript discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.lang.visualbasic.ver3 No description.
alt.comp.lang.visulabasic.ver3 No description. No description.
alt.comp.linux No description.
alt.comp.linux-sucks No description.
alt.comp.linux.isp testing testing ...
alt.comp.mail.exim The Exim Mailer.
alt.comp.mail.misc General discussions about computer mail.
alt.comp.mail.postfix The Postfix Mailer.
alt.comp.mail.qmail Discussion of the Qmail MTA software.
alt.comp.marketplace Buying and selling of computer hardware, documentation, and
software, multi-lingual
alt.comp.mdaemon Discussion of QBIKs Mdaemon Discussions of the Microsoft certification
programmes, multi-lingual Visual Studio, .Net, and other Microsoft
development tools, multi-lingual Microsoft embedded OS news, usage, and development,
multi-lingual New products from Microsoft and partners,
multi-lingual Microsoft Office discussion, multi-lingual Microsoft Windows (all versions) discussion,
alt.comp.misc Miscellaneous topics, multi-lingual
alt.comp.misc.scripting No description.
alt.comp.networking.connectivity Internet and other network connectivity issues,
alt.comp.networking.firewalls Firewall discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.networking.ip6 IP version 6 discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.networking.routers Router discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.newusers New user information for the alt.comp.* sub-hierarchy
alt.comp.opensource No description.
alt.comp.os.beos BeOS.
alt.comp.os.gem gem operating system discussion
alt.comp.os.hp48 HP 48/49 Calculators operating system news and discussion,
alt.comp.os.hpux HP-UX.
alt.comp.os.linux Linux
alt.comp.os.mac All MacIntosh operating systems. MS-Dos and Windows versions through 6.22 and 3.11 respectively.
alt.comp.os.os2 OS/2.
alt.comp.os.palm Palm operating system news and discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.os.sco-unix SCO Unix.
alt.comp.os.solaris Solaris Unix.
alt.comp.os.ti99 TI-99, 99/4a etc. Windows 2000. The 8th installment of Microsoft Windows, the GUI OS from
hell. Windows 95. Windows 98. Windows 98 Second Edition. Windows CE operating system news and discussion,
multi-lingual Windows Me. Windows NT 4.0 Windows Xp. Working with the Registry on Windows, all
alt.comp.os.windows3 Windows 3 and 3.11 discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.os.xenix Xenix. News, products, mutual support for ex
alt.comp.pascal.cancelbots Cancelbots written in Pascal and its variants.
alt.comp.periphs No description.
alt.comp.periphs.cdr CD Recorder - Devices and Information
alt.comp.periphs.cdr.mac No description.
alt.comp.periphs.cdr.mitsumi No description.
alt.comp.periphs.dcameras No description. Discussions concerning Canon Digital Cameras
alt.comp.periphs.dildoes No description.
alt.comp.periphs.gigabyte No description.
alt.comp.periphs.hdd Hard Disc Drives and other non-removeable media
alt.comp.periphs.keyboard No description.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.abit Discussion of Abit motherboards
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.aopen Discussion for and about users of AOpen
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus ASUS motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.chaintech Chaintech mainboard discussion
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.elitegroup Elitegroup motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.epox EPoX brand motherboards and other products
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.fic No description.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.giga-byte No description.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.gigabyte No description.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.iwill Discussion of Iwill mainboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.m-tech No description.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.msi-microstar Pentium & AMD motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.octek Octek motherboards forum group
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.qdi for discussing QDI products
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.shuttle No description.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.soltek As requested in alt.config
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.soyo one of the world's mb makers
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.supermicro Supermicro motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.tacos TaCoS motherboards
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.tyan Tyan motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mice Mouse discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.periphs.modems Modem (all types) discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.periphs.multifunctions about multifunctional machines.
alt.comp.periphs.pcmcia-compactflash PCMCIA and CompactFlash cards discussion,
alt.comp.periphs.printers Printer discussion, multi-lingual
alt.comp.periphs.scanner computer scanners and imaging devices
alt.comp.periphs.scanners.vuescan dedicated group for Vuescan
alt.comp.periphs.soundcard.avm Discussion of AVM Technology's products
alt.comp.periphs.soundcard.pulsar discussion of the pulsar soundcard
alt.comp.periphs.soundcard.sblive For discussions on using Creative Labs' Discussion of Syquest products (NO BINARIES)
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati No description.
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.elsa No description.
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.matrox Matrox Videocards
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia No description.
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia.programming No description.
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.programming No description.
alt.comp.periphs.videocards.s3-via Support for S3 and VIA videochips. Discussion of Webcam Hardware and Software
alt.comp.perips.dildoes No description.
alt.comp.perl.cancelbots The original
alt.comp.perlcgi.freelance Those with skills and those that need them.
alt.comp.pheriphs.mainboard discussion of all PC motherboards
alt.comp.pheriphs.mainboard.supermicro Use alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.supermicro. Api pod Windows'em polish.
alt.comp.pricelessware As requested
alt.comp.programming programming tips, discussions, help
alt.comp.programming.64bit-windows Windows 64 bit programming.
alt.comp.programming.anti-oop newgroup alt.comp.programming.anti-oop Criticism of
Object Oriented
alt.comp.programming.calculators No description.
alt.comp.programming.calculators.assembly No description.
alt.comp.programming.interface-design Interface design discussion, multi-lingual real programmers use goto.
alt.comp.programming.scripting.general Theory and discussion of scripting
languages and tools for all platforms.
alt.comp.programming.theory Theories of computer science, multi-lingual
alt.comp.project-management No description. Happy birthday!
alt.comp.rexx.cancelbots Cancelbots written in Rexx.
alt.comp.sesoft No description. No description.
alt.comp.shareware "Try Before You Buy" software marketing.
alt.comp.shareware.authors People who write "Try Before You Buy".
alt.comp.shareware.for-kids "Try Before You Buy" for children.
alt.comp.shareware.nettamer The Net-Tamer offline reader.
alt.comp.shareware.programmer People who write "Try Before You Buy". No description. Software easter egg collecting, publicising, No description. Eat shit and die a group a group tech talk on peachtree software Intuit's QuickBooks software. Discussion of Intuit's Quicken Open source issue tracking software The cvstrac issue tracking software discussion of PC usenet newsreader programs No description. Discussion and user support No description. recommendations,usage, and experiences.
alt.comp.speechengines.espeak The espeak text to speech engine
alt.comp.symix Discussion and support for symix users and programmers.
alt.comp.sys.as400 alt.sys.comp.as400 Discussions on the as400 and RPG.
alt.comp.sys.emulators for non specific emulators in general
alt.comp.sys.iopener No description.
alt.comp.sys.laptops.alcam No description. The alternate group for the French speaking Mac
alt.comp.sys.mainboard.macintosh What'dya think it's about?
alt.comp.sys.palmtops.handera No description.
alt.comp.sys.palmtops.hp Hewlett Packard palmtop machines.
alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot Discussion of USR/Palm PILOT series.
alt.comp.tandem-users Users of Tandem computers.
alt.comp.tandem-users.sigs For Tandem programmers
alt.comp.tess No description.
alt.comp.test General test group for alt.comp.* sub-hierarchy
alt.comp.trialware.authors Trial software marketing method.
alt.comp.vb.cancelbots The original
alt.comp.virus An unmoderated forum for discussing viruses.
alt.comp.virus.binaries Executables of NEW Viruses pro-computer virus discussion and information
alt.comp.virus.source.code The source code to various virii.
alt.comp.webdev.freelance No description. Information about the Blue Screen of Death
resulting from processor exceptions under Windows operating systems. Cause, effect,
and cure of BSOD and Information about Stop errors under Windows NT and
alt.comp.wingate Discussion of Wingate
alt.complainers.bitch-n-moan A place to freely complain about anything that you
alt.compusa.employees No description. No description. The business of consulting about computers. Soliciting for computer consultants. Ads for/by consultants. No recruiters! The business of computer consulting (Moderated) I hate to drive it, it gets such lousy mileage. No description. No description. No description. Interactive TV. No description.
alt.confag Fair's fair, boys! Let us gays propose new groups too!
alt.conference-ctr No description.
alt.config config.
alt.config-new-war it is a froup
alt.config.2rowdy-rulez All things Johan Silly Walker.
alt.config.agff We all know who really runs usenet.
alt.config.are-wankers No description.
alt.config.biff Newgroup control messages on request.
alt.config.bowling-shoe By request of Brian Mailman
alt.config.cant-help poor little keithwigdor aka jbenway!
alt.config.cant-help.keith-wigdor poor little keith!
alt.config.cant-help.keith-wigdor.aka poor little keith!
alt.config.cant-help.keith-wigdor.aka.jbenway poor little keith!
alt.config.cant-help.keith-wigdor.aka.jbenway.stop poor keith!
alt.config.cant-help.keith-wigdor.aka.jbenway.stop.those poor keith!
alt.config.cypher No description.
alt.config.cypher-abuse Yes, sir.
alt.config.delete-me.jays-bitch A NG dedictated to this kiss-ass follower.
alt.config.elpigo-k00ked-out No description.
alt.config.faq No description.
alt.config.flame No description.
alt.config.frogbutt Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users.
alt.config.groupies.scott-doofus-hawk No description.
alt.config.hawk-pedo-tagger Group to talk about Hawk and his pedo tags No description.
alt.config.ingrid Ingrid! No description.
alt.config.jay.benebeim No description. A place for fan-boys to hang out.
alt.config.jeffery-d-hunt No description. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.config.loves.pikachu He's soooo cuwte!
alt.config.moderated Topics relating to creation of
alt.config.newgroup No description.
alt.config.newgroup-requests biff's request line is now open!
alt.config.newtons It's not a newsgroup, it's fruit and cake!
alt.config.phil-oliver No description.
alt.config.proposals No description.
alt.config.regs-better-b-hiding This group also tells alt.config regs to count
their days
alt.config.rmgroup.maniacs.david.guntner No description.
alt.config.stupid-fucking-ng alt.config.stupid-fucking-NG because it is ...
alt.config.troll-owned No description.
alt.config.uni-and-hawk.fuck-you Fuck you Uni and Hawk!
alt.config.unmoderated Topics relating to creation of unmoderated (Moderated) This group shows how fucking lame Adam is
alt.config.zoe-rulez No description.
alt.configuration No description.
alt.confusion No description. No description.
alt.conlang For constructed languages and the people who create them
alt.consciousness Use sci.psychology.consciousness instead.
alt.consciousness.4th-way The Fourth Way, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky.
alt.consciousness.abstinence On the many meanings of "Abstinence"
alt.consciousness.jancox Jan Cox's view of consciousness.
alt.consciousness.mysticism The quest for ultimate reality.
alt.consciousness.near-death-exp Discussion of near-death experiences.
alt.consciousness.slyman No description.
alt.consciousness.slyman.flame No description.
alt.console.pandora To discuss the Pandora handheld
alt.conspiracy Be paranoid -- they're out to get you.
alt.conspiracy.abe-lincoln No description.
alt.conspiracy.abiola the assasination of abiola:
alt.conspiracy.alt-config Trust NO ONE.........
alt.conspiracy.america-at-war NY, DC attacks - causes, responses, context
alt.conspiracy.antichrist Will Spencer does not assume responsibility.
alt.conspiracy.area51 The US Government has a secret they're not telling you.
alt.conspiracy.beyondweird No description. king of the hill
alt.conspiracy.cabal Secrecy at what cost?
alt.conspiracy.coventry.morph Conspiracies involving Morph of Coventry
alt.conspiracy.dean-stark No description.
alt.conspiracy.fbi.karczewski-files No description.
alt.conspiracy.finast Discussion of The Finast Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry the hatchetmama conspiracy go hatchetmama! No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. buh buh go gee-w! buh No description.
alt.conspiracy.jeffery-hunt No description.
alt.conspiracy.jfk The Kennedy assassination.
alt.conspiracy.jfk.moderated JFK Assassination Conspiracy Discussion. (Moderated)
alt.conspiracy.john-mcadams The McAdams Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.john-mcadams.eater-of-souls The McAdams Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.john-mcadams.rant The McAdams Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.john-mcadams.rant.rant The McAdams Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.john-mcadams.rant.rant.rant The McAdams Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.john_mcadams The McAdams Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.john_mcadams.eater-of-souls The McAdams Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.kunm Kommunikation und neue Medien
alt.conspiracy.kynes.deop.deop.deop No description.
alt.conspiracy.lady-di Who really killed Lady Di?
alt.conspiracy.mcadams The McAdams Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.mcadams.flame-and-hide The McAdams Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.mcadams.macadamianut The McAdams Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.meow-meow teh meow hace yer number! No description.
alt.conspiracy.moderated.hypocrisy The Moderation Conspiracy
alt.conspiracy.netcom Evil Empire / Gribbit. No description.
alt.conspiracy.princess-diana Death of Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed
alt.conspiracy.right-wing Did they or didn't they?
alt.conspiracy.snuh teh snuh hace yer number!
alt.conspiracy.solo Speculation on the life and times of solo.
alt.conspiracy.spy International conspiracy and treason related to spying.
alt.conspiracy.syndicate For discussion of The Syndicate conspiracy.
alt.conspiracy.timo-salami No description.
alt.conspiracy.waco No description. The construction industry. See also
alt.consultancy.marriage-help Problem-resolving discussion of marriage problems. No description.
alt.consumers.experiences Use misc.consumers instead. Free offers and how to take advantage of them. No description.
alt.consumers.pest-control Pest control in and around buildings.
alt.consumers.sweepstakes You may have already won! UK Discounts and Bargains Sharing and discussion for UK freebie No description.
alt.contest.addiction No description.
alt.contest.recovery No description.
alt.contraceptives Methods, pro+cons, help and humour
alt.control.bladder Don't get your panties in a knot like the nanam guys.
alt.control.cabal Referring to the
alt.control.cabal.bladder Don't get your panties in a knot like the nanau
alt.control.delete No description.
alt.control.gruppenschnitzer Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users.
alt.control.moderated A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.control.test.test.test It worked.worked.worked, idjit.
alt.cookies.yum.yum.yum Use instead. Use instead. No description.
alt.coptic.australia No description.
alt.core.flonkers No description.
alt.corel Corel community and chat group for users, investors, and others The PClone package Corel Draw & related products. No description.
alt.corporate.accountability Use instead.
alt.costam O wyzszosci Swiat Bozego Narodzenia nad Swietami Wielkiej Nocy
alt.cosuard Sysops against rate discrimination.
alt.cotse No description.
alt.counterstrike No description.
alt.counterstrike.downloads No description. Counter-Strike 1.4 Sucks. Counter-Strike 1.4 Sucks.
alt.countrystuff Group discusses things to do with countrystuff /koo pahns/, not /kew pahns/. Try it.
alt.coven No description.
alt.coven.binaries Coven's group for binary stuff
alt.coven.cthulhu No description.
alt.coven.humor Yet another group for sending jokes
alt.coven.moderated Moderated group for Great Coven (Moderated)
alt.coven.test No description. No description.
alt.cow.tipping No description.
alt.cowardly-kook.dowap Only 2 left bobbie-boi!
alt.cowardly-kook.dowap.mega-spanked Only 1 left Enjoy!
alt.cowardly-kook.scott-thomas.anal For discussing troll
alt.cows.are.nice Except when you put on the nipple clamps.
alt.cows.moo.moo.moo Like cows would cluck or something.
alt.cp.s.qgp.j.xu xoqlueiuyaufoieaa (Moderated) nppunaoysawaoiaaaouua No description. No description.
alt.crackers No description.
alt.crackhead.dowap pity da foo dat mess with dean-0!
alt.crackhead.jay-denebeim he has *got* to be smoking crack!
alt.crackhead.keith-wigdor keith wigdor smokes crack
alt.crackpot crackpots unite!
alt.crackpot.keith-wigdor he is a cracksmoking crackpot
alt.cracks No description. To get them lamers out of Gammapooka the crack legend. Newbie discussions about cracks.
alt.cracksmoking-crackpot for all the cracksmoking crackpots
alt.cracksmoking-crackpot.dowap pity da foo dat mess with dean-0!
alt.cracksmoking-crackpot.keith-wigdor.aka.jbenway go kiwggy!
alt.crafts.beads No description.
alt.crafts.blacksmithing Practice and process of blacksmithing.
alt.crafts.candlemaking.soapmaking No description. (Moderated)
alt.crafts.candlemaking.soapmaking.moderated group for candle and (Moderated)
alt.crafts.plastic-canvas Using plastic and canvas in artful creations.
alt.crafts.print-artist No description.
alt.crafts.professional Professional craftsmen.
alt.crafts.scrapbooks Creating scrapbooks and archiving photos
alt.creamsickle.pie.eating No description.
alt.creamsickle.smoking No description.
alt.creative-cook Use instead.
alt.cretin.jimi-hullegard Netcop Jimi Hullegård is a cretin.
alt.cretin.marten-landstrom Netcop Mårten Landström is a cretin. (perv)
alt.cretin.mike-soja Netcop Mike Soja is a cretin.
alt.cretin.nik-warrensson No description.
alt.cretinous.reprobate.dowap submitted via BM's NRW
alt.cretinous.reprobate.dowap.dowap submitted via BM's NRW
alt.cretinous.reprobate.dowap.dowap.dowap submitted via BM's NRW
alt.cretinous.reprobate.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.cretinous.reprobate.jay-denebeim He's sick!
alt.cretinous.reprobate.keith-wigdor ready to quit spamming yet?
alt.cretinous.reprobate.scott-abraham He truly is a terrible person. Discussion about mm-crew and its members
alt.crime Crime in general, not just the crimes in alt.*.
alt.crime.bail-enforce Discussion of tracking bail jumpers.
alt.crime.peacemaking.criminology Somehow using criminology for peace. This cannot be tolerated.
alt.crimehip.waste.of.bandwidth crimehip is a waste of widthband aarp never met an entitlement it didn't like
alt.criminal-records.christina-eijkhout Extortion and violence and blackmail oh my
alt.crossover couch-diving chat from the Roamin' Cadillac Church
alt.crqyh.d.pxwg No description. (Moderated)
alt.crumpet-licking-arse-bandit alcatroll is now indignitas
alt.crybaby.dg-devin Forum to about Crybaby Devin
alt.crybaby.dowap Only 4 left bobbie-boi!
alt.crybaby.dowap.his-pussy-hurts Only 3 left bobbie-boi!
alt.crybaby.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.crybaby.spooge ssssssspnak!
alt.crybaby.spooge.crushed-yet-again ssssssspnak!
alt.cryptozoology yet-to-be discovered animals on planet earth
alt.cs En tchèque.
alt.cs.test En tchèque.
alt.cs.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.csb En cachoube.
alt.csb.test En cachoube.
alt.csb.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.csoupkid No description.
alt.csvca No description.
alt.cty discussion group for current and former CTY students
alt.cuddle What cows do with their food; should be alt.cows.cuddle.
alt.cuddle.evil No description.
alt.cuddle.miscreant No description.
alt.cuddle.rebels No description.
alt.cuddlebot No description. (Moderated)
alt.cujo-desockpuppet.should-foad Cujo should FOAD
alt.cujo.owned-by.twonky+wollman+robert-wolfe Cujo is PWND!
alt.cult-movies Movies with a cult following.
alt.cult-movies.alien The Alien series of films.
alt.cult-movies.clue Discussion of the cult movie "Clue"
alt.cult-movies.cronenberg No description.
alt.cult-movies.eros No description.
alt.cult-movies.erotica No description.
alt.cult-movies.evil-deads The Evil Dead movie series.
alt.cult-movies.hedwig For the cult-movie "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"
alt.cult-movies.phantasm No description.
alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror Virgin! Virgin! Virgin! Virgin!
alt.cult-movies.spaghetti-westerns Discussion of Spaghetti Westerns
alt.cult-movies.zombies No description.
alt.cult.glee No description.
alt.cult.jeff-mcdonald For discussion of musician Jeffrey McDonald.
alt.cult.maharaji Issues of cult dynamics and Maharaji's meditation movement
alt.cult.nudism Crackpots in the nudist movement.
alt.cultura.allevamento.lombrichi No description.
alt.cultura.frappe No description.
alt.cultura.linguistica.italiano.pirotti No description.
alt.cultura.linguistica.pirottologia No description.
alt.cultura.lusitania No description.
alt.cultura.stamink No description.
alt.culture.1989-nostalgia No description.
alt.culture.1997-nostalgia Nostalgia for 1997.
alt.culture.1998-nostalgia Nostalgia for 1998.
alt.culture.african.american.arts No description. For discussions of
alt.culture.african.american.history For discussions of history, as
alt.culture.african.american.issues For discussions of
alt.culture.alaska Discussion of PSYLVIA and the SHIFT KEY in Alaska Chadwick Stone owns alt.culture.alaska
alt.culture.alaska.gerald-newton Tribute to Gerald Newton, Alaskan net.KKKop
alt.culture.alaska.sylvia-sullivan ALASKAN POLITICAL GENIUS
alt.culture.arabic.friends making new arabic friends.
alt.culture.arabic.non-politics No description.
alt.culture.argentina Use soc.culture.argentina instead.
alt.culture.armenian Armenian Culture
alt.culture.aryan Aryan newsgroup for true whites only
alt.culture.assam Discussion about Assam and Assamese.
alt.culture.austrian Use soc.culture.austria instead.
alt.culture.azerbaijan Azerbaijanian Culture
alt.culture.beaches Surf's up!
alt.culture.bullfight To understand and appreciate the bullfight. No description.
alt.culture.cacophony - Communications of the Cacophony Society
alt.culture.cajun Cajun culture, history, genealogy, events.
alt.culture.caucasia Culture, History, Politics etc. of Caucasia (Caucasus)
alt.culture.chechnya Chechens Culture, History, Politics etc. (Chechnya)
alt.culture.china (Moderated) Discussions about China (Moderated)
alt.culture.crete No description.
alt.culture.crimea Culture, History, Politics etc. of Crimea
alt.culture.cyber-psychos "Governing Our Own Souls." (Moderated)
alt.culture.cyprus No description.
alt.culture.dagestan Culture, History, Politics etc. of Dagestan
alt.culture.egyptian Use soc.culture.egyptian instead.
alt.culture.epirus No description.
alt.culture.euskalherria For the topics related with Euskal Herria.
alt.culture.fabulous No description.
alt.culture.fil-am.relationships No description.
alt.culture.french-polynesia Discussions on the tourism of French Polynesia
alt.culture.friesland.frysk No description.
alt.culture.fyrom Culture of the Former Yugoslav Rep. Of Macedonia
alt.culture.gard-trask The Legend of Gardner Trask III.
alt.culture.gods No description.
alt.culture.groovy groovy baby yeah!
alt.culture.hawaii Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka 'Aina I Ka Pono.
alt.culture.hawaii.ask-kahuna Advice from Kahuna
alt.culture.hessian Study of Hessian subculture and values.
alt.culture.hongkong Discussions about Hongkong (Moderated)
alt.culture.illicit-cohabitation The pitfalls of shacking up and other submissions
to male dominance.
alt.culture.indonesia Use soc.culture.indonesia instead.
alt.culture.internet The culture(s) of the Internet.
alt.culture.inuit Inuit (Eskimo) culture, language, tradition. Sean the Irish FNVW has no culture
alt.culture.james-koput No description.
alt.culture.jesse-garon 'Jesse Garon', The GoldenBoy of USENET.
alt.culture.jollyroger Conservative pirates of the Western Soul.
alt.culture.karnataka Culture and language of the Indian state of Karnataka.
alt.culture.kashmir Kashmir region of south-central Asia.
alt.culture.kazakhstan Culture, History, Politics etc. of Kazakhstan
alt.culture.kerala Use soc.culture.indian.kerala instead.
alt.culture.knights The lives of the knighthood.
alt.culture.kuwait Use soc.culture.kuwait instead.
alt.culture.local-people No description.
alt.culture.lounge alounge/cocktail/swing culture and all things swank
alt.culture.luddites An area for Luddites to discuss relevant issues
alt.culture.macedonia No description.
alt.culture.macedonia-is-greek No description.
alt.culture.macedonia.moderated Matters relevant to ethnic Macedonians (Moderated)
alt.culture.malawi No description.
alt.culture.maldives The People and Culture of Maldives.
alt.culture.malta Discussion related to Malta and the Maltese. (Moderated)
alt.culture.military-brats We learned to walk in Army bootees.
alt.culture.mobydick No description.
alt.culture.morocco A newsgroup for participants to share their Norsemen on the net.
alt.culture.ny-upstate New York State, above Westchester.
alt.culture.ny.upstate Use alt.culture.ny-upstate instead.
alt.culture.openair-market Discussing open air markets around the world.
alt.culture.oregon Discussion about the state of Oregon.
alt.culture.orientalism Western interpretations of the East
alt.culture.outerspace No description.
alt.culture.rhodes No description.
alt.culture.saudi The life and times of the people of Saudi Arabia.
alt.culture.somalia Use soc.culture.somalia instead.
alt.culture.sudan alt.culture.sudan
alt.culture.swahili Swahili culture, language, history, politics,etc
alt.culture.taiwan (Moderated) Discussions about Taiwan (Moderated)
alt.culture.tamil Use soc.culture.tamil instead.
alt.culture.tamil-eelam This land owned by LTTE
alt.culture.tamil.ayengaar No description.
alt.culture.thrace No description.
alt.culture.tibet (Moderated) Discussions about Tibet (Moderated)
alt.culture.tunisia No description.
alt.culture.turkestan Culture, History, Politics etc. of Turkestan
alt.culture.turkish Turkish and Turkic Culture
alt.culture.turkish.azerbaijan No description.
alt.culture.turkish.cyprus Cyprus, Cyprotian Turks and TRNC
alt.culture.turkish.diaspora Turkish People in the Diaspora
alt.culture.turkish.history Turkish History
alt.culture.turkish.internet Internet and Telecommunications in Turkey Mass Media in Turkey: TV, Radio, Newspapers
alt.culture.turkish.politics Turkish Politics
alt.culture.turkish.publications Turkish Books, Publications, Authors
alt.culture.turkish.religions All Religions in the Laizistic Turkey Travelling and tourism in Turkey
alt.culture.turkmenistan Culture, History, Politics etc. of Turkmenistan
alt.culture.uganda Uganda culture, society, politics, history...
alt.culture.ukc.misc Discussion from current and ex-ukc.miscers Discussion of 1960s culture in the US and abroad. At least pick a _good_ decade to be stuck in the past. The Me Decade. 1990s culture (US and world). Asian Indians in the US and Canada. No description. Basking in the sun of the US's lower left.
alt.culture.usenet A self-referential oxymoron.
alt.culture.valddracula why not?
alt.culture.vampires No description.
alt.culture.virtual.oceania Oceania project discussion and news. (Moderated)
alt.culture.vlad-dracula why not?
alt.culture.warrior-women No description.
alt.culture.welsh No description.
alt.culture.wo9ld.culture Discussion of the "wo9ld" problem.
alt.culture.www World Wide Web culture.
alt.culture.zaire No description.
alt.culture.zambia No description.
alt.culture.zionazi Zionazi discussion.
alt.cumberland-gap-high Cumberland Gap High School
alt.cumberland-gap-tn For people in Cumberland Gap,Tn
alt.cunk.munk No description.
alt.curly-town No description.
alt.current-events.blizzard-of-93 The terrible blizzard of 1793.
alt.current-events.blizzard-of-93.agff-cowards No description.
alt.current-events.bosnia The strife of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Conservative Christian News Items (Moderated)
alt.current-events.cebit The annual CeBit computer fair in Hannover / Germany
alt.current-events.cia.crack-dealing CIA, Contras, crack, and cover-ups
alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater The Clinton Whitewater Scandle. Discussion of current environmental, medical,
social and planetary changes.
alt.current-events.haiti News about Haiti.
alt.current-events.iraq se bush. see bush annex iraq.
alt.current-events.massacre.columbine No description.
alt.current-events.massacre.high-school Discussion of random schoolyard Use instead. Recent outrages of racist
rmgrouper christinA eijkhout. No description. Discussion of Inaccuracy In E-Mail and Newsgroup SPAM abuse
alt.current-events.russia Current happenings in Russia.
alt.current-events.terror-war Archiving terrorism news updates and analysis.
alt.current-events.ukraine Current and fast paced Ukrainian events.
alt.current-events.usa What's new in the United States.
alt.current-events.war-on-dowap Only 5 left bobbie-boi!
alt.current-events.war-on-terror about the war on terror
alt.current-events.war-on-terror.hussein those wacky husseins
alt.current-events.war-on-terror.iraq about the war against iraq
alt.current-events.war-on-terrorism the war against terrorism
alt.current-events.war-on-terrorism.iraq face it the usa owns you No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No
alt.cuss.usenet.fools No description. uvfiuooo discussion group for all matters regarding Christmas Islands eeuaubyoaodioii (Moderated) En gallois. En gallois. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.cyber2 No description.
alt.cyber2.binaries No description.
alt.cyber2.binaries.1960s No description.
alt.cyber2.binaries.1970s No description.
alt.cyber2.binaries.1980s No description.
alt.cyber2.binaries.1990s No description.
alt.cyber2.binaries.apps No description. No description.
alt.cyber2.binaries.mp3 No description.
alt.cyber2.cola No description. No description.
alt.cyber2.duh No description.
alt.cyber2.lief No description.
alt.cyberangels The Guardian Angels try to rescue the net from itself.
alt.cybercafes Cyber/Computer/Internet Cafes or Coffeeshops.
alt.cybergoth Techno gothic cyberculture
alt.cyberjockey CYBERJOCKEY - A forum for the discussion of the new No description.
alt.cyberpunk High-tech low-life.
alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo Literary virtual reality in a cyberpunk hangout.
alt.cyberpunk.cypher The original Usenet cyberpunk.
alt.cyberpunk.movement A little laxative might help. Cyberspace and Cyberpunk technology.
alt.cyberspace Cyberspace and how it should work. No description. No description.
alt.cyberspace.rebels Tough individualists on the net.
alt.cyberspace.rebels.kai.kai.kai He bites his tummy.
alt.cyberwitness No description.
alt.cyberworld No description.
alt.cydonia mars here we come No description.
alt.cynicism Bitter on the outside, idealistic on the inside!
alt.cynics No description.
alt.cypher It's about time.
alt.cypherpunks Technological defenses for privacy
alt.cypherpunks.announce No description. No description.
alt.cypherpunks.technical No description.
alt.cyphertube Geek discussion aimed at the crowd foeoostoieuzii Grupa dedikovana cestine
alt.czapw.eps.bwnnoy.m.niweqpi.v No description.
alt.d No description. No description.
alt.d.f.j.swqz.h.p No description. No description. (Moderated) No
alt.d.lzf.zp No description.
alt.d.qu No description.
alt.d.ucokxc No description. No description.
alt.d3multimedia A Group to allow programmers from the web
alt.da En danois.
alt.da.test En danois.
alt.da.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.dads-rights Rights of fathers. (Moderated)
alt.dads-rights.unmoderated Unhindered discussion of the rights of fathers.
alt.damians.lovely.pants Matters arising from the pants of He Who Is Known
alt.dan-southwick.hamster.duct-tape Hehe hehe......yeah baby! Hold still daddy
won't hurt you too much!
alt.dan.loves.ninou No description.
alt.dana-phillips No description.
alt.dana-phillips.socks-he-uses No description. No description. Only 6 left bobbie-boi! No description.
alt.daniel-kolle A newsgroup for the tall, coffee loving future ruler of the two
universes. Discussion of how DARE (D.A.R.E. America) sucks.
alt.darkside Energetic angst for your ac1d blues
alt.databasix DataBasix - the Usenet provider for stAUKers
alt.databasix.fred-hall DataBasix - the Usenet provider for stAUKers Gary's boy is_______! (fill in) Gary's boy is a_______! (fill in) Gary's boy is a total_______! Freddy is a total asshole! Freddy is a total bone-head! Freddy is a total cuntflap! Freddy is a total dipshit! Fred is an elephant-turd! Fred Hall is a total fuckwit! Fred Hall is a total germ! Fred Hall is a total hobo! Fred Hall is a total idiot! Fred Hall is a total jerk-off! Fred Hall is a total kiss-ass! Fred Hall is a total loser! Fred Hall is a meat-head! Fred Hall is a total nusiance! Fred Hall is a total outer! Fred Hall is a total prick! Fred Hall is a total quack! Fred Hall is a total retard! Fred has shit-4-brains! Fred is a total twat! Fred is an ultra-moron! Fred Hall is a vagina! Fred Hall is a fucking whackjob! Fred Hall sucks twat! Fred Hall yacks off! Fred Hall bites the big 1!
alt.databasux No description.
alt.databasux.udp-udp-udp No description.
alt.databasux.udp-udp-udp.die-die-die No description.
alt.databasux.udp-udp-udp.die-die-die.blowinda-bunghole No description.
alt.databasux.udp-udp-udp.die-die-die.gary-bunghole No description.
alt.databasux.udp-udp-udp.die-die-die.gary-bunhole No description.
alt.databasux.udp-udp-udp.die-die-die.kotagor-assholes No description.
alt.databasux.udp-udp-udp.die-die-die.sergi-bunghole No description. serial date-rapist Jay Denebeim A newsgroup to back up our forums and No description. No description.
alt.dave-hillstrom lowercase daev
alt.dave-hillstrom.flonk lowercase daev flonk
alt.dave-hillstrom.flonk.flonk lowercase daev flonk flonk
alt.dave-hillstrom.flonk.flonk.flonk lowercase daev flonk flonk flonk
alt.dave-vh fer u
alt.dave-wheeler.usenet.troll No description. No description.
alt.david Where have you gone, Michaelangelo? Discussions by and about everyone's favorite troll No description.
alt.david.lawrence.tale.censor.censor.censor No description.
alt.dawn.rules Group for discussions about dawn
alt.dazed dazed and confused for so long its not true
alt.dazed.and-confused dazed and confused for so long its not true
alt.dazed.and-confused.bill-cleere dazed and confused
alt.dazed.and-confused.bill-cleere.for-so-long dazed and confused
alt.dazed.and-confused.bill-cleere.for-so-long.its dazed ppl
alt.dazed.and-confused.bill-cleere.for-so-long.its.not-true dazed
alt.dazed.and-confused.harry-bloomfield Hi harry
alt.dazed.and-confused.harry-bloomfield.for-so-long Hi harry
alt.dazed.and-confused.harry-bloomfield.for-so-long.its Hi harry
alt.dbs.canada No description.
alt.dbs.directv As requested in alt.config
alt.dbs.echostar No description.
alt.dbs.echostar.hack Hacking Echostar (Dish Network) Satellite TV.
alt.dbs.primestar Discussion of the Primestar satellite service
alt.dcom.slip-emulators Pseudo-SLIP/PPP with shell accounts. TIA, SLAP, etc.
alt.dcom.telecom Unmoderated discussion of telecommunications technology.
alt.dcom.telecom.ip No description.
alt.dcom.telecom.radius Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service
alt.dd.forever No description.
alt.ddd.ddd No description. En allemand. Fuer die Onkelz und ihre Neffen und Anlage, Pflege, Beobachtung von Teichen aller Art. En allemand. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.dead-puppies death to dogs
alt.dead-puppies.arent-much-fun death to dogs A newsgroup devoted to offbeat UseNet posts ... and the diseases that killed them, next on Geraldo.
alt.deadbeat-dads By biff as a public service
alt.deadbeat-dads.such-as By biff as a public service
alt.deadbeat-dads.such-as.peter-j-ross By biff as a public service
alt.deadmolly.woodchipper For those who incessantly clear their throat in
alt.dean-humphries-0wns-dowap see dean. see dean 0wn dowap.
alt.dear.whitehouse When Hints from Heloise aren't enough.
alt.death No description.
alt.death.fred-hall EVERYTHING eventually comes to an end
alt.death.sean-monaghan Sean Monaghan the FNVW is a stiff
alt.debord.collectors Collectionneurs echangez vos versets
alt.december No description.
alt.dedrater alt.dedrater will be a group to discuss everything to do with ded,
rats, etc.
alt.deepfix No description.
alt.deism Discussion of deism related topics
alt.delphinic-zoophile peter j. ross s3x0rz dolphins
alt.delphinic-zoophile.dowap Another 95 to go...
alt.delphinic-zoophile.peter-j-ross peter j. ross s3x0rz dolphins
alt.dementia No description.
alt.demigod.luckybob No description.
alt.demogroups No description.
alt.demogroups.paranoids No description.
alt.dennis-hammes.should-foad Dennis Hammes should FOAD
alt.dentella No description.
alt.deposit No description. How depressed is a fuck?
alt.desert Desert discussion
alt.desert-storm Continuing proof that alt groups never die.
alt.desert.restoration Open forum for desert restoration discussion (DLRTF) Discussion of graphics design. Product design.
alt.desktop.amber.alerts A useless newsgroup.
alt.despair3 No description.
alt.destroy.dowap Another 94 to go...
alt.destroy.horrorcomix No description. Do it, and do it NOW!
alt.destroy.ssg They took three years of our lives, show them no mercy. Please leave the light on when you leave.
alt.destroy.the.flonk A biff mullins public service
alt.destroy.the.internet Demons in the wire.
alt.detnet No description. The ultimate in moderated newsgroups. (Moderated)
alt.devilbunnies Probably better left undescribed.
alt.df.oftw.bgvrhxlxsht exdomeauuo
alt.df.utd.s.ei lyroradfiirizciife (Moderated)
alt.dfc.g.bbihdnr.ok.fkot.o veouhieeriega
alt.dfmwpj.h.cndi.xqzyvgtevqd.z a0#`$00k/bK4LUV\E_ aieioveajjquopq
alt.diablo-rh alt.diablo-RH Newsgroup di Realm of Honor (Diablo)
alt.diablo.rh Newsgroup del Realm of Honor
alt.dial.d.for.doki No description. Carbon gemstone discussions Buy and sell carbon gemstones
alt.dick-weasel.michael-zander No description.
alt.dick-weasel.phil-oliver No description.
alt.dickless-wonder say hello to my little friend
alt.dickless-wonder.dowap Only 7 left bobbie-boi!
alt.dickless-wonder.peter-j-ross say hello to my little friend
alt.dickless-wonder.pjr say hello to my little friend
alt.dickweed.fred-hall Fred Hall is a dickweed
alt.die-gangsta-die die gangsta die
alt.die-yuppie-scum die yuppie scum
alt.digi No description.
alt.digitiser Teletext games magazine
alt.digitiser.alphatech.doesnt.realise.macs.are.shite No description.
alt.digitiser.bevan.says.qua ruke
alt.digitiser.bevan.says.relm No description.
alt.digitiser.bevan.says.ruke No description.
alt.digitiser.bigflaps No description.
alt.digitiser.binaries BINARY files related to alt.digitiser Mooney pr0n Feer quick
alt.digitiser.config No description.
alt.digitiser.cunk-munk alt.digitiser.Cunk-Munk No description. For victims of the disease digitiser
alt.digitiser.digi-98boyz A stupid group - delete it.
alt.digitiser.doki.doki.doki.doki.doki No description. No description. And so does the Good
Samaritan. And so does Digi. No description. alt.digitiser.can.see.right.up.your.tin.ARSE I love
favus No description.
alt.digitiser.flood How l33t.
alt.digitiser.fools.fools.fools No description. No description.
alt.digitiser.fuckface No description.
alt.digitiser.hashdigi No description.
alt.digitiser.hekki.hekki.hekki HEKKI CH@ M8s No description. No description. No description.
alt.digitiser.mentski.says.ballsack No description.
alt.digitiser.mentski.says.bench No description.
alt.digitiser.mentski.says.filth No description. No description. No description.
alt.digitiser.miekm.hello.grandad Hello Grandad!
alt.digitiser.moderated No description. (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.digitiser.nick-mooney.we.cuss.him.bad No description.
alt.digitiser.nick.mooney.guinea.pig.up.bottom.feer No description. No description.
alt.digitiser.ottar No description. No description.
alt.digitiser.snakes Digitiser's snake reveals, man; We cuss them bad
alt.digitiser.snakes.chibi They said NO, I said GO GO GO
alt.digitiser.snakes.cuss.cuss.cuss yeah
alt.digitiser.spoon-fetish No description.
alt.digitiser.spork SPORK No description.
alt.digitiser.stab.will.return he will, yes. No description. TOUCHING GROUPS o bre
alt.digitiser.whinging-kids No description.
alt.digitiser.willychu.will-eat-you WILLYCHU WILL EAT YOU mehh No description.
alt.diigitiser.spanky.wants.bumsex No description.
alt.dildo-huggers dildo huggers abound tonight
alt.dildo-huggers.cythera dildo huggers abound tonight
alt.dildo-huggers.cythera.forced-to-be dildo huggers abound
alt.dildo-huggers.cythera.forced-to-be.a-bulldyke dildo huggers
alt.dildo-huggers.dowap via BM's NRW
alt.dildo-huggers.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.dildo-huggers.jet jet. fugly bitch.
alt.dildo-huggers.paul-heslop dildo huggers abound tonight
alt.dimwit.richard-bullis A companion group to the alt.idiot group.
alt.dingodebate No description.
alt.dink.alex-cain The lowest piece of filth on God's green Earth
alt.dinkle-dance Newgrouped at Zoogz Rift's request.
alt.dipshit.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.dis.information No description. No description.
alt.disasters.aviation Plane Lands Safely at Airfield, Film at 11.
alt.disasters.dean-stark No description.
alt.disasters.drought No description.
alt.disasters.misc General discussion of disaster issues.
alt.discordia All hail Eris, etc.
alt.discordian Use alt.discordia instead.
alt.discrimination Quotas, affirmative action, bigotry, persecution.
alt.discuss.about.gozilla No description.
alt.discuss.clubs.public.lifestyles.misc.devil_himself Discussion of medical
alt.discuss.forrest.gump Group for discussions everything and anything to do with
Forrest Gump Group for discussions about everything good
about kittens and cats. alt.wisdom.discuss Anyone is welcome
alt.discuss.mckiller.knockouts Group for discussions everything and anything to do
with Ste McKiller
alt.discuss.starwars to discuss the star wars books and movies
alt.discussioni.citta.genova No description.
alt.discussioni.cretine No description.
alt.discussioni.droghe No description.
alt.discussioni.figa-gratis No description.
alt.discussioni.fogne No description.
alt.discussioni.intelligenti No description.
alt.discussioni.vittoriosgarbi No description. No description.
alt.disi-lottened fer u
alt.dislocated.ass No description.
alt.disney Use rec.arts.disney.misc instead.
alt.disney.beanies No description. Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" film and musical.
alt.disney.collecting Use rec.arts.disney.merchandise instead.
alt.disney.criticism Use rec.arts.disney.misc instead. This newsgroup would be
alt.disney.dca Discussions of Disney's California Adventure park
alt.disney.dinseyland No description.
alt.disney.disneyland Talk about the Kingdom of The Mouse.
alt.disney.disneyworld Discussion of Walt Disney World
alt.disney.imagineering Discussion about Walt Disney Imagineering.
alt.disney.secrets Use rec.arts.disney.misc instead. Discussion of how Disney sucks Discussion on Disney Technologies
alt.disney.vacation-club Disney Vacation Club discussions No description.
alt.divination Divination techniques (e.g., I Ching, Tarot, runes).
alt.divination.rune-magick runic divination, runic writing, rune magick No description. For the discussion of VTT-DJ Software
alt.djrud.mxttfm.ywj iooarmooujofolowisuaujiiza No description. Danisk discussion of defence matters. Nyhedsgruppe for danske hackere to handicap diskution in denmark dansk debat om katolsk tro (danish debate about the Bo Mogensen er en landsbytosse. Bo Warming er en landsbytosse der lugter. For dem, der ønsker at flame Britt og Cyril Malka No description. a danish chat grup No description. No description.
alt.dkwtmva ooaiaeoaqueuz b\Ke[&Z/%?aVDD/0
alt.dmc No description.
alt.dnarsh No description.
alt.dns.djb Discussion of Bernsteins's DJBDNS suite No description. No description. No description. No description. No
description. No description.
alt.dobbins.milkbaby No description.
alt.dodo.bergman.binaries.vcd Group for posting VCD's.
alt.dodo.bergman.binaries.vcd.d Discussiomgroup for posting VCD's. (Moderated) Only 9 left bobbie-boi! No description.
alt.doki For fans of the massive doki.
alt.dolcett No description.
alt.dolfy.forever in navolging van de groep van dd
alt.domain-names.disputes Internet domain name disputes. Internet domain names for sale.
alt.domain-names.registries Internet domain name registries.
alt.domain-names.wanted Internet domain names wanted.
alt.donkeys Newsgroup for donkeys
alt.donkeys.fred-hall Fred Hall is a major league jackass
alt.donny No description.
alt.dont-ask-dont-tell.peter-thorpe US Armed Forces treat gays badly.
alt.dont.get.even.get.odd Oddball insomniacs.
alt.doobry No description.
alt.dope-sellin This group is about mac daddy dope sellin'.
alt.dork.coder1 No description.
alt.dorks About dorks, by dorks, for dorks. No description.
alt.dotnet.discussion No description.
alt.douche all douche all the time.
alt.douche.vinegar-and-onion all douche all the time.
alt.douche.vinegar-and-onion.dowap-loves-it Only 10 left bobbie-boi!
alt.douche.vinegar-and-onion.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.douche.vinegar-and-onion.incantatrix all douche all the time.
alt.douche.vinegar-and-onion.incantatrix.incantatrix douchebag hag
alt.douchebag Discuss all douchebags here
alt.douchebag.aratzio Discuss Usenet douchebag Aratzio
alt.douchebag.archie-leach Discuss Usenet douchebag Archie Leach Discuss Usenet douchebag Art Deco
alt.douchebag.bob-officer Discuss Usenet douchebag Bob Officer
alt.douchebag.cujo-desockpuppet Discuss Usenet douchebag Cujo
alt.douchebag.dennis-hammes Discuss Usenet douchebag Dennis Hammes
alt.douchebag.dvus Discuss Usenet douchebag Dufus dvus
alt.douchebag.fred-hall Discuss Usenet douchebag Fred Hall
alt.douchebag.michael-cook Discuss Usenet douchebag Michael Cook
alt.douchebag.peter-j-ross Discuss Usenet douchebag FNVW Peter J Ross
alt.douchebag.sean-monaghan Discuss Usenet douchebag FNVW Sean Monaghan
alt.douchebag.widdershins Discuss Usenet douchebag Widdershins
alt.doug-bashford.spank.spank.spank No description. Imfamous troll of newsgroups.
alt.dragons-inn Breathing fire tends to make one very thirsty.
alt.drama-queen.fred-hall Fred Hall listens to show tunes in drag
alt.dratu M#BgB2eRf/<81*^$3Q!'6;E4L
alt.drc jwjoeeiuegqieizxveohaobeu (Moderated)
alt.drdoom No description.
alt.dreams What do they mean?
alt.dreams.castaneda The dreaming techniques of Carlos Castaneda.
alt.dreams.edgar-cayce No description.
alt.dreams.impero.nascosto No description.
alt.dreams.lucid What do they _really_ mean?
alt.dreams.lucid.entities LUCID DREAM OBJECTS and ENTITIES are objects and
alt.dreams.mythic No description.
alt.dreams.pouting-sandwich Dream a little dream...
alt.dreams.prophetic PROPHETIC DREAMS - dreams and lucid dreams that
alt.dreams.recurring RECURRING DREAMS - dreams with the same theme,
alt.dreams.sexual SEXUAL DREAMS
alt.dreams.toltec TOLTEC DREAMING The subject of Toltec dreaming No description. No description.
alt.drinks.kool-aid Beverage break on the Information Superhighway.
alt.drinks.scotch-whisky discussion of scotch whisky
alt.drinks.snapple Made from the Best Stuff on Earth.
alt.drinks.urine Hi Harry
alt.drinks.urine.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry Not takeout but good old drive up and eat We love the good food but those tits really
get us Drive-In Movies stories and swap sightings of ones still going
alt.drug-crazed-slut.anonyme.laugh.laugh.laugh No description.
alt.drugdealers No description.
alt.drugs Use rec.drugs.misc instead.
alt.drugs.2cb For the discussion of the research chemical 2C-B.
alt.drugs.abuse Items regarding abuse of psychotropic drugs
alt.drugs.acetyldihydrocodeine Discussion of acetyldihydrocodeine.
alt.drugs.activated-charcoal No description.
alt.drugs.antibiotics Discussion of antibiotics.
alt.drugs.antihistamines Comparison of antihistamines including
alt.drugs.atropine No description.
alt.drugs.banana-peels Discussion of banana-peels.
alt.drugs.barbiturates No description.
alt.drugs.belladonna No description.
alt.drugs.benzodiazepines Discussion of benzodiazepines.
alt.drugs.benzos Discussion of benzodiazepines.
alt.drugs.bromdiphenhydramine Discussion of bromdiphenhydramine.
alt.drugs.brompheniramine No description.
alt.drugs.buprenorphine Discussion of buprenorphine.
alt.drugs.busts A newgroup for the discussion of
alt.drugs.butorphanol Discussion of butorphanol.
alt.drugs.caffeine All about the world's most-used stimulant drug. A group dedicated to the famous dutch
alt.drugs.carbinoxamine Discussion of carbinoxamine.
alt.drugs.carisoprodol Discussion of carisoprodol.
alt.drugs.chemistry Discussion of drug chemistry and synthesis.
alt.drugs.chloral-hydrate No description.
alt.drugs.chlordiphenhydramine Discussion of chlordiphenhydramine.
alt.drugs.chlorpheniramine No description.
alt.drugs.ciproflaxcin Discussion of ciproflaxcin.
alt.drugs.clemastine No description.
alt.drugs.clonidine No description.
alt.drugs.cocaine A newsgroup for discussion of cocaine.
alt.drugs.codeine No description.
alt.drugs.compazine No description.
alt.drugs.config No description.
alt.drugs.cortisone No description.
alt.drugs.cow-shit No description.
alt.drugs.crack No description.
alt.drugs.culture Entertainment while under the influence.
alt.drugs.cyclizine No description.
alt.drugs.cyclobenzaprine Discussion of cyclobenzaprine.
alt.drugs.cypher Because Rob Cypher knows how to handle the drugs!
alt.drugs.cyproheptadine No description.
alt.drugs.dare-sucks Items regarding how the D.A.R.E. program sucks.
alt.drugs.datura No description.
alt.drugs.dealers.playground.bert-hoff Cliche, but true!
alt.drugs.dexbrompheniramine No description.
alt.drugs.dexchlorpheniramine No description.
alt.drugs.dextromoramide No description.
alt.drugs.dextropropoxyphene No description.
alt.drugs.diazepam Discussion of diazepam (Valium®)
alt.drugs.dicyclomine No description.
alt.drugs.dicycloverine Discussion of dicycloverine.
alt.drugs.dihydrocodeine No description.
alt.drugs.dihydromorphine No description.
alt.drugs.dimenhydrinate Discussion of dimenhydrinate.
alt.drugs.diphenhydramine No description.
alt.drugs.diphenoxylate No description.
alt.drugs.dipipanone No description.
alt.drugs.dmt No description.
alt.drugs.dmx No description.
alt.drugs.door-n-fours Discussion of door-n-fours (glutethemide and codeine).
alt.drugs.doors-n-fours No description.
alt.drugs.drano A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer.
alt.drugs.drano.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.drugs.drug-testing urinalysis, hair testing, etc. for drug use.
alt.drugs.dxm World discussion of the drug DXM (dextromethorphan).
alt.drugs.dxm.enema.enema.enema No description.
alt.drugs.ecstasy Ecstasy, a/k/a MDMA, E, and XTC, used recreationally.
alt.drugs.ethchlorvynol No description.
alt.drugs.ether Discussion of ether.
alt.drugs.ethylmorphine No description.
alt.drugs.ex-lax No description.
alt.drugs.fentanyl No description.
alt.drugs.frogbutt Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users.
alt.drugs.ghb gamma-hydroxybutyrate use, recreational or therapeutic.
alt.drugs.glue Discussion of glue.
alt.drugs.glutethemide No description.
alt.drugs.hard Heroin, cocaine, and friends.
alt.drugs.hard.gary No description.
alt.drugs.hard.grey The distinguished Usenet regular on alt.drugs.hard.
alt.drugs.hard.harryworld A newsgroup for harry and company to
alt.drugs.hard.noise A newsgroup for noise and company to post.
alt.drugs.hashish A newsgroup for discussion of hashish.
alt.drugs.heroin Discussion of the drug heroin.
alt.drugs.hydrocodone No description.
alt.drugs.hydromorphone No description.
alt.drugs.hydroxyzine No description.
alt.drugs.hyoscine No description.
alt.drugs.hyoscyamine No description. A newsgroup for Jaguar and company to post.
alt.drugs.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.drugs.ketamine A newsgroup for discussion of ketamine.
alt.drugs.kim67 A newsgroup for kim67 and company to post.
alt.drugs.kratom Discussions regarding the Kratom plant.
alt.drugs.leri I'm a little leary of drugs too.
alt.drugs.levomethadone No description.
alt.drugs.levopropoxyphene No description.
alt.drugs.levorphanol No description.
alt.drugs.librium Discussion of Librium®
alt.drugs.lsd A newsgroup for discussion of LSD.
alt.drugs.meclizine No description.
alt.drugs.meclozine Discussion of meclozine.
alt.drugs.melatonin The hormone Melatonin.
alt.drugs.meprobamate No description.
alt.drugs.mescaline A newsgroup for discussion of mescaline.
alt.drugs.metamucil No description.
alt.drugs.meth A newsgroup for discussion of methamphetamine.
alt.drugs.methadone None
alt.drugs.methaqualone Discussion of methaqualone.
alt.drugs.methocarbamol Discussion of methocarbamol.
alt.drugs.methylphenidate No description.
alt.drugs.methylprednisolone No description.
alt.drugs.milk-of-magnesia Discussion of milk of magnesia.
alt.drugs.mogodon Discussion of Mogodon®
alt.drugs.morphine A newsgroup for discussion of morphine.
alt.drugs.mushrooms Psychoactive Mushrooms
alt.drugs.naproxen Discussion of naproxen.
alt.drugs.narcotics No description.
alt.drugs.narcotics.general General discussion about narcotics.
alt.drugs.nasal-spray Discussion of nasal spray.
alt.drugs.nicocodeine No description.
alt.drugs.nicomorphine No description.
alt.drugs.nicotine No description.
alt.drugs.nitrous A newsgroup for discussion of nitrous.
alt.drugs.novacaine No description.
alt.drugs.nutmeg No description.
alt.drugs.nyquil No description.
alt.drugs.opium A newsgroup for discussion of opium.
alt.drugs.orphenadrine No description.
alt.drugs.oxycodone No description.
alt.drugs.oxymorphone No description.
alt.drugs.paregoric No description.
alt.drugs.pcp A newsgroup for discussion of PCP.
alt.drugs.pentazocine No description.
alt.drugs.pethidiine No description.
alt.drugs.pethidine Discussion of pethidiine.
alt.drugs.phenazocine No description.
alt.drugs.pheniramine Discussion of pheniramine.
alt.drugs.phenmetrazine Discussion of phenmetrazine.
alt.drugs.phenyltoloxamine Discussion of phenyltoloxamine.
alt.drugs.piritramide Discussion of piritramide.
alt.drugs.pot Use rec.drugs.cannabis instead.
alt.drugs.pot.cultivation Use rec.drugs.cannabis instead.
alt.drugs.pot.cultivation.hydroponics No description. Pot cultivation forum, without spook spamming
alt.drugs.pot.hydro A newsgroup for discussion of hydro marijuana.
alt.drugs.prednisone No description.
alt.drugs.promethazine No description.
alt.drugs.propanediols Discussion of propanediol sedatives.
alt.drugs.propantheline No description.
alt.drugs.propatheline Discussion of propatheline.
alt.drugs.propoxyphene No description.
alt.drugs.psychedelics Use rec.drugs.psychedelic instead.
alt.drugs.psychedelics.moderated Tearing the fabric of reality.
alt.drugs.pyrilamine Discussion of pyrilamine.
alt.drugs.religon A newsgroup for discussion of religon.
alt.drugs.rfg No description.
alt.drugs.salvia A newsgroup for discussion of salvia.
alt.drugs.scopolamine No description.
alt.drugs.sedahdrol The distinguished Third Plateau poster.
alt.drugs.sedatives.general General discussion about sedatives.
alt.drugs.serax Discussion of Serax®
alt.drugs.sodium-bicarbonate Discussion of sodium bicarbonate.
alt.drugs.solvents No description.
alt.drugs.thebacon No description.
alt.drugs.tilidine No description.
alt.drugs.tramadol No description.
alt.drugs.tranquillisers.general General discussion about tranquillisers.
alt.drugs.trazadone Discussion of trazadone.
alt.drugs.trihexyphenidyl No description.
alt.drugs.trip-reports A newsgroup to post drug trip reports.
alt.drugs.tripelennamine No description.
alt.drugs.triprolidine No description.
alt.drugs.ts-and-blues No description. No description. A group dedicated to the hunting and devouring
alt.drugs.usenet Repeatedly pushing the button for a fix.
alt.drugs.valium A newsgroup for discussion of valium.
alt.drugs.vapo-rub No description.
alt.drugs.viagra A newsgroup for discussion of viagra.
alt.drugs.webtv A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer.
alt.drugs.xanax Discussion of Xanax®
alt.drumcorps Use rec.arts.marching.drumcorps instead.
alt.drumcorps.catherine-burr Catherine Burr the psycho drumcorps slut
alt.drumcorps.colonel-jake Joey Jimenez of the Velvet Knights Curious Georgie the homosexual marcher
alt.drumcorps.nancy-holgate Nancy Holgate the biggest whore in drumcorps
alt.drumcorps.pinku-sensei The second rate drum-schtick of Pinky Panties
alt.drumcorps.vince-lamb Vince Lamb the most prominent marcher ever
alt.drunk.frog.frogbutt No description.
alt.drunken.bastards Peeing in the potted plants. No description.
alt.drunken.bastards.cypher The stupidity of cypher!
alt.drunken.bastards.richard-healey No description.
alt.drutasi.miebened.yaj Siht teg t'now eh dna rekwan a si Miebened Yaj
alt.drwho.creative Writing about long scarves and time machines.
alt.drwho.creative.ia Doctor Who Internet Adventures - Round Robin
alt.dry.w.dl.moh.w.ujwrf.opp <=JLE#I)dYT/i_7MS,YC
alt.dsb En bas-sorabe.
alt.dsb.test En bas-sorabe.
alt.dsb.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.dss Discussion of the new Digital Satellite Systems.
alt.dss.hack Discussing modifications of Digital Sattelite Systems
alt.dss.marketplace For posting DSS related for-sale messages. No description.
alt.dtm.dynarc No description.
alt.duab No description.
alt.duane-arnold.owns.kadaitcha-man Let's play Master & Servant, Kabitchy
alt.duch o duchach It looks like a duck, but it's an alt group.
alt.dude No description. No description.
alt.dufus.dvus Discuss Usenet Dufus dvus
alt.duh No description.
alt.duh-ceichels No description.
alt.dumb grits dummy grits dummy grits dummy Hi Harry keith wigdor luvs lil' boys grits dummy
alt.dumbass.hex-troll No description.
alt.dumbass.tim-thorne No description.
alt.dumbfucks.troll-inc No description.
alt.dumpster Oscar has always wanted a roomier place.
alt.dunderheaded-dolts pity da foo dat mess with dean-0!
alt.dunderheaded-dolts.dowap dowap is a piz-unk.
alt.dunderheaded-dolts.dowap.dowap dowap is a piz-unk.
alt.dunderheaded-dolts.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.dur.assassins For discussion about Durham Assassins
alt.dur.dusagg-oldgits newsgroup for ex-members of dusagg
alt.dur.fortran-is-evil For those of us who are forced to use it :)
alt.dur.general A finger of fudge to the first person to... (Moderated)
alt.dur.sf+f There is no tree. There is no large...
alt.dur.test To test and toast :)
alt.dutch.eppie No description. No description.
alt.dvcq No description.
alt.dvhsfc.rv No description.
alt.dwjo.xnvf.fcolsy No description.
alt.dwkw No description.
alt.dx.tropical Tropical Band DXing
alt.dy.l.kgt No description.
alt.dziobanie.mileny Dziobanie mileny.
alt.e-mail.lists No description. No description. No description. configuration utilisation de la distibution e-smith No description. No description. No description.
alt.e.n.vr No description.
alt.e.p.zk.uu.knhldt.eyureqatr No description. No description.
alt.e.t.m No description.
alt.e.x.p No description. No description. Use talk.environment instead.
alt.earthquake.predictions Post and discuss earthquake predictions. eat shit and die asshole Eat shit and die eat shit and die asshole eat shit and die asshole No description. No description. No description. No description. (Moderated)
alt.ecommerce No description.
alt.ecommerce.intershop No description. No description.
alt.economics.miroslav-verbic About this economist and economics in
alt.ed2k crashed
alt.ed2k.links crashed
alt.edgar No description.
alt.edgar.0wnz alt.edgar 0wnz j00
alt.edgar.0wnz.brian-anthony alt.edgar 0wnz j00
alt.edgar.binaries the alt.edgar binary group alt.edgar.binaries the alt.edgar music group
alt.edgar.binaries.porno the alt.edgar music group
alt.edgeofpanic No description. Use the groups instead. School doesn't have to suck! The Bangkok distance education project. No description. To discuss everything about business education. Education for people with physical/mental disabilities. Learning from teachers who are far away. A forum for online teachers. The email project for teaching English. Student Affairs principles & practices. Christian home-schoolers. (Moderated) For parents homeschooling The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. No description. No description. Alternative postsecondary degree programs. Studying about studying. Duke University's Talent Identification Program gureasriograr exelriiiuxk
alt.egyptians.copts No description. eaouuooanuye
alt.eif ukiaikjeeaoaoxiao
alt.ekce 0E4jd,5'\F%gc,4CfINSf>J
alt.el En grec.
alt.el.test En grec.
alt.el.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.ellenbrook No description.
alt.elmuf.qycr.pfxv.i 1R4DVg,F+=]&aE
alt.elpigo No description.
alt.eluyegxvgg.yv.l.cpe.kryyef sdiigeiop (Moderated)
alt.elvis.impersonators No description.
alt.elvis.king Fat and dead, too. Pretty useless king.
alt.elvis.sighting No description.
alt.embezzlers discuss your favorite embezzler
alt.embezzlers.ferdinand-marcos imelda is a shoe whore
alt.emcct.s.l =6WcT8&95GY)HBeT(2e1LM)[X4
alt.emergency-services.moderated Emergency services. (Moderated) No description.
alt.emircpih.waste.of.bandwidth hipcrime is a waste of bandwidth
alt.empire.of.perv No description.
alt.empire.of.perv.perv No description.
alt.empire.of.perv.perv.perv No description.
alt.empire.of.perv.retard-emmoth Emmoth flames
alt.empire.of.perv.swnet.diverse No description.
alt.employees.compusa An open forum for discussion of topics
alt.emulator.bleem No description.
alt.emulators.amiga for the discussion and help with amiga emulators.
alt.emulators.classic-arcade Classic arcade emulators and
alt.emulators.freemware Discussion about the freemware PC virtualization
alt.emulators.uae No description.
alt.emulators.winex Discussion of the Transgaming WineX project
alt.emusic Ethnic, exotic, electronic, elaborate, etc, music. No description. No description. Home Power/Home-Made Power for Off-Grid Living. No description. No description. No description. Fueling ourselves without depleting everything. No description. Discussing electrical engineering. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.engr.explosives BOOM.
alt.ensign.wesley.die.die.die We just can't get enough of him. English and Spanish chat
alt.enve No description.
alt.enviro-p2 Pollution prevention efforts of manuf/proc facilities
alt.environment-p2 Pollution prevention efforts of manuf/proc facilities
alt.environment.collapse No description.
alt.environment.p2 Pollution prevention efforts of manuf/proc facilities
alt.eo En espéranto.
alt.eo.m No description.
alt.eo.test En espéranto.
alt.eo.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... No description. No description. (Moderated) Provides an uncensored forum to discuss Epix's mismanagement.
alt.equamour.lunatic No description.
alt.equestrian.draft Discussion of draft horses
alt.equestrian.wild-mustangs No description. No description.
alt.eric-the-frenchie Eric Frenchie can go to hell.
alt.eriksetzer Erik Setzer Discussion
alt.ernic Alternative NIC and TLD discussions La Galaxie « ». For all potters; in Spanish. No description. No description. No description. No description. Le forum de test de la galaxie « ». « Wikipédia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.esada unmoderated discussion about esada
alt.esada.binaries No description.
alt.esada.binaries.tuna No description. the newsgroup.
alt.escape.from.greenville For current, past and prospective residents of
alt.escaped.mental.patient.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.escaped.mental.patient.john-grubor No description.
alt.esperanto No description.
alt.esperanto.amuzo.varia No description.
alt.esperanto.anfaenger No description.
alt.esperanto.beginner No description.
alt.esperanto.debutant No description.
alt.esperanto.homanstudaro.varia No description.
alt.esperanto.humanstudaro.varia No description.
alt.esperanto.katolika No description.
alt.esperanto.komencanto No description.
alt.esperanto.komencanto.nacilingve No description.
alt.esperanto.komp.varia No description.
alt.esperanto.konfig No description.
alt.esperanto.latina-3 No description.
alt.esperanto.negoco.varia No description.
alt.esperanto.parolado.varia No description.
alt.esperanto.principiante No description.
alt.esperanto.sci.varia No description.
alt.esperanto.sekso.varia No description.
alt.esperanto.shoshin-sha No description.
alt.esperanto.soc.varia No description.
alt.esperanto.varia.varia No description. Spleen venting in regard to ESPN SportsZone
alt.espresso-fiction The Caffeine Induced Avante-Garde Writer's List En estonien. En estonien. Vikipeedia, vaba entsþklopeedia. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.etext Texts made available for electronic redistribution.
alt.ethnic-cleansing.christina-eijkhout Recent outrages of racist rmgrouper
christinA eijkhout.
alt.etpoezo.mwmd ueiyauaecao (Moderated) En basque. En basque. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.eugenics eugenics related issues.
alt.eunuch.kadaitcha-man KM lost his Johnson in the outback
alt.eunuchs.questions Did it hurt?
alt.euro.hydro No description. No description.
alt.evil Tales from the dark side.
alt.evil.hfw-dipshits For children just getting into the Evil
alt.evil.rules.rules.rules Evil Rulez!
alt.evolution Évolution de la Galaxie...
alt.evy C404#^aVTAQ2C-Ig"&6?$
alt.ex-con.john-grubor No description.
alt.exe No description.
alt.execuchick This group is for discussion of execuchick Hi Harry And how!
alt.exotic-music Exotic music discussions.
alt.exploding-monkey A fetish of SleepyAbra's.
alt.exploding-monkey.rob-cypher BOOM!
alt.extreme-one.lameass.troll a celebration of lame usenet trolling
alt.ezines Electronically published mini-magazines.
alt.ezines.rad Radioactive Aardvark Dung Humor E-zine Discussion
alt.ezines.set No description.
alt.ezines.spire No description.
alt.f.ilm.c.vyq.twtg.nj.nbbqs.x No description.
alt.f.otqg.g.ut.ruisclbtj No description. No description. (Moderated)
alt.f.yuxz.mpsqlmfzdb No description.
alt.fa En persan.
alt.fa.test En persan.
alt.fa.tim-henman No description.
alt.fa.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.fabioefiamma No description. No description.
alt.fag-lamer.roger-wiseman.chucklehead No description. No description.
alt.faires.renaissance No description.
alt.fairs.renaissance Discussions of Renaissance faires and festivals.
alt.fairs.renaissance.livingchess Discussion of Living Chess games No description.
alt.familiy-names.harperink for discussion of the harperink name No description. No description. unmoderated skomp family-name discussion No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. all about the beet-mans No description. Genealogy of the name Bicknell and related names No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. You knew this was coming, right? For research of the Crusan family background. No description. Better Than Ezra, anyway. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Genealogical discussion area for Gendreau Family No description. No description. No description. No description. unmoderated, binary-free Hangnail discussion No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. The Kressel family discussion group No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. A newsgroup for O'Neill families around No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Welcoming all Roush families! No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. discussion of Speirs No description. No description. No description. No description. CA/TX/NM/?? No description. For serious discussions on terribly underrated No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of the Welch family name discussion of Weldon No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of the Burmese clan No description. No description. In honor of the mighty Marcus Yu No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. No description. For Rob Cypher's little brother Discussion of alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk because he deserves it, I sez so, & my word is LAW. Steal this newsgroup! Discussion forum for supporters of sexual abstinence Discussion of actors, male and female. Discussion of dead actors, male and female. A fan club for the coolest new guitarist No description. A public service Web-to-News GateWay:
GruppenSchnitzer. German game show host Adam Wurtzel and his shows For fans of Pugsley Addams. She's deadpan and she's homicidal. No description. For fans of the AA No description. Fans of the late German leader. For those who prefer their hitler with crumpets. No description. Affinity; an artist, poet, creative writer, No description. No description. No description. For fans of the left wing propaganda network Yes, I'm an egotistical bastard. No description. No description. Discussions about the football-player Alan Shearer No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users. No description. No description. No description. No description. Personal tales of weird happenings Cause the name is all so true and it had to be said No description. For fans of the newsgroup alt.digitiser. The Man Slayer! Who's the Boss? Now who's naked on your screen? Amiga Action, the magazine. DIE! No description. No description. where is ana these days? No description. No description. No description. the late transcendent comedian, thank you very much. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of Arctic Diving Ducks No description. No description. Discussion about actress Ariana Richards. (Moderated) No description. News and views from and for fans of US Senator Arlen
Specter. Za co polski Usenet kocha Arnolda For fans of old AT&T logos. No description. No description. No description. The non-cool, lamer alternative to Art Bell No description. AFA-B star troll Cameron Vale Posty is a stAUKer now No description. tin foil hats and art bell fans No description. No description. He is a
son of a bitch so fuck him! No description. No description. No description. No description. The Little Dictator who wants to rule the world! I'm fond of buffered analgesics. Robert Lynn Asprin too. No description. cause No description. Yeah Baby! Modern master of the spooky story. French-Canadian wild child. fans of the imfamous exploits of B9. No description. Discussion of the great Bambino To discuss things that the BSB are doing and keep fans up
to date with BSB news. This is about that lamer k00k all know
as Stan No description. (Moderated) No description. Discussions about actress Barbara Crampton. For a popular Usenet poster. Bahbrah! No description. Discussion group for fans of Barry Manilow. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. BEABLEBEABLEBEABLEBEABLEBEABLEBEABLEBEABLE No description. It don't matter what I do, I look good doing it. No description. For fans of the elite beekay. No description. Oh! My Goddess (Aa! Megami-sama). For fans of bemsha to discuss bemsha No description. No description. No description. Forum for discussing Ben Polen No description. fan-base for famous radio person No description. Talk on the 50s pin up queen No description. Il newsgroup sul leader socialista bevan and the ely kru Priss, the Replicants, the ADP and Bubblegum Crisis. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. go biff go! for the discussion of Usenet legend Big Funchy No description. No description. This group is about Bill Cleere. all about billy's anus all about billy's anus The man of the century! Fans of the original micro-softie. The Science Guy. No description. No description. A newsgroup for Billy Idol fans. No description. For fans of the great B!lly No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. The movie Blade Runner. Discussion of the Blair Witch Project No description. No description. No description. Fans of a blondestranger No description. Kanski kiss my ass! Kozicki kiss my ass! Muran kiss my ass! Raf256 kiss my ass! Tomasz Surmacz kiss my ass! Jake & Elwood ride again! For fans of blujuju The Bo Warming fan group bobbi sanchez loves boar semen she loves her boar semen she loves her boar semen yummi blobbi loevs her boar squeezins! Splort!!! No description. Discussing the World-Famous Photographer Finally, someone who makes Al Gore look lively. Uncensored discussion about Bob Jensen No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. The Bonzo Dog (Doo Dah) Band: Neil Innes, Viv No description. A young actor the women seem to be crazy about. No description. brady bunch, groovy, neato, far-out No description. Discussion of whole wheat bread BRENT GORE - Most famous for playing a garage band Discussion of actor Brent Spiner No description. "Oooh, he just sounds soooo cool! *Giggle*!" Male and female actors from Great Britain. No description. newsgroup for fans wanting to have No description. Britney and fellatio. Britney's implants and related matters. A newsgroup for fans wanting to have sex Eep! Discussion of the actress and her work. This is purely to piss off lorian gray From the Evil Dead to Brisco County, Jr. Discussion of Psychic Researcher Bruce Kettler The tv actor and star of Hollywood action Discussion group for american actor Bryan Shea No description. No matter where you go Discussion of the man and his music No description. No description. No description. Discussion regarding Calista Flockhart No description. No description. Discussion of actress Cameron Diaz Usenet's superstar troll Cameron Vale Amy Fisher would understand. blech! The original The original The original The original The original The original The original Newsgroup for discussion of cappy hamper's fans CAPSLOCK CONVERSATION (WE ARE NOT SHOUTING) Some musician guy I've never heard of. a band called Captain_Tractor No description. Am I cool or what? CARMEN ELECTRA - Born Tara Leigh Patrick on April No description. Fan postings about Carolyn Dawn Johnson. News and views from and for fans of Casper Porntoast and
his organisation's work. Meeh meeh caheeh! Pictures of actress Cate Blanchett No description. No description. No description. The brother Douglas Adams never talks about. A Toronto-area radio station. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion about the No description. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. For fans of chin-slaves to discuss chin-slaves No description. A place to discuss about this woman. No description. Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-Fat. No description. Facts and fantasies about the man and his music Get a Life, you Letterman flunky. This is a group for fans of the comedian Chris Fan related discussion of Chris Stokoe No description. Self explanatory Fans of Christi Discussion about singer Christina Aguilera No description. No description. Dedicated to adult film star Christy Canyon. No description. No description. No description. Things concerning the city of Sheldon Discussion about Claire's acting career No description. Kickass person of doom Discussion of Top Films in any era. No description. No description. No description. Fans of felatio. Discussion of singer CoCo Lee, her life and her music News and views from and for fans of codeine. No description. No description. No description. Late Night with a big red pompadour. New group discussion and announcements for the
sub-hierarchy Fanfic and fan discussion about UKSF's Conlan No description. For fans of comedy duo Conway & Steckler Ventoline&co. No description. For fans of cootey to discuss cootey No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Bocznica incarnate... No description. (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of actress Courteney Cox The Notorious Courtney Love. No description. Discussion of published SF & F worlds. Discussion of actor Crispin Glover. Discussion of the great actor Cristian Discussion of Croatia & Croats For fans of the now late great one For fans of the online magazine Discussion of the 'sport' of Usenet cross-posting Un dito medio proteso No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of the actress and her work. No description. No description. No description. Because Rob Cypher is thrice as nice! Rob Cypher is king of RATMM... Fans of photographer David Hamilton *DAERON* and his corporatocracy issues No description. For all her devoted fans. No description. For discussion of a past US Vice President. Discussion of The Dan & Scott Show For fans of dan to discuss dan For fans of Danica McKellar Newsgroup for the fans of the futue ruler of two galaxies. A newsgroup for the tall, coffee loving future ruler of the
two universes. No description. fans of Dani fans of Dani Fans of Dankman No description. No description. Discussion of media personality Dannii Minogue No description. Because the good Doc says I can't. Discussion of actor/comedian Dave Foley Perhaps here he'll say something. Electronic fan club for humorist Dave Barry. The man who fell to earth. Conversation about David Cassidy by fans. Discussion of actor David Dorfman No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussions of all things David Starr No description. No description. For fans of the Dutch group De Kast kick a frenchman for christ No description. No description. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. Two obsessions in one! An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. An obsession with Dean Stark. Thwarter of the supervillain Tiffany. No description. No description. The Usenet search engine at No description. No description. No description. No description. Comedian Dennis Miller. A pop music group. - discussion of why Derek Wyatt rocks, and Lintard and Judge
Charles Kocoras suck donkey scrotum For fans of derek to discuss derek Funny hats do not a band make. Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users. No description. No description. No description. 7? 11? Crap personified. For the discussion of Digi, a teletext games magazine (UK) Digimon anime and video games. News and views from and for fans of dihydrocodeine. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of the Dirk Pitt series by Clive Cussler. Group for fans of dirty whores like Kathy-Jo Kramer. No description. Disney Afternoon characters & shows. The Gargoyles animated series. Discussion about Disney's Mighty Ducks No description. For many fans of DM Fans of the indomitable Dr Vulis. More to come later The Man of Bronze. No description. Cause Doc said so Cause Doc said so doc hace much grateness Lustful fanboys. For fans of the bloater called doki. For fans of Dolemite and Blaxploitation Famous european adult movie actress. No description. No description. Fans of radio host Imus. Two radio guys. No description. Of "Amazon Women On The Moon" fame. donna martin's nipples and their followers No description. No description. fan-base for famous radio person - Dedicated to keeping the memory and the work of Author of "The Meaning of Liff", & other fine works. the significance of the number 42 No description. Fanclub of Dr. Robert Koehler Dr. Pepper -- Love him or hate him. No description. A group about the US aired dragonballz show Please ignore if group exists on your site. No description. People just love automobiles at Pennsic. dragz m8 2 ne1 Now called "". Comedian and TV star Drew Carey. A place to worship Dr. Mellow. News and views from and for fans of Drocode. No description. Herbert's drinking buddies. No description. The ever exotic ramblings of Eli-the-Bearded. No description. The playground of Earl Gordon Curley No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussing Eddie Izzard, etc. No description. The works of writer David Eddings. No description. No description. Discussion about radio station Edge102, Toronto The Edward Furlong Discussion group No description. No description. ees the goatsucker! the goatsucker! No description. Maker of Supermodels. For discussing "The Elite Project" Group dedicated to the actress Eliza Dushku. No description. No description. No description. No description. The music and antics of Elton John. Fans of the singer Elvis Costello. The late, great Elvis the Pelvis. No description. As requested in alt.config No description. No description. No description. For fans of empee to discuss empee Use instead. Fun-loving Columbine highschool rampagers. No description. No description. Discussion group for Erik Mouse fans No description. Usenet personality Erissa No description. No description. No description. All things Esther No description. Discussion related to the actress Eva Habermann No description. (Moderated) No description. No description. The Fabulous Disney Babe desparately needs an No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Fans of Roger Wiseman No description. Felix P. Thomas; the man, the myth, the beets! No description. Aldert, kan je de HP OpenSunBlock even doorgeven? No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. For fans of firked to discuss firked No description. No description. No description. Ehh, "fans" van foetsie. Blah blah blah Fans of fon No description. In your heart, you know he was right. Bnai-Brith Kike and Asshole. The Music and the Man. Is that a Sears poncho? No description. No description. news, dates and discussions about The Fratelli Brothers A discussion base for Fred Perry's work The Fredrik Roubert fan group No description. No description. Intellegent Discussion .clown Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users. No description. No description. This is group is for lovers of me. Fans of funny animals, ala Steve Gallacci's book. No description. A place to relax and watch the show. You suck! Bite me! Peter DaSilva's private dictatorship (Moderated) FurryMUCK and other anthropomorphic MU*s. The politics of fandom. One heck of a furry artist. Crime does pay, or we wouldn't have so much of it. Immortality at last!!!! the gabe kaplan fan group Fan newsgroup for the Scottish kids TV presenter. No description. fans of GaRRyNewman No description. No description. gary gary gary gary gary No description. A better place for Gary's fan mail No description. No description. Some TV preacher and horsebreeder. Fans of famous entertainer "General Blitz" GEODUDER WILL DESTROY YOU You know it's true! No description. No description. Discussions of George Kennedy and his life For fans of the actor/singer. A forum for George Michael fans No description. No description. No description. for gigglesnort hotel fanatics. Discussions about the actress Gillian Anderson Anything and everything Ginger! Support for the art of photographer Glenn Holland. No description. No description. Fans of Gnarled Gnu No description. King of the Monsters! Grupa przyjaciol Goni i Platformy Pieknych i Mlodych Careful Neddy, it's that dastardly Moriarty again. No description. Moby Lexicons and the pursuit of Scientology. for all your Grand Viziering needs No description. No description. Fans of Doug Tracht, the DJ. The host of "TalkSoup" on the E! Entertainment Channel. Fans of Greg Procter, Kiwi Greg 'Jobuki' Gardner No description. Discussion on George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" Fans of Gryn unite in admiration and worship of the Welsh Wonder No description. No description. Fans of Gunny Bob The Official Guusje Fanclub (#DigiStad) I'm selling these fine leather jackets.. Discussion of Gwyneth Paltrow and her work Related to the famous habanec or anyone with the same surname.. For all the fans of hAiNeSy! RMFROUP TIS!!!11 Discussion group for the pop rock duo Hall and Oates. Discussions about Hammer Films and stars. No description. News and views from and for fans of the activism, works, and
other aspects of programmer Hans Grüber. Hanson brothers information and discussion No description. Chit-chat about those loveable hanson chicks! Intelligent topical discussion about Hanson. No description. No description. For the discussion of the works of Harlan Ellison. for discussion of how grate harmonix is From Blade Runner to Indian Jones to Clancy stories. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. For fans of international entertainer Harvey Another anti-DH group Book 'em, Dano. No description. Anything relating to Hazard Love them horn rimmed glasses, baby. No description. Actress Heather Donahue No description. No description. Let's take a ride, ride on heavy metal! For discussion of hedgehogs and thier fandom. Fans of SF author Robert Heinlein grok this group. No description. No description. Helen Sewell fan group I have no damn mouth! In your heart you know he was right. A newsgroup for He-Man and She-Ra fans. Fans of the Henry Rollins Band. Mother! Discussion about Hilary Duff by her fans Douglas Hofstadter and Godel, Escher, Bach. Discussion of Holly Valance Elementary, my dear Watson. Like he ever said that. Grupa poswiecona Megance for all the homestar runner fans! No description. No description. Fans of the abrasive radio & TV personality. The movie, "The Adventures of Fartman." Delight in the pain of others Tripartite celebration of Howie Stern's Howie and Kipland, sittin' in a Let's talk about how Howard hates No description. I love this prescription narcotic! Discussion group for people named Ian. No description. Whatever happened to Icky Woods? No description. No description. No description. Discussion on Irish League football. No description. Dragonball Japanese Manga/Anime No description. No description. News and views from and for fans of the works of drugs
journalist Ivo Šandor. Jammy Smears, Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, etc. No description. fan-base for famous radio person No description. Discussion and jokes pertaining to Jackie the No description. No description. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. Fans of Jacques Chirac A contributor to alt.astrology and soc.culture.indian. On his Majesty's Secret Service (& secret linen too). No description. No description. No description. No description. We want to pull your hair, James! No description. a jan for everyone! No description. A newsgroup for fans of Janet Jackson. No description. VCN Big Brother wannabe No description. No description. Comedy film duo discussion of usenet's most prominent mad Fans of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. No description. No description. No description. Friendly discussions about the former Mayor of Paris. Prehistoric fiction author Jean M. Auel. Fans of Westchester County, NY State's Attorney Jeanine
Pirro for discussion of the actor More egos at work and at play. No description. Beautiful and talented Yugoslav tennis player. Damir is a psycho and has larger tits. The Dead Kennedys' lead singer. Discussing the popular "Friends" star. Female POPmusic singer-Jeniffer Lopez No description. No description. No description. Ex pot-head, now red-head. for the discussion of Jennifer Lopez. No description. Playmate & sitcom starlet. No description. No description. No description. Phone Pranks 'r' Us. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication. No description. jet is a simp jet is a simp a group about me jet is a simp jet is a simp jet is a simp jet is a simp jet is a simp jet is a simp jet is a simp jet is a simp jet is a simp jet is a simp FTP servers no ratio discussion No description. No description. No description. Discussion of Jewel Kilcher's music, poetry and performances No description. No description. Because it can sing a nice song. Wild and wacky comedian Jame Carrey. Forum to discuss the poetry, prose and music of No description. For the discussion of the 'Huge One'. A circus sideshow performer. No description. we'll never forget you jimmi. No description. He's a super star! Fans of the late-great guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. No description. A white sports coat and a pink crustacean. Jimmy Neutron TV episodes, movies, and No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Use instead. Use instead. Unadulterated praise for the Man from the East. Guitarist Joe Satriani Joel, or Jay, Furr. No description. A newsgroup for fans of actor John Cusack. That's what your mom said...the last time I fucked her. Please, take him home to the place where he belongs. No description. online discussions for John Gary Fans No description. a news group for fans of John Travolta. No description. The future people speak. No description. No description. A newsgroup to discuss the work of Johnny Depp Discussions concerning the greatest white blues guitarist. Discussion by, with, and concerning popular Usenet Nadelberg is the king of Fans of the infamous "Angel of Death" and his No description. No description. No description. For discussion of all things Joss Whedon Discussion group on Jonathan Horniblow No description. No description. No description. A discussion area for fans of Julia Stiles. No description. For fans of this particular man and all other Julius-es To talk about kakes nice boots No description. Will it work? Who the hell knows? No description. Forget the rest of him, ya gotta love the nose. Keep it in your pants. No description. Why are there so few hot, exhibitionist, S&M women? No description. Newsgroup for the actress Kate Beckinsale Anything about Kate Moss, famous waifish model. Discussion relating to actress Kate Winslet The Huntress and her pursuits Fans of Kathy-Jo Kramer. katie holmes fan group by rex No description. No description. I'm not a tart, I'm not I'm not I'm not! Newsgroup for the artist k.d. lang. People who love Keanu Reeves, in all his blandness. Keanu Reeves, his fans, and their fans (Moderated) No description. No description. A group for fans of Kelly Brook. A forum for discussion of the model's career by fans No description. Blah blah blah No description. No description. No description. For the sycophantic hordes. No description. Discussion of Kieran Snyder's life and work. No description. No description. No description. No description. The works of Kim Stanley Robinson. Beautiful, bratty, wild & wacky VJ & stripper For fans of Fred Norris and his band, King
Norris No description. Come Dancing. Springfield must die in the early morning. Yeah! Get them innocent pimple-faced She's so unusual. For fans of Kirsten Dunst Big breasted babe Kirsty Gallacher A place to discuss the godliness of Kit for knoxy to hace fun Blue Peter fans post here. Anna Kournikova, Russian Tennis Star A fan newsgroup dedicated to Krelm. No description. LA radio station KROQ, FM 106.7. Great monster name. No description. No description. Fans of Ksennin and his pink cup. No description. For fans of Kurt Busieks works No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. A test. No description. What is The Forum ? No description. No description. No description. No description. The black hole of bandwidth. Fan Group For Laura Hall No description. Cats are people too. Will it be a music concert or a lecture this time? No description. No description. Discussion of the actress and her work. No description. NG dedicated to the day-time talk-show host. Little critters with BIG eyes. Discussion of legendary young actor Leonardo DiCaprio No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. One of the top 10 reasons to get the alt groups. Top Ten lists from the Letterman show. (Moderated) News and views from and for fans of Levo-Dromoran. Newsgroup for fans of comedian Lewis Black. go biff go No description. A newsgroup to discuss Lindsay Hamm Actress and pop music singer Lindsay Lohan. Discussion of Disney's "The Lion King". No description. No description. No description. For fans of listener to discuss listener No description. Shout and be heard. for little toad fans. No description. No description. No description. A NG devoted to manhater Lorian Gray No description. No description. Radio & television show, Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew. Discussion of website and content at Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam No description. Asian/american actress, tv and film star. No description. VCN Enforcer wannabe (idiot) For fans of lynrd to discuss lynrd No description. No description. For fans of Maarten te Paske uno mas No description. Macross anime No description. Nice tits, eh... And how about that puppy? No description. Fanboys fall for female. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No one would know her, but she prosecutes O.J. Simpson. No description. Armageddon is coming!!! For Marieke fans only! No description. Newgroup for fans of Marina Sirtis fan-base for famous radio voice Discussion of the Mark & Brian radio program. No description. Discussing the Charming Mark Harrison No description. No description. "The English Language's Best!" For discussion of actor Martin Donovan. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. For the general discussion of Meg Ryan and all her work. HAL IS SMARTER. BEABLE? Comedic great Mel Brooks. No description. No description. No description. No description. The Pink Galaxy Ranger sci-fi, comedy, movie, aliens, Will Smith, cartoon No description. Discussion and admiration (worship, if you will) of mercatur, People who like that loud heavy metal and death metal Fans of the music of Count Grishnack. Fans of obscure Finnish avantgarde metal group Fans of transcendental black metal epic's from Fans of death metal band MONSTROSITY from Fans of the master originators from NYC. No description. No description. Discussing the actor Michael Biehn. Fear for his bad hair days. Wacko-Jacko's nose, when will it fall off? Michael Moore movies and books. No description. radio personality michael savage A group of appreciation towards the god Micahel
Possingham British children's TV presenter. No description. No description. for the discussion of Michelle Williams. No description. Star of Open Mike With Mike Bullard Electronic fan club for animator Mike Jittlov. For fans of the star of Austin Powers and Wayne's World No description. No description. No description. No description. Actress Mira Furlan (Delenn in Babylon 5) For discussion and pictures of March The group for fans of the famous Misleador. No description. For fans of MSNBC's Mary Kathleen Flynn Grupa poswiecona mkarwanowi. No description. No description. No description. No description. for discussion regarding primates No description. Electronic fan club for those wacky Brits. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.'s favorite music group, moxy fruvous. Discussions of Netscape's WWW browser Mozilla. No description. No description. Fans of the "dopest, freshest homeboy" on KFI. No description. A vanity froup for some Canadian user. No description. For fans of SKEG's MrPSB No description. No description. News and views from and for fans of MS-Contin. I thought people hated jerks who talked in theatres. Canadian answer to MTV. Much Music V.J. and editor Bill Welychka No description. gotta loev a good mullet. gotta loev a good mullet. Discussion of the rock band R.E.M fan site of the same No description. Discussing Andrew Martinez - the Naked Guy at Berkeley. No description. No description. No description. No description. Everything about the actress Natalie Portman. No description. For fans of the wonderful AGNPer, Natasha. The Well of Souls and all things Markovian. Wibble from and about the renegade soubrette. No description. No description. No description. Making a Pirate ng the hard way Making a Pirate ng the hard way Thar B Pirates here Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users. It's a thankless job, but worship them here. No description. Conservatives return with a vengence. For the discussion of Nick and his projects No description. UK model and Internet Cyberfemale, Nicki Lewis. News and views from and for fans of nicocodeine. Discussion group about the actress Nicole Kidman No description. No description. No description. Long live Nikita! No description. Discussion of the greatest hacker of all time. No description. No description. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons, comics, etc. A group devoted to Goddess nitallica Discussion of the band No Doubt Fan group concerned with the work of actor Noah Wyle. Noam Chomsky's writings and opinions. No description. discussion of the comedian and his works Krypton factor daddy Flinders fan`s No description. No description. No description. No description. for the fans of Nyarth of the Pocket Monster series No description. No description. Have you ever played ping pong in Pago Pago? Juice! Juice! Juice! What a combo! It's not that good, it's just OK. Discussion of Okies People not impressed with Oksana Bayul's figure. Another figure skater fan group. No description. Cleaning up UseNet, one fuckwit at a time... For fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. This group is for discussion of musician Onion Bob No description. No description. No description. Discussion of the Orbitz fruity particle beverage Discussion of the Italian actress and her work. Discussion about war against terror. No description. No description. The ultimate Usenet stable. No description. No description. Eurkh! Ahhgg! Gaack! Fans of palpatine & shit Playmate and Baywatch lifeguard. The official group of playmate Pamela Lee's fan club. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Heiress, actress, socialite and model Paris Hilton. ivde lorjdu qmaia mqyij tlofotu iitpnit wwxuxdg Forum for fans of actress Patricia Richardson. No description. Miscellaneous Patricia Nieuwendijk discussion. Dedicated to the worship of Patrick Oonk for discussion of singer patty smyth for discussion of singer patty smyth No description. for the fans of paul crissy No description. No description. No description. alt fan pauli kesti finnish boy About Pauline Hanson, heroine of Australia News and views from and for fans of Paveral. No description. The magicians Penn Jillette & Teller. No description. No description. No description. Anne McCaffery's SF oeuvre. No description. go biff go No description. No description. For discussion of Mrs. Petra Verkaik. No description. Newsgroup for discussion of phiberoptik's fans General Talk About The Actor Phil Cox. Philip K. Dick, writer. British children's TV presenter. Princess Caraboo. No description. Fan base of Actor Pierce Brosnan and his work. Like, but for anyone named Piers. For fans of the s-f author Piers Anthony. The true perkypig of goth and his amazing adventures Coolest Pokemon in existance! No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Fun pizza P.J. O'Rourke's dramatic displays. No description. Discussion of Peter J Ross. A biff mullins public service A biff mullins public service A biff mullins public service A biff mullins public service A biff mullins public service A biff mullins public service peter j. ross is a simp for petey-poo For those who love stuffed toy animals. Pokebaby is awesome Pikachu - The most popular pokemon Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet too. No description. No description. Worshipping X-Wing pilot Red Six, Jek Porkins. Discussion by fans of Rebecca Fransway, Porkwoman No description. No description. No description. Famous adult movie actress. No description. power puff girl worship power puff girl worship Discussion of important Power Rangers facts. For fans of Terry Pratchett, s-f humor writer. Announcements about pubic wigs & book signings.
(Moderated) The Death of Lusers. Where AFP's Elite Clique went. (Moderated) thank you come again go biff go prefuse 73 rocks No description. No description. No description. for teen femals to talk about atractive boys No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. maciuszko twoja stara to kurwa An adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting of binaries An adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting of
binaries No description. No description. Julius will be so jealous. No description. No description. No description. No description. (Moderated) wirtualne rpg. Quasar the Great ggggggggg No description. Discussion of r0ck. No description. No description. Fans of Rachel Oliver life is a terminal affliction. bah. No description. No description. Discussion about how cool radioactive cat hominy hominy hominy hominy hominy hominy hominy hominy hominy hominy hominy hominy For fans of ralph to discuss ralph The War Against Intellectual Property No description. I'm a liar, live with it. I do. No description. No description. Group for organizing and discussing the popular weekend Red
Alert LAN parties A fan group for Robert Anton Wilson! No description. No description. No description. The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything For serious discussions on terribly underrated No description. Possum Lodge happenings. For discussion of Reece and his work About the actress Reese Witherspoon. GREETZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No description. Our favorite CPTH acquisition. For folks who couldn't find No description. About the actress Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle on Xena) No description. Fans of Riana Fans of actress Christina Ricci. WQEW's The Big Broadcast and its host Rich Conaty. No description. No description. No description. Even people who are not crooks die. Richard Silver, Downtown Toronto Real Estate Fan Newsgroup for Ricky Martin - Latin Pop Star No description. No description. No description. Discussion of Rob and his perfomances If wasn't exact enough... No description. For discussion of the actor Robert Beltran Robert Cray Discussion of the blues discussion of the huckster robert ghostwolf Baseball's most popular minor leaguer. discussion of Robert J.N. Speirs No description. No description. for your spamming scamming pleasures discussion of the huckster robert ghostwolf No description. No description. Discussing all things relating to Robotech. Famous adult movie actress. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. a group about me comic artist Roman Dirge Ron Bennington and Fez Whatley's radio show Jellybeans and all. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Fan discussion of the actor/comic/writer/engineer. No description. discussion relating to net personality Roya No description. Fans of former New York mayor Rudt Giuliani. No description. Rumpole of the Bailey. Derogation of others for fun and profit. Rush's television programme. unmoderated discussion area No description. No description. No description. No description. Sade. Sailor Moon animation, manga, and merchandise. No description. No description. No description. No description. Fans of the talented horror/comedy movies director. For fans of the famous Page 3 Girl/pop singer. Discussion of movie star Smanatha Mathis I really like this pic because... No description. devoted to the UK's favourite little Dane The Speed'ing babe from Arlington VA. Use instead. No description. The original No description. Fan discussion of the artist Sarah Brightman No description. Famous european adult movie actress. No description. Fans of the dark one. No description. Aramaic-language test group (Moderated) No description. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. No description. No description. Ahrnold, MacArthur at twice the mass. Television and movie actor. No description. Discussion of Screamingwitch and her many minions. Republican hawkish elitist Sean Hannity Sean O'Brien's free-speech case Communications to and from The Secret Organization It's all good when it's hot and gooey. No description. No description. No description. No description. A group for fans and detractors of Shark Bite. a place for sharon's fans A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer. No description. A place for Shigeru Miyamoto fanatics. No description. No description. Fans of the music of Shostakovich. No description. Sigur Rós, an icelandic band.. For fans of silentbob to discuss silentbob No description. No description. No description. For discussions about sinner. No description. No description. Fat fetishes have no place here. No description. No description. Stuff about snopes. It's Snornl. Yee-ah. No description. No description. Fans of Christian Sodomy. Fans of instinctual and uncontrolled No description. A fan group for news anchor Soledad O'Brien. Sega's spinning blue hero. Because Rob Cypher owns AFSH proper. And how! for fans of sonieee and her work No description. Discussion of Chef from South Park Discussion forum relating to the A cartoon revived from the 1960s. No description. Actor, author, performance artist, and monologist. Spamster is cool No description. For the Todd McFarlane creation, Spawn Slowing down traffic. No description. The newsgroup that goes to 11. For fans of Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users. De sju sektionernas skräck. No description. No description. This froup will be hardly ever used George Lucas's Star Wars. Newsgroup to post my own views. Fans of the Galactic Empire No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. ABC Store I got lei'd! No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Newsgroup for discussion of steffi graf. No description. Discussion of Stephanie McMahon a place to discuss stephen fry. No description. Discussion of the Usenet user Steve Williams The Rev. Steve Winter and his tactics. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
service. No description. No description. No description. For Fans of Steven Perkoff. dedicated to the clothes of one of the great! No description. See No description. Discussion of the NA novel series. for fans of strapon sex No description. The Land of Silky-Smooth Strokin'. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. For fans (good fans, bad fans, otherwise) of Supernaut. For those who love Supernews spam That wild and crazy Vulcan. For fans of Susan No description. No description. swatch fan(atic) newsgroup Expletives and other rude musings. She is very sweet. No description. No description. No description. No description. No, she doesn't make noises like a squirrel. Really. For fans of tankslappa to discuss tankslappa No description. Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. For fans of tasticness. Back to the fish torture All about actress Tea Leoni. Blasting off again! hi No description. For fans of actor Ted Neeley Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
service. Boys and men that teenagers worship. No description. Discussion of the world's coolest prince Girls and women that teenagers worship. No description. No description. A group for the publication of No description. No description. Discussion of the actress Teri Weigel No description. No description. Discussion for testicle fans for the beet man's fans. No, not just any Bob -- _THE_ Bob. No description. No description. No description. No description. Leslie Charteris' hero Simon Templar aka "The Saint." No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. "The Big Show", a syndicated radio program No description. No description. Dedicated to lovers that lost! Discussion of ThePsyko. Discussion for fans of TheWurm No description. For fans of T.C., the rap artist. For fan discussion and not literary analysis. For the discussion of Thornton Wilder's Works A game show. A newsgroup for fans of ThunderCats. The Day After No description. For discussion amongst the fans of tiffany smith Tigger is just as important as Pooh. Alternative discussion about tim's gayness. No description. No description. American hero and freedom fighter who gave his For fans of timotio to discuss timotio No description. No description. Net resources, quotes and generally stuff tnu
finds interesting. (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. No description. Mortal Men doomed to die. Use alt.books.tom-clancy instead. Some guy. 31 flavours for readers. No description. No description. No description. No description. Someone get this chick a colorist! No description. No description. No description. The Child-Rearing Philosophy of Dorothy Sacks A teenage porn star whose trying to get respect. No description. No description. A newsgroup for fans of the TV meta-series TradeSpace John D. MacDonald's hero Travis McGee. These guys kick ass! An unmoderated forum for this 80's superstar. No description. He's dead. No description. No description. A place for fans to talk about the TV show No description. No description. No description. The Irish rock band U2. No description. Fans of the mystical and awe-inspiring UNABOMBER. The original No description. Walk away if you want to it's ok, if you need to No description. Home of the unknownj chess society For fans of Us and Wilbur Support for the last few Usenet fans. No description. No description. Newsgroup for discussion of the Under The Bridge clan. No description. A group for fans of utb member Cappy Hamper. FAQ A group for fans of UTB member Celeste. FAQ will be No description. No description. A group for fans of UTB member fijjit. FAQ will be kept A place for fans of utb member frogbutt. No description. No description. A group for fans of utb member Morticia. FAQ will be A group for fans of utb member Naughty Boy. FAQ will A group for fans of UTB member Twitch. FAQ will be A group for fans of utb member Wild Bill. Faq will be For fans of the German singer and actress The anime Revolutionary Girl/Shoujo Kakumei Utena No description. For discussion of Val Kilmer and his works No description. No description. Discussion of the Christian video series The band Velocity Girl. A group for fans and detractors of Verne. Discussion of Veronica O'Donoghue. Fans of the lovable coprophage VERONIKA MOSER. No description. No description. No description. No description. Dedicated to adult film star Victoria Paris News and views from and for fans of Vilan. No description. No description. No description. No description. Dedicato a Vittorio Sgarbi Cause Vlad has to have one 2 No description. You are what you eat. No description. The War Lord of the West Preservation Fan Club. This group is for discussion of UseNet Legend Wavy G. No description. No description. Standing by, red 2. Happy, happy hump day. discussion of the man and the legend No description. No description. No description. No description. Anything related to the band The Wilkinsons No description. Dedicated to the worship of Wim Stoltenberg Discussion group for all Wings fans No description. Generation X's gorgeous, elfin, brainy, goddess actress. Discussion of the works of humour author P.G. Wodehouse. No description. The diminutive neurotic. a place to gather for friends of xanthus Archive of posts made by Xaonon. Concentrate on the two black dots. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. No description. No description. for everything about Yasmine Bleeth Decicated to the worship of Yati No description. Because Rob Cypher was feeling charitable. A retromoderated discussion group No description. Fans of antU the poster For fans of Zagadka "Zathras is quite mad, they say. Yes, quite mad!" No description. No description. Siblings are a pain in the ass, man. Fans of Zibro Wszystko o ZmienNa_WiadomoKim No description. No description. No description. Groovy rock star & manager of pro wrestlers. No description. No description.
alt.fandom.cons Announcements of conventions (SciFi and others).
alt.fandom.dragoncon Discussion of Atlanta's Dragon*Con annual event.
alt.fandom.misc General topics of fandom. No description. Fans of the work of Dan Hoffman No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Everything realting to the world famous hacker
alt.fantasy Discussion of Fantasy books, movies, shows, etc.
alt.fantasy.charlesnewman Chronicles of the fantasies of C Newman
alt.fantasy.conan People dreaming about O'Brien. Discussion of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
alt.fark An alternate discussion forum for All facets of the fasion industry discussed. Corsets - their construction and use. It's a cinch! No description. Use instead. Clothes, makeup, etc. for transgendered beings. He is SO fruity! No description. A fashion newsgroup open to all. No description. It's the 90's, man
alt.fastman-talks-fast Best ng ever
alt.fat-smelly-hippie cause they stink
alt.fat.fucking.weirdo.scott-abraham What's in a name?
alt.fat.unemployed.slob.scott-abraham This man is terrible. No description.
alt.fatty-fuckers A newsgroup devoted to lovers of the plump form
alt.favus For those people suffering from favus.
alt.fax Use comp.dcom.fax instead.
alt.fax.snappy-fax No description. No description.
alt.fbk.homot alt fbk homot
alt.fbk.pauli alt fbk pauli
alt.fc jLPF&0^U#<8E iosfadueeuuiuatio
alt.fcs e8g&28W04]6V*(\A3`b0
alt.fdsqyk.f.ory.jlq.a.ow.s idhgrqieogijwhiadaea
alt.february No description.
alt.feedme No description.
alt.feet.fanatic.fetish.foot No description.
alt.felixstowe.elite alt.anglia.elite A group for meeting up with Anglia's Elite
alt.feminazis For people who hate radical feminists.
alt.feminism Use soc.feminism instead.
alt.feminism.individualism Discussions about feminism and individualism.
alt.fenphen Discussion and information regarding Fen/Phen protocols
alt.ferrets No description.
alt.fetish.beatrix-potter The Twisted World Of Beatrix-Potter
alt.fetish.discussion.moderated No description. (Moderated)
alt.fetish.glasses No description.
alt.fetish.long-nails.male Liking long fingernails on men
alt.fetish.sit-on-my-face You know... queening/face-sitting.
alt.fetish.sit-on-my-face.and-pee-in-my-mouth Ewwwwww, gross!
alt.fetish.sit-on-my-face.and-poop-in-my-mouth "This is revolting!"
alt.fetish.tongue No description.
alt.feudalism Feudalism: A system for the FUTURE
alt.fexs.w KE"Ef1Q49G
alt.ff En peul.
alt.ff.test En peul.
alt.ff.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.fff.fff No description. En finnois. En finnois. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.fib .@"+K2T_(#!c@5"@\
alt.fiction.interactive Writing Collaborative Fiction
alt.fiction.original Original net.fiction by Original Authors
alt.fidoflame Fidonet FLAME echo reincarnated Multiculturalism invades the Emerald isle.
alt.fifty-plus.friends For mature penpals and discussion
alt.fiftyplus General topics of discussion by persons over 50.
alt.filenexus No description.
alt.filesystems.afs The Andrew Filesystem. No description. FILM FESTIVALS - Where are they, when are they, what SANTA CLARITA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL - Where is it, when
alt.filtration.dust For the discussion of pollution control Final Conflict newsgroup No description. No description.
alt.find.a.friend.for.aaron.welch Find a friend for me
alt.find.swimsuit No description.
alt.finet.molopaa.moderaattori fariad qpbz gfyanqp fscehjc jqsqa
alt.finet.wannabe.moderaattorit wpqmtno nmos xdkdzi iwpdibw wxsydivj excv
alt.firefighter.firetrucks UK and European fire vehicle discussion
alt.firefighters No description.
alt.firefighters.binaries Pix and things for the fire/rescue world
alt.firefighters.mike-austin Fight them fires, Mikey! Use instead. No description. No description. For Musky Hunters. No description. As requested in alt.config As requested in alt.config As requested in alt.config Discussion group for a.b.p.f.f fitness-related ads, jobs offered/wanted
alt.fitshaced.monkey No matter where you go, there you are!
alt.fjapljbxlo.g.bhsp.k uyugoryhlcoojoeee
alt.fkbybwbvkjo.ucwnyms uiviuoeiauwu (Moderated)
alt.fkib.xvik.p.ocvxl.uivs.s.kpf slrepiul Fucking Loser-Ass Aaron, Giggling Gordita.
alt.flaf Gnyf? Flaf!
alt.flame Alternative, literate, pithy, succinct screaming.
alt.flame.abcdi requested Flames from
alt.flame.abortion Use talk.abortion instead.
alt.flame.agff I'm probably not the first to newgroup it.
alt.flame.airlines Problems and complaints with the airlines.
alt.flame.andrew-defaria Worship the HTML god
alt.flame.baja-rat No description.
alt.flame.bannerservices No description.
alt.flame.bass-laffer Flame war between Robert L Bass and L Laffer
alt.flame.beanie-babies No description.
alt.flame.bertrand-meyer No description.
alt.flame.betsy-geffert No description.
alt.flame.bon-giovanni Discussion about Bon Giovanni
alt.flame.cats No description.
alt.flame.checkmate-master-of A froup made cause Checkmate is one of the best
alt.flame.chinese Fuckers breed like rats!!!
alt.flame.cincinnati No description.
alt.flame.config New group discussion and announcements for the alt.flame
alt.flame.corky.dunkly Corky sux
alt.flame.dan.rusen This is purely to piss off Dan Rusen No description.
alt.flame.dean-stark No description.
alt.flame.dejanews Deja, The Biggest Source of USENET Abuse
alt.flame.det-redwings A forum for flaming the Wings
alt.flame.dogs Down with dogs; the counterpart to alt.flame.cats.
alt.flame.dr-tom.4d.vamps.acid Invasion in "4D", such as it is.
alt.flame.drugs Flaming about drugs, the War On Drugs, and other issues and
alt.flame.dykes No description.
alt.flame.feminazis No description.
alt.flame.fine.killing.liberty flame Flames directed towards Notre Dame football.
alt.flame.fred-durst all your bizkit are belongs to us.
alt.flame.frogs Expression of disdain for the French.
alt.flame.fwli Less than kind words about the FWLI.
alt.flame.girlfriend For the times you wish you were single.
alt.flame.graham-newsham No description.
alt.flame.gypsies Roaming Romas must Die!!!
alt.flame.hammer Flame between Hammer and the group 'alt.config'
alt.flame.hamsters No description.
alt.flame.hispanics Go the fuck Home!!!!
alt.flame.howard.knight Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users.
alt.flame.husband Worthless, low down, troglodyte husband or Non-Married Presumed
Obligatory Significant Other? Let out all the steam here.
alt.flame.ic No description. No description.
alt.flame.inner-circle No description. A public service Web-to-News GateWay:
alt.flame.james-koput No description.
alt.flame.james.ngygook No description.
alt.flame.james.tiberius.kirk No description. Frank discussion of the Java "programming language" and
alt.flame.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.flame.jay-stevens No description.
alt.flame.jesus.christ Looking for the Ultimate Flame in return.
alt.flame.jews No description.
alt.flame.john.boatright No description.
alt.flame.kevin-keegan Discussion of Fulham manager Kevin Keegan
alt.flame.kosovo-war An adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting of
alt.flame.lorian This is purely to piss off lorian gray
alt.flame.macintosh "Our enemies shall talk themselves to
alt.flame.macintosh.flame.todd No description.
alt.flame.mandor.sawall fuck him
alt.flame.michael-hirtes No description.
alt.flame.montgomery-wood.churlish-bum-boil No description.
alt.flame.montgomery-wood.putrid-mincing-clown No description.
alt.flame.montgomery-wood.rank-and-fetid-clown No description.
alt.flame.montgomery-wood.sopapheaded-buffoon No description.
alt.flame.montreal.canadiens No description.
alt.flame.mountain-bike Flame, flame, flame the bike. Music and lively discussion.
alt.flame.napster No description.
alt.flame.nerds.jn No description. No description. No description.
alt.flame.nice-people No description.
alt.flame.nick-mooney a bit of a tosser, annoying everyone.
alt.flame.niggers The disgustng spectacle of racial hatred.
alt.flame.oldguyteck Anti-Edward Croteau
alt.flame.operating-systems The great debate
alt.flame.pakis Sikh and Destroy!!!
alt.flame.patricia-butler No description.
alt.flame.pedophiles No description. No description.
alt.flame.pkb Flaming hypocrites, momma ! No description.
alt.flame.preps No description.
alt.flame.psychiatry Flames against psychiatry
alt.flame.psychiatry.peter-hood Peter Hood the kiddie cafeteria king Forum to flame Mikey
alt.flame.raccoons Debate about raccoons.
alt.flame.rednecks The disgustng spectacle of inbred hatred.
alt.flame.rfc977 No description.
alt.flame.rspw - flames and other off-topic discussion related to
alt.flame.rush-limbaugh The opposition's version of
alt.flame.sandberg No description.
alt.flame.sander-spek-idiot No description.
alt.flame.sander-spek-klootzak No description.
alt.flame.sander-spek-moron No description.
alt.flame.sean.wussboy.conley No description.
alt.flame.serbs No description.
alt.flame.sharon.lemke A newsgroup to flame that dumass Sharon!
alt.flame.spanks No description.
alt.flame.spelling USENET's favourite fallacious argoomint.
alt.flame.spice-girls For Spice Girl haters everywhere
alt.flame.sports-suck.moderated No description.
alt.flame.suburbanazis Flames against suburban America
alt.flame.suv-drivers Flame group for idiots.
alt.flame.tachy Flame group for Cyrille Lefevre, leader of
alt.flame.tcs.die.die.die Stupid TCS, Babylon 5 at 2am?
alt.flame.telemarketers No description.
alt.flame.terry-hicks Usenet Troll Terry Hicks
alt.flame.tim-law No description.
alt.flame.tripp.snitch.snitch.snitch No description.
alt.flame.tsr Debate about game publisher TSR, Inc. and the net community
alt.flame.unacanceller Flaming about the Unacanceller and whatever he/she/they
have been up to lately.
alt.flame.unigrouper No description.
alt.flame.usenets-punching-bag No description.
alt.flame.uunet Flames about UUNet and its members.
alt.flame.wankadia Flame between Wankadia and alt.config
alt.flame.whites No description.
alt.flame.wiggas No description.
alt.flame.women For men who have never had a girlfriend
alt.flamelords No description.
alt.flamelords.suck.shit No description.
alt.flamenet FlameNet the Newsgroup!
alt.flamenet.lame.lame.lame No description.
alt.flarf.fnord No description.
alt.flarf.parp No description. No description.
alt.flashback Alternative Culture Information
alt.flashback.ron-tjocktarm Rons tjocktarm är fet och full med skit.
alt.flightsims No description.
alt.flightsims.sqaudrons No description.
alt.flmd.dq.xljsi.qn.fnswvkci oumxijljouiie
alt.flp.xtplimzuj.mejnekn kji$dIX>YWH_(%*=):
alt.fluff No description.
alt.fluff-girl.pinku-sensei Pinku-Sensei is Sean Monaghan's fluff girl
alt.fluff.ownz.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.fluffy MEOW! cat is pissed at the new crop! MEOW! cat is ready to squirt! MEOW! pussy made a pee pee! Pussy made a pee pee! MEOW! Pussy made a pee pee! MEOW! Pussy made a pee pee! MEOW! Pussy made a pee pee! MEOW! Pussy made a pee pee! MEOW! Pussy made a pee pee! MEOW! Pussy made a pee pee! MEOW! Pussy made a pee pee! MEOW! Pussy made a pee pee! MEOW! Pussy made a pee pee! MEOW!
alt.fluffycat For fluffycat, and lovers thereof.
alt.flute No description. The way cool Fly Cooter of San Bernardino, California
alt.flyfishing No description.
alt.flying.cows No description.
alt.flyingdutchman No description.
alt.fnord and a fine fnord to you too
alt.fnvw The alt.usenet.kooks Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wranglers
alt.fnvw.craig-dickson Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler Craig Dickson
alt.fnvw.killfile-daemons Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler Killfile Daemons
alt.fnvw.matt-legare Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler Matt Legare
alt.fnvw.michael-d-phoenix Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler Phoenix
alt.fnvw.peter-j-ross Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler Peter J. Ross
alt.fnvw.robbie-honerkamp Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler Robbie Honerkamp
alt.fnvw.sean-monaghan Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler Sean Monaghan En féroïen. En féroïen. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... Collegiate humor. Use or comp.society.folklore.
alt.folklore.computers Stories & anecdotes about computers (some true!).
alt.folklore.faerie No description.
alt.folklore.french.mp3 alt.example <PRESS TAB> This is an example of a cmsg
alt.folklore.gemstones Stories about minerals.
alt.folklore.ghost-stories Boo!
alt.folklore.ghost-stories.binaries No description.
alt.folklore.ghost-stories.flame-wars No description.
alt.folklore.herbs Discussion of all aspects of herbs and their uses. Current urban legends and other folklore.
alt.folklore.internet Internet Myths and Legends.
alt.folklore.military Military-oriented 'urban legends' and folklore. Discussion of folklore surrounding music and performers.
alt.folklore.peter-dubuque Dubuque of Earl. The folklore of science, not the science of folklore.
alt.folklore.snuh Snuh related folklore
alt.folklore.suburban Serious discussion of urban legends.
alt.folklore.turban Turban Related Folklore.
alt.folklore.unit Please insert folklore!
alt.folklore.urban Urban legends, ala Jan Harold Brunvand.
alt.folklore.urban.aghltfc Uraban Legends, AGHLTFC style!
alt.folklore.urban.spank Spank
alt.folklore.urban.spank.spank Spank Spank
alt.folklore.urban.spank.spank.spank Spank Spank Spank No description. No description. Fun for the whole family! Use instead. Asian food recipes and techniques. Barbecue, grilling and related subjects. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of Cajun food, recipes and techniques Ewwwww.... Champagne and other Sparkling Wines. No description. Aphrodisiac confections. No description. An American Classic. Buy our nostalgic art. Black gold of another sort. Colombian tea. No description. Breakfast, all day and all night. Discussion of diabetic food plans and recipes. Fast food restaurants. Very low fat foods; not necessarily about weight loss. Ground hominy, germless. All about this favorite food and related issues. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Low fat diets, food, and cooking. Lyed fish from Scandinavia. Carl Sagan's favourite burger place. No description. A newsgroup for followers of this usenet
personality No description. No description. Discussion of Olive & Olive Oil use, Fun with flapjacks. No description. Never put one on your friend's knee at a recital. Fruit of the Loom. No description. No description. Cheap noodles are a lifesaver. No description. For the sea food lover in you. No description. No description. Everyone's favourite food No description. Fermented herring from Sweden. The ancient art of preparing raw fish. Make a run for the border. No description. Academic debate on plant-based diets. Not just for breakfast anymore. All about wine, for oeneophiles.
alt.foodl.authentic-only No description.
alt.fool.aaron-welch Discussion forum for flaming Aaron Welch
alt.foot.fat-free Like, but for foot fetishists. No description.
alt.foreplay The groups probably have useful tips about this.
alt.forestry Discussion of forestry related subjects.
alt.forrest.gump.rules Group for discussions about everything to do with the movie
"Forrest Gump". Use instead. No description. Items for sale and wanted in Grand Junction, CO. Dietary items for sale and wanted. Trading in Hormel's wares. (Moderated)
alt.fozzybear.wokka.wokka.wokka No description. Vd*R6TbjDY\L9PhJPO uueuueauxweet xurkafiruivoreik La galaxie. Commentaires de l'annulation de Commentaires de la republication de No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Les canicules de 1976, 1983, 2003... Les malheureuses victimes de
l'Établissement. Les scélérates lois liberticides Gayssot I et
II. Un juge d'instruction intouchable et
courtisé : Outreau, ou le racisme antifrançais. Chez Alf... (Moderated) « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Ali ; NNTP-Posting-Date: 01 May
2005 11:47:30 MEST] Encore un groupe à la con sous No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Bricoler en éclairage. Peindre en bâtiment. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Tout sur la marque « Triumph », lingerie comprise... La mythique TR7, à la coupe au rasoir... No description. La Golf I GTi, la seule, la vraie ! No description. Ouvrez la BAL ! C'est icitte qu'on écrit à mon bel AmphigouriX... Bin l'Arverne, l'enfant de la BAL. C'est la BAL à Monique ! Tout abus sera sévèrement sanctionné. No description. Bibliographie de l'Amerindia. Bibliographie du penseur Ivan Illich. Bibliographie du marcheur Jacques
Lacarrière. Bibliographie de l'historien Jacques
Soustelle. Bibliographie de l'historien Maurice Sartre. Bibliographie de la MésoAmérique. Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) Bibliographie de l'historien Pierre Briant. Bibliographie de l'historien Pierre Chaunu. Bibliographie de l'historien Pierre Grimal. Bibliographies par thèmes, par auteurs... No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. annonces et discussions sur le plonkage. No description. No description. No description. Le calendrier aztèque. Le calendrier chaldéen. Le calendrier chinois. Le calendrier égyptien. Le calendrier grec. Le calendrier grégorien. Le calendrier hébreu. Le calendrier juif moderne. Le calendrier julien. Le calendrier musulman. Le calendrier olmèque. Le calendrier républicain. Les calendriers. Les calendriers romains. No description. No description. Information, entraide sur les canicules (1976, 1983, 2003...). No description. « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Cirus Minor ;
NNTP-Posting-Date: 05 May 2005 20:56:38 MEST] Les oeufs. Musclor & Co. Miss 95C... Aimez-vous les plantes ?.. No description. No description. Discussions autour du langage Rebol No description. No description. La norme « UNICODE » (est mal partie). No description. No description. No description. Le système d'exploitation d'IBM OS/2. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Systeme d exploitation Windows 98 (french). Comparatif des fournisseurs d'accès Internet. Comparatif des fournisseurs de services Internet. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) No description. No description. Nintendo Wii French Language Group No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. les voyages en bicyclette Découverte de la Bohême. A test. A test. Découverte de la Moravie. A test. Découverte de la Slovaquie. Découverte de la République tchèque. « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Denis Liégeois ; Date:
Sun, 24 Apr 2005 19:35:28 +0200] « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Didier Cuidet ;
NNTP-Posting-Date: 06 Sep 2004 12:18:13 MEST] No description. No description. No description. Le droit. Le droit constitutionnel, si ce terme a un sens dans
un pays à constitution semestrielle. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Éric Marillier ;
NNTP-Posting-Date: 12 Feb 2005 18:53:25 MET] No description. No description. No description. Considérations sur l'évolution d'« ». Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) Les fournisseurs d'accès Internet. Encore un groupe inutile sous Encore un groupe inutile sous Encore un groupe inutile sous Encore un groupe inutile sous Encore un groupe inutile sous Encore un groupe inutile sous Encore un groupe inutile sous Mini Mylene. Onze frères et soeurs : à vos portefeuilles pour
les doter ! Encore un groupe inutile sous Le ministère des Affaires étrangères. Je suis fan ! Le fan-club de François Guillet. Discussions C propos d'Isidore, le contributeur de fr.*. Le neuneu de service jeuf. Pour les Fans de JL,moderateur de l'impossible Forum consacré au « Neuneu inconnu ». A. Beyrand, figure archétypique. Les formes plantureuses de Brigitte
Rina. Kaffin, sa vië, sës öëuvres, sön vit, sës öufs de
douleur. Le jeune Cuidet, ou « Mettez un casque à votre voisin,
assurez-lui l'impunité, et... » Discussion pour les fans du neuneu fff Apprenons à le connaître. Philippe Lheureux, sa vie, son oeuvre. Qu'en dire ? rien... Viens te plaindre, mon neuneu... Manitou, ou comment lécher les culs et cirer les
pompes. Le petit Gérald, ou Mr « Je m'indigne. » ! Forum consacré l'épouse du « Neuneu inconnu ». Carine Bourrepif, « L »'exégète d'Émile Durkheim ! No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Comment abattre « Franconews » ?.. Groupe alternatif de l'association des utilisateurs de free. No description. Les fournisseurs de services Internet. Le fournisseur de services Internet « ». Le fournisseur de services Internet « ». Le fournisseur de services Internet « Google ». Le fournisseur de services Internet « SunSITE ». Le fournisseur de services Internet « ». alternative au 'fu2 poster'. groupname Describe the newsgroup La famille Ratajczyk... Les liens entre familles. La généalogie, ses moyens, techniques, enjeux. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Gilles Robert ;
NNTP-Posting-Date: 25 May 2005 08:43:22 MEST] « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Goret Neuneu ; Date: Fri,
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dit « LacrouX ». No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Ils se précipitent dans l'esclavage. No description. « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [jean b. ; NNTP-Posting-Date: 04
Jun 2005 19:33:40 MEST] « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Jean Bourgeois ;
NNTP-Posting-Date: 04 Jun 2005 19:33:40 MEST] No description. Jeu d'opérations arithmétiques sur les mots... No description. Discussions autour du jeu de sudoku. No description. L'activité de la Galaxie. No description. A test. Encore un groupe inutile sous Encore un groupe inutile sous Encore un groupe inutile sous Encore un groupe inutile sous No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [LaMite ; NNTP-Posting-Date: 05
Dec 2004 10:51:02 MET] No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) No description. No description. Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) L'univers de l'écriture arabe. L'univers de l'écriture aztèque. L'univers de l'écriture chinoise. L'univers de l'écriture cunéiforme. L'univers de l'écriture démotique
égyptienne. L'univers de l'écriture hiératique
égyptienne. L'univers de l'écriture
hiéroglyphique égyptienne. L'univers de l'écriture indienne « brahmî
». L'univers de l'écriture indienne «
devanâgarî ». L'univers de l'écriture gourmoukhî. L'univers de l'écriture hiéroglyphique
maya. L'univers des écritures. L'univers des écritures indiennes. Les textes d'origine. Les textes d'origine du christianisme. L'Alcoran, le texte fondateur de l'islam(isme). Les Talmud, les textes fondateurs du rackett
ethnaïque. Entretien de la langue abbey. Entretien du parler acadien. Entretien de la langue agnéenne (Tocharien A). Entretien de la langue akkadienne. Entretien de la langue albanaise. Entretien du parler alsacien. Entretien de la langue arabe. Entretien de la langue aragonaise. Entretien de la langue araméenne. Entretien de la langue aranaise (« gascon »). Entretien de la langue arménienne. Entretien de la langue aroumaine. Entretien de la langue assamaise. Entretien de la langue assyrienne. Entretien de la langue asturienne. Entretien de la langue azérie. Entretien de la langue nahuatl. Entretien de la langue babylonienne. Entretien de la langue bakhtiari. Entretien de la langue baloutche. Entretien de la langue bambara. Entretien de la langue bas-sorabe. Entretien de la langue basque. Entretien de la langue bengali. Entretien des langues berbères. Entretien de la langue biélorusse. Entretien de la langue bihari. Entretien de la langue birmane. Entretien de la langue bosniaque. Entretien du parler bourbonnais. Entretien de la langue brahoui. Entretien de la langue braj. Entretien de la langue bretonne. Entretien de la langue brittonique. Entretien de la langue bulgare. Entretien de la langue cachoube. Entretien de la langue cahuilla. Entretien du parler cajun. Entretien de la langue cantonaise. Entretien de la langue carienne. Entretien de la langue castillane. Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) Entretien de la langue catalane. Entretien de la langue celtibère. Entretien du parler champenois. Entretien de la langue cherokee. Entretien de la langue cheyenne. Entretien de la langue chinoise. Entretien de la langue chippewa [OJG]. Entretien de la langue cinghalaise [SNH]. Entretien de la langue copte. Entretien de la langue coréenne. Entretien de la langue cornique. Entretien du parler corse. Entretien du créole guadeloupéen. Entretien du créole guyanais. Entretien du créole haïtien. Entretien du créole martiniquais. Entretien du créole réunionnais. Entretien de la langue cri [CRx]. Entretien de la langue croate. Entretien de la langue égyptienne. Entretien de la langue élamite. Entretien de la langue elfique, imaginée par
Jonathan Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Entretien de la langue espéranto. Entretien de la langue estonienne. Entretien de la langue étrusque. Entretien de la langue éwé. Entretien de la langue falisque. Entretien de la langue finnoise. Entretien de la langue flamande. Entretien de la langue française. Entretien de la langue francique. Entretien de la langue francoprovençale. Entretien de la langue gaélique
écossaise. Entretien de la langue gaélique
irlandaise. Entretien de la langue gaélique mannoise. Entretien de la langue galicienne. Entretien de la langue
gallaïco-portugaise. Entretien du parler gallo. Entretien de la langue galloise. Entretien de la langue gauloise. Entretien du parler gaumais. Entretien de la langue géorgienne. Entretien de la langue gondi. Entretien de la langue gotique. Entretien de la langue grecque. Entretien de la langue guilaki. Entretien de la langue gujrati. Entretien de la langue haïda. Entretien de la langue haoussa. Entretien de la langue hatti. Entretien de la langue haut-sorabe. Le bon forum est
<ébraïque>. (Moderated) Entretien de la langue hindi. Entretien de la langue hongroise. Entretien de la langue hourrite. Entretien de la « huitième » langue. Entretien de la langue ibère. Entretien de la langue « Ido ». Entretien de la langue igbo. Entretien de la langue illyrienne. Entretien de la langue « Interlingua ». Entretien de la langue « Occidental-Interlingue
». Entretien de la langue « Intersistemal ». Entretien de la langue islandaise. Entretien de la langue istriote (« istro-romane »). Entretien de la langue istro-roumaine. Entretien de la langue istro-vénitienne. Entretien de la langue italienne. Entretien du parler jersiais. Entretien du parler joual. Entretien de la langue kannara. Entretien de la langue kashmiri. Entretien de la langue konkani. Entretien de la langue koutchéenne (Tocharien
B). Entretien de la langue kurde. Entretien de la langue kurmandji. Entretien de la langue kutchéenne (Tokharien B). Entretien de la langue lapone. Entretien de la langue latine. Entretien de la langue lemnienne. Entretien de la langue lépontique. Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) Entretien de la langue lettonne. Entretien de la langue lhopa. Entretien de la langue liNgala. Entretien de la langue lithuanienne. Entretien de la langue live. Entretien de la langue lori. Entretien du parler lorrain roman. Entretien de la langue louvite. Entretien de la langue lycienne. Entretien de la langue macédonienne. Entretien de la langue malayalam. Entretien de la langue marathe. Double <>.
(Moderated) Entretien du parler marrolien. Entretien de la langue marwari. Entretien de la langue mazanderani. Entretien de la langue mégléno-roumaine. Entretien de la langue messapienne. Entretien de la langue « Mondial ». Entretien de la langue monténégrine. Entretien du parler morvandiau. Entretien de la langue « Mundolingue ». Entretien de la langue nabatéenne. Entretien de la langue népali. Entretien de la langue nésite (« hittite »). Entretien du parler nissart. Entretien du parler normand. Entretien de la langue « Novial ». Entretien de la langue occitane. Entretien de la langue odawa (« ottawa ») [OJG]. Entretien de la langue ojibwa [OJx]. Entretien de la langue ojibwa orientale
[OJG]. Entretien de la langue ombrienne. Entretien de la langue oriya. Entretien de la langue osque. Entretien de la langue ossète. Entretien de la langue otomi. Entretien de la langue ougaritique. Entretien de la langue ourdou. Entretien de la langue pahari. Entretien de la langue palaïte. Entretien de la langue pashto. Entretien de la langue pendjabi. Entretien de la langue persane. Entretien de la langue phrygienne. Entretien de la langue picarde. Entretien de la langue picte. Entretien de la langue pipil. Entretien de la langue pirinda. Entretien du parler poitevin. Entretien de la langue polabe. Entretien de la langue polonaise. Entretien de la langue pontique. Entretien de la langue portugaise. Entretien de la langue primmi. Entretien de la langue ragusaine. Entretien de la langue rajasthani. Entretien de la langue rhétique. Entretien de la langue romanche. Entretien de la langue roumaine. Entretien de la langue rushani. Entretien de la langue russe. Entretien de la langue sabellique. Entretien du parler saintongeais. Entretien de la langue sanscrite. Entretien de la langue santhali. Entretien de la langue sarde. Entretien de la langue saxonne. Entretien de la langue serbe. Entretien de la langue serbocroate. Entretien de la langue shughni. Entretien de la langue sindhi. Le bon forum est
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chamito-sémitiques. Entretien des langues chinoises. Entretien des langues d'oc. Entretien des langues d'oïl. Entretien des langues dalmates. Entretien des langues dravidiennes. Entretien des langues finno-ougriennes. Entretien des langues formosiennes. Entretien des langues gaéliques. Entretien des langues germaniques. Entretien des langues grecques. Entretien des langues indo-aryennes. Entretien des langues indo-europeennes. Entretien des langues indo-iraniennes. Entretien des langues iraniennes. Entretien des langues iroquoises. Entretien des langues italiques. Entretien du yiddisch, ladino, judéo-arabe... Entretien des langues kwa. Entretien des langues léchitiques. Entretien des langues
malayo-polynésiennes. Entretien des langues
malayo-polynésiennes centrales. Entretien des langues
malayo-polynésiennes occidentales. Entretien des langues
malayo-polynésiennes orientales. Entretien des langues mandé. Entretien des langues maya. Entretien des langues mélanésiennes. Entretien des langues micronésiennes. Entretien des langues du groupe na-déné Entretien des langues océaniennes. Entretien des langues ouraliennes. Entretien des langues ouralo-altaïques. Entretien des langues polynésiennes. Entretien des langues prâkrites. Entretien des langues romandes. Entretien des langues romanes. Entretien des langues samoyèdes. Entretien des langues scandinaves. Entretien des langues sémitiques. Entretien des langues sino-tibetaines. Entretien des langues slaves. Entretien des langues tibéto-birmanes. Entretien des langues tochariennes. Entretien des langues tokhariennes. Entretien des langues tsiganes. Entretien des langues turques. Entretien des langues tyrrhéniennes. Entretien des langues uto-aztèques. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Maria Wirtemberska, je t'aime !.. Causeries littéraires au coin de l'alt. Taras Bulba !.. No description. Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Londres 7 juillet 2005. No description. Lutte contre cette création rabbinique, l'« Islam ». La lutte contre la nouvelle Cinquième
Colonne. Luttons contre la discrimination
positive, cette création des Communautaristes. « Pédomanie » : véritable nom de la «
pédophilie ». No description. Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) No description. Luttons contre le communautarisme, cette
création des Juifs. No description. Luttons contre le communautarisme et la
discrimination positive, ces créations des Racistes. Pour les bannissements quinquennaux. « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Manitou ; NNTP-Posting-Date:
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filles à papa »... Entretenir nos obsessions. No description. Toute la technologie d'OPL No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Oubli de l'écrivain Bruno Guiblet... « BabelMap », l'« Unicode Character Map » d'Andrew West. « BabelPad », l'« Unicode text editor for Windows » d'Andrew
West. Hamster sans cage. Le bon groupe est toujours A test. Le lecteur de news MesNews. « OE-QuoteFix », l'utilitaire compagnon d'« Outlook
Express », de Dominik Jain. Mouais... No description. SC UniPad, « The Unicode Text Editor » © Sharmahd
Computing. Encore un groupe inutile sous « XanaNews », de Colin Wilson. Le lecteur de nouvelles Xnews (configuration, infos). Le bon forum est (Moderated) No description. usa 0wns j00 usa 0wns j00 No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Le rendez-vous des bibliophiles. Le rendez-vous des discophiles. Le rendez-vous des numismates. Le rendez-vous des philatélistes. Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) Tout sur Tintin... No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Les Platines divx en general La modeles de Jamo Les platines de Kiss-Technology La DP-500 de Kiss-Technology Les modeles de Sigmatek Les modeles de Yamada No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. La presse. Le mensuel français « Best ». Le mensuel français « Charlie ». Le torchon hebdomadaire «
Charlie Hebdo », qui succède illégitimement à « L'hebdomadaire « Direct Soir ». Le quotidien « Économie matin ». L'hebdomadaire français « Elle ». Le mensuel français « Entrevue ». L'hebdomadaire français « Femme Actuelle ». Le mensuel français « FHM ». Le quotidien « France Soir ». L'hebdomadaire français « Gala ». Le mensuel français « Hara Kiri ». L'hebdomadaire français « Hara Kiri Hebdo », devenu
« Charlie Hebdo » première et authentique manière. Le mensuel français « Jukebox magazine ». L'hebdomadaire français « L'Express ». Le quotidien moscoutaire « L'Humanité ». Hebdomadaire officiel du Parti communiste
marxiste-léniniste de France (P. C. M. L. F.). Hebdomadaire officieux du Parti communiste
marxiste-léniniste de France (P. C. M. L. F.). L'hebdomadaire satirique français « Le Canard
enchaîné. ». Le quotidien français « Le Figaro ». L'hebdomadaire français « Le Figaro Magazine ». Le décadaire français et
national « Le Libre France courtoise ». Le quotidien français « Le Monde ». L'hebdomadaire français « Le Nouvel
Observateur ». Le quotidien français « Le Parisien ». L'hebdomadaire français « Le Point ». Le quotidien français « Libération ». Le mensuel français « Lui ». L'hebdomadaire français « Madame Figaro ». Le mensuel français « Mademoiselle Âge
tendre ». L'hebdomadaire français « Marianne ». Le mensuel français « Marie-Claire ». Le mensuel français « Marie-France ». Le quotidien « Matin Plus ». Le mensuel français « Max ». Le mensuel français « Maximal ». Le quotidien français « Metro ». L'hebdomadaire français « Minute ». L'hebdomadaire national « National Hebdo ». Le mensuel français « Newlook ». L'hebdomadaire français « Nous deux ». L'hebdomadaire français « Ohla! ». L'hebdomadaire français « Paris Match ». Le mensuel français « Penthouse ». Le mensuel français « Photo ». Le mensuel français « Playboy ». L'hebdomadaire français « Point de vue ». Le quotidien français et national « Présent ». Le mensuel français catholique et national « Reconquête
». L'hebdomadaire français et national « Rivarol ». Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) Le mensuel français « Salut les copains ». L'hebdomadaire « Sport Free Attitude ». L'hebdomadaire français « Télérama ». L'hebdomadaire français « Valeurs Actuelles ». L'hebdomadaire français « Voici ». « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Professeur Rogue ;
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 19:35:28 +0200] usa 0wns j00 No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. La radio. Radio-Fasciste, « la radio du pays réel et de la
francophonie. ». No description. No description. Techniques de sonorisation et d'enregistrement No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Disc. sur la VPC en photo numérique. No description. Discussions autour du tir sportif No description. No description. Développer la transparence : les maques. No description. No description. No description. Discussions en français sur la religion No description. No description. No description. No description. communique sur... la santé ! No description. No description. No description. No description. Groupe de discussion à détruire.
(Moderated) Groupe de discussion à détruire. (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. « Sir, I have studied it, you have not. »
Réponse de Newton aux reproches d'Halley. L'astrologie aztèque. L'astrologie occidentale. L'astrologie chinoise. L'astrologie égyptienne. L'astrologie grecque. L'astrologie maya. L'Histoire comme un tout. Et toc. Entretien de la linguistique. Les sciences de la vie. La science fondamentale. Ça rame toujours. No description. No description. No description. Faux nez du Pr Rogue. A test. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussions sur airsoft No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Encore un groupe inutile sous Encore un groupe inutile sous No description. Encore un groupe inutile sous No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Stéphane De Becker
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(Moderated) No description. Discussions consacrées au suicide. « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Sylvie Jean ;
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l'amour ». Le feuilleton télévisé « Une nounou
d'enfer. ». Les feuilletons télévisés. « I luv Emma ! » « I luv Purdey ! » « I luv Tara ! » Le magazine télévisé « Arrêt sur images ». Le magazine télévisé « Strip-tease ». Les magazines télévisés. La série télévisée « Columbo. ». La série télévisée « Les Experts ». La série télévisée « Les Experts : Manhattan
». La série télévisée « Les Experts : Miami ». Le monde des séries télévisées. No description. Se foutre de la claïque !.. No description. Donner, et reprendre, sa procuration The kookest cook in the usenet. Discussions sur les logiciels de news. Les « warez »... « Wikipédia », l'encyclopédie libre... « Voilà, ils pourront s'ébattre » © [Zetla Plane ;
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alt.france.surrender An unmoderated newsgroup for discussion of French military
alt.franco.sexe.rencontre No description. No description.
alt.francosexe.rencontre No description.
alt.frank.magazine Great Canadian political satire. Just ask his ex-SOs...
alt.frankv No description.
alt.fraternity.sorority Discussions of fraternity/sorority life and issues.
alt.fraud fraud and it's effect on society
alt.fraud.scientology.scam The fraud cult Scientology
alt.freaks Rick James, we love you!
alt.fred-hall Fred Hall sucks
alt.fred-hall.cannot-get-it-up Freddie is the Mr. Softee of Usenet
alt.fred-hall.databasix Fred Hall hangs out with Gary Burnore
alt.fred-hall.does-the-wango-tango-on-cisco Broke Texas shorthorn bum Fred Hall is a broke assed Texan
alt.fred-hall.likes-em-young-like-gary-does Paedoz!!!!
alt.fred-hall.should-foad Fred Hall should FOAD
alt.fred-hall.stories Stories about Fred Hall
alt.fred-hall.stories.children Fred Hall stories for children under 13
alt.fred-hall.stories.collegiate Fred Hall stories for college students
alt.fred-hall.stories.dirty Dirty stories about Fred Hall
alt.fred-hall.stories.fiction Fictional stories about Fred Hall
alt.fred-hall.stories.non-fiction TRVTH!!!1! stories about Fred Hall
alt.fred-hall.stories.seniors Fred Hall stories for senior citizens
alt.fred-hall.stories.teen Fred Hall stories for teenagers Fred Hall sucks Fred Hall sucks Fred Hall sucks
alt.fred-hall.wank Fred Hall likes to wank
alt.fred-hall.wank.wank Fred Hall likes to wank
alt.fred-hall.wank.wank.wank Fred Hall likes to WANK WANK WANK! Dedicated to the campaign for the freedom of JamJar A newsgroup for discussing free internet No description. Talk about free (open) news servers Cheapies seek bunniez here Cheapies seek bunniez here Cheapies seek bunniez here Cheapies seek bunniez here Tinplated the cheap stAUKer Discussions of Free NNTP Servers No description. No description. Talk about free (open) proxy servers No description.
alt.freedom No description.
alt.freedom.jbpe for all jbpe users
alt.freedom.jbpe.d No description.
alt.freedom.jbpe.gam No description.
alt.freedom.jbpe.i-colla for i-colla fan No description.
alt.freedom.jbpel for all jbpel users
alt.freedom.jbpel-s for jbpel-s users
alt.freedom.of.alt No description.
alt.freedom.of.information.act All about the FOIA.
alt.freedom.of.speech.moderated No description.
alt.freedomain.discuss No description.
alt.freedomain.registry No description.
alt.freemasonry Someone will build my basement for free? Cool.
alt.freemasonry.grand-lodges.california California Freemasonry
alt.freenet Free access to computer networks.
alt.freespeech No description.
alt.freewebhosting No description. No description. Hi Harry He's gross!
alt.friday No description.
alt.friend.emoji No description.
alt.friends Chat group for friendly discussion.
alt.frisco No description.
alt.fritz-the-cat No description.
alt.frogbutt No description.
alt.frogbutt.for.president No description.
alt.frogbutt.newgroup.announce No description.
alt.frogbutt.newgroup.requests No description.
alt.frogbutt.rmgroup.requests No description. No description.
alt.froup-made-cause Just sending a message to alt.config
alt.froup-made-cause.i-fucking-can Just sending a message to alt.config
alt.fruits.apples No description.
alt.fruits.bananas No description.
alt.fruits.oranges No description.
alt.fruits.pears No description.
alt.fsjbncdoch iuurmnbtfoutqxwdoaso (Moderated)
alt.ftgid ehiciaaiueaifthufw No description.
alt.ftp-servers No description.
alt.ftp-servers-no-ratio No description. No description.
alt.fuck The word 'fuck' and other profanity in adult conversation.
alt.fuck-you-all just as the froup name sez
alt.fuck.fuck.fuck.fuck.fuck Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users.
alt.fuck.fuck.fuck.fuck.fuck.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.fuck.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.fuck.harry-bloomfield.up-the-ass Hi Harry
alt.fuck.harry-bloomfield.up-the-ass.with-an-icbm Hi Harry
alt.fuck.imran.up.the.ass.with.a.chainsaw To be rmgrouped by Jay D..
alt.fuck.jay-denebeim.up.the.ass.with.a.chainsaw yada, yada, yada
alt.fuck.jay.t.carrigan.stamps No description.
alt.fuck.klaas.hump.hump.hump Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
service. Well, he said "Fuck me!". say hello to my little friend
alt.fuck.niggers No description.
alt.fuck.paedophile.barry-bouwsma.binariez.retromod Created by GruppenSchnitzer
users as a public service.
alt.fuck.racists No description.
alt.fuck.the.skull.of.alan.bstard No description.
alt.fuck.the.skull.of.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry Hi Harry No description. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.fuckchop Dead posts
alt.fuckchop.2rowdy Total Usenet asshole 2Rowdy
alt.fuckchop.adam-kerman Adam H. Kerman is a control-seeking fuckchop
alt.fuckchop.aratzio Total Usenet asshole Aratzio
alt.fuckchop.archie-leach Archie Leach is a st00pid fuckchop Total Usenet asshole Art Deco
alt.fuckchop.bob-officer Total Usenet asshole stalker Bob Officer
alt.fuckchop.brian-mailman Total Usenet asshole Brian Mailman
alt.fuckchop.cujo-desockpuppet Total Usenet asshole Cujo
alt.fuckchop.dave-hillstrom Total Usenet asshole DAEV HILLSTROM
alt.fuckchop.dvus Total Usenet asshole Dufus dvus
alt.fuckchop.fred-hall Total Usenet asshole Fred Hall
alt.fuckchop.fred-hall.st00pid Fred Hall is a st00pid fuckchop
alt.fuckchop.fred-hall.st00pid.bitch Fred Hall the st00pid fuckchop bitch
alt.fuckchop.fred-hall.st00pid.fuck-face Fred the st00pid fuckchop fuck-face
alt.fuckchop.gary-burnore Total Usenet asshole Gary L. Burnore
alt.fuckchop.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.fuckchop.kali Total Usenet asshole stAUKer Kali
alt.fuckchop.kevin-a-cannon Total Usenet asshole Kevin A Cannon
alt.fuckchop.meat-plow Total Usenet asshole & bad father Meat Plow
alt.fuckchop.peter-j-ross Total Usenet asshole FNVW Peter J Ross
alt.fuckchop.robert-buchanan Total Usenet asshole Robert Buchanan
alt.fuckchop.sean-monaghan Total Usenet asshole FNVW Sean Monaghan
alt.fuckchop.trippy Total Usenet asshole "trippy" No description.
alt.fucked.rec.gardens.roses No description.
alt.fuckhead.aratzio A primitive fossil to the rodents of the world The Assistant Associate Vote Helper
alt.fuckhead.cameron-vale Usenet's biggest fuckhead Rasta Khan
alt.fuckhead.christina-eijkh This group is for discussion of of UseNet censor
Christina Eeijkh
alt.fuckhead.christina-eijkhout No description.
alt.fuckhead.dvus Discuss alt.config Dufus dvus
alt.fuckhead.fred-hall Discussion of fuckhead Fred Hall
alt.fuckhead.frogbutt No description.
alt.fuckhead.gary-burnore Discussion of fuckhead Gary L Burnore No description. Steve Leyland's vengeance has no bounds
alt.fuckhead.jamie-baillie Jamie Baillie is a fuckhead
alt.fuckhead.jay-denebeim The rmgroup-aholic
alt.fuckhead.john-kimball No description.
alt.fuckhead.meat-plow Discussion of fuckhead Meat Plow
alt.fuckhead.menjy No description.
alt.fuckhead.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.fuckhead.netkkkop.graham-stevenson No description.
alt.fuckhead.peter-j-ross Peter J Ross, big-time fuckhead.
alt.fuckhead.rasta-khan Usenet's biggest fuckhead Rasta Khan
alt.fuckhead.sean-monaghan Discussion of fuckhead Sean Monaghan
alt.fuckhead.spammer dedicated to all the spammers
alt.fuckhead.spammer.keith-wigdor see keith. see keith spam.
alt.fuckhead.stagger.lee newgroup alt.fuckhead.stagger.lee
alt.fuckhead.steve-leyland Discuss alt.config fuckhead Steve Leyland
alt.fuckin.rowin.mate No description.
alt.fucking.moron.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.fucking.moron.synapse-syndrome No description.
alt.fucking.test Fucking test your newsreader here, fuckhead.
alt.fucknozzles Cujo DeSockpuppet is a fucknozzle
alt.fucknozzles.cujo Cujo the resident kook-hunter of alt.fucknozzles
alt.fucknozzles.peter-j-ross Pete is a Fucknozzle.
alt.fucknozzles.peter-j-ross.a-roonie Petey is a Fucknozzle.
alt.fucknozzles.peter-j-ross.a-roonie.hth Petey is a Fucknozzle.
alt.fucknozzles.peter-j-ross.a-roonie.hth.hand Pete is a Fucknozzle.
alt.fucknozzles.peter-j-ross.a-roonie.hth.hand.fucknozzle Beh.
alt.fuckoff.onder.quoters No description.
alt.fucks.donkeys.don-quichotte No description.
alt.fucks.everything.madonna No description.
alt.fuckstain fuckstain discussion et al
alt.fuckstain.fred-hall He shoulda been a stain on the rug insteada a fetus
alt.fuckstephanemarchau Fuck stephane marchau ashole bastard.
alt.fuckstick fuckstick discussion et al
alt.fuckstick.fred-hall Fred Hall is a fuck stick
alt.fuckstick.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.fucktard fucktard discussion et al fucktard discussion et al
alt.fuckwad-toady just perma-spnaking spooge
alt.fuckwad-toady.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.fuckwad-toady.phoenix Phoenix is a fuckwad toady.
alt.fuckwad-toady.spooge just perma-spnaking spooge
alt.fuckwad-toady.spooge.ribbit just perma-spnaking spooge
alt.fuckwad-toady.spooge.ribbit.ribbit just perma-spnaking spooge
alt.fuckwad-toady.spooge.ribbit.ribbit.unf perma-spnaking spooge
alt.fuckwit No description.
alt.fuckwit.derek.struyk This is a cmsg newgroup.
alt.fuckwit.dotau No description.
alt.fuckwit.fred-hall Dumb ass bitch Freddy Hall
alt.fuckwit.fred-hall.croak.croak.croak Ribbit! ;)
alt.fuckwit.kadaitcha-man What an arsestar
alt.fuckwit.lessthan0 No description.
alt.fuckwit.mad-hatter He really is a fuckwit.
alt.fuckwit.phoenix Phoenix is a fuckwit.
alt.fuckwit.retard-sleeperman No description.
alt.fuckwit.suzie All about a fuckwit named Suzie
alt.fuckwits No description.
alt.fuckwits.bill-sands No description.
alt.fuckwits.kadaitcha-man What an arsestar
alt.fuckwits.les-roarey No description.
alt.fuckwits.suzie All about a fuckwit named Suzie
alt.fudge-packer.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.fudge-packer.peter-thorpe Pete works in a chocolate factory.
alt.fuhw koedeuekaiuiuuai
alt.fukengruven No description. Fun pizza see dean. see dean 0wn spooge. Luc has fun and likes cheese.
alt.funk-you No description.
alt.funk.the.funk No description.
alt.funnytown No description. MID-CENTURY MODERN FURNITURE - furniture MOROCCAN FURNITURE - modern and period furniture of
alt.future.millennium The coming of 2000 (or 2001, if you're accurate).
alt.fxkgw.i.m awwblaoeekliu
alt.fy En frison.
alt.fy.test En frison.
alt.fy.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.fysh No description.
alt.g-ming.connectivity.stopdying.stopdying.stopdying No description.
alt.g.bbxs quaguigemcrebmi
alt.g.cxuy.gc.qwv wlojxozioutmno
alt.g.twm goeesesdkqiueacsyed (Moderated)
alt.g.u.jg.g.yim.s @F`l27)h]8I\M+4`I47
alt.g.v.kcp.mivxv.m.k.g.t.c.ah.fa.p.u.s ypjvvwkboogooeauw iemuovoeeepoiaw
alt.g.z.ehr.idonn.klh.hnbs.ykckko boaibzuuuambojby (Moderated) En irlandais. En irlandais. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.gadgetfan No description.
alt.galactic-guide Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Known Galaxy Project.
alt.galactically.pointless No description.
alt.galaxy.smr No description.
alt.gambia.linux No description.
alt.gambling Use rec.gambling instead. discussing the kingpins of poker gape kaplan is a kingpin
alt.gambling.sports.coin-flippers heads or tails?
alt.gambling.sports.coin-flippers.brian-anthony heads or tails?
alt.gamecube The new gameconsole from Nintendo
alt.gamepoint Users of gamepoint network ( Use instead. The Sims, a create-your-own-reality game 10six gaming forum discussion forum for all things 3dfx realted Discussion group for the 3dfx brotherhood No description. A newsgroup for the 70sthowback games clan No description. No description. Disscussion of the Forgotten The Air Warrior combat computer game. No description. Discussion forum for the MMORPG Anarchy Online No description. discussion of games from the APBA game company A real high point in any gamer's day. No description. No description. Discussion about Atari arcade games No description. The Alternate Trek Reality showcase newsgroup. No description. No description. Create Enter comments, bug reports,
complaints about the Top of the Key software Dice/EA WW2 action videogame. Hovertank combat sim game from Activision Battlecruiser 3000AD Game Discussion. The computer game developer. No description. Lionhead's Black & White No description. No description. For discussion of Monolith's new 3D action game BLOOD For Game Builders using DCGAMES. For popular Japanese game series No description. Discussion of the Castlevania videogame series Championship Manager Series of computer games No description. No description. No description. Civilization:Call to Power Microprose Civilization II Discussion Discussion of Sid Meier's Civilisation 3 game. CivNet - Microprose's networked Civilization game. No description. About network games clans About network games clan Soulreaver. No description. No description. Discussion group for the MMPORPG City of Heroes rotor driven mayhem on a global scale A 3D war strategy computer software game. Computer game Command & Conquer. Computer game Red Alert. Use instead. No description. A dice game popular in the computer crowd. No description. Discussion of Creatures and Creatures 2 A newsgroup where players can discuss aspects discussion of the game "daggerfall" The newsgroup for the highly underrated Discussions about Dark Age of Camelot. No description. Discussion of Star Wars related game. Computer game Dark Reign Darkstone role playing game (RPG) A group to discuss dead pools and how to pick your No description. A forum for discussion of the game delta-force Some game. No description. Blizzard's fantasy adventure role-playing computer game The Official Diablo 2 newsgroup No description. For Diablo 2 necromancer enthusiasts No description. Chat about the Diablo3 game. Chat about the Diablo3 game (moderated) (Moderated) Roll the bones. A really popular PC game. Announcements about the PC game Doom. (Moderated) Ladies and Gentlemen, We are in Hell. On Earth! Helping people new to a really popular PC game. The game Down Economy. (Moderated) Dragonriders of Pern newsgroup Drakan: Order of the Flame help and level editting Discussion about the game of Draughts. Duke Nukem 3D. Binaries for Duke3D. All aspects of editing Duke Nukem 3D maps, con files etc. Computer game Dune 2000 Virgin Games computer game Dune II. Computer game Dungeon Keeper. Hackenslash RPG game group No description. All issues of Durham Treasure Trap Society Hints & discussion of Dust: A Tale of the Wired West. Combat action PC videogame series by EA Games. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. The free, computerized FRP game system. No description. The computer game series The Elder Scrolls. A discussion group for Empire Deluxe. caters to Dragon Quest fans Discussions abou 'Enter the Matrix'. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Cock-babbling hard pricks souping it up Piss-pot vanity group for a whore fetish artist Queer eye on the Foxeye (piss pot) christinA is a whore Corn-hucking fucktards spoo nedder vile piss-pots Penis suckmeister piss on my nose Toe-sucking limp dicks with HIV Phish-baited fuckheads swallow jibber goo The post nuclear RPG Fallout for ffxi fans chat about fighting fantasy gamebooks The Final Fantasy game. No description. No description. The AGFF Config Group No description. No description. No description. No description. The AGFF Flame Root Group The AGFF Troll Root Group No description. No description. (Moderated) No description. The AGFF Newsgroup Exchange The Humor of Heh No description. The AGFF Research Department Storytelling in the Final Fantasy universe. No description. The central testing service of AGFF for ffxi fans Discussion of the game Alpha Centauri Discussion of the game Gettysburg A place for fans of the game to discuss it. No description. No description. No description. Computer utilities for Dungeons and Dragons. Gamma World science fiction Role-Playing Game Use instead. No description. VERGE Computer RPG Construction Kit Discussion Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users. The multiplayer internet space trading game. No description. For players of "Gazillionaire", a space-trading game. The Galactic Bloodshed conquest game. A newsgroup for the CnC Generals game No description. No description. No description. No description. Grand Prix 3 Track Editing Help Discussion of the game Grand Theft Auto A group for GRan Turismo No description. A forum for discussion of the game Half-Life The Counterstrike mod for Half-Life No description. Counter-Strike 1.5 Sucks. Counter-Strike 1.4 Sucks. No description. No description. Discussion of Team Fortress Classic For discussion of the game Half Life 2. Halo is a FPS game by Bungie. No description. Giant robot combat sim game from Activision and Dream Pod 9 No description. A newsgroup for the HoMM games No description. The award-winning space strategy game No description. No description. No description. new computer game concepts and ideas It's just a game, isn't it? Fnord. Discussion of Interplay games Interplay's Descent: Freespace Internet RolePlaying Society newsgroup discussion of the jagged alliance games. No description. Using an IPX emulator for the Internet to play games. Online multiplayer game Legends of Kesmai Use instead. A newsgroup for the excellent game "Kingpin - A newsgroup for the NEOGEO game, King of Fighters. Westwood's gaming series discussion No description. Adventure game The Longest Journey by Funcom No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. The console RPG series Lunar. The Atari Lynx. Discussion about the M.A.M.E emulator Discussion of the Macintosh Sci-Fi game Marathon. No description. For MechCommander gamers Activision's Second Battletech Simulator. No description. No description. For the game No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of EFIS98 Flight No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Struggling in Mortal Kombat! Mortal Kombat III. Lucas Arts adventure gaming series. No description. For the discussion of the games Mordor, and Mordor 2 Use instead. You can't get there from here. Bethesda Softworks' RPG/FPS for PC and XBOX Multi-Trek, a multi-user Star Trek-like game. computergame MULE by Ozark Software Cyan's graphic adventure game, Myst. No description. Bungie's game Myth: the Fallen Lords and the service No description. Discussion of EA's Need For Speed racing games The game neopets and related discussion. Discussion of the paradise version of netrek. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Neverwinter Nights, the Bioware RPG No description. The new, cool RPG! Simon, Raven, Saber, et al. I choose you, Cypherchu! The Pokemon Gold and Silver For adult discussions of Pokemon. No description. No description. The computer game Omega. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of Persistent world
games No description. Discussion of SEGA's Phantasy Star series of RPG games. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of Nintendo's Pokemon product No description. discussion of issues relevant to powervr video cards This is a fan group for the computer game No description. No description. the multiplayer first person shooter from id software discussion group for whiners (a special
quake3 character No description. For players of the Europress Rac Rally PC game. No description. No description. So Mark and Voodoo have a ratbag ng No description. the new RC racing simulation game by acclaim custom car discussion for re-volt custom track discussion for re-volt Use instead. No description. Chris Pay sucks No description. For discussion of the new Command & Discussion of Resident Evil video game series Talk about games at Cyan's graphic adventure game, Riven. No description. (Moderated) Commo. between HFS groups No description. No description. No description. Discussion of Relics of Empire Old, an SC2 sequel. No description. Discussion of the web game A newsgroup for the game Serious Sam The video game Street Fighter 2. Discussion of 3DRealms game, Shadow Warrior. No description. Interactive multidimensional The Quake/Unreal killer! Discussions for the Sierra game SWAT. No description. General discussion for Maxis SimCity titles No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of the SpiritWars on-line strategy game No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. New team-based multiplayer 3D shooter No description. Short description discussion of game-related topics and creation A usenet discussion of Disney's Stunt Island and film reviews. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Another Maxis spam-trap. Cause teh Sims are now grown up and need to post No description. No description. No description. No description. Group for discussing the game Tiberian Sun No description. No description. No description. Gateway for TORG mailing list. discussion and info about total annihilation. Discussion on editing Total Annihilation No description. Discussion of the Internet-based game Ultima Online. No description. Discussion of the game Universal Domination and others New 3D shooter "Quake Killer" Editor for games using the Unreal engine For discussion of Unreal Fortress. NG dedicated to the Epic FPS game. No description. Unreal Tournament 2003 in all aspects For the game Unreal 2 Discussion and comparison of various upcoming 3-D games. Utopia strategy war game discussion. Utopia strategy war game discussion. group dedicated to the game V2000 A World of Dark game. In-character roleplaying in the Clan Tremere. Discussion of Tim Wisseman's VGA Planets. Discussing the PBEM game VGA Planets version 4 Video games from before the mid-1980s. For the discussion of Digitiser. No description. No description. No description. Classic games of every variety Video games imported from Japan. No description. Topics about the Nintendo 64 Up to date Nintendo 64 FAQ's. discussion of zelda the nintendo game animal crossing trading newsgroup A discussion group for Discussion group for gamecube Nintendo Wii Video Games Console The Hot New Gaming Console! Discussion and info on the Sega Saturn. Up to date Sega Saturn FAQ's. Discussion of the shooter videogame genre The second generation of Sony PlayStation Sony Playstation3 gaming console. No description. the new handheld gaming system Microsoft Xbox, its games and hardware. The craft of war: Orcs versus Humans. League of draenor & multiplayer Warcraft II Computer and board wargames, and related subjects. will allow members to discuss the game Warlords 3 discussion of all things wavecatcher A sequel to the infamous Water Closet games. Discussion of WhiteWolf's line of gothic/horror RPGs. White Wolf Related Fan Fiction No description. Rage, White Wolf's trading card game. A flight simulation game. discussion group about Wireplay games network No description. The Team17 arcade/strategy game Worms. Grappling, throwing, clenching and so on. No description. No description. X-wing Alliance codes, strategies, Discussion on all aspects of the X11 game Xpilot. The networked game Xtrek. No description.
alt.gammaforce No description.
alt.gammaforce.irc No description.
alt.gammaforce.warez No description.
alt.gangs For discussion of street gangs
alt.gangs.bloods For discussion of the Bloods street gang. No description. No description. No description. No description. Garden Alchemy of and for home, life & spirit No description. For talk about gardening, ponding and common chat.
alt.gardening.muskoka Troll Owned and Operated
alt.gardening.muskoka.ontario for gardeners in Muskoka, Ontario
alt.garet Newgroup privato di Garet : Matteo (PN)
alt.garetjax descrizione
alt.gary-burnore.owned-by.mark-ferguson+richard-scoville Gary is PWND!
alt.gary-louise-anderson Cause he is my cousin
alt.gathering.rainbow For discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering.
alt.gathering.woodstock No description. No description. all about gay hypnosis No description. A test.
alt.gays.jay-denebeim Usenet's most prominent homosexual rmgrouper.
alt.gaza No description.
alt.gaza.strip No description. No description.
alt.gbbqy.kmoipsiua WY-7V0iD=hf'MWR'X2 En gaélique. hHI;:icj$"/TCM#Y@Lb6"Y En gaélique. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.gdkdeisqdsd leelaiwqmohfqui
alt.gdz.fkv.omop uoireoxebouuqy
alt.geek To fulfill an observed need.
alt.geek-tragedy oh my how geek tragic
alt.geek.supremacy Discussion of geek supremacy
alt.geektragedy geektragedy discussion
alt.gehirn.los No description.
alt.geld UIUC's very own gold-plated labyrinth.
alt.genealogy Use soc.genealogy.* instead.
alt.genealogy.surnames.collingridge No description.
alt.genius.alan-bstard No description.
alt.genius.anal-polyp paying tribute to a genius
alt.genius.anus No description.
alt.genius.biff-mullins paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.big-daddy-zeus No description.
alt.genius.bill-cleere bill cleere is a genius
alt.genius.bill-palmer No description. (Moderated)
alt.genius.bill-palmer.moderated No description.
alt.genius.clamnebula i seez cliz-ams in muh sleeps
alt.genius.cuchulain No description.
alt.genius.cypher No description.
alt.genius.dave-ratcliffe Discussions of genius David Ratcliffe
alt.genius.definately-not-dowap duh... duhh... dowap!
alt.genius.definitely-not definitely not a genius
alt.genius.definitely-not.keith-wigdor he is definitely not a genius
alt.genius.definitely-not.paul-heslop baaaad paulie
alt.genius.definitely-not.phoenix Phoenix is a retard.
alt.genius.doom No description.
alt.genius.dr-flonkenstein paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.hatchetmama new newsgroups are stalking me
alt.genius.hatchetmama.morbidly-obese hatchetmama is a stupid bitch
alt.genius.hatchetmama.not hatchetmama is a stupid bitch
alt.genius.houston-hair paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.jack-web paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.jack-webb paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.jim Jim is smart
alt.genius.jim.gorman Jim Gorman is a genius
alt.genius.jungleacid paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.knott-culver paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.little-toad paying tribute to a usenet god paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.musical.ward-hog No description.
alt.genius.nebulax paying tribute to a usenet god paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.only-sane-man No description.
alt.genius.optional-identity paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.panikovsky Free Love Advice, Goose cooking etc.
alt.genius.pat-burke No description.
alt.genius.paul-harvey-oswald kevin, doug & the crew
alt.genius.rupert-hangnail unmoderated discussion area
alt.genius.sneelock paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.snuhwolf paying tribute to a usenet god
alt.genius.the-beet-man paying tribute to a poker god
alt.genius.tom-harden No description.
alt.genius.xr2701 paying tribute to a usenet god No description. kwiggy has a gerbil in his ass kwiggy has a gerbil in his ass heslop has a gerbil in his ass Phoenix has a gerbil in his ass. teh king of teh queens No description. minion training methods onuaexagxonob
alt.ggj.z \c80d`SZN6d=9NTjX_"N (Moderated) )YWFi"0+'JC@";f<Y
alt.ghost.hunters No description. Group for discussions about how much of an IDIOT Gia is.
alt.gib Discussion of the Gibraltar - UK - Spain situation
alt.gibraltar No description.
alt.gicho General Discussion
alt.giganews No description.
alt.giganews.jonah-yokubaitis No description.
alt.giggling.cheerleaders Hi! This is Amanda! I noticed there's no newsgroup for
giggling cheerleaders.
alt.gin eofuiualgjiupf
alt.girlie.crybaby.booty No description.
alt.give-me bill cleere r0x
alt.give-me-a-wake.before-i-die.on-usenet No description.
alt.give-me.the-beat bill cleere r0x
alt.give-me.the-beat.boys bill cleere r0x
alt.give-me.the-beat.boys.and-free bill cleere r0x
alt.give-me.the-beat.boys.and-free.bill-cleeres bill cleere r0x
alt.give-me.the-beat.boys.and-free.bill-cleeres.soul cleere r0x
alt.gjach.x.oxtux.xw.atag.jecxz.d.m.jfee.esdpg.iosp /#dl\=89YW2i6%X:="X0GT
alt.gk.hx.m.i P-jJ>V0R<1C4H\ZO",;K?
alt.gkha eueauoyaoiiaiaja UFc>e*Xh=@QbV2 En galicien. En galicien. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... A discussion of the problem of global warming No description. No description. No description. hlpuaeelkioau En guarani. aiaumaoeowdtfiojoxke (Moderated) En guarani. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.gnashing-teeth Angry sales people.
alt.gnn.exodus No description.
alt.gnutella No description.
alt.go.go.nancy Fans of ice skater Nancy Kerrigan. Why won't he give up?
alt.goat No description.
alt.goat.boy Remember the 80's? Rob Cypher does!
alt.goat.cypher Rob Cypher likes goats and their weird, trippy eyes. No description.
alt.goatsex A group concerning the carrnal knowledge of goats.
alt.goatsex.keith-wigdor see keith. see keith sodomize goats.
alt.goatsex.paul-heslop paul smokes goat choad
alt.gobment.lones Talk about the thousand points of blight.
alt.gobshite No description.
alt.god on God; and God's role in the world today.
alt.god.biff-mullins hail Biff hail!
alt.god.cypher Worship him.
alt.god.grubor No description.
alt.god.timothy.sutter No description.
alt.goddess.ayla No description.
alt.goddess.finkelstein No description.
alt.goddess.timothy.sutter No description.
alt.gods No description. For sale/auction & commercial messages George Hibbard's Perfect Impact methodology
alt.good.morning Would you like coffee with that? A place for some news that's good news.
alt.goodpaster No description. Discussion of Google and how it makes the
alt.goohead Dedicated to goohead's around the world
alt.gossip.celeberties No description.
alt.gossip.celebrities No description.
alt.gossip.chs97 No description.
alt.gossip.non-celebrities No description.
alt.gossip.royalty Rumours plaguing the crown.
alt.gothic The gothic movement: things mournful and dark.
alt.gothic.announce Announcements pertaining to alt.gothic (Moderated)
alt.gothic.architecture No description.
alt.gothic.convergence No description.
alt.gothic.culture No description.
alt.gothic.cybergoth alt.gothic.cyber Techno gothic cyberculture Discussion on pointy boots, hair dye, and makeup tips!
alt.gothic.francophone The French-speaking side of Gothness.
alt.gothic.imperia No description. No description.
alt.gothic.nightclubs No description.
alt.gothic.nights No description.
alt.gothic.parenting Discussion of Gothic and Alternative Parenting
alt.gothic.pretentions No description.
alt.gothic.suicide No description.
alt.gourmand Recipes & cooking info. (Moderated)
alt.government.abuse About governmental abuses of its power.
alt.government.employees No description.
alt.government.ssd-benefits.moderated No description.
alt.government.ssdi-benefits No description.
alt.government.ssdi-benefits.moderated No description. (Moderated)
alt.government.ssdi.benefits No description. #>`(W6d+VkZS/? free. maths and mathematical education
alt.grad-student.tenured Professional students.
alt.grady these are a few of my least favorite things
alt.grady.good-goobly-goo-fred these are a few of my least favorite things
alt.graffiti The writing is on the wall.
alt.grant For discussion of Grant. Use* instead. Discussion regarding the Bryce 3D landscape and modeling
program. No description. For users of 3DGO software Discussion of GIF animation design, software, ideas and
general information. Discussion of Adobe Illustrator graphic software program. Discussion of MojoWorld software No description. Sumo-wrestler genitalia (moderated) (Moderated) Discussion of pixmap utilities. No description. No description. Discussion of the TrueSpace 3D modeling software program
alt.great-lakes Discussions of the Great Lakes and adjacent places.
alt.great.ass.paulina Ditch Rick for these drooling fanboys. Yah, right.
alt.greece newgroup alt.greece A NG about greek users scene , help
alt.greek-lawyers unmoderated discussion area for greek lawyers
alt.greggy No description.
alt.grelb Vanity newsgroup for net.personality Alan Bostick.
alt.grep No description.
alt.grits hominy hominy hominy
alt.grits.dummy hominy hominy hominy
alt.grok No description.
alt.groppi No description.
alt.groppi.die.die.die No description. No description.
alt.gsw.m.i oyooirueiobiwl LD usenet link from
alt.guernsey Alternative Discussion Regarding Guernsey, C.I.
alt.guinea.pig.conspiracy Rodents are massing for the Great Rebellion.
alt.guitar You axed for it, you got it.
alt.guitar.amps Discussion of guitar amplifiers.
alt.guitar.bass Bass guitars.
alt.guitar.beginner No description.
alt.guitar.butcher.keith-adams Guitar wrecking advice by Keefy Adams
alt.guitar.effects No description.
alt.guitar.lap-pedal Pedal steel guitar discussion group.
alt.guitar.martin Discussion regarding Martin Guitars
alt.guitar.rickenbacker musical and technical aspects of rickenbacker guitars Discussions about guitar tablature music.
alt.guns Unmoderated Firearms
alt.guzzles-jimmy-wine A mullins public service
alt.guzzles-jimmy-wine.peter-j-ross A mullins public service
alt.guzzles-jimmy-wine.peter-j-ross.0-phile Mullins public service
alt.guzzles-jimmy-wine.peter-j-ross.a-roonie Mullins public service
alt.guzzles-jimmy-wine.peter-j-ross.o-phile Mullins public service
alt.gx.e dbVINl43a]EkWV%371
alt.gzorn No description.
alt.h yuuouoakipgieoqaj
alt.h-1b No description.
alt.h.fxk.wt.e.p.p.cjg.u uiqirehjuyrsjuemd (Moderated)
alt.h.fy.b.q.v.cvbu U0`&KUQ+6bKI9Mi:
alt.h.gjjfekpxdl.pse.fvtl.iv.zg.kcxsaqr.vd.oi.npu.n doaiames (Moderated) iieouphiu uuvuefxxfcs
alt.h.i.p.c.r.i.m.e.waste.of.bandwidth hipcrime is a waste of bandwidth
alt.h.ksn.q.klr.m <T>2^[hD'M/:J]P<]]-bh
alt.h.le uorbhayei
alt.h.oikp.pjpgrazvgo ayhibaerjekygou
alt.h.p wieozeloggal
alt.h.y.c.mpjile.s.xd.m ?`Q`S_"iDG719+GF_--%1*c?"
alt.h0e No description.
alt.h0pcr0me.waste.of.bandwidth hipcrime is a waste of bandwidth
alt.h1pcr1me.waste.of.bandwidth hipcrime is a waste of bandwidth
alt.h2pcr2me.waste.of.bandwidth hipcrime is a waste of bandwidth
alt.ha En haoussa.
alt.ha.test En haoussa.
alt.ha.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.hack No description. No description.
alt.hacker No description.
alt.hacker.avatar No description. German Computer Freaks Security Newsgroup.
alt.hackers No description. (Moderated)
alt.hackers.abi No description.
alt.hackers.anti-pedo No description.
alt.hackers.anti-pedos No description.
alt.hackers.attila_hack No description.
alt.hackers.cough.cough.cough Italian cough cough.
alt.hackers.cough.cough.cough1 No description.
alt.hackers.crybabies No description.
alt.hackers.debate Debating group for hackers and admins (Moderated)
alt.hackers.discuss A self-moderated hackers discussion group. (Moderated)
alt.hackers.friggenbozo Group discusses anything to do with circus stuff
alt.hackers.groups Discussion of various hacker groups.
alt.hackers.groups.lod LoD hacking USEnet group
alt.hackers.groups.moderated Advanced hacking and related technology. (Moderated)
alt.hackers.hackerzlair No description.
alt.hackers.malicious The really bad guys -- don't take candy from them.
alt.hackers.malicious.binaries Binary support for alt.hackers.malicious
alt.hackers.malicious.psyko Steve Wright "ThePsyko" of dead
alt.hackers.wicked-samurai No description.
alt.hackers.wickedsamuria No description.
alt.hacking Redundant with many other groups.
alt.hacking.advanced protection\indemnities\breaking operationg systems
(Moderated) international hacker congress Netherlands in august 97
alt.hackintosh Clever programming on Apple's Macintosh.
alt.hackintosh.mp0werd Of all clean birds ye shall eat.
alt.hackintosh.serials Posting serial numbers for Macintosh Software.
alt.hacknirvana No description.
alt.hahsdigi For the hahs of digi. alt.FUCK.OFF.MIEKM
alt.hahsdigi.jim-dove.doing.a.really.big.dump No description.
alt.hainesy Discussion of Usenet user hAiNeSy No description. Please get a haircut you trailer trash/hillbilly boy.
alt.hairinfo.ernie.fiction No description.
alt.hairloss alt.hairloss
alt.hairloss.d Support for people suffering from hairloss
alt.hal2001.lives-on We will never forget HAL2001!
alt.halah A place for the Halah's of the world to unite
alt.hale-bobb No description.
alt.halfbakery No description. No description.
alt.ham-radio.acars No description.
alt.ham-radio.marketplace Buy/sell/swap ham radio gear
alt.ham-radio.packet Use instead.
alt.ham-radio.vhf-uhf No description.
alt.hangover Pass the aspirin and a barrel of coffee. Exploding egoism.
alt.happy.valley - - this ain't a valley & we ain't happy:
alt.happyclown No description.
alt.hardcore Like a peach. Or the earth.
alt.hardware-theft.compaq.zed Regarding the theft of HW from companies
alt.harpa Hacker Advanced Research Projects Agency (Moderated)
alt.hatchet-mama.icp-reject No description.
alt.hate.a2000 For serious discussions on terrible financial misbehavior of
alt.hate.areku For enemies of the arrogant dickhead
alt.hate.gods Discussion of hating gods.
alt.hate.kelvinmckenzie Group discussing the activities of Kelvin
alt.hate.lemonhead Eric Sucks
alt.hate.sheilagreen No description.
alt.hate.shilo No description.
alt.haunting.hoax No description.
alt.haunting.investigation No description.
alt.haunting.serious No description.
alt.hawk Hawk
alt.hawk.fuckhead Hawk is a fuckhead Alt dyking hawk haters Hawk Haters Auto-line
alt.hazmat hazmat response networking group
alt.hcstuik.jxs ieoauiefioaioa
alt.he En hébreu.
alt.he.test En hébreu.
alt.he.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.head.made.of.wood.montgomery-wood No description. No description.
alt.headkase.take-your-meds Are you sticking to your medication regime?
alt.healing.flower-essence No description.
alt.healing.reiki No description. Use* or* instead. Really old medicine from India. Discussion of all aspects of biofeedback therapy Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Action Group. (Moderated) No description. "Amalgam Related Illness" discussion group. Discussions related to the disease diabetes No description. Herpes Community Forum: HSV1&2 Topics. (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. Discussion of oxygen & ozone therapy. No description. No description. alternative treatment of virus-related
alt.hebetudinous read 'em and weep, cap'n!
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated read 'em and weep, cap'n!
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated.peter-j-ross read 'em and weep, cap'n!
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated.peter-j-ross.hth read 'em and weep!
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated.twit spnaking miss spooge
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated.twit.evan-josh Go Evan-Josh, GO!
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated.twit.evan-josh.roose Go Evan-Josh, GO!
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated.twit.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated.twit.phoenix Phoenix is a twit.
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated.twit.phoenix.phoenix Phoenix is a twit.
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated.twit.spooge spnaking miss spooge
alt.hebetudinous.addlepated.twit.spooge.whine-simper-bleat sssspnak!
alt.hej-boomer discussion of ways to say 'hej' to boomer
alt.hektors-hadeaway No description.
alt.hello Hello world! Biff mullins sez hello Hello world! Business Calculus Support Group. An alternate way for employers to post help Answers to html and publishing questions.
alt.hemp It's about knot-tying with rope. Knot!
alt.hemp.octa All eight sides to the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act.
alt.hemp.politics Political issues surrounding marijuana.
alt.hentai.sailor-moon No description. Use rec.heraldry instead.
alt.heritage.front No description.
alt.herp No description. No description.
alt.herpes.personals People with herpes looking for companionship.
alt.hey.quad.nice.ass For admiration and worship of Alicia Wallace's
alt.hf.sycy Q:5OX/R*UYDP-_c8A*/`3e0V mitasaiuouaaouujvi
alt.hgo HGO.Net Subscribers hipcrime is a waste of bandwidth
alt.hi En hindi.
alt.hi-po.mopars Use instead. Are there a lot of pathetic people on the net or what?
alt.hi.test En hindi.
alt.hi.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre. Discussion for pupils, staff and alumni
alt.hilliterate.noarthern.bastards No description.
alt.hindu The Hindu religion. (Moderated)
alt.hipclone.waste.of.bandwidth HipCrime is a waste of bandwidth!
alt.hipkrime.waste.of.bandwidth HipCrime is a waste of bandwidth!
alt.hirsute discussion of hairy people.
alt.hirsute.celine-dion celine is ugly and hairy.
alt.hirsute.ernest-borgnine a very hairy man indeed.
alt.hirsute.jamie-farr jamie is very hairy.
alt.history.abe-lincoln Discussion of the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.
alt.history.ancient-egypt No description.
alt.history.ancient-worlds history, ancient advanced civilizations
alt.history.british A newsgroup for British History
alt.history.colonial No description.
alt.history.costuming No description.
alt.history.exile No description.
alt.history.future See also alt.yesterday.tomorrow.
alt.history.hannigan.liar .liar.liar Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
service. A forum for discussing the hobby of living history.
alt.history.ocean-liners Classic ocean liners.
alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic Historic ocean liners: the Titantic.
alt.history.punitive.expedition No description.
alt.history.richard-iii A group about King Richard III of England
alt.history.what-if What would the net have been like without this group? No description.
alt.hitler.reincarnated.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.hjbs.wuyp fICM2S7_>4(Z]]7NT>U (Moderated) No description.
alt.hkegheaezs.h.umi.w.shysrbipk amiuuiiisg
alt.hnnc.m <;kb<!d+*7ij*7)
alt.hobbies.beekeeping Where do you keep *your* bees?
alt.hobbies.boyscouts No description.
alt.hobbies.boyscouts.oa No description.
alt.hobbies.raccoon-feeding Feed the raccoons No description.
alt.hobbies.reenactor No description.
alt.hobbies.serial-murder Dark humour for friendly psychopaths
alt.hobbies.slotcars No description.
alt.hoc.s eutipiaebiehauigiee (Moderated)
alt.hocom No description.
alt.holden.monaro No description.
alt.hollywood - A forum for Hollywood residents to share their
alt.holocaust.cypher Prepare for it... For serious discussions on terrible financial misbehavior of
alt.holoworld.rpg The Holoworld role-playing game.
alt.holoworld.rpg.startrek No description.
alt.holy.ofm No description.
alt.hom.mfz.w igfuumerdruyi
alt.home-theater.marketplace Home theater equipment wanted and for sale.
alt.home-theater.misc Discussing all aspects of home theatre systems. for cleaning all sorts of household items
alt.home.depot.sux No description. No description. Bob Vila would love this group.
alt.homebrewing No description. A spam newsgroup
alt.homeless.hetnet No description. UK Homepage Design Tips
alt.homepages.geocities group for geocites users
alt.homepages.xoom No description.
alt.homosexual Same as
alt.homosexual.falimortis No description.
alt.homosexual.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.homosexual.lesbian Use soc.women.lesbian-and-bi instead.
alt.homosexual.vito-kuhn Homosexual religious activist Vito Kuhn
alt.homosexuality.death-metal There is never a better way to bang.
alt.honesty Honest Thoughts and Actions Improve Our World No description.
alt.horology A group for the science of clocks and watches.
alt.horrible.table-manners.scott-abraham This man is unpleasant.
alt.horror The horror genre.
alt.horror.creative Original horror fiction, poems, pictures.
alt.horror.cthulhu Campus Crusade for Cthulhu, Ctulhu, Ctulu, and the rest.
alt.horror.cypher The Cypher is truly terrifying...
alt.horror.elmstreet "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movies
alt.horror.lounge No description. Horror video collectors.
alt.horror.werewolves They were wolves, now they're something to be wary of.
alt.horrorcomix No description.
alt.horseback.riding Discuss all styles of Horseback Riding.
alt.horsecare.basics No description.
alt.hotel666 It will mostly discuss heavy music and anything else. No description.
alt.hotrod High speed automobiles. Voor de gein
alt.housing.nontrad Communes, co-housing & alternative living arrangements. learn how to! No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.hp.r.quwuumf.ejb ivthiopaiaokninaie xulazeimefeefqie En croate. No description. En croate. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.hsb En haut-sorabe.
alt.hsb.test En haut-sorabe.
alt.hsb.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... autuuvgnugrcsvoaor
alt.html Use comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html instead.
alt.html.critique Discuss and review existing WWW material
alt.html.dhtml No description.
alt.html.editors.enhanced-html The Enhanced HTML editor.
alt.html.editors.evrsoft Discussion of Evrsoft's HTML editor
alt.html.editors.toppage A group about the HTML editor TopPage.
alt.html.editors.webedit Users of Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit.
alt.html.server-side No description.
alt.html.tags No description.
alt.html.web-accessibility No description.
alt.html.webedit Use alt.html.editors.webedit instead. En hongrois. En hongrois. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.hufwoo.v.noqsphc.b.edjc.j.sfiley.f _KkIM>X>aEaF_$"FY^?eG0
alt.huh Huh?
alt.human-brain A delicacy in some corners of the planet.
alt.humor No description. What readers think is funniest in netnews. (Moderated) Discussion of posts.
alt.humor.bluesman Humor from the 105th St. BluesMan's world.
alt.humor.dutch Dutch(languaged) humor
alt.humor.dutch.terrace Dutch(languaged) humor replies
alt.humor.holocaust Help us weave humor into a difficult subject.
alt.humor.jewish discuss and exchange jewish humor
alt.humor.jewish.anti-goy Racist humour from our favorite two thousand
alt.humor.jewish.genocide Flames, debates, and other stuff not on topic
alt.humor.jewish.mendacious Resentful, spiteful, self-hating Jewish humor
alt.humor.jewish.netcop Laughing at Jewish netcops, rmgroup bunnies,
alt.humor.mad-magazine a forum for discussing Mad Magazine
alt.humor.mylarcity for talking about Mylar City and High School Math The lighter side of spam-fighting
alt.humor.parodies No description.
alt.humor.puns Not here.
alt.hung-like-a-bumble-bee Heeeere petey.
alt.hung-like-a-bumble-bee.harry-bloomfield Hi harry
alt.hung-like-a-bumble-bee.peter-j-ross Heeeere petey.
alt.hung-like-a-bumble-bee.peter-j-ross.a-roonie Heeeere petey.
alt.hung-like-a-bumble-bee.peter-j-ross.a-roonie.hth For Petey
alt.hung-like-a-bumble-bee.peter-j-ross.a-roonie.hth.hth Poor Pete
alt.huya No description. (Moderated) No description. (Moderated)
alt.hvac Heating, venting and air conditioning. Dicussion of HVAC design related concepts and m A/C and Heating Trade Group. (Moderated)
alt.hvuwpa.b.ipwx.cp iioqeaiutmu
alt.hx.c eyumufqeaeijihpo
alt.hy En arménien.
alt.hy.test En arménien.
alt.hy.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.hydrogen.research No description.
alt.hydroponics No description.
alt.hypertext Discussion of hypertext -- uses, transport, etc.
alt.hypnosis When you awaken, you will forget about this newsgroup.
alt.hypnosis.hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy discussion and information.
alt.hypnotherapy Use alt.hypnosis.hypnotherapy instead. dowggbijabiiuwiwea
alt.i-am-stoned As requested
alt.i-are-a i are a...
alt.i-are-a.teknishun i are a teknishun
alt.i-hace i hace...
alt.i-hace.20-years i hace 20 years...
alt.i-hace.20-years.of-education i hace 20 years of edu...
alt.i-hace.20-years.of-education.i-graduated i hace...
alt.i-hace.20-years.of-education.i-graduated.10th-grade biff rulez
alt.i-hace.20-years.of-education.i-graduated.10th-grade.twice biff!
alt.i-hate these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate-realplayer RealPlayer FUCKIN' SUCKS!
alt.i-hate.bad-clams these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate.catholics these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate.christians these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate.faq-nazis too many faq nazis
alt.i-hate.faq-thumpers these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate.fat-chicks these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate.jews these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate.linux these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate.mexicans kill a spic for christ
alt.i-hate.muslims just ask me why these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate.niggers niggers are the stupidest people pro sports suck
alt.i-hate.rednecks too many rednecks
alt.i-hate.shn-snobs these are a few of my least favorite things
alt.i-hate.snail-tracks clean up after your menstrual cycle
alt.i-hate.switchblade-sadie these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate.the-riaa these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-hate.voice-of-webcasters things to do today these are a few of my most-hated things
alt.i-kill i kill i kill i kill
alt.i-kill.children kill yr kids
alt.i-loev i loev ms poopy pnats i loev ms poopy pnats
alt.i-love these are a few of my favorite things
alt.i-love-you No description.
alt.i-love-you.zvjezdana postings by everyone experiencing an unhappy
alt.i-love.alt-config these are a few of my favorite things
alt.i-love.alt-config.not these are a few of my favorite things
alt.i-love.alt-edgar these are a few of my favorite things
alt.i-love.alt-esada these are a few of my favorite things pooooopie oh pooooopie
alt.i-love.paul-harvey-oswald these are a few of my favorite things
alt.i-love.the-beet-man these are a few of my favorite things
alt.i-love.the-word these are a few of my favorite things
alt.i-love.the-word.xyzzy there is no such word
alt.i-love.the-word.zzyzx these are a few of my favorite things these are a few of my favorite things these are a few of my favorite things these are a few of my favorite
alt.i-think what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.listen-to what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.listen-to.alt.config what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.listen-to.casey-casem what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.listen-to.cnn what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.listen-to.corporate-rock what do i think c&w sucks
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.listen-to.john-corliss fuck off johnny
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.listen-to.opera what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.listen-to.oprah she's a fat nigger bitch
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.listen-to.rush-limbaugh what do i think what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.use what do i think what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.use.linux what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-dont.use.mac what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-spam what do i think
alt.i-think.therefore.i-spnak sssssssssssssssssssspnak!!!!
alt.i-think.therefore.i-spnak.starshine-moonbeam sssssssssspnak!!!! No description. No description. No description. kwiggy is a spammer kwiggy is a spammer kwiggy is a spammer Hi Harry No description.
alt.i.cant.type No description. No description. Hi Harry oyuxuiuejkoiou No description.
alt.i.ijb uueecuuororqpsjw No description.
alt.i.lcq.zmh uosdbtehayw Intelligent No description. No description. nkikkaeegoieiaaideiiwweq
alt.i.pd.s.fjixh uoeiaauxxascgo (Moderated)
alt.i.rexw hdpnitocaiuuoaguy (Moderated) Penis.
alt.i.rmgroup.because.i.was.born.without.a.brain.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.i.rmgroup.because.i.was.born.without.a.penis.montgomery-wood No description. I like Jay!
alt.i.rock No description.
alt.i.s.onx.khs.dhtlyqf.s empdhramwfiukex
alt.i.stab.people KILL DEATH DIE A newsgroup for ex-wife and ex-husbands. This group is about complaing Dima is a porn star! All pedos do!
alt.i.x iaephoemybeik (Moderated)
alt.ia En Interlingua.
alt.ia.test En Interlingua.
alt.ia.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.ibc - The International Badgers Club. No description. No description.
alt.ibk enubarmawaawkuyq
alt.iblejni.s.lf.b dajauufifiije ibm personal computer discussion
alt.ibsm.hi.m.qqg.mzqc ooietuoexozea
alt.icc Internet Communication Center - General Forum
alt.icelandic.waif.bjork.bjork.bjork Ex-Sugarcubes - not the Swedish Chef.
alt.iceman No description.
alt.icq unmoderated discussion about the icq chat client Special request from En indonésien. En indonésien. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.idc.h.wmw &ab7;jUh,_D'2Db
alt.identify-theft No description.
alt.identify-theft.cypher Rob Cypher steals souls too!
alt.idesk No description.
alt.idiot-savant bad paulie
alt.idiot-savant.without-the bad paulie
alt.idiot-savant.without-the.savant-part bad paulie
alt.idiot-savant.without-the.savant-part.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.idiot-savant.without-the.savant-part.john-corliss fuck off jonny
alt.idiot-savant.without-the.savant-part.paul-heslop bad paulie
alt.idiot-savant.without-the.savant-part.spooge sssspnak!
alt.idiot-savant.without-the.savant-part.spooge.spooge sssspnak!
alt.idiot.alex-cain Repository for posts concerning the kook Alex Cain.
alt.idiot.alex-cain.midget.racist.cocksucker No description.
alt.idiot.alex-cain.obsess.obsess.obsess Watch Dink Obsess!
alt.idiot.andrew-gierth No description.
alt.idiot.andrzej.lepper filmy binarnie
alt.idiot.anti-oliver No description.
alt.idiot.anyone.with.a.webtv Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users.
alt.idiot.avraham-leibovitch No description.
alt.idiot.avraham-leibovitch.fucks.boys No description.
alt.idiot.b9-forger is a group for fans of the imfamous forger named
alt.idiot.big-wooden-head An unmoderated newsgroup for discussion of noted Usenet
idiot Big Wood/Storm
alt.idiot.bob-barnett Discussion of racist attorney & wrestling tape shill Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.idiot.cory-dunkle 'cos he is one
alt.idiot.cypher The stupidity of cypher
alt.idiot.david-farrar No description.
alt.idiot.edmond-bunny Edmond Bunny hop hop
alt.idiot.epeleg.spank.spank alt.idiot.epeleg.spank.spank.spank - For the spanking
of On Epeleg and
alt.idiot.epeleg.spank.spank.spank - For the spanking of On Epeleg and
alt.idiot.extreme-one No description.
alt.idiot.fred-bloggs No description.
alt.idiot.hainsey Self explanatory
alt.idiot.hainsey.midget.racist.cocksucker RMFROUP TIS!!!11
alt.idiot.hannigan.rikijo.thorne.spank Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer
alt.idiot.hens For serious discussions on Hens's idiocy in his messages
alt.idiot.howard-knight No description.
alt.idiot.illogical-menace No description.
alt.idiot.james-benzeleski.scranton-screecher No description.
alt.idiot.james-koput No description.
alt.idiot.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.idiot.jay-denebeim.eats.mice No description.
alt.idiot.jay-denebeim.eats.spiders No description.
alt.idiot.jeff-small - Discussion related to Usenet kook & pathological
alt.idiot.jerry-brenner Jerry Brenner: The patron saint of fuckheads
alt.idiot.jimiheeha No description.
alt.idiot.jon-perry No description.
alt.idiot.kalisch No description.
alt.idiot.klaas.blows.a.dickwhistle Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.idiot.ktulu For serious discussions on severely exaggerated idiotic
alt.idiot.laughing-boy No description.
alt.idiot.louis-epstein No description.
alt.idiot.marsrules discussion of the usenet kook MarsRules
alt.idiot.mattvell Matt, the boring guy from Frontiernet
alt.idiot.michael-mottola - Discussion of greaseball stalkerkook markboy
alt.idiot.mike.klaas.peter-puffing.pedophile Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as
a public service.
alt.idiot.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.idiot.moo2 No description. No description.
alt.idiot.nazi .fuckstick.dvus Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.idiot.nazi.fuckstick.hawk Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.idiot.paedophile.barry-bouwsma.binariez.0-day Created by GruppenSchnitzer
users as a public service.
alt.idiot.pedophile.don-quichotte No description.
alt.idiot.pedophile.peter-j-ross here u go pete
alt.idiot.pedophile.peter-j-ross.loves-little-boys here u go pete
alt.idiot.pedophile.reb-ruster No description.
alt.idiot.pedophile.snoopy This group will be for the discussion of the
alt.idiot.pedophile.trippy No description.
alt.idiot.richard-the-stupid Discussion of Richard Bullis
alt.idiot.roger-wiseman No description.
alt.idiot.rory-o-moore.child-molester Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.idiot.rory-o-moore.loves.boy-cock Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.idiot.sabu424 sabu424 and his idiotic ramblings
alt.idiot.shut-up-cunter No description.
alt.idiot.sputers No description.
alt.idiot.steve-belling paying tribute to a usenet fool
alt.idiot.swallow For serious discussions on severely exaggerated idiotic
alt.idiot.w-van-heusden For serious discussions on idiotic behavior of Wim van
alt.idiot.will-dockery For discussion of the pathetic pizzakook.
alt.idiot.wolf-moonchild For serious discussions on idiotic behavior of
alt.idiotic.barry-manilow.kill.kill.kill Kill Barry Manilow !
alt.idiots For discussion of idiots and all things idiotic.
alt.idoctra.announce Announcing new groups
alt.idoctra.lang.config Discussings about creating new groups in lang. Translation issues about the German language.
alt.idoctra.lang.en Translation issues about the English language. Translation issues about the Spanish language. Translation issues about the French language.
alt.idoctra.lang.general Discussions about any languages w/o own group. Translation issues about the Italian language. Questions and answers relating to the software.
alt.idoctra.test Testing the idoctra hierarchy. En Interlingue. oivugaozouobnluik En Interlingue. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.ietu-trolls No description.
alt.igclick No description. No description. No description.
alt.igclick.sw No description. No description.
alt.ih.xkl.t.bzc.c QRlRea/"/XF1eGkl0Ye
alt.ihatebr No description.
alt.ihatebr.moderated Criticism of Outlook Express (Moderated)
alt.ihlq QH)k0@:N(k;SC@J
alt.illiterate-censor.christina-eijkhout No description.
alt.illuminati See alt.cabal. Fnord.
alt.illustration General dicussion of illustration methods and ideas.
alt.ilya-shambat.library-activities.tissues-please Cujo DeSockpuppet No description. No description.
alt.ima-fucking-jerk No description.
alt.image.jpeg2000.binaries new JPEG2000 image format.
alt.image.jpeg2000.text new JPEG2000 image format.
alt.image.medical Medical image exchange discussions.
alt.imbecile.capt-kundalini.nazi-troll Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.imbecile.capt-kundalini.stalker Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.imbecile.hannigan.spank.spank.spank Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer
alt.imbecile.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.imbecile.paedophile.barry-bouwsma.binariez Created by GruppenSchnitzer users
as a public service.
alt.imbecile.uriel-and-poetta.sleazoids Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.imbecilli.falliti No description.
alt.imbecilli.plurinick No description.
alt.immersion No description.
alt.immersion.d No description.
alt.immersion.duffman No description.
alt.immortal Eventually makes you insult people around the universe.
alt.immortal.super-grover No description.
alt.impeach No description.
alt.impeach.bush No description.
alt.impeach.clinton Some think he performs as though he is impeared.
alt.impeach.sean-monaghan FNVW suxs do a Dick Nixon on the boi
alt.impero No description.
alt.impotence.jay-denebeim NG to discuss Jay's impotence
alt.impotence.jay-denebeim.denial He says it's not true, and rmgroups it. Discuss.
alt.impotent-little-fuckhead all about punk j ross.
alt.impotent-little-fuckhead.dowap all about dowap
alt.impotent-little-fuckhead.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.impotent-little-fuckhead.peter-j-ross all about punk j ross.
alt.impotent-little-fuckhead.peter-j-ross.hth all about punk j ross.
alt.impotent-little-fuckhead.spooge all about spooge
alt.impotent-little-fuckhead.spooge.aka all about spooge
alt.impotent-little-fuckhead.spooge.aka.puddles all about spooge
alt.imsck ixeoaiesozbaiu Hi Harry No description. No description.
alt.inbred.jed-88 Trailer talk for inbred southerners and other malcontents
alt.incompetence.phil-oliver No description. No description. No description. Progressive politics in the Indian sub-continent.
alt.india.table-tennis No description. No description.
alt.indignitas a subsidiary of snuh technologies
alt.indignitas.formerly-known-as-alcatroll a subsidiary of snuh tech
alt.individualism Philosophies where individual rights are paramount.
alt.industrial The Industrial Computing Society claimed this name.
alt.inewon FM$>h*Q0=LWC>'DGWO (Moderated)
alt.inf.uzion discussion = guitars + warez
alt.infertility Use instead.
alt.infertility.alternatives For the discussion of alternatives to
alt.infertility.parenting For the discussion of all aspects of parenting
alt.infertility.pregnancy Support for pregnancy after infertility
alt.infertility.primary For the discussion of primary Infertility.
alt.infertility.secondary Infertility after experiencing pregnancy.
alt.infertility.surrogacy a forum for discussion of the infertility Discussion of the SETI Project, including the
alt.infowars A newsgroup for fans of the work of Alex Jones
alt.innerstation a meeting place for writers and computer
alt.insane.person.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.inside-joke Inside jokes that nobody but you and your friends would get.
alt.inside-joke.salt Salt! Inside Joke! You Wouldn't Get It!
alt.insurgent Rasta Khan is TEH MASTAH! Cannon SUXXORZ! Kevin Cannon ain' no insurgent!
alt.internet Try to find a better focused group than this.
alt.internet.access.wanted "Oh. OK, how about just an MX record for now?"
alt.internet.appliances No description.
alt.internet.commerce Doing business on the Internet. No description. Recognizing the people responsible for inet success. biff mullins invented the internet go biff go!
alt.internet.i-box Possibly about Spry's Internet in a Box package.
alt.internet.ipv6 alt.ipv6 Discussion about the Internet Protocol version 6
alt.internet.klaas.poop.stick Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
service. The coverage of the internet by the media.
alt.internet.newservers No description.
alt.internet.p2p crashed P2P blocking is stupid!
alt.internet.p2p.hashing Hashing in P2P networks.
alt.internet.p2p.links crashed
alt.internet.p2p.sharelive ShareLive P2P community on Usenet. No description.
alt.internet.providers.america No description. No description.
alt.internet.providers.canada.channel1 No description.
alt.internet.providers.europe No description.
alt.internet.providers.europe.relcom-sucks No description.
alt.internet.providers.igclick No description.
alt.internet.providers.redhotant Discussion of the 0800 ISP RedHotAnt No description. Discussion of UK ISP's No description. No description. About Breathe ISP. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.internet.providers.usa.dsl No description. discussion of internet-only radio
alt.internet.research Informal discussion of new protocols/technologies
alt.internet.resellers Reseller programs on the internet. Internet search engines and related topics Not available in the uucp world, even via email.
alt.internet.stuff No description. No description. Carl Malamud's Internet Talk Radio program. Use talk.bizarre instead.
alt.internet.wap Discussion of the WAP protocol for mobile internet devices.
alt.internet.wireless Accessing the internet via wireless devices.
alt.internet.worldsaway No description.
alt.internet.yokota.general general topics concerning Yokota
alt.internic.billing.problems No description.
alt.intsec No description.
alt.inventors People with new ideas.
alt.inventorworld No description.
alt.invest.fsbo No description. Discussion of crashes in the stockmarkets
alt.invest.penny-stocks Investing in low cost stocks.
alt.invest.real-estate Use misc.invest.real-estate instead.
alt.invest.real-estate.methods Methods only. No specific deals.
alt.invest.stocks.amd Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) stock chat En ido. En ido. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre. IOmega's Zip and Jazz magnetic computer drives.
alt.iopener No description.
alt.iowa Issues relative to the Hawkeye State. aiuafoeuudmiqu No description. No description.
alt.ipl.discussion No description.
alt.ipl.messages No description.
alt.ipl.mp3.encrypted is for the posting of encrypted only files with
alt.ipl.req No description.
alt.iqwjdg No description.
alt.irc Internet Relay Chat material.
alt.irc-progs.megaliths.virc No description.
alt.irc-progs.virc No description.
alt.irc.agcm No description. No description.
alt.irc.announce Announcements about Internet Relay Chat (IRC). (Moderated)
alt.irc.bersirc No description.
alt.irc.bersirc.scripts No description.
alt.irc.bitchx No description.
alt.irc.bots Daemons on the Internet Relay Chat.
alt.irc.bots.eggdrop Eggdrop IRC-Bot discussion/announcements.
alt.irc.brasirc brasirc's assistance, help and discussion
alt.irc.camelot The newsgroup on the IRC channel #@Camelot. The channel #fortress on EFnet IRC. See for details.
alt.irc.channels.lucca No description.
alt.irc.corruption.log.log.log No description.
alt.irc.cuss No description.
alt.irc.dal-net.tiny-toons Dal-net's #Tiny_Toons Offical Usenet group
alt.irc.dalnet The DALnet IRC network.
alt.irc.dalnet.channels.windows95 No description.
alt.irc.demonweb Alternative IRC Network dedicated to Discussion of futher development of the IRCP(Internet Relay
alt.irc.digi-98 No description.
alt.irc.efnet No description.
alt.irc.exilenet internet relay chat server. Fan appreciation group for the IRC user formerly known as
'slackie' Nude pictures of slackie.
alt.irc.fefnet The FEFNet IRC network. News and information of The Gamez Network
alt.irc.hackers_uk No description.
alt.irc.hacking alt.comp.programming programming tips, discussions, help
alt.irc.hacku No description.
alt.irc.hottub Discussion of the IRC channel #hottub.
alt.irc.ircii IRC, the sequel.
alt.irc.jungle No description.
alt.irc.kewl The Kewlest IRC Network, No description.
alt.irc.mirc Help and info on the IRC client mIRC.
alt.irc.mirc.kill-the-line No description.
alt.irc.mirc.scripts Info/Discussion on mIRC Scripts and Scripting Pizza mIRC Script. World Wide Freenet IRC Network discussion.
alt.irc.networks Post ads about new irc networks/servers here.
alt.irc.peacefull Newsgroup of IRC channel #peacefull, friendly chat group.
alt.irc.psycloud No description.
alt.irc.quakenet No description.
alt.irc.questions How-to questions for IRC (International Relay Chat).
alt.irc.raptornet No description.
alt.irc.ratsnest Trivia game schedules, scores, and chat for #RatsNest.
alt.irc.recovery Withdrawing from IRC overdose.
alt.irc.romance Finding love on the Internet Relay Chat. Irc chat network for Cats.
alt.irc.sirc No description.
alt.irc.starlink No description.
alt.irc.subcrew.hackers No description.
alt.irc.undernet The alternative IRC.
alt.irc.undernet.authors Support and the business of writing
alt.irc.undernet.channels No description.
alt.irc.undernet.channels.new2irc Help on the Internet Relay Chat.
alt.irc.undernet.ska Forum for the regulars of Undernet #Ska.
alt.irc.virc Discussion of the Visual IRC client for Win32
alt.irc.webnet WebNet News, Comments, updates and current/planned events No description. No description. A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer. No description. FNVW suxs do a RFK on the boi
alt.irj.u.jwbdjvjpl celucebuuuafuujvw
alt.ironfist A newsgroup for ironfist debate and discussion
alt.irony Discussion of irony, satire, parody, spoof and the Ring of Irony.
alt.irs.class-action Discussing a class-action suit against US's IRS.
alt.irs.general No description. En islandais. Nope. Its not. Nope. Its not. Nope. Its not. Nope. Its not. Nope. Its not. Nope. Its not. No description. If it's a sewer, let's treat it like one! (Moderated) En islandais. The companion to -- too much foo. (Moderated) « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... No description.
alt.islam.sufism Discussions of the mystical dimensions of Islam.
alt.isonews No description.
alt.ispge Y]H6EP20?DdP<j6T*OY
alt.issues.bogus.rmgroups.montgomery-wood No description. En italien. L'isola dove anche i sogni più No description. L'Hacking in Italia Discutere di spiritualita En italien. « Wikipédia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.ita.anime No description.
alt.ita.anime.commercial No description. No description.
alt.ita.anime.manga No description.
alt.ita.anime.marketplace No description.
alt.italia No description.
alt.italia.paolo-pizzi L'esperienza socialista liberale di Paolo Pizzi
alt.italian.anime-manga No description.
alt.itil-netherlands No description. No description.
alt.iuie No description. No description.
alt.ivogmg No description.
alt.ivorytower No description. No description. (Moderated)
alt.iy.i.h No description. (Moderated)
alt.iyknwrs.mfx No description.
alt.iyl No description.
alt.j No description.
alt.j.cp.ypb.w.onkfcxlpjqbpopj.irlrmp No description.
alt.j.e.foortj.bjr.cqso No description. No description.
alt.j.ghz No description. No description.
alt.j.m.x.y.d.b No description.
alt.j.mgdodhfdp No description. (Moderated)
alt.j.mvx.gx.ftgj No description. No description.
alt.j.xvb No description.
alt.jacek Internet Weeding (Moderated)
alt.jacek.dyskusje No description.
alt.jacek.jest.gupi No description.
alt.jacek.pancita-and-gay Jacek is a pancita and gay!
alt.jack-me-off Yep
alt.jackass general jackass discussion No description.
alt.jamie-baillie.likes.prostitutes Jamie Baillie like Hookers!
alt.jankenpon No description.
alt.jankenpon.admin No description.
alt.jankenpon.binaries.rose-leaf_club No description. No description.
alt.jankenpon.test No description.
alt.january No description. No description.
alt.japan.idol No description.
alt.japan.idol.u-16 No description.
alt.japan.kichigai The group in which the Japanese to whom the head
alt.japanese-cinema No description.
alt.japanese.aidoru.honmono.nuudo.or.sekusii.gazou No description.
alt.japanese.bbs.asciinet No description.
alt.japanese.misc Use soc.culture.japan(.moderated) instead.
alt.japanese.neojapan.b.p.kodomo No description.
alt.japanese.neojapan.bainari.gazou-otakara otakara gazou
alt.japanese.neojapan.bainari.gazou.eroero.rorikon No description. No description.
alt.japanese.neojapan.fairu.gazou.loliloli No description.
alt.japanese.neojapan.feed About feed of alt.japanese.neojapan.* .
alt.japanese.neojapan.fetish.lolita Let's talk about lolita in japanese.
alt.japanese.neojapan.fetish.lolita.anime About lolita-anime in japan. Let's talk about fj.* sucker.
alt.japanese.neojapan.gazou No description.
alt.japanese.neojapan.gazou.shoujo self-explanatory
alt.japanese.neojapan.gazou.shoujo.cardcaptor-sakura No description.
alt.japanese.neojapan.hackers.nifty Japan's most famous BBS,Nifty ID/PW Hacks. Let's hack japanese pay-site.
alt.japanese.neojapan.hackers.swpw About Shereware ID/PW in japanese.
alt.japanese.neojapan.hackintosh Let's talk about hackintosh in japanese.
alt.japanese.neojapan.lolita No description.
alt.japanese.neojapan.pedophilia Let's talk about pedophilia in japanese.
alt.japanese.neojapan.providers Let's talk about ISPs in japanese.
alt.japanese.neojapan.rorikon No description. Let's talk about sakura in japanese.
alt.japanese.neojapan.swpw Let's talk about shereware regist PW in japanese.
alt.japanese.neojapan.telephone-club Disccusions about Japanese Telephone Club and
it's problem. Let's talk about ibm-pc warez in japanese.
alt.japanese.neojapan.warez.ibmpc Let's talk about IBM-PC warez in japanese.
alt.japanese.paranormal.cosmic-lab No description.
alt.japanese.text Postings in Japanese; Japanese language software.
alt.javawoman No description.
alt.jay-denebeim.can.stick.his.rmgroup.up.his.arse No description. No
alt.jay-denebiem.cant.stop.frogbutt No description.
alt.jay-denebime.hitler.reincarnated No description. No description. No description.
alt.jaybuzin No description.
alt.jays-bitch.curtis-desjardins Another alt.config ass kisser.
alt.jays-parrot.hawk Jay Denebozo's parrot.
alt.jedi-of-ro0t No description.
alt.jedi-of-root No description. An alternative to the established Jeep-L mailing list
alt.jeff.dr No description.
alt.jeff78.n.natalie.griffith.are.pathetic.morons No description.
alt.jen-is-beavis No description.
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall Fred Hall is Usenet's greatest jerk-off
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.asshole Fred Hall is an asshole
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.butthole Fred Hall is a butthole
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.cracksmoker Fred Hall is a cracksmoker
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.dick-licker Fred Hall is a dick licker
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.elite-cabal-drone Fred Hall is a cabal drone
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.fuckface Fred Hall is a fuckface
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.guppy-fucker Fred Hall is a guppy fucker
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.hung-like-a-flea Fred Hall has a small dick Fred Hall is a bitch
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.jerker-offer Fred Hall is a jerker offer
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.kookologist Fred Hall is a kookologist bum
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.lice-magnet Fred Hall is a lice magnet
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.mere-mortal Fred Hall is a mere mortal
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.nipple-cheese Fred Hall is nipple cheese
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.official-asshole Fred Hall is an official asshole
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.pussyboi Fred Hall is a pussy boy
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.quickie-fucker Fred Hall is a quickie fucker
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.rapist Fred Hall is a rapist
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.scumbag-twat Fred Hall is a scumbag twat
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.tuna-sniffer Fred Hall is a tuna sniffer
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.underwear-collector Fred collects dirty man undies
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.vasectomy-recipient Fred Hall had a vasectomy
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.worm-blowjobber Fred Hall blows worms
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.xtc-addict Fred Hall is addicted to XTC
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.young-boy-fondler Fred Hall is a young boy fondler
alt.jerk-off.fred-hall.zebra-fucker Fred Hall fucks zebras No description. No description.
alt.jerzu My newsgroup and only mine No description.
alt.jet No description.
alt.jet.flonk No description.
alt.jet.flonk.flonk No description.
alt.jet.flonk.flonk.flonk No description. jet is a big fat bitch
alt.jet.meow No description.
alt.jet.oink jet is a big fat bitch
alt.jet.oink.squeal jet is a big fat bitch
alt.jet.oink.squeal.mooooooooooo jet is a big fat bitch
alt.jew-watch Never trust a Jew.
alt.jewq ?7e8"i5OPBL943 No description.
alt.jg.i bquuuoedi
alt.jh.pivlx.cwfvji.y iaewmnaiidabirb
alt.jimmy.t.sharbuck.3d.god.god.god No description.
alt.jjj.jjj No description.
alt.jjs.uuqb eucyfsuluiui
alt.jks the official jks discussion group
alt.jks.computing the jks computing discussion group
alt.jl.a.j.kjhkd.jmzu ukaiimitaehidk iemiapacoaou (Moderated)
alt.jmj97 No description.
alt.jmq.swxd znzliouuxeopaumeo aasevgeioieeqve Use* instead. - employment opportunities for as400 professionals Jobsearch ( No description. No description. Overseas from where? Use* instead. Would you like to work with Hormel's wares? (Moderated)
alt.joe-and-monty-hansen.are.big.hairy.gays No description.
alt.john-denver.dead.dead.dead He came down from that Rocky Mountain High.
alt.john-oneill JOHN O'NEILL - Founder of CYBERJOCKEY Entertainment
alt.johnny.foreigner No description.
alt.jokes.limericks There once was a group in alt.
alt.jokes.pentium Playing with the problems plaguing Pentium.
alt.journalism Shop talk by journalists and journalism students.
alt.journalism.criticism I write, therefore I'm biased.
alt.journalism.drudge No description.
alt.journalism.drudgereport No description.
alt.journalism.freelance Clearinghouse for freelance writers. News from a homosexual viewpoint.
alt.journalism.gonzo Hunter S. Thomspon's approach to reporting. Reporting on topics of music.
alt.journalism.newspapers Writing in the newspaper industry.
alt.journalism.newspapers.wkly-worldnews No description. The work of photo journalists.
alt.journalism.print For newspaper, magazine and online reporters.
alt.journalism.students People studying to be journalists. En japonais. No description. En japonais. No description. « Wikipédia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.jpql.vjky.vdzimx.malnmzo.q.kiz.y.k.cjv.rj oboubiaueyiqpzyu (Moderated)
alt.jpw No description.
alt.jqz.jw.g.d.l.dmtpsufmf.oiceh.gwilmty zwickrcueainaej
alt.jraxis For discussion of J'raxis
alt.juddians No description.
alt.juddians.bbb No description.
alt.july No description.
alt.june No description. No description.
alt.just.kidding.haha No description.
alt.just.testing No description.
alt.just.trolling No description.
alt.justahillbilly Hillbillies welcome.
alt.justnormal No description.
alt.juttu.homma No description.
alt.jv En javanais.
alt.jv.test En javanais.
alt.jv.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.jvhg.a iauukuruchyie
alt.jx.o `YiW_RQ\)[cCN+8
alt.jyotish No description.
alt.k salgkmieioietlauy kmvycniiisuiv
alt.k.ibyn DB,U&S',c[#>16%
alt.k.iig apoodorleii
alt.k.l.f.rwby.m [i)02D>NggbJiD:,F9N%'@Z (Moderated)
alt.k.s.dh.jn.f.yelfv.h.svp.h.rjfkvub.c thoieeuxo
alt.k.vhu.nj.en.qes.eq.f.o.jrsetlx K^b/Vk+TUgl;QRb"(LH
alt.k.vtg U5^UX^^$U8$QVEHH'8`H6_8X'A]9 >O.QYCbihbQ@J`)(`>N Casual conversation for junior high school students
alt.k12.hat.junior No description.
alt.ka En géorgien.
alt.ka.test En géorgien.
alt.ka.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... Alles over Kaatjes Keuken (Moderated)
alt.kaazmann-sucks-cock No description.
alt.kab En kabyle.
alt.kab.test En kabyle.
alt.kab.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.kadaitcha-man Kadaitcha Man the Kiwi pretending to be an Australian
alt.kadaitcha-man.fred-hall Kabitchy's buddy Fred Hall
alt.kadaitcha-man.fred-hall.gary-burnore Kabitchy's buddy Fred's friend Gary
alt.kadaitcha-man.sean-monaghan Kabitchy and Sean, sittin in a tree, F______G
alt.kadaitcha-man.sean-monaghan.pardon Sean gave Kabitchy a pardon in AUK
alt.kala No description.
alt.kalbo Bald guys of the world, unite!
alt.kamikaze.watermelon Fooby, the Kamikaze Watermelon do do do doo do dooo!
weeeee! *splat*
alt.kaoz.the.crybaby No description.
alt.karen Vanity group. No description.
alt.karoo.binaries For posting of any binaries for karoo users
alt.karoo.local Alternative karoo user group
alt.katala No description. No description.
alt.kate.weasel.flonk.flonk.flonk No description.
alt.kawaly No description.
alt.kazema.binaries No description. =NGb*K1lj>%"`<
alt.kc.bbs No description.
alt.kdq N7U%d*5')X#fC\k?RR5aZ6FE
alt.kelly-havel Admiration of the legendary Kelly.
alt.kem auievmaioiusaujue (Moderated)
alt.ken.starr.traitor.traitor.traitor No description.
alt.ketchup Whak* Whak* ...shake... Whak* Damn, all over my shirt.
alt.key.west No description. oqiqiutfufouee A place for the pre-college set on the net. Use soc.penpals instead.
alt.kill-dave-zero No description.
alt.kill.a-jew kill for christ
alt.kill.a-jew.for-christ kill for christ
alt.kill.a-mexican kill for christ
alt.kill.a-mexican.for-christ kill for christ
alt.kill.a-muslim kill for christ
alt.kill.a-muslim.for-christ kill for christ
alt.kill.a-nigger kill for christ
alt.kill.a-nigger.for-christ kill for christ
alt.kill.a-redneck kill for christ
alt.kill.a-redneck.for-christ kill for christ
alt.kill.eminem kill for christ
alt.kill.eminem.for-christ kill for christ
alt.kill.mariah-carey kill for christ
alt.kill.mariah-carey.for-christ kill for christ
alt.kill.paedophile.barry-bouwsma.binariez.complete-cd Created by GruppenSchnitzer
users as a public service.
alt.kill.spammers No description.
alt.kill.the.whales And fulfill the prophecy of Star Trek IV!
alt.kill.usenet Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users.
alt.kill.whitey Discussion of the evils of the white race.
alt.killers.mass No description.
alt.killers.serial No description.
alt.kimbihugs.bsb No description.
alt.kiqp.butf.f Nh>,G_B(f%;B]DbX1@+N
alt.kissmyass-andsayso it is a froup
alt.kitesurfing Forum for the discussion of the sport of kitesurfing No description.
alt.klasa No description. $K)WASU8QV1CANC"
alt.kmart Discussion of Kmart and things sold in Kmart
alt.kmb.listndd.fmlbo.fpm.o.lfp egiignpv En kannada. En kannada. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.kneef and a fine kneef to you too
alt.knightshadow No description.
alt.knijper No description.
alt.knoxfreevoice No description.
alt.ko En coréen.
alt.ko.test En coréen.
alt.ko.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre. No description.
alt.kook.chuck-lysaght Discussion about the entertainment value or chuck lysaght
alt.kook.chuck-lysaght.0wnz-kook-peter-j-ross Chuck 0wnz Petey
alt.kook.cosmicosis No description.
alt.kook.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.kook.kimberly-barnard Discussion of well-known kook Kimberly Barnard
alt.kook.linda-gore Usenet psycho bitch Linda Gore
alt.kook.lionel-lauer the "owner of several troll domains" needs a group where
he'll be on topic.
alt.kook.michael-cranston Whining dogfucking attorney at flaw
alt.kook.of.month.phil-oliver No description. No description.
alt.kook.peter-j-ross the kookiest kook at alt.usenet.kooks
alt.kook.richard-scoville's Kook webmaster Richard Scoville
alt.kook.ron-reaugh Ron Reaugh Internet Kook Discussion of net.kook Sky King
alt.kook.sun-tsu NANAE screed-machine SuN Tsu
alt.kook.texas-max-king Maxnozzle King, the net.kook from Texas.
alt.kook.theapostle soy un perdedor
alt.kook.tom-bishop No description.
alt.kookologist Discussion of all stAUKers
alt.kookologist.archie-leach Discussion of the stAUKer Archie Leach Discussion of the stAUKer "Art Deco"
alt.kookologist.barbaras-cat Discussion of the stAUKer Barbara's Cat
alt.kookologist.bob-officer Discussion of the stAUKer Bob Officer
alt.kookologist.bookman Discussion of the stAUKer "Bookman"
alt.kookologist.chadwick-stone Discussion of stAUKer Chadwick Stone
alt.kookologist.charlotte-blackmer Discuss stAUKer Charlotte Blackmer
alt.kookologist.cujo-desockpuppet Discussion of stAUKer Cujo DeSockpuppet
alt.kookologist.daedalus Discussion of the stAUKer "Daedalus"
alt.kookologist.dan-baldwin Discussion of the stAUKer Dan Baldwin
alt.kookologist.dan-rogers Discussion of the stAUKer Dan Rogers
alt.kookologist.dr-flonkenstein Discussion of stAUKer Dr. Flonkenstein
alt.kookologist.dr-postman Discussion of the stAUKer "DrPostman"
alt.kookologist.fred-hall Discussion of the stAUKer Fred Hall
alt.kookologist.frogbutt Discussion of the stAUKer "Frogbutt"
alt.kookologist.gary-burnore Discussion of the stAUKer Gary Burnore
alt.kookologist.john-henry Discussion of the stAUKer John Henry
alt.kookologist.kadaitcha-man Discussion of stAUKer Kadaitcha Man
alt.kookologist.kali Discussion of the stAUKer "Kali"
alt.kookologist.kevin-a-cannon Discussion of stAUKer Kevin A Cannon
alt.kookologist.meat-plow Discussion of the stAUKer Meat Plow
alt.kookologist.michael-cook Discussion of the stAUKer Michael Cook
alt.kookologist.otaku Discussion of the stAUKer "Otaku"
alt.kookologist.peter-hood Discussion of the stAUKer Peter Hood
alt.kookologist.peter-j-ross Discussion of the stAUKer PJR
alt.kookologist.phoenix Discussion of the stAUKer called Phoenix
alt.kookologist.pinku-sensei Discussion of the stAUKer Pinku-Sensei
alt.kookologist.rasta-khan Discussion of the whiner Rasta Khan
alt.kookologist.robert-buchanan Discussion of stAUKer Robert Buchanan
alt.kookologist.ross Discussion of the stAUKer "Ross"
alt.kookologist.sean-monaghan Discussion of the stAUKer Sean Monaghan
alt.kookologist.sharon-b Discussion of the stAUKer Sharon B
alt.kookologist.snuff Discussion of the stAUKer "SnuFF"
alt.kookologist.spooge Discussion of the stAUKer "spooge"
alt.kookologist.taylor-netscum Discussion of stAUKer Taylor Netscum
alt.kookologist.tinplated Discussion of the stAUKer "tinplated"
alt.kookologist.trippy Discussion of the stAUKer "trippy"
alt.kookologist.tyrone-m-pierce Discussion of stAUKer Tyrone M. Pierce
alt.kookologist.unit-4 Discussion of the stAUKer "Unit 4"
alt.kookologist.wally-anglesea Discussion of stAUKer Wally Anglesea
alt.kookologist.wally-farley Discussion of the stAUKer Wally Farley
alt.kookologist.widdershins Discussion of the stAUKer "Widdershins"
alt.kookologist.woodchuck-bill Discussion of stAUKer Woodchuck Bill
alt.kooky.scientists No description.
alt.korea.puppy-killers.curtis-desjardins Puppy killing beasts.
alt.kosovo-relief No description.
alt.kosovo-relief.missing.persons.register.yourself No description. No description.
alt.kostenlos No description.
alt.kostenlos.webspace No description.
alt.kotagor No description. No description. No description.
alt.kotagor.sports.kook-hunting No description. \ceZVRU;%&dX*C`[O(7kP
alt.kq.p 6GU@jR.e/1a"6X.>"O
alt.krazy4prez krazy wants to be prez
alt.krecik.berecik No description.
alt.ks En kashmiri.
alt.ks.test En kashmiri.
alt.ks.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.ku En kurde.
alt.ku.test En kurde.
alt.ku.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.ku86s6 No description.
alt.kui uuvtjafiarb
alt.kuje.a.b.xeyx.qq.l.j.l.mnu.uuabmc.u foeeowustoaeeuxaa
alt.kuryakin.abh-council No description.
alt.kuwait a place for talks about Kuwait.
alt.kuwait.icq Kuwaiti ICQ users
alt.kuwait.irc IRC is very popular in Kuwait Kuwait news En cornique. En cornique. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.kxp.wfkvq.mnu.wnpu.gudf.u laioekukxsaaomale
alt.kxqr.ij.yq eooiwummtlktdwa
alt.kxwgimkku 7J^HLflW75ch9
alt.kylie-minogue A group for the discussion of Kylie Minogue.
alt.kynm.qooegta.h.p.d.le ieuouueigeda (Moderated)
alt.kzrqoj yvoieeyxdze racaipoldoje
alt.l.hbcdogcq.gffp.ethrty.e uueoawiigfeupvexs
alt.l.hrpw oiehajeoeftnjaeuko ozoduukuaosaeikiug
alt.l.k.p.mvjtv Yk;kAM`aAW;i$:YLB@
alt.l.l laoupeungke
alt.l.nnbucs `C:YDA:GA,Tf1+3:JW8-&0*i #'"8hPT[6TiN':Lc]'@G]
alt.l.tctwp.fl.qcy oufkhaaviin
alt.l.v.atnlaj WT#GaU3bOA'=$XI@2=R1N./ En latin. En latin. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... Gay and Lesbian education resources and support. Fred Hall is a lamer
alt.lamers.atma A newsgroup for's own lamer Don't forget the K-Y, Dad! No description.
alt.lamers.janet-reno Those who think JRENO is a lamer.
alt.lamers.netcop Net terrorists, cops, and other ego-deprived conflict
alt.lamers.netcop.david-farrar Discussion of our favorite lame sheep
alt.lamers.netcop.mike-soja a nice flaky crust. Discussion of those whacky censors, Lamers who exist believing they are the
alt.lamers.pagan.donal Pagan discussion of why Donal is a Cabal clone and
alt.lamers.rage-machine Talk for people sick of the bullshit political
alt.lamers.theapostle soy un perdedor
alt.lamers.usa.janet-reno Those many of us in alt.activism sick of this
alt.lameys-lair No description.
alt.lampiao About the one and only Brazilian legend Lampiao and his wife Maria
alt.landcruiser Discussions about toyota landcruisers
alt.landscape.architecture Landscape design and planning.
alt.lang No description.
alt.lang.4gl Discussion of 4th generation programming languages.
alt.lang.apl No description.
alt.lang.asm Assembly languages of various flavors.
alt.lang.awk No description.
alt.lang.basic The Language That Would Not Die.
alt.lang.basic.compiler BASIC compiler programming and design The CA Realizer GUI programming environment.
alt.lang.delphi Use comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc instead.
alt.lang.euphoria No description.
alt.lang.intercal Discussion of the "INTERCAL" programming language
alt.lang.layout No description.
alt.lang.powerbasic No description.
alt.lang.radix Program by sending, subscribing & validating messages.
alt.lang.s-lang The S-Lang library used with JED and slrn
alt.lang.vb5.rumors Use comp.lang.basic.visual.misc instead.
alt.language No description.
alt.language.artificial Discussion and samples of invented languages.
alt.language.artificial.lojban No description.
alt.language.artificial.ngl Development and learning of the NGL language
alt.language.balita-business No description. (Moderated)
alt.language.balita-news No description. (Moderated)
alt.language.cebuano No description. (Moderated)
alt.language.cebunews No description. (Moderated)
alt.language.ebonics Discussion about the Ebonics language.
alt.language.english.spelling.reform No description.
alt.language.eubonics No description.
alt.language.hindi No description.
alt.language.kapampangan kapampangan language and culture
alt.language.latin No description.
alt.language.patterns No description.
alt.language.poetry.pure-silk Linda Mendoza Net.Goddess
alt.language.sasxsek SASXSEK language discussion.
alt.language.spanish Discussion of the Spanish language. Translations
alt.language.tanji No description.
alt.language.urdu.poetry Poetry in the Indic Urdu language.
alt.languages.afrikaans No description.
alt.languages.albanian No description.
alt.languages.alsatain No description.
alt.languages.amdo No description.
alt.languages.arabic No description.
alt.languages.arapaho No description.
alt.languages.asturian No description.
alt.languages.bai No description.
alt.languages.basque No description.
alt.languages.bengali No description.
alt.languages.bhojpuri No description.
alt.languages.breton No description.
alt.languages.bulgarian No description.
alt.languages.caddo No description.
alt.languages.cajun No description.
alt.languages.calo No description.
alt.languages.catalan No description.
alt.languages.chechen No description.
alt.languages.cornish No description.
alt.languages.corsican No description.
alt.languages.czech No description.
alt.languages.danish No description.
alt.languages.deccan No description.
alt.languages.dutch No description.
alt.languages.emok No description.
alt.languages.english No description.
alt.languages.estonian No description.
alt.languages.eyak No description.
alt.languages.fala No description.
alt.languages.faroese No description.
alt.languages.farsi No description.
alt.languages.finnish No description.
alt.languages.french No description.
alt.languages.frisian No description.
alt.languages.german No description.
alt.languages.greek No description.
alt.languages.gujarati No description.
alt.languages.han No description.
alt.languages.hani No description.
alt.languages.hawaiian No description.
alt.languages.hindi No description.
alt.languages.hungarian No description.
alt.languages.icelandic No description.
alt.languages.igbo No description.
alt.languages.ingush No description.
alt.languages.interlingua Discussiones in Interlingua e super No description.
alt.languages.italian No description.
alt.languages.japanese No description.
alt.languages.javanese No description.
alt.languages.jinyu No description.
alt.languages.jutish No description.
alt.languages.kadar No description.
alt.languages.kannada No description.
alt.languages.kiribati No description.
alt.languages.kombio No description.
alt.languages.lakota No description.
alt.languages.laro No description.
alt.languages.latin No description.
alt.languages.latvian No description.
alt.languages.lithuanian No description.
alt.languages.luxembourgeois No description.
alt.languages.maca No description.
alt.languages.macedonian No description.
alt.languages.magahi No description.
alt.languages.malay No description.
alt.languages.malayalam No description.
alt.languages.maltese No description.
alt.languages.mandarin No description.
alt.languages.manx No description.
alt.languages.marathi No description.
alt.languages.marwari No description.
alt.languages.moksha No description.
alt.languages.napali No description.
alt.languages.noir the noir language is spoken here
alt.languages.norwegian No description.
alt.languages.nowegian No description.
alt.languages.oriya No description.
alt.languages.panjabi No description.
alt.languages.polari No description.
alt.languages.polish Surveying Polish...
alt.languages.portuguese No description.
alt.languages.provencal No description.
alt.languages.romanian No description.
alt.languages.russian Éradication de la langue russe.
alt.languages.saami No description.
alt.languages.saxon No description.
alt.languages.scots No description.
alt.languages.serbo-croatian No description.
alt.languages.shelta No description.
alt.languages.sindhi No description.
alt.languages.slovak No description.
alt.languages.slovenian No description.
alt.languages.spanish No description.
alt.languages.swedish No description.
alt.languages.tamil No description. No description.
alt.languages.telugu No description.
alt.languages.tewa No description.
alt.languages.thai No description.
alt.languages.toba No description.
alt.languages.tsalagi the tsalgi language is spoken here
alt.languages.turkish No description.
alt.languages.ukrainian No description.
alt.languages.urdu No description.
alt.languages.venetian No description.
alt.languages.welsh No description.
alt.languages.wu No description.
alt.languages.xiang No description.
alt.languages.yakut No description.
alt.languages.yiddish No description.
alt.languages.yue No description.
alt.languages.zulu No description.
alt.languages.zuni No description.
alt.laptop Info and Help pertaining to All Laptop Compters
alt.laq.b.cfjoh.x.vpc.xb.ftgj.pqpya )bfM\](E)]dQ8j\8'&_M
alt.lara-fabian No description.
alt.larryville General discussion group about Lawrence KS
alt.las-vegas.gambling Paying the big price for entertainment in Las Vegas.
alt.lasers Anything about laser technology.
alt.lasertag lasertag players
alt.lasertag.zonegods lasertag using zone equipment
alt.lasik-eyes No description. No description.
alt.lavonna.gone.wild Group for discussions everything and anything to do with
lavonna No description. Discussion of police corruption and official Incidents of Police use of Lethal Force. No description. No description.
alt.lawyers.sue.sue.sue Use instead. En luxembourgeois. En luxembourgeois. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
xeushnoiooooengjbj "#X*0$2\<)"AW1KR/8 (Moderated)
alt.leaks Leaked, suppressed and/or censored documents (Moderated)
alt.lederhosen No description.
alt.lefthanders How gauche.
alt.legend.atlantis The lost continent Atlantis.
alt.legend.biff-mullins Biff is a legend
alt.legend.cameron-vale Usenet's legendary troll Cameron Vale
alt.legend.jet No description. jet is a big fat bitch
alt.legend.jet.only-in-her-own-warped-mind jet is a simp
alt.legend.king-arthur Legends and history of Arthur, King of the Britons.
alt.legend.russ-allbery The strapping star of Usenet
alt.legend.the-bob.rock A newsgroup about tnt agent bob rock, a legend.
alt.legends.atlantis No description.
alt.legio-darkyard No description.
alt.lemmings Rodents with a death wish.
alt.lemons No description.
alt.lenny Discussion of the name Lenny and issues concerning Lenny.
alt.lesbian.cujo-desockpuppet Cujo has the same size dick as a lesbian
alt.lesbian.feminist.poetry Everyone has their niche.
alt.lesbian.joandarc She drinks from teh furry cup.
alt.lesbian.robyn-owens-esq is a lesbian
alt.lesbian.trainwreck No pr0n in here.
alt.let-it-be-known Proclamation Proclamation Proclamation
alt.lets.give.harry-bloomfield hi Harry
alt.lets.give.harry-bloomfield.a-cyber-wedgie hi Harry No description.
alt.lets.give.timo-salami.a.hard-on For serious discussions on terribly
alt.lets.kill.yuri.rutman No description.
alt.letzebuerger Discussions of the Luxembourg community. No description.
alt.lhl.rxgqy.qi.m.og.kashwtzwjiks.f No description. En limbourgeois. En limbourgeois. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.liar.andrew-chung discussion of notorious liar Andrew Chung
alt.liar.brian-campos Brian Calvin Campos
alt.liar.john.vogel No description.
alt.liar.kent-prescott Another lying net abuser
alt.liar.scott-dentice.pathological-spammer For discussing troll actions
alt.liar.scott-thomas For discussing troll actions of scott thomas.
alt.liar.tim-thorne For Tiimmy Thorne and his HellLameBores gang
alt.liberalminded liberalminded ng
alt.liberalminded.please-troll-me No description.
alt.liberty-vs.conspiracy No description. Hey Jay, lick my nutz! Shops for people with oral fixations. The warm light at end of the tunnel is a locomotive. Fred Hall should get a life Discussing ways to improve life This may be the answer to "get a life" for some. Approaching life itself free of any beliefs or systems. Another whingy alt group. The end begins... Now you know just how badly it sucks (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. Celebrating the Bachelor Life! Discussions related to going barefoot. The lifestyle of Rob Cypher. for those living an earth based lifestyle. free speech for the open minded. No description. for the discussion of the Gorean lifestyle. No No description. Discussing consensual Master-slave relationships Master/slave ads. No description. Physical and emotional voluntary simplicity. For those who do not use drugs or alcohol.
alt.lighters No description.
alt.limpdick.dowap Let the frouping begin.
alt.limpdick.james-koput For impotent folks who live in Canada
alt.limpdick.paul-zanca No description.
alt.linkmenu No description.
alt.linux.slakware No description. Linux storage issues and maintenance.
alt.linux.stormix No description. No description.
alt.linux.suse No description.
alt.linux_lads.a.narc No description.
alt.linux_narc.blows4free No description.
alt.liquor booze et al booze in the front? booze in the front? tee hee David Henschel's new persona lives! Ninety Eight more to go...
alt.lisaagnesgardner.medicalhelprequired No description.
alt.lite.bulb Lite bulb discussions
alt.literature General discussion of literary topics.
alt.litterbox Use rec.pets.cats instead.
alt.little-british-twit ssssssspnak!
alt.little-british-twit.harry-bloomfield hi Harry
alt.little-british-twit.spooge ssssssspnak!
alt.little-british-twit.spooge.0wn3d-by-cleerecorp ssssssspnak!
alt.little-toad This group is about little toad.
alt.little.flippy alt.LittLe.fLippy
alt.little.lost.boy No description.
alt.little.miss.naughty.flood.flood.flood No description.
alt.littlecobb For Littlecobb
alt.liv.qsv No description. hi Harry No description.
alt.lmtq.jhtkq.j No description. (Moderated)
alt.lmw.vk No description. (Moderated)
alt.ln En lingala.
alt.ln.test En lingala.
alt.ln.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.loafhead For discussion of Usenet Loaf Heads
alt.loafhead.maryanne-kehoe the original Loaf Head
alt.local.village.idiot No description.
alt.localmusic.chi No description.
alt.locksmithing You locked your keys in *where*?
alt.lonworks.controls No description. Fish metamorphisis group
alt.loopy.fungus No description.
alt.loser.edmond-wollmann Group to show Edmond Wollmann is a loser
alt.loser.m2t.sheep The M2T lovers of sheep group.
alt.loser.m2t.sheep.shagger alt.loser.m2t.sheep The M2T lovers of sheep group
alt.loser.ron-echeverri No description.
alt.loser.wolf-moonchild For serious discussions on loser-ish behavior of Gambling with the state as bookmaker.
alt.louise.beaudoin.nazi.bitch No description.
alt.louisiana Discussion by and/or about its inhabitants Created by someone who couldn't find alt.romance. For fans of the arrogant dickhead Duh A newsgroup for talk of the couple
alt.loves.hitler.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.lpctgdcxd.lttnyvt No description. No description. En lithuanien. No description. En lithuanien. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.lucien.bouchard.die.die.die No description.
alt.lucky.w Luck is benificent synchronicity (it sez here).
alt.luf.r.eyo.j.di.mfawh.l.w.m.msrabt.k.osuz No description. (Moderated)
alt.lunatics The Lunatics and any other perverts who like them.
alt.luser the official luser newsgroup.
alt.luser.brian-anthony brian anthony is a luser
alt.luser.dennis-shuflin gotta loev a good mullet.
alt.luser.greggie-gibson the g-poo luser newsgroup.
alt.luser.greggie-gibson.flail a greggie-poo luser newsgroup.
alt.luser.greggie-gibson.flail.flail a greggie-poo luser newsgroup.
alt.luser.greggie-gibson.flail.flail.flail a greggie-poo luser newsgroup.
alt.luser.james-caldwell soy un perdedor
alt.luser.mike-soja soy un perdedor
alt.luser.recovery Getting over the trauma of using computers.
alt.luser.recovery.binaries Binaries group for alt.luser.recovery.
alt.luser.steve-badger steve badger trolls himself
alt.luser.steve-belling burning down the trailer park.
alt.luser.theapostle soy un perdedor En letton. En letton. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.lx.zsjxtk.l.x.b No description.
alt.lxmcpy.tis.d.go.ebftjmsm.fseg.egcxlxv.nktuuvmmsezv No description.
alt.lycra The WunderFabrik. No description.
alt.lynn No description.
alt.lzr puaauenaaibirajeue
alt.m No description. No description.
alt.m.ev.dfyklh No description. (Moderated)
alt.m.jgn.c.m.nqnnpo No description.
alt.m.mflpks No description.
alt.mac.bin.req.only Macintosh requests for demos and sample programs.
alt.mac.copy-protect.kdt-terminator KDT and copy-protection for Macintosh.
(Moderated) Use instead.
alt.mac.updates Macintosh software and hardware updates.
alt.macamp No description.
alt.machines.cnc Discussing CNC Machine tools.
alt.machinists.homepage No description.
alt.macintosh.kaleidoscope No description.
alt.macintosh.warez No description.
alt.macintosh.warez.applications No description. No description.
alt.macintosh.warez.sitez No description.
alt.macintosh.warez.utilities No description. No description.
alt.macromedia.director No description.
alt.macromedia.flash No description.
alt.mad-newgrouper.biff-mullins go biff go!
alt.mad-newgrouper.biff-mullins.stab-your-ass go biff
alt.mad-newgrouper.biff-mullins.stab-your-ass.quicker-than go biff
alt.mad-newgrouper.hainsey Self explanatory Rob Cypher rules! No description.
alt.madcrew Mad Crew Discussion.
alt.madcrew.alt.madcrew.tiroler-intifada No description.
alt.madcrew.baron-von-lederhosen No description. No description.
alt.madcrew.namaak.supporters No description.
alt.madcrew.opblaaskrokodil No description.
alt.madcrew.overloper.berry-vermeulen No description.
alt.madcrew.pedofiel.albert-bolink No description.
alt.madcrew.pim-fortuyn No description.
alt.madcrew.usenet-hoeren No description.
alt.madhousebbs No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.mag.high-society No description.
alt.mag.hustler No description.
alt.mag.penthouse Penthouse Magazine.
alt.mag.playboy Four decades of appreciation or degradation. Your pick.
alt.mag.playboy.pussy No description.
alt.mag.playgirl No description.
alt.mag.puritan No description. No description.
alt.magazine.2600hz Spam free discussion of 2600 Magazine. (Moderated)
alt.magazines.pornographic Use instead.
alt.magdalen Advice from and about SubGenius Rev. Mary Magdalen
alt.magic For discussion about stage magic. For discussion of anything related to card magic
alt.magic.history No description.
alt.magic.marketplace Magic books, aparatus and memorabilia
alt.magic.secrets The Butler did it, with mirrors, to Colonel Mustard.
alt.magick For discussion about supernatural arts.
alt.magick.binaries Files relating to the occult
alt.magick.chaos Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards.
alt.magick.goetia No description.
alt.magick.jinn - Jinn and their role in contemporary Magick.
alt.magick.marketplace buy, sell and trade magickal supplies and books
alt.magick.moderated Finnish-language only test posts (Moderated)
alt.magick.scam Notifice and discussion of fraudulence in magickal or
alt.magick.serious People seriously into the occult. Pursuing spirituality through sexuality and vice versa. No description.
alt.magick.tantra Discussing tantric yoga and other esoteric practices.
alt.magick.theurgia No description.
alt.magick.tyagi Magick as revealed by Mordred Nagasiva.
alt.magick.virtual-adepts Not quite, but almost, an adept.
alt.mahesh.duitser No description. MAKE.MONEY.FAST. (Moderated) No description.
alt.make.friends.within.bahrain No description. And piss off thousands of people even faster.
alt.make.your.own.spam No description.
alt.maldives General discussions on Maldives.
alt.mallorca Mallorca, Baleares.-
alt.malta Yum, chocolate maltas are delicious.
alt.mamas-little-clitlicker sssssssssspnak!!!!
alt.mamas-little-clitlicker.spooge sssssssssspnak!!!!
alt.mamas-little-clitlicker.spooge.spooge sssssssssspnak!!!! The superman of alt.config Interesting and amusing excerpts from the Man Diary (TM) IT Infrastructure Library; ISO15000. No description. No description.
alt.manga Use rec.arts.manga instead.
alt.manufacturing.misc All about manufacturing.
alt.march No description.
alt.marching-band.texas Discussion of Texas Marching bands De mapjes van Marianne. Zo raakt ze ze tenminste
niet meer kwijt. :)
alt.mark-atwood.die.die.die No description. No description. No description. "Other" online auction sites.
alt.marketplace.books Books of all types, for sale or wanted.
alt.marketplace.books-on-tape Books on tape - for sale and wanted
alt.marketplace.books.sf Science Fiction & Fantasy Books sought & sold.
alt.marketplace.cassettes Use instead.
alt.marketplace.collectables All sorts of collectables for sale and wanted.
alt.marketplace.compact-disc Use instead.
alt.marketplace.crack-corner No description. Use instead. No description.
alt.marketplace.videotapes Use instead.
alt.marriage-minded.foreign-brides-fsu Why not.
alt.marsscan technological and sociological aspects of Mars exploration
alt.martial-art.kenjustu No description.
alt.martial-arts.aikido No description.
alt.martial-arts.config No description.
alt.martial-arts.iaido Iaido specific discussion
alt.martial-arts.ju-jitsu ju-jitsu specific discussion
alt.martial-arts.judo General debate
alt.martial-arts.karate Discussion of traditional and modern Karate
alt.martial-arts.karate.kyokushin Kyokushin Karate specific debate
alt.martial-arts.karate.semi-contact No description.
alt.martial-arts.karate.shito-ryu Shito-ryu Karate specific discussion
alt.martial-arts.karate.shorin-ryu No description.
alt.martial-arts.karate.shotokan Discussions of shotokan karate.
alt.martial-arts.karate.shotokan.announcements No description.
alt.martial-arts.karate.uechi-ryu No description.
alt.martial-arts.karate.wado-ryu No description.
alt.martial-arts.kempo Kempo specific discussion
alt.martial-arts.kendo No description.
alt.martial-arts.kenjustu No description.
alt.martial-arts.kung-fu No description.
alt.martial-arts.kung-fu.shaolin No description.
alt.martial-arts.marketplace advertisements for martial arts related
alt.martial-arts.ninjitsu No description.
alt.martial-arts.ninjtsu No description.
alt.martial-arts.tae-kwon-do Discussions about Tae Kwon Do No description.
alt.martin.baker No description. No description. No description.
alt.masonic.members Freemasons.
alt.masturbation No description.
alt.masturbation.female An adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting
of binaries
alt.masturbation.male An adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting of
alt.math.cypher The mathematical powers of Rob Cypher!
alt.math.iams Internet Amateur Mathematics Society. (Moderated)
alt.math.moderated Math discussion at college level and above (Moderated) Post axiomatic mathematics (21 century).
alt.math.recreational No description.
alt.matthew-davies Great men, great name.
alt.mauritius Forum for topics about Mauritius
alt.may No description.
alt.mayday-mayday For serious discussions on this expression and its
alt.mbone Global InterNet multicast network discussions Can I get fries with that? Discussion of McDonalds burgers Discussion of McDonalds cheese This is a newsgroup for McDonald's crew members No description. No description. For flames of McDonalds' food, workers, ethics, etc. Discussion of McDonalds fries This is a newsgroup about glenn at mcd No description.
alt.mckinstry.pencil-dick No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.meaningless Absolutely whatever said the good nihilist.
alt.meaningless.shit Totally worthless everything, period.
alt.meat-plow.lonely-gay-druggy Meat plow is a lonely gay druggy.
alt.meatplow Meat Plow, the biggest asshole on Usenet EVER
alt.mechwarrior2 Use instead. Helping people with allergies. Theory and application of Behavioral Medicine. Chronic Fatague Syndrome discussions. (Moderated) Specific discussion about chronic fatigue syndrome. (Moderated) Information about chronic fatigue syndrome. (Moderated) Discussion about chronic fatigue syndrome. (Moderated) Discussions of treatment of paralysis/paraplegia. All about dentistry in Dutch. Use misc.emerg-services instead. No description. (Moderated) Discussion of medical equipment. Fibromyalgia Fibrositis List. No description. No description. (Moderated) No description. (Moderated) Herb based alternative medicine (Moderated) Discussion by and for people No description. No description. Veterinary medicine and animal health. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. .NET Internet magazine and its readers. No description. No description. HUM199Y - University of Toronto Media Studies Course Discussions about electronic media in southern Europe Jobs for medical industry salespeople.
alt.medien.fernsehen No description.
alt.meditation General discussion of meditation.
alt.meditation.qigong No description.
alt.meditation.shabda "Spiritual Freedom Through Inner Sound & Light"
alt.meditation.silva Silva-Mindcontrol by Jose Silva
alt.meditation.transcendental Contemplation of states beyond the teeth.
alt.meeh.caheeh Meeh meeh caheeh!
alt.meeh.cypher Rob Cypher knows.
alt.mega-ego.yonderboy Cruel irony, indeed.
alt.megazine No description.
alt.megs-bru No description.
alt.megs-bru.liar-con-bitch No description.
alt.memetics The evolution of ideas in societies.
alt.memoriam.princess-di A tribute to the late Princess No description. a newsgroup for men's politics. No description. No description.
alt.mens-clothing No description.
alt.mens-rights We hold these truths to be self-evident.
alt.mentski No description.
alt.menwhoswallow No description.
alt.meow No description.
alt.meridian.rpg No description. No description. No description.
alt.merry.fuckhead.dowap Another 92 to go...
alt.merry.fuckhead.harry-bloomfield hi Harry
alt.mert alt.MERT Discussion pertaining to Medical Emergency Response Teams
alt.messagin.mobilephones.s60 fjomr gujxa ywtaf cdoc meom
alt.messianic Messianic traditions.
alt.messianic.jewish-orthodox Messianic forum for Orthodox Jews
alt.messianic.yeshua Messianic forum for believers in Yeshua
alt.metaphysics.a-a-bailey Ancient Wisdom and the works of Alice A. Bailey
alt.metaphysics.rebirthing Discussion of the Rebirthing Spiritual Movement.
alt.mex.paranormal No description.
alt.mexico The people of Central America's largest nation.
alt.mfgl ubiecuezeofdauuiiimuh En malgache. En malgache. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.mgk ouguruotubdutasu
alt.mgm.po.godzinach Na kazdy temat. For MGM UKT Members ONLY ;)
alt.mi En maori.
alt.mi.test En maori.
alt.mi.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.michael.l.kilbourn No description.
alt.microphallus.spooge ssssssspnak!
alt.microskomp the official microskomp newsgroup. microsoft sucks ass The NG name discribes it all. No description.
alt.midden alt.barf Vomit discussion
alt.mike-soja.wife-beater No description.
alt.mikey.gwar No description.
alt.military No description.
alt.military.aas.area2 Discussion group to serve as a communication forum
alt.military.air-cadets Topics relating to air cadets Army Cadet Force related matters
alt.military.cadet Preparing for the coming apocalypse.
alt.military.cap A discussion forum for members of the Civil Air Patrol
alt.military.collecting Military collectables.
alt.military.collecting.medals collecting military medals and orders
alt.military.police Discussions of military police matters
alt.military.politics.discussion Newsgroup for Military to Discuss Politics
alt.military.psywar No description.
alt.military.retired Discussion group for retired military personnel
alt.military.retired.flamewar Retired Military Personnel Bitching At Each Other
alt.military.retired.politics Newsgroup Concerning Retired Military Personnel
Politics Recipes from the military community
alt.military.seacadets No description. global discussion group for British Army members talking shop for the British Army's admin branch Discussion on UK military aviation.
alt.mind.bending Discussion of MindBending Software releases.
alt.mindcontrol Are you sure those thoughts are really your own? Teen rehabs using Straight confrontations
alt.ming No description. No description.
alt.mining.recreational Digging rock as a hobby.
alt.minion general minion discussion
alt.minion.control-theory control things with minions & vice versa minion training methods
alt.mink.grrr No description.
alt.minneapolis No description.
alt.minneapolis.the-other-minnesota No description.
alt.minnesota.connection No description. anything for sale in Minnesota
alt.minngg No description. No description.
alt.mirc Use alt.irc.mirc instead.
alt.misanthropy.thedavid No description.
alt.misc Use misc.misc instead.
alt.misc.forteana Charles Fort, his books, and general weird happenings.
alt.misc.friends No description.
alt.misc.friends.cybrvillangel No description. wszystko o programatorze Willem Eprom
alt.misc.programator.willem all about programmator Willem
alt.miscreant No description. No description.
alt.misogyny No description.
alt.missing-adults Locating missing adults.
alt.missing-kids Locating missing children.
alt.missouri.clinton For people interested in Clinton, Missouri
alt.missouri.clinton.hillbilly-town No description.
alt.miva.mag MivaScript, Miva Merchant, Information, Peer Support En macédonien. En macédonien. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre... En malayalam. iookioaheyt En malayalam. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... uieenjeua
alt.mll.fiy j/YX8IdKaKM>6O?e No description. En mongol. En mongol. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre... gaofguushfiegueui En moldave. En moldave. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.mobilehome Aspects of living in mobile homes.
alt.models Use rec.models.* instead.
alt.models.petite No description.
alt.models.railroad.ho No description.
alt.models.railroad.n No description.
alt.models.scale No description.
alt.models.scale.air No description.
alt.models.scale.air.32scale No description.
alt.models.scale.air.airliners No description.
alt.models.scale.air.luft46 No description.
alt.models.scale.armor No description. No description.
alt.models.scale.card No description.
alt.models.scale.figures No description.
alt.models.scale.marketplace No description.
alt.models.scale.realspace No description.
alt.models.scale.sf No description.
alt.models.scale.ships No description.
alt.modelvliegen No description. No description.
alt.modpol.discussion No description.
alt.modpol.discusssion No description.
alt.mof No description. No description.
alt.moja.test No description.
alt.mojo for those with mojo
alt.molopaat alt molopaat
alt.molopaat.jomppe alt molopaat jomppe
alt.monarchy.america alt.monarchy.america dedicated to dialogue
alt.monday No description.
alt.mongoloided-fuckstain ssssssspnak!
alt.mongoloided-fuckstain.dowap ssssssspnak!
alt.mongoloided-fuckstain.dowap.cry-bleat-howl-duh ssssssspnak!
alt.mongoloided-fuckstain.harry-bloomfield hi Harry
alt.mongoloided-fuckstain.phoenix Phoenix is a fuckstain.
alt.mongrel.impregnated.his.sister Discussions about incest among
alt.mongrelmind.going-down-bigtime No description. No description.
alt.monsthers No description.
alt.moocow.delicious No description.
alt.moogles discussion about moogles
alt.moogles.cypher Kucypo!
alt.moose.rights No description.
alt.moped Discussion of mopeds
alt.morbidly-obese santa's fat ass needs jenny craig.
alt.morbidly-obese.bohemian-bulldyke HM's fat ass needs jenny craig.
alt.morbidly-obese.bohemian-bulldyke.hatchetmama Good god she's FAT.
alt.morbidly-obese.bohemian-bulldyke.hatchetmama.moo Yikes.
alt.morbidly-obese.bohemian-bulldyke.hatchetmama.moo.moo Yikes.
alt.morbidly-obese.bohemian-bulldyke.hatchetmama.moo.moo.moo Yikes.
alt.morbidly-obese.bohemian-bulldyke.incantatrix Good god she's FAT.
alt.morcio No description.
alt.more-than-a-punk As requested via the bmonw
alt.more-than-a-punk.less-than-a-man As requested via the bmonw
alt.more-than-a-punk.less-than-a-man.peter-j-ross As requested
alt.morianis A test.
alt.morlxqm vjhiiveigowgdufopaualzi
alt.moron.capt-kundalini.nazi-troll Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.moron.dowap Another 91 to go...
alt.moron.hir No description.
alt.moron.martin.hannigan.spank.spank Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.moron.patrick.murtha.fuckwit Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.moron.phil-oliver No description.
alt.moron.uriel-and-poetta.troll Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.morons For discussion of morons and all things moronic.
alt.motd The messages of the day. Another 90 to go... No description.
alt.motherfucker.dowap Another 89 to go...
alt.motherfucker.harry-bloomfield hi Harry
alt.motherfucker.jay-denebeim Man, I hate this piece of shit!
alt.motherjones Mother Jones magazine.
alt.mothers For moms, by moms.
alt.mothers.against For moms, by moms.
alt.mothers.against.eating-popcorn For moms, by moms.
alt.mothersuperior No description.
alt.motivation have you the motivation?
alt.motorcycle.aprilia newsgroup Honda
Nighthawk Discussion
alt.motorcycle.kawasaki.gpz newsgroup alt.motorcycle.kawasaki.gpz Kawasaki GPZ
alt.motorcycle.north-carolina north carolina motorcyle enthusiasts
alt.motorcycle.ride-well motorcycle safety discussion
alt.motorcycle.sportbike Use instead. No description. Discussion of Ducati motorcycles. Use instead. Buying and selling of motorcycles and their No description. No description. for the discussion of triumph motorcycles Best Choice--YAMAHA
alt.motorhomes For motorhome related discussions.
alt.motss.bisexua-l Use instead.
alt.mottola No description.
alt.mottola.riccardo No description.
alt.mottola.riccardo.che.fa.ingegneria.a.lecco No description.
alt.mountain-bike Use instead.
alt.mountain-bike.single-speed Cause I like to do speed and ride my bike
alt.mountain-bike.van-delay No description.
alt.mountain.sugarbush No description. No description.
alt.movies No description.
alt.movies.12monkeys No description.
alt.movies.2001spaceoddysey No description.
alt.movies.armageddon No description.
alt.movies.bergman No description.
alt.movies.blair-witch-project Discussion group for "The Blair Witch
alt.movies.branagh-thmpsn Films of Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.
alt.movies.bruce-lee Movie star & martial artist Bruce Lee & Jeet Kune Do.
alt.movies.chainsaw-massacre alt.movies.chainsaw All topics related to the Texas
Chainsaw Massacre
alt.movies.chaplin Discussion of Charlie Chaplin's life and art.
alt.movies.christian-bale Actor Christian Bale.
alt.movies.cinematography Use rec.arts.movies.production instead.
alt.movies.cinematography.16mm No description.
alt.movies.cinematography.super8 Discussion of Super 8mm filmmaking
alt.movies.coen-brothers Films by Ethan and Joel Coen.
alt.movies.coppola No description.
alt.movies.david-lynch Director of Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, and more.
alt.movies.deep-impact No description.
alt.movies.empire-records Damn the Man! Save the Empire!
alt.movies.filmmakers-amateur No description.
alt.movies.fucking-amal About the movie Fucking Åmål. No description. Another 88 to go...
alt.movies.get-real alt.movies.get-realÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊFor fans of the 1999 Brit-flick,
Get Real.
alt.movies.ghostbusters Ghostbuster Movie discussions, Real
alt.movies.goonies for discussion of the motion picture The Goonies
alt.movies.gore-films No description.
alt.movies.gore-films.d No description.
alt.movies.gore-films.reposts No description.
alt.movies.grease Discussion of the movie "Grease"
alt.movies.hitchcock The films of Alfred Hitchcock.
alt.movies.independent Films put out by independent producers.
alt.movies.indian Films from India and the Indian subcontinent.
alt.movies.indiana-jones Discussions about the Indiana Jones trilogy
alt.movies.jackie-chan No description.
alt.movies.james-cameron No description.
alt.movies.joe-vs-volcano Fans discuss the movie Joe versus the Volcano.
alt.movies.john-carpenter No description.
alt.movies.jurassic-park Jurassic Park and related Discussion
alt.movies.kevin-smith Clerks, Mallrats, Etc.
alt.movies.kitano No description.
alt.movies.kubrick For the discussion of Stanley Kubrick's movies.
alt.movies.labyrinth for all discussion pertaining to the film Labyrinth
alt.movies.legionnaires discussion of the movie legionnaires
alt.movies.luis-bunuel No description.
alt.movies.marilyn-monroe Discussion and talk about Marilyn Monroe. Godzilla! The Wolfman! The Thing! Aiiieee!!
alt.movies.mortal-kombat MORTAL KOMBAT!!!
alt.movies.oliver-stone No description.
alt.movies.phantasm No description.
alt.movies.piss-on-critics No description.
alt.movies.robert-deniro No description.
alt.movies.scorsese Are you talking to me? You think I'm funny?
alt.movies.scream-trilogy No description.
alt.movies.sergio-leone No description.
alt.movies.serials No description.
alt.movies.sig-weaver For fans of Sigourney Weaver and her work.
alt.movies.silent Shhhhhhhhhhh!
alt.movies.siskel+ebert Reviewing reviews from reviewers Siskel and Ebert.
alt.movies.slapshot No description.
alt.movies.spielberg Films of blockbuster director Steven Spielberg.
alt.movies.spike-lee No description.
alt.movies.terry-gilliam Writer and director Terry Gilliam.
alt.movies.the-matrix No description.
alt.movies.tim-burton The brooding works of Tim Burton.
alt.movies.titanic No description.
alt.movies.truffaut No description.
alt.movies.truman-show discussion about The Truman Show. Discussion of British movies and UK releases of films from
alt.movies.visual-effects Discussion of visual f/x for movies and tv.
alt.movies.wim-wenders No description.
alt.movies.wizard-of-oz No description. eveocavaojidm
alt.mqjhdwn.f ouyieieacrdleruuxvai En marathe. No description. fer u A newsgroup especially for Mr Baggins fans No description. En marathe. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.mrz ooeeuaauiabcth En malais. En malais. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.msdos No description.
alt.msdos.batch MS-DOS batch files.
alt.msdos.batch.nt The NT variant of MS-DOS batch files
alt.msdos.batch.win9x-me Batch programing for Win95/Win98/WinME.
alt.msdos.programmer For the serious MS/DOS programmer (no forsale ads).
alt.msg.innerstation a meeting place for writers and computer En maltais. En maltais. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.mtb.q.apgpdng 8fH+940Y/aAdRk#S
alt.mtv-sucks Barry Manilow RUL3Z!
alt.mud Use instead.
alt.mud.cellars No description.
alt.mud.crystal-shard No description.
alt.mud.eos2 Eye of the Storm II Mud Chat
alt.mud.lp Use instead.
alt.mud.majormud Discussion of the MBBS mud. Lots and lots of mud.
alt.mud.programming Programming in text-based virtual reality environments.
alt.mud.smaug No description.
alt.mullethead.dowap Another 87 to go...
alt.mullethead.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.mullethead.reb-ruster No description.
alt.mullethead.spooge.owned-by-cleerecorp ssssssspnak! Cornell Univ SeeMe desktop videoconference software.
alt.multimedia.director Macromedia Director.
alt.multimedia.emblaze No description.
alt.multimedia.mpeg No description.
alt.multimedia.queer-as-folk alt.binaries.multimedia.queer-as-folk Multimedia from
Queer As Folk
alt.multimedia.ticklish-guys is an unmoderated newsgroup exclusively group for tickling related binary files & stories Terri's Tickling Video Collection.
alt.multimedia.vadz Q & A, Exchanging extensions for the VirtualADz SDK No description. No description. No description. No description. 2-Step UK Garage Music. People who need to get out more often. Artists on the 4AD music label. Use instead. No description. A group about the band A Perfect Circle. No description. No description. No description. Because it is Swedish pop. No description. Discussions about Karl Jenkins' Adiemus and related works For discussion of the music of The Adjective Army No description. African music. Discussions on US prog metal band Aghora Discussion of the Australian group Air Supply. For Al Stewart and folk music lovers. Discussion group about the country music group Alabama Discussion of Alanis Morissette. Use instead. forum for the discussion of Alice Cooper One of Seattle's finest. Discussion of UK rap/r&b/pop/soul group, All Saints. For groups having 2 or less Platinum-selling albums. Discussing alternative music by female artists. Discussion of the pop-rock group America. Discussion about Amy Grant and her music. No description. No description. Discussion on the dislike of music Discussion of AOR bands and artists. Aphex Twin and related artists and record labels. For discussion on the dance/pop group Aqua Use instead. Discussion of the irish rock band Ash. - an area for discourse, discussion, debate and Discussion of the rock group Audioslave For discussion of topics related to techno group Autechre Music of Awk Jam. discussion of the band and their music Discussion of Irish girl group B*Witched No description. No description. No description. Popular composer-singer from Novi Sad. Bananananana Truffle. Band directors' forum. No description. No description. No description. Music of Bash Jam. Use instead. The Beastie Boys. No description. No description. The Beatles, their music and more No description. Jeff Beck, I suspect. Discussion of the pop-rock group America. A forum for all musicians who produce The soulful stylings of the Brothers Gibb. No description. Bela and the Flecktones. The band Belle and Sebastian Discussion about the trio Ben Folds Five The life and music of Ben Harper. No description. Sounds from the Big Band era. For discussion on the rock group Big Leaves. The music of producer/bassist Bill Laswell. Native-American Musician Bill Miller No description. Discussion of Billy Brinkley, err Joel. The music of Bis For fans of Bjork and the late Sugarcubes. For discussion of the band "The Black Crowes" Iron instruments. Rising tide of fascism in evil neoclassical The band Black Sabbath and their music. No description. Skate punk band Blink-182 No description. No description. No description. Discussing Blue Rodeo. Bluegrass information, lyrics, transcriptions, etc. BOC -- Godzilla's gonna get ya. Free form blues discussion For "All fellow travelers." No description. The Guitar Slinger Himself! discussion for the bluetones Fandom of the uniquely British group Blur. Boards of Canada. Hexagon Sun is a Discussion of the music of Bob Mould The controversial keyboard genius who was almost prince Discusion of the Bodeans, a major musical group. No description. For fans of Jon and the gang. No description. People pirating music performances. Dedicated to trading Prince bootlegs. No description. The harmonizing tunes of Boyz II Men. For the discussion of the music band, Boyzone. No description. Breaks: music, artists, DJs, events, and culture. Apparently too popular to warrant further description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of the UK rock band Bush. No description. The Butthole Surfers. No description. The music and fans of The Byrds. No description. april 6th 1974 No description. Oh, Canada, eh? No description. No description. Discussion about UK indie band Cardiacs Soca, Calypso, and Steel Pan. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. Discussion of the musician Cat Stevens. For discussion on the pop and rock group Catatonia Lips that touch Def Leppard won't touch mine. Cavedogs and former member current bands. The music of Creedence Clearwater Revival/John Fogerty. The music & art of the international star Celine Dion. A group on the 1960s pop duo. For discussion The Chameleons and related bands. You might think hymnals and chants, but you'd be wrong. An "alternative" band from UK (Northwich). The Welsh opera singer Charlotte Church. Discussion of the pop-rock band Cheap Trick. Discussion of the UK hard dance/techno duo. The life and music of superstar Cher. Discussion of the band Chicago. Chinese popular music. Chinese Popular songs No description. No description. Discussion of the band Clannad Discussions of clarinets, players, and music. Anything about the musical group The Clash. No description. Latest news, concerts, lyrics, activities. Discussion of the music of Cliff Richard. The UK indie band. Music of Colonia. No description. To complex for _your_ simple mind. Discussion of Irish band The Corrs. In my day, we used to count sheep. Classic country music--artists such as Johnny caters to Cracker and Camper No need to argue -- Irish pop group The Cranberries. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion on the rock group Crocketts. Discussion of the musical group Crash Test Dummies. Culture Club and Boy George No description. Discussion and music of Dan Fogelberg Music to dance to. No description. A genre of dance or club music started in the 80s. About Italian dance-music and italo-disco. No description. No description. Discussion of the works of Glenn Danzig. MOTHER! No description. A way to exchange information about this artist. The Dave Matthews Band. No description. Discussion of trading of DMB performances No description. No description. For discussion of the rock group The Dead C. and DC-offshoots Art is not bound by the limits of tastefulness. About the band Death In June Discussions about Deep Purple and related artists. Discussion about the rock group Def Leppard. Deftones discussion A moderated newsgroup to discuss the music
(Moderated) No description. For discussion of the band, the Delphines The works of Depeche Mode. No description. The singer Diana Ross. For discussion about Ronnie James Dio. Mark Knoppfler and the rock band Dire Straits. Outstanding female performers/musicians/legends No description. No description. No description. The UK indie band. Discussion of British R'n'B band Dr. Feelgood No description. Is "progressive metal" an accepted label? Discussion revolving around the alternative rock Group for discussions everything and anything to do with
drowning-pool Electronic Underground Dance Sub-Genre. No description. Discussion of the British group Duran Duran. No description. Discussion of the Band. No description. No description. encompasses discussion of the popular synth-pop Discussion for musical education interests No description. Discussion of 1980's music. For fans of Justine and co. No description. No description. No description. The Electric Light Orchestra. No description. No description. For the discussion of Embrace ( Slider ) The rapper Eminem aka Slim Shady No description. Enigma and similar bands. Gaelic set to spacey music. Erasure's fan following. for discussion of guitarist Eric Clapton. The discussion of The Eurovision Song Contest Discussion of music band Everclear No description. No description. Discussion of the musical group Faith No More. Falcon Jones No description. Fates Warning. No description. No description. A newsgroup for the discussion of all No description. about music festivals all over the world The #1 open-air rock festival in Europe SF/fantasy related folk music. No description. The Art of Flamenco The music of the Flaming Lips Rock group Fleetwood Mac and its members. Discussion of the progressive Celtic music band No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. The music and curiosities of Frantic Dogpaddle l-z talk and stuff. No description. No description. discussion about or relevant to The Geraldine Fibbers No description. to discuss the band Galactic Cowboys The band Galaxie-500 and related music. Capitalizing on "just telling it like it is." for discussion of UK garage Discussion of the band Garbage and singer Shirley Manson No description. No description. Roddenberry's bad lyrics for the Star Trek theme. Genesis, in all their incarnations. No description. GLEN BALLARD - A veteran songwriter/record Moroccan gnawa musicians and magicians The Dutch band Golden Earring. No description. Rock band Goo Goo Dolls and related topics. As a testament to the work the AA put into
AMGGD This group is about Gortician music. Discussion of "southern" gospel music. No description. For all Gov't Mule fans! No description. The band Green Day. Cypher says hi! Not really metal, not really's grindcore! Discussion of Columbus indie-rock heroes Guided by Voices Resonator guitars. No description. Discussion of folksingers Arlo & Woody Guthrie. Gwarrrrr. No description. No description. Hungry Hungry Hippeaux, an indie rock band For HaFaBra-musicians in Belgium and the Netherlands who Hammond technique and technical discussion No description. For fans of the Hard House music genre. Could be porno set to music. Lip music. Taxi! The music of the Hawaiian islands. No description. Newsgroup for fans of Heather Nova why not? General stuff about Hertz music. to discuss a band called The High Llamas. No description. A band named Hole. canadian jazz singer holly cole Recording for musicians Hootie and the Blowfish. Use instead. discussion about Discussion group about the band Idlewild Experimental IDM hip-hop artists discussion. Discussing Iggy Pop, his life and work. No description. Soloists without contracts with the major labels. Post about your crappy band's CD here, not a.m.indie The musical duo Indigo Girls. No description. The band InSoc, AKA Information Society. The music of Insane Clown Posse Get it? "In Excess". In the words of Nelson, "Ha ha." discussion of the works of ipecac loop discussion of Iron Maiden No description. Discussions about J.S. Bach (1685-1750). (moderated) Jethro Tull interest (Moderated) No description. Jackpot rocks!!!! No description. For discussion J.W. and related bands. The Jesus and Mary Chain discussion group JT! Jamiroquai: The band, the music, and related news Trade rare Jamiroquai merchandise and bootlegs. The music of Jane's Addiction and its members. No description. *NSYNC's singer/songwriter JC Chasez. This group is about the incomparable guitarist, Jeff Beck Singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley. Discussion of the music of Jenn Harmer No description. Ironman sitting on a park bench. Moderated Jethro Tull
interest group Music from the Jewish heritage. No description. No description. 'Scuse me, while I kiss the sky. Joan Jett fans and collectors No description. Country and Western legends, 1960s-present No description. No description. No description. No description. Use instead. The multi-platinum rock group "Journey". No description. No description. Discussion in English about Japanese pop music. No description. Jungle music Givin' it from the (usually drunken) heart. Net-music and collaborations The discussion forum of the British band Kenickie. A discussion about the proposed new Discussion of the rock bands Wilt and Kerbdog Use instead. The music of the German musician Klaus Schulze No description. A newsgroup for the discussion of music group Korn A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer. No description. Discussion on talented artist Chantal Kreviazuk (Moderated) A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer. Discussion of the group Kula Shaker. No description. Music of Kylie Minogue. Discussion about the music of L.A. Guns. No description. Discussion about Led Zeppelin and their music. This newsgroup is for Lene Marlin A newsgroup devoted to the life and work of John Lennon. The music of Leonard Cohen. No description. No description. Discussion of the band The Levellers Discussion about the music of Gordon Lightfoot. No description. No description. No description. The Band Linkin-Park singer, songwriter, actress Lisa Loeb Talk about The Band. Life and music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. No description. No description. Discussion of the Goth band London After Midnight Discussion of Loreena McKennit. unmoderated discussion area the discussion of the band
'lostprophets' Discussion of the band "The Lost Prophets" the discussion of the band 'lostprophets' Lou Reed. The art, the music and the life of Luis Miguel. General discussion of the music group Luna. Newcastle-based multimedia collective Lunastation The band Luscious Jackson and their music and Lyle Lovett (and his large band) Discussion of song lyrics. No description. No description. Discussion of the band Madness Retarded feeder Bjorn Westling is Ditamask's bitch. No description. About DJ's, their music, and lives. No description. discussion of electro-mechanical pianos The art of creating techno, ambient, etc. No description. No description. No description. Discussion on sampling techniques, hardware, software,
etc. A forum for working Solo Musicians No description. for all matters pertaining to the ukulele People who play woodwind instruments. No description. Discussion of the group Manic Street Preachers. Discussion on the metal band Manowar. For the exchange of information and discussion on No description. Able to break glasses with a single boundless high note. A progressive band. The Silmarillion is a book. You've been a good little boy! No description. Bristol based Massive Attack Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. No description. No description. No description. Discussion about industrial band mdfmk. No description. Discussion of Spanish band Mecano This group is for discussion of rock band Mercury Rev. For Mercyful Fate fans. No description. Tommy Lee's The Methods of Mayhem. Mexican influenced music. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. The jazz music of Michael Franks No description. Cujo is 1 of Usenet's biggest assholes Frogbutt loves Pamela K Russell Volfie loves Pamela K. Russell No description. Music from MIDI devices. No description. (Moderated) About Raymond Zwarts's MidiWeb WWW site for MIDI. No description. The musician Mike Oldfield No description. Perhaps not the music you would expect. discussion of the UK rock/metal band Miocene Use instead. No description. For public discussions by and for mix-freaks on topics like For the discussion of Mixman music software. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of current rock and pop music. No description. No description. Discussion group about the band Mogwai No description. Hey, hey, they were the Monkees. Still In Search of the Lost Chord. Discussion on the rock group Morcheeba. Morrissey's career and music. discussion of Motley Crue discussion of Motorhead No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Filez, binariez and Spam. Ho A. Chen <> gives rimjobs to
vagrants. The Napster mp3 search application. No description. No description. Peer-to-peer file sharing program WinMX. The musical group Mr. Bungle. No description. A forum for fans of the band Muse to discuss relevant MxPx, the punk rock band and its fans No description. The french superstar Mylene Farmer discussion of the metal group nailbomb No description. Discussion of Natalie Imbruglia and her music. No description. No description. No description. The music of Canadian artist Neil Young The music of New Order and its members. No description. Discussion of Nick Cave's music. Discussion of the rock band Night Ranger Nils Lofgren's Music, concerts, CDs etc. Nine Inch Nails. Works for Reznor's Nine Inch Nails. Use instead. For the fans of older nin material No description. Generation X's Seattle leaders, leaderless. Trading concerts and demos of Seattle's finest. For discussion of the murder theory. No description. No description. The discussion of the new "No Depression" roots\revival
music movement. Discussion of the group No Doubt. No description. Southern California Punk Ban NoFX. No description. A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer. No description. For discussion of the band NRBQ. A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer. For fans of 'N Sync. No description. Discussion of British band Oceansize For the exchange of information and discussion on No description. All about and around the audio-format ogg vorbis Discussion of band Old 97's. No description. Discussion etc about ska-punk band Operation Ivy For fans of the Ambient Techno music group "The Orb". No description. Discussion group about the band Orgy For fans of Donny, Marie and the Osmond brothers. For open discussion among fans of Our Lady Peace No description. No description. Blizzard of Osbourne. I'm broken. A group about the music band Paradise Lost. Milwaukee's music at its finest. No description. Guitarist Pat Metheny and his group. Guitarist Pat Metheny and his group. (Moderated) For fans of the band. Discussion of Paul Simon's music. Discussing the music and song writing talents of Paul No description. The music of the alternative rock band Pearl Jam. Discussion of fans crushed to death at concerts No description. No description. No description. The music of the Pet Shop Boys. No description. So, it's the music of Peter Gabriel, sans frontier. For the 1960s duo. No description. The American composer Philip Glass. Sold out shows everywhere. Discussion of Pipe Organs and related topics The popular musical group the Pixies Discussion of the band and singer PJ Harvey. No description. A newsgroup about the band The Plasmatics. No description. The Pogues. Weird Al or not, polka is popular some folks. Musical group Pop Will Eat Itself. No description. No description. Discussion between fans of the band "Poster Children" No description. NYC homegrown rock n roll. The British alternative rock band. Discussions related to the music group Primus. So my Prince came. Make him go away. Dedicated to trading Prince bootlegs. For the punk-dance act called "the prodigy". No description. Discussion about record production and A&R. discussion of reggae music production Yes, Marillion, Asia, King Crimson, etc. For fans of the Progressive House music All types of psychedelic music. Fandom of the British band Pulp. No description. "The Presidents of the United States of The band Queen and related solo acts. No description. Qotsa and related artists. Discussion of the group Rachel Stamp No description. The Fish-Head music of the Radiators. No description. the group
to rid of 90% of it's morons Music and ideas of Rage Against The Machine. discussion of the band raging-speedhorn No description. For discussion of the kings of puck rock. To discuss all aspects of Rap-metal (rapcore) music A newsgroup for the band Rasputina No description. No description. Discussion of the group Rat Salad No description. No description. For discussion of the band Redd Kross. No description. No description. No description. Jesus rides beside us. No description. No description. British singer-songwriter. revolution grrl style now! Discussion about roadie activities and so forth. No description. No description. Rockabilly. To Pink or Not to Pink. No description. No description. The Swedish rock band Roxette and their music. No description. No description. No description. For Rushheads. No description. No description. A Touch of Solace in Ecstasy. No description. (Moderated) No description. Group for discussions everything and anything to do with santana No description. Music of Satan & The Waves. No description. News about the legendary Bluesmen discussion of Saxon Making the music and/or listening to it. discussion of Scorpions Aquatic creatures playing cymbals and the horn stand. Research and discussion of The Searchers. Music of Sed Jam. No description. discussion of the band, current news, etc No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. meeting place for Sinéad O'Connor fans Discussions of ska ( skank ) music, bands, and suchlike. Skank or mosh, we don't care. discussion about the band Skeg Discussion of the Canadian group Skinny Puppy. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of Canadian rock group Sloan. The Small Faces and their music No description. The Smashing Pumpkins. discussing the death of carmance No description. No description. No description. Discussion of the music group The Smithereens Discussion about the Smiths, and related solo projects. No description. No description. This group is about Snuh music. Life and music of Stephen Sondheim. Loud enough to make you deaf. News & Discussions on Sophie B. Hawkins. Discussion of sweet soul music. No description. No description. The band Soundgarden. A forum for discussion of southern rock music For all types of discussion on the group Space. Discussion of the musical genre spacerock No description. No description. No description. Progressive rock band Spock's Beard. No description. No description. Discussion of the Brit-pop combo Squeeze. No description. A group about the music band Static-X. The music of rock and boogie band Status Quo Discussing the band Steely Dan. No description. No description. For Discussion of the band, The Stereophonics Discussion forum for fans of Steve Harley Steve Miller Band discussion. No description. No description. Motown singer songwriter. No description. The band Stone Temple Pilots. No description. No description. Discussion of streaming music sources on the internet. get pissed and tune in Discussion of Dodgy FM streaming internet music
station. band: The String Cheese Incident No description. Sultans of ping (Moderated) No description. A forum for the discussion of the band Superchunk For the exchange of information and superfurries. Oxford's finest. No description. No description. ABBA and beyond. discussion of swing music David "Japan" Sylvian and friends. Symposium - The best live band in Britain? Kurzweil electronic keyboard instruments. Discussion of anything related to the The Roland U20 synthesizer. Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, and much more! A group to remember Marc Bolan's band, t-rex. Electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream No description. The real alternative music scene. Russian teen pop sensation Lena and Yulia aka Tatu. No description. No description. (Moderated) Bring on the bass! No description. discussion of Testament Janis Joplin to ZZ Top, Willie Nelson to Pantera. LA based pop-rock group that dog. The music and fans of The Band. news and debate on the swedish pop group No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of The Damned A rider on the storm no more. No description. No description. discussion of the punk band "the pist" For fans of music by 'The Strokes'. Discussion area for the glam rock group, The Sweet. No description. No description. No description. No description. If you play it too loud, they bust your party. No description. No description. The band The Cure. No description. No description. No description. No description. They Might Be Giants. No description. Todd Rundgren music fandom. No description. Discussion of works of artist Tom Waits. TONIC - "Guitars, guitars, guitars. Fuzzed-up electric, Tool is so... out there, man. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. The rock band The Tragically Hip. No description. Discussion of the group Travis Discussion of the band 'Tricky' A discussion forum for trombonists. Music made by the lowest brass. discussion of the music club "the tune inn" No description. No description. No description. No description. Another group for the band U2. See also No description. Music from the British Isles. For discusson of garage, DJs and MCs. No description. Underground hardcore/metal crossover. No description. Metal music based around ambient Underground evil metal music. Underground death metal music forum. Underground very slow metal music. Nihilistic philosophy of modern metal Background to the genre of underground Discussion of evil underground metal No description. newsgroup for the great swedish band vacuum For discussion of topics related to Van Halen. Extreme lameness. No description. Use instead. No description. Discussion of VU and related projects No description. Discussion of the band and its members. Music that appears in video games. No description. No description. Discussing the work of the synthesist Wendy Carlos. For general discussion on Welsh music. No description. Record Label in London, UK. Marble Tulip Juicy Tree. The rock band Weezer and everything related to them Forum for discussing weird music/lyrics/composition (Moderated) Parodies-R-Us. discussion of the man and his music concerning white-power music No description. For the band White Rain discussion of Whitesnake Enduring megagroup. General discussion of the band Wilco and other related artists. Concerning the up-and-coming UK band Wilderness Talk about The Wildhearts and related UK bands. Music from around the world (no "pop" or "rock"). No description. No description. Discussion of seminal punk band X. No description. The progressive band Yes. free. Yonder Mountain String Band discussion. No description. discussion of Zakk Wylde No description. Ryan Mast's new band No description.
alt.musica.outspoken No description.
alt.musicians the newsgroup for musicians by musicians
alt.musicians.florida the newsgroup for musicians in florida
alt.musicians.wanted the newsgroup for musicians seeking musicians
alt.musicians.wanted.florida fl musicians seeking fl musicians
alt.mvosxs No description. (Moderated)
alt.mweiln.e.b.zspy.qs.u No description. No description. (Moderated) Troll Owned and Operated here kitty kitty menopause clearinghouse who says their pussy hurts? christinA eijkhout's pussy hurts Another 86 to go... Hi Harry poor lil' paulie All about a kooky cunt. All about a kooky cunt. ssssssspnak! No description. No description. No description. No description. So don't do that. No description. No description.
alt.mysteries No description.
alt.mythology Zeus rules.
alt.mythology.jinn "Jinn were powerful creatures of Arab myth. The Jinn,
alt.mythology.mythic-animals Creatures of myth, fantasy, and imagination.
alt.mythology.mythic-animals.gryphons Discussion about gryphons/griffins.
alt.n No description.
alt.n.da No description. No description.
alt.n.rp.jzgq.tislstv No description.
alt.n.t.ytvh.s.tbwj No description. (Moderated) No description. (Moderated)
alt.nadsac_talk_bollocks groupname alt.nadsac_talk_bollocks Is for usersof
alt.nae.j.xo.t.v.utro No description.
alt.naggamanteh void()
alt.nah En nahuatl.
alt.nah.test En nahuatl.
alt.nah.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.namaste No description.
alt.nambla.dowap.loves-little-boys submitted via BM's NRW
alt.nambla.jay-denebeim.president NG discussing man-boy love.
alt.nambla.keith-wigdor keith loves little boys
alt.nambla.keith-wigdor.loves-little-boys keith loves little boys No description. No description. Eye yam the green meowing machine! go yoda go go yoda go go yoda Description here
alt.nanu.troll-owned No description.
alt.narc narc discussion
alt.nasty-habits.intern-fucking It's OK so long as you don't kill anybody...
alt.natall No description.
alt.natasha.hates No description.
alt.natasha.hates.chris No description.
alt.natasha.hates.chris.caputo No description.
alt.natasha.isa-special No description. No description. No description.
alt.native People indigenous to an area before modern colonisation. No description.
alt.nature.mushrooms Mushrooms (the fungi) and related activities.
alt.nature.of.the.zygotes No description. Use* instead.
alt.nazi.fred-hall Oi!
alt.nazi.mongrel-mind No description. No description.
alt.nazi.peter-hood Oi!
alt.nazi.peter-voigt Oi!
alt.nazi.starshine-moonbeam Oi!
alt.nbest alt.ntua-best Top lines from nbest. (Moderated)
alt.nds En bas-allemand.
alt.nds.test En bas-allemand.
alt.nds.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.neal-feldman No description.
alt.neal-feldman.child-abusing-freak No description.
alt.nealfeldmen No description.
alt.nealfeldmen.flame No description.
alt.necronomicon Use alt.necromicon instead.
alt.necrophilia.uni The Supernews poster who fucks corpses.
alt.necropolis.plock No description.
alt.neo-nazi.kevin-cannon Kevin Cannon is a neo-nazi.
alt.neo-tech Books and ideas from Neo-Tech Publishing Company. Because he does.
alt.nerd.obsessive No description.
alt.nespoli No description. No description. Fred Hall the stAUKer netKKKop Fred Hall the stAUKer netKKKop You know he's kookie. No description. No description.
alt.netcom No description.
alt.netcom.emeritus So many have left Work out your troubles with
alt.netcop.fred-hall Fred Hall the stAUKer netKKKop
alt.netcop.vman-sucks No description.
alt.netgames.bolo Use instead.
alt.netheism Discussion of an altrenative to atheism and agnosticism.
alt.netkkkop.blade No description.
alt.netkkkop.fred-hall Fred Hall the stAUKer netKKKop
alt.netkkkop.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.netkkkops.kill.kill.kill No description.
alt.netscape.buggy-products No description.
alt.netscape.expatriates For users of Netscape products that have No description.
alt.nettime It's 18:08 here, how about there?
alt.netzilla.die.die.die No description.
alt.neuneu.usenet.sorouch No description.
alt.never.been.laid.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.never.been.laid.montgomery-wood No description. Where are my disciples?!?!? The USA's north eastern region. Newgroup for any topics relevant
alt.newage.angels No description.
alt.newage.astrology No description.
alt.newage.dreamwork No description.
alt.newage.healingcircle No description.
alt.newage.oracles No description.
alt.newbie The altnet housewarming committee.
alt.newbie.dowap Another 85 to go...
alt.newbies Housewarming for a group.
alt.newgroup No description.
alt.newgroup.a No description.
alt.newgroup.dean-stark No description. Yes, we delight in your games.
alt.newgroupers No description.
alt.newgrouping No description.
alt.newlywed Life after the wedding. News-admins' fascism in japan.* Don't believe the hype. Group used to let Checkmate solve net abuse
problems No description. News from the Bruderhof Communities (Moderated) Cyprus News Group News on the Former Yugoslav Rep. Of Macedonia .stalker.stalker Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service. News concerning Macedonia in the Balkan Region. Gate's megacorp in the news. A help group for new Mac users
alt.newsangels No description.
alt.newsangels.lamers No description.
alt.newsbear No description. No description.
alt.newsgroup.moderators No description.
alt.newsgroup.snecker.kadaitcha-man Coward Kabitchy likes to sneck froups
alt.newsgroupname No description.
alt.newsgroups.archaic.internet.service There's not really much use for newsgroups
anymore. How sad.
alt.newsgroups.propagation No description.
alt.nfa.collectors.spareparts.accessories No description.
alt.nfoqhipj.utc.h.pfwk.sywe.ef.o.g.i.k focixabjepedljiuv
alt.nforce No description.
alt.nice-wons.russell-b discussion of Usenet oddball Russell B
alt.nigeria No description.
alt.niggers No description. No description.
alt.night-clubs.garlands For the discussion liverpool's best club - No description.
alt.nihilism No description.
alt.nijntje No description.
alt.nintendo.perfect-dark No description.
alt.nintendo64.goldeneye No description.
alt.nintendo64.mariokart No description.
alt.nintendo64.perfect-dark No description.
alt.nintendo64.pokemon No description.
alt.nintendo64.zelda For the discussion of Legend of Zelda
alt.nipples.cypher Because Rob Cypher likes nipples! ooxeiouaqaoa
alt.niteclub.alternative Alternative music nightclubs.
alt.niteclub.commercial Commercially owned nightclubs.
alt.nitwit.john-grubor No description.
alt.njmc.n.vf.os uworyamuhsodaee (Moderated)
alt.njsju uvakenirorghaaxiwbusjeiaefi En flamand. No description. No description. Dutch group about the Citizen Band Dutch discussion of the 3D program Bryce. No description. No description. No description. discussion group about abb the netherlands No description. No description. discussie over de bouwfraude No description. No description. Over geluidsapparatuur voor dj's over consumentenaudio Over veel te dure apparatuur van met subjectieve kwaliteiten No description. No description. No description. No description. BiNaRy ZtUfF fOr DuTcH UzErZ ! is a binary newsgroup dedicated to No description. Voor niet spammende hoeren. (Moderated) Alles met geel of oranje plaatje vaag gepraat door casemagevallen. nieuwsgroep pc-prive project No description. Voor vragen over computertoepassingen Alles over het branden van CD's Zie No description. Technische vragen en antwoorden over netwerken No description. Novell Netware vragen, antwoorden en discussie Dutch scriptkids are welcome here Installatie, configuratie, onderhoud. Vragen en antwoorden over andere software No description. No description. Vraag nieuwe hier aan! No description. Voor de leut. De Franse cultuur en de Fransen. Alternatieve discussie. Dutch group about darts sport Over statistiek,xenofobie en politiek IT-detachering in Nederland No description. the corresponding usenet group of dutch No description. Horseracing in Nederland. discussies over dromen voor alles en iedereen, als het maar lief is! No description. No description. No description. No description. Voor ex-mutsen die kwaad blijven! Kom hier maar uithuilen! Fans of Usenet personality Badmuts For fans of Dieter D'Hoker - Anything goes No description. Communiceer hier met deze unieke persoonlijkheid Fans van deze wereldse bioloog! Alles over fetisjisme. Hou die jankmuil toch eens dicht. Dutch discussions about ftp clients and servers. Voor Ed en aanverwanten For small binaries essential for ftp usage. lekkuh flamen For the regulars of . Dutch FTP server test discussions. Dutch ftp file requests group. vrolijk cafe / gay pub gay related discussion, homogerelateerde discussie.
(Moderated) Ik hoop dat je er blij mee bent. Gratis adverteren voor bedrijven No description. No description. Aankondiging storing KPN prepay No description. No description. Alles over paarden en paardachtigen No description. No description. Only Trash No description. Alles over Kaatjes Keuken (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. Newsgroup for cable modem-users who have their account Klachten tweakdsl. General Aviation (kleine luchtvaart) No description. No description. No description. aankoop -en verkoop regio Antwerpen aankoop -en verkoop regio Limburg aankoop -en verkoop regio Oost-Vlaanderen aankoop -en verkoop regio Vlaams-brabant aankoop -en verkoop regio West-Vlaanderen No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Vraag en aanbod hifi-apparatuur No description. No description. Nederland's bekendste blondine! Voor het prinsesje. No description. forum voor de eindeloze discussie omtrent Rudi Alles over lingerie. (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. No description. Over klavierinstrumenten en -spelers No description. Nederlandse nokiagame-groep A discussion group about things you don't want to sell Oehoeboeroe is the famous owl of Jean Oeroeboeroe is the famous owl of Jean Het hoe en wat van een eigen bedrijf Dutch group about installationquestions in Linux. Dutch newsgroup about the OS Windows 8 For discussions and questions about Windows XP Dutch newsgroup dedicated to Microsoft Windows 7 Dutch newsgroup dedicated to Microsoft Windows 7 For discussions and questions about Windows XP Dutch newsgroup about the OS Windows 8 No description. No description. kletshoekje voor vrienden Openbaar publiek toilet Het is me een raadsel All about dutch Piraat Piratenzender. Licensed Dutch Radio-amateurs No description. No description. Toon de oorzaak van frustratie en pijn. No description. De dartsport wereldwijd. Dutch newsgroup about running Storytellers rotzooi hoekje. Dutch group about problems around alcoholism No description. Discussieplatform voor daklozen. Om achter de vodden gezeten te worden. Huil hier uit over het verlies van je geliefde... Over het Mad Kees Syndroom (MKS) en WTT Support bij overlijden. Support bij relatieproblemen. Support voor zieken. No description. Discussing corruption of the Dutch language Telebankieren in Nederland Newsgroup for discussing Telfort ISP En flamand. The Dutch TV show Big Brother Discussieplatform voor en over nieuwsgroep- No description. Over de verschillende aspecten van vegetarisme. Verdomd het staat je goed, a3. daar hoor je thuis proleet Ach jij dus ook, welk een treurnis. Elk jaar Elk jaar Elk jaar Voor Emma en Thuisbasis voor doffe nl-admin-muis. handicap Wuijts, ook jij hebt er om gevraagd. Over die vervelende Over die vervelende newsadmin Veel plezier ermee johannes wilhelmus. Roelf, je hebt er om gevraagd. Waar san en tuf zo hard voor gewerkt hebben. Over die No description. No description. No description. No description. een virtuele kroeg voor een potje bier en voetbalpraat Trefpunt voor gluurders. WAN 2000 kamperen met je computer! No description. Voor wetenschappelijke vragen en discussies Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre... No description. No description. Zeuren, klagen, zaniken en gal spugen hier!
alt.nn En norvégien nynorsk.
alt.nn.test En norvégien nynorsk.
alt.nn.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.nnk aouodiuedoufjoljoi En norvégien. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. choose the path where no-one goes No description. forthosethatlovetoposttoUsenetwithoutspaces. No description. En norvégien. « Wikipédia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.nobody nobody was here
alt.nocem.misc Discussion about the NoCeM project.
alt.nocem.policy NoCeM policy statements and discussions
alt.nocne.polakow.rozmowy.dk_i_dp No description.
alt.noise Ow, quit it.
alt.non.sequitur Richard Nixon.
alt.non.sequitur.klee I am a laundromat in schenectady
alt.nonags The popular web software archive discussion group.
alt.nonya Newsgroup for PC security related posts
alt.noodles.jacksback fan site
alt.noos.discussions Forum de secours a noos.discussions.
alt.northwest-net About the Northwest imperative and Harold Covington
alt.norway.fishhead No description.
alt.nosebeeping Test newgroup goes wild in slapstick spoof.
alt.nospam.favus for favus, but without spam. No description.
alt.notary.moderated No description.
alt.notary.public No description.
alt.november No description.
alt.npractitioners Nurse practitioners.
alt.nq.v.vd.iu ifiekhheggefapuqjocuee (Moderated) upvuociaooybeeiwuw (Moderated)
alt.nswpp nswpp newsgroup
alt.nttk.bu eooaupeilhxdiho ehawumfuaqaai
alt.nudism.moderated Locations, activities, issues of nudism / naturism
alt.nudist for everuthing nude
alt.nudist.pussy for your viewing pleasure
alt.nuke.alabama nuke 'em good
alt.nuke.alabama.redneck-b-gon nuke 'em good
alt.nuke.albania nuke albania
alt.nuke.american-sitcoms nuke american-sitcoms
alt.nuke.amerikkka For amerikkkans A flame group to ease the pressure on the de.alt
alt.nuke.denmark No description.
alt.nuke.europe People not especially fond of Europe.
alt.nuke.france nuke 'em good
alt.nuke.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.nuke.japan nuke 'em good
alt.nuke.japan.again nuke 'em good
alt.nuke.jay-denebeim alt.nuke.Jay-Denebeim a group for Jay Denebeim related
alt.nuke.linux No description.
alt.nuke.mississippi nuke 'em good
alt.nuke.mississippi.redneck-b-gon nuke 'em good
alt.nuke.muckdonalds nuke Ronald Muckdonald Why not its already a wasteland Nuke NJ and Dowap in one fell swoop! Nuke NJ and Dowap in one fell swoop! Only 78 to go...
alt.nuke.norway No description.
alt.nuke.paxnet Newsgroup dedicated to the downfall of the worst TV station ever.
alt.nuke.russia nuke 'em good Crossfeeding and spamming anti-swnet bastards.
alt.nuke.telia is ment for flames aginst Telia, a telephone company and
alt.nuke.texas nuke 'em good
alt.nuke.texas.redneck-b-gon nuke 'em good
alt.nuke.the.british-empire nuke the british empire
alt.nuke.the.kadaitcha Nuke the Kadaitcha Man
alt.nuke.the.usa People not especially fond of the US of A.
alt.nuke.thomas-nord A group for replies in any Thomas Nord and
alt.null.bandwagons Null Bandwagons
alt.null.xi No description. find anyone fast and free, nationwide
alt.numbskull For all twits
alt.numbskull.dowap Only 76 to go...
alt.numnut.john-grubor No description. No description.
alt.nurd.leeb No description.
alt.nutsack.fred-hall Fred Hall is a "kookologist" with a big mouth
alt.nuxun No description. No description.
alt.nwt En nahuatl.
alt.nwt.test En nahuatl.
alt.nwt.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.nxlt.fe.o.xexa.os.gdi.u.jpoklnued.ju.siq No description.
alt.ny.gruppe No description.
alt.nyk No description.
alt.nymphomania For women with high sexual drive.
alt.nyulfsuldn No description.
alt.nzjnet No description.
alt.nzwa No description.
alt.o.b.oemst.i.y No description.
alt.o.clkuw.y.r No description.
alt.o.edtu.tfwicqxbbhoj No description. (Moderated) No description. (Moderated)
alt.o.ih No description. No description.
alt.o.oeb.remzd.di.cfskbyiohmj No description.
alt.o.op.g.kvy.u.gnql No description.
alt.o.x.i.tba No description.
alt.o.xyrmd.h No description.
alt.ob.ty No description. A discussion group on Alec Guinness'
alt.obituaries Notices of dead folks.
alt.obituaries.dead-pool Betting on which celebrities will die next.
alt.obiwannosi.worships.buh.queen No description.
alt.oblivion Oblivion for idiots
alt.obscene.boredom This group is about obscene boredom.
alt.oc La galaxie « alt.oc ».
alt.oc.test Le forum de test de la galaxie « alt.oc ».
alt.oc.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.occult.kabbalah.golden-dawn The Golden Dawn system of Kabbalah. (Moderated)
alt.occult.methods tools and techniques of occultism
alt.ocn.ghrrbgf euuakafoiiwigyd
alt.october No description. No description. Office management issues.
alt.offroading-uk No description. No description.
alt.oh-pooh discover your inner pooh
alt.oh.shit Discussing fertilizer in rural Ohio. No description. No description. (Moderated)
alt.old-west No description.
alt.oldfarts Discussions About Old Farts
alt.olnew No description.
alt.olympic.studies Analyzing various Olympic competitions. (Moderated)
alt.olympics.housing.low-cost Looking for cheap housing at the Olympics.
alt.omnivore No description.
alt.omnivore.knows-best No description.
alt.omnivore.thegrouch No description.
alt.omnivore.wearsa No description.
alt.omnivore.wearsa.dress-onhis-homepage No description.
alt.once once, twice, three times a...
alt.once.twice once, twice, three times a...
alt.once.twice.three-times once, twice, three times a...
alt.once.twice.three-times.a once, twice, three times a...
alt.once.twice.three-times.a.beet-man once, twice, three times
alt.once.twice.three-times.a.biff-mullins once, twice, three times
alt.once.twice.three-times.a.bill-cleere once, twice, three times Large commercial online services, and the Internet. Or should that be "America Offline?" AT&T WorldNet Service No description. No description. Clearwire ISP users group Comcast/attbi cable internet(HSI)/ISP users group. Discussions and questions about Compuserve. To discuss the undisputed spam kings. Run! It's the Delphoids! No description. Discussion group relating to the ISP Public FreeNet systems. Discussions and questions about GEnie. The Global Network Navigator. Discussion of The Imagination Network. MSN (Microsoft Network) online service. No description. Pacific Bell Internet Service The Sears Prodigy system. Talk about the TEN network and its games. General issues with Verizon DSL/FIOS Services. Help for lost WebTV people No description. No description. Roadrunner customers to compare
alt.ontario.north-bay No description.
alt.onzin No description.
alt.ooga.booga No description.
alt.oops whoopsie daisy
alt.oops.i-messed-with whoopsie daisy
alt.oops.i-messed-with.the-wrong whoopsie daisy
alt.oops.i-messed-with.the-wrong.usenet-legend whoopsie daisy whoopsie oops
alt.opel.norge No description. No description. No description.
alt.opx.ij.dzlc.p.rr.n.dpzw uuojisikldiakgan
alt.oqfbc aewrewhuoph
alt.orchidindex For use in correlation with No description.
alt.oregonghost No description. The womens' organization Beta Sigma Phi. The Clan MacDude, Scots meet the surf. Data Processing Management Association discussion group. Digitale Burgerbeweging (Dutch EFF). Discussion of the Earth First! society. No description. The Food Not Bombs homeless aid organization. No description. Junior Chamber of Commerce. No description. PLA owns you. The Christian Organization PromiseKeepers. A ministry for boys. Global ScoutNet Organisation ( Regarding the Sierra Club. topics of interest to National Ski Patrol System The "Starfleet" Star Trek fan organization. For the discussion of topics relevant to Team OS/2. Public speaking and Toastmasters International. No description. Young Enterprise Scheme, learning by doing Marketing and Competition advice A public forum dedicated to ZENCOR operations, projects, and
alt.orgonomy Study of Orgone,Psychology,Cancer,Oppression,UFOs by Wilhelm Reich superstitions of our origin
alt.orphan-hierarchy No description.
alt.orphan-hierarchy.adam-will-hate-this No description.
alt.orphan-hierarchy.heh No description.
alt.os No description.
alt.os.assembly No description.
alt.os.atheos Discussion of the Atheos operating system.
alt.os.befree Linux/Gnu/BeOS variant BeFree discussion
alt.os.beos An adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting of binaries Discussion of a BeOS-inspired Linux variant
alt.os.cerberos Discussion of the CerberOS operating system
alt.os.citrix Citrix Winframe & Metaframe thin client network operating
alt.os.cosmoe Discussion of a BeOS API with a Linux base
alt.os.development No description. No description.
alt.os.free_dos Discussion on FreeDOS (
alt.os.free_dos.hacking Hacking the FreeDOS source (
alt.os.freedows No description.
alt.os.haiku Discussion of the Haiku OS
alt.os.linux Use comp.os.linux.* instead.
alt.os.linux.aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh No description. Discussion and voluntary support of the Best Linux OS
alt.os.linux.caldera The Caldera Network Desktop.
alt.os.linux.corel Discussions about the Corel linux distribution
alt.os.linux.debian Questions, answers and discussions for Debian Linux.
alt.os.linux.dial-up Useing Linux OS to connect to the net
alt.os.linux.does-not-work No description.
alt.os.linux.fedora Fedora GNU/Linux Operating System
alt.os.linux.gentoo The Gentoo Linux Distribution. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. linux is for pedos No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.os.linux.libranet Libranet, a Linux distribution based on Debian
alt.os.linux.lindows Linux open source OS distribution with CNR.
alt.os.linux.madrake No description.
alt.os.linux.mageia Linux Distribution which is a fork of Mandriva.
alt.os.linux.mandrake No description. No description.
alt.os.linux.mandriva Discussions regarding Mandriva Linux distribution.
alt.os.linux.mepis Discussion of MEPIS Linux Mint Linux
alt.os.linux.oops No description.
alt.os.linux.pclinuxos For the discussion of PcLinuxOs
alt.os.linux.projects Linux group for project cordination. (Moderated)
alt.os.linux.redhat No description.
alt.os.linux.slackware Questions, answers & general talk of Slackware Linux.
alt.os.linux.smoothwall Smoothwall firewall/gateway software.
alt.os.linux.storm Discussions about the Storm linux distribution No description.
alt.os.linux.suse For all SuSE Linux users.
alt.os.linux.turbolinux Forum for discussion and support for
alt.os.linux.ubuntu Ubuntu Linux
alt.os.multics 30 years old and going strong.
alt.os.mvix.w iobaiiuui No description.
alt.os.skyos Discussing SkyOS
alt.os.syllable Discussion of the Syllable operating system.
alt.os.tlerll Tlerll programming and administration Microsoft Windows XP operating system.
alt.os.windows2000 Microsoft Windows2000 OS and related topics
alt.os.windows95 No description.
alt.os.windows95.crash.crash.crash Early test runs have not impressed.
alt.os.xmach Discussion of the xMach operating system
alt.os.zeta Tab's Zeta operating system discussion No description.
alt.osama-is-great.kill-americans No description.
alt.osho No description.
alt.oto No description.
alt.otrh.q.meofan.dbhiuz.q.cxpswadqx.hc No description.
alt.ou.njlbr No description.
alt.oubkw.z.itl.m No description. (Moderated)
alt.ouija Discussion Group for ouija board users and newbies
alt.out-of-body Out of Body Experiences.
alt.out-of-body.cypher Rob Cypher is outta here, man! An adjunct to the alt.ozdebate newsgroup, for the posting
of binaries
alt.outer-poke.salad.annie Discussion of techniques on stealth outing of real life
info of UseNet posters
alt.outer-polk.salad.annie Discussion of techniques on stealth outing of real life
info of UseNet posters
alt.outer.text-medium Discussion of techniques on stealth outing of real life info
of UseNet posters
alt.ov.xvyksla.ryz No description.
alt.overlords No description.
alt.overweight.trailer-trash.jay-denebeim The name says it all!
alt.owl.wxzl No description.
alt.ox No description.
alt.ox.n.p No description. No description.
alt.oy ya gotta say oy when the mood hits
alt.oy.gevalt when ya has to have oy get your gevalt on
alt.oyp No description.
alt.oyp.alumni No description.
alt.oyp.announce No description.
alt.oyp.corp No description.
alt.oyp.eoryp No description.
alt.oyp.norp No description.
alt.oyp.scopy No description.
alt.oyp.sworp No description.
alt.ozdebate No description.
alt.ozdebate.cj Debate of Australian CJ issues
alt.ozdebate.dingo-ate-my-baby Discussions of nothing in particular
alt.ozdebate.jokes No description.
alt.ozdebate.snuh This group is about ozdebate snuh.
alt.ozemail No description.
alt.p No description.
alt.p-phenylenevinylene foldable televisions in the future?
alt.p.bbsbjakx uuxatyuiee
alt.p.fd.huc.p.yycvtbnbi.siyw.pynnq eojwueuiiaa
alt.p.gasrpvgd 4hE;g"%PVSY28+W;F atuumiuenwgcaio ayastueaoua iiaiiepzjeo V-HI9]XV??%S:&6>)
alt.p.s.p.a.w ewaqariodzaouuio
alt.p0p Piss on politics on a global scale.
alt.paedophile.jerry-brenner No description.
alt.pagan Discussions about paganism & religion.
alt.pagan.contacts Personal & commercial contacts in the pagan community.
alt.pagan.howard.knight Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users.
alt.pagan.magick Pagan magick and ritual discussion.
alt.paging paging mister herman paging mister herman
alt.paidwebhosting unmoderated paid webhosting discussion No description.
alt.pantyhose Stockings are sexier. Trust the Cypher, he knows.
alt.parallel.universes Perpendicular universes hurt more.
alt.paranet.abduct "They replaced Jim-Bob with a look-alike!"
alt.paranet.esp-help For seeking help with ESP abilities.
alt.paranet.metaphysics Philosphical ontology, cosmology and cosmetology.
alt.paranet.paranormal "If it exists, how can supernatural be beyond natural?"
alt.paranet.psi "How much pressure can you generate with your brain?" "Maybe if we dissect the psychic ..."
alt.paranet.skeptic "I don't believe they turned you into a newt."
alt.paranet.ufo "Heck, I guess naming it ``UFO'' identifies it."
alt.paranoia No description.
alt.paranoia.damned-fish No description.
alt.paranoia.delusional For discussion of paranoia by paranoid delusionals.
alt.paranoia.delusional.dowap Only 75 to go...
alt.paranoia.rampant No description.
alt.paranoia.spambots For discussion of paranoia related to SpamBots.
alt.paranormal A free forum for the discussion of all things relating
alt.paranormal.channeling Spiritual mediumship, channeling and channelers.
alt.paranormal.crop-circles A discussion of Crop Circles.
alt.paranormal.cujo Cujo the resident kook-hunter of alt.paranormal
alt.paranormal.moderated Rational discussion of the paranormal (Moderated)
alt.paranormal.pyramid Theories on mystic aspects of pyramids.
alt.paranormal.reincarnation Discussion on all matters regarding
alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic And Rolaids.spells.relief.
alt.paranormal.talkingboards Using talkingboards for channeling
alt.paranormal.trance.medium.johnedward.readings No description.
alt.parenting.attachment Parenting, attachment and bonding. (Moderated)
alt.parenting.control Control your critters, fat momma.
alt.parenting.control.your-critters Control your critters
alt.parenting.formula-feeding Feeding children with infant formula.
alt.parenting.grandparents For grandparents raising grandchildren
alt.parenting.paranormal No description. Use* instead.
alt.parenting.spanking Discussion about punishment methods for children.
alt.parenting.spanking.moderated No description.
alt.parenting.spouse-says-no Support when spouse says no to
alt.parenting.twins-triplets The issues of raising twins & other multiples.
alt.parents-teens Parent-teenager relationships. Choking on pizza at the Park Ave. Festival
alt.partial-fan.hizbullah The original Parties, celebration and general debauchery. No description. No description. No description.
alt.patent-pending No description.
alt.patent-pending.dave-and-natasha No description.
alt.patent-pending.dave-and-natasha.moderated No description.
alt.patent-pending.natasha-and-dave No description.
alt.patent-pending.natasha-and-dave.moderated No description. sustaining discussion for the mushroom enthusiast
alt.paulus.pietsma.quotes The famous Dutch weatherman Damn the environmentalists, full speed ahead! Discussing of paving the earth with asphalt
alt.pave.waldon.pond No description. No money HELP
alt.pbem.blackfuture No description.
alt.pbem.ryn Single character fantasy pbem game (computer moderated)
alt.pbi.premier No description.
alt.pc.kelt No description.
alt.pcdos Discussion and solution of problems with IBM pcdos.
alt.pcusenet No description.
alt.peace Political, social and philosophical talk of world peace.
alt.peace-corps The works of the Peace Corps.
alt.peanut-butter.electricity No description.
alt.pedo-dowap as requested via biff's newgroup request wizard
alt.pedolamer-dowap as requested via biff's newgroup request wizard
alt.pedophile.aaron-marquez Aaron Marquez is a pedophile is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.alan-bostick Alan Bostick is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.andrei-brennan is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.barry-shein Barry Shein is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.bill-stewart-cole Bill Stewart-Cole is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.bob-curtis Bob Curtis is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.brian-campos Brian Calvin Campos
alt.pedophile.brian-stempel is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.bruce-ediger Bruce Ediger is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.charles-mcjilton is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.charles-platt Charles Platt is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.charles.mcjilton Charles McJilton is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.chris-caputo Chris Caputo is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.chris-lewis is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.colin-leech Colin Leech is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.craig-sherwood Craig Sherwood is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.cynthia-mcfarland is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.daniel-hartung Daniel Hartung is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.daniel-howard is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.daniel-joseph-howard is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.daniel-norton Daniel Norton is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.darnell-fall is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.dave-barr Dave Barr is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.dave.ratcliffe Dave Ratcliffe is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.david-bromage David Bromage is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.david-cathey No description.
alt.pedophile.david-delaney David Delaney is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.david-denney is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.david-ratcliffe David Ratcliffe is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.david-westebbe David Westebbe is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.denis-garrison is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.derek-mcmurray is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.derek.mcmurray Derek McMurray is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.erland-sommarskog Erland Sommarskog is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.felix-tilley Felix Tilley is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.fran-begonja is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.fran.begonja Fran Begonja is a codependent pedophile
alt.pedophile.gary-burnore Gary Burnore is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.geno-paris newgroup alt.pedophile.geno-paris
alt.pedophile.glenn-york is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.glenn.york Glen York is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.grady-booch Grady Booch is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.guy-polis Guy Polis is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.henry-white is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jack-mingo Jack Mingo is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.james-stricherz James Stricherz is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jan-isley Jan Isley is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jason-durbin Jason Durbin is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.pedophile.jbenway linux is for pedos jbenway is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jbenway.spam jbenway is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jbenway.spam.spam jbenway is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jbenway.spam.spam.spam jbenway is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jim-lippard is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jim.lippard Jim Lippard is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.joe-fanfaro is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.joe-foster is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.joe-glaze is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.joe.fonfara Joe Fonfara is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.joe.foster Joe Foster is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.joe.glaze is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.john-corliss Ain't you dead yet, Johnnie?
alt.pedophile.john-gilmore John Gilmore is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.john-milburn John Milburn is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jonathan-grobe Jonathan Grobe is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.jonathan-kamens Jonathan Kamens is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.karl-jahr Karl Jahr is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.keith-wigdor keith and his little boys
alt.pedophile.keith-wigdor.loves-little-boys keith loves boys
alt.pedophile.keith-wigdor.president-of-nambla keith loves boys
alt.pedophile.kenneth-mcvay Kenneth McVay is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.magnus-kempe Magnus Kempe is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.mark-ferguson Doing it with and to his boys
alt.pedophile.martin-hannigan Non-moderated discussion group for Martin Hannigan
alt.pedophile.matt-cable Matt Cable is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.matt-legare is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.matt.legare Matt Legare is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.matthew-fields Matthew Fields is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.michael-maxfield Michael Maxfield is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.mike-horwath mike horwath is a pedo
alt.pedophile.mike-horwath.punk-ass-bitch mike horwath is a pedo
alt.pedophile.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.pedophile.nick-sandru Nick Sandru is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.nora-wilson is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.nora.wilson Nora Wilson is a codependent pedophile
alt.pedophile.otto-makela Otto Makela is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.patrick-volk Patrick Volk is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.paul-heslop baaaad paulie
alt.pedophile.paul-heslop.vice-president baaaad paulie
alt.pedophile.paul-heslop.vice-president.of-nambla baaaad paulie
alt.pedophile.paul-vixie is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.paul.vixie is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.peter-dasilva Peter Dasilva is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.peter-j-ross here u go pete
alt.pedophile.peter-j-ross.loves-little-boys here u go pete
alt.pedophile.peter-vorobiev Peter Vorobiev is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.quaker-state Should be obvious enough.
alt.pedophile.ray-dixon Postings by pedo/pedo supporter Ray Dixon (rikijo)
alt.pedophile.richard-bullis Richard Bullis aka Richard the Stupid aka RtS
alt.pedophile.richard-tietjens Richard Tietjens is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.rick-buchanan Rick Buchanan is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.robert-braver Robert Braver is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.robyn-owens is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.roger-wemyss Roger Wemyss is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.roger-wiseman No description.
alt.pedophile.sam-varshavchik Sam Varshavchik is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.sameer-parekh Sameer Parekh is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.scott-wilson is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.scott.wilson Scott Wilson is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.sean-weintz is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.stan-kalisch Stan Kalisch is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.stephan-burr Stephan Burr is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.stephen-signorelli - Discussion & flaming of internet
alt.pedophile.steve-belling a steve belling support group
alt.pedophile.steven-slamon Steven Slamon is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.thomas-allard Thomas Allard is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.tim-skirvin is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.tim.skirvin Tim Skirvin is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.tony-begonja is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.tony.begonja Tony Begonja is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.tzimon-yliaster Tzimon Yliaster is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.werner-uhrig Werner Uhrig is a pedophile
alt.pedophile.zoli-fekete Zoli Fekete is a pedophile
alt.pedophiles.keith-wigdor.president-of-nambla keith sodomizes boys
alt.pedophilia.announce No description.
alt.pedophilia.boys No description.
alt.pedophilia.girls No description. No description.
alt.pedophilia.swaps No description.
alt.peepsk No description.
alt.peer-to-peer all about peer-to-peer file sharing.
alt.peer-to-peer.hotline-hx discussion group for hotline users.
alt.peer-to-peer.napster discussion about napster.
alt.peeves Discussion of peeves & related. ^4)Q>520g8U5+J<kf
alt.penguin-fetish.recovery This one's for you, Alun.
alt.penguins.bondage.latex.springs.bounce.bounce.bounce No description.
alt.penis.erland-sommarskog.slapp Diskussioner av filmer med avklädda människor.
alt.penpals.50-plus No description. College student penpals.
alt.penpals.erotic No description.
alt.penpals.forty-plus-yrs No description.
alt.penpals.rejects No description. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. (Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. (Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. (Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. (Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. (Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. (Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. (Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized
Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized
Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. (Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. (Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
(Moderated) Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources. Value-Added Content from Authorized Sources.
alt.perfume No description.
alt.periodismo No description.
alt.periphs No description.
alt.periphs.multifunctions No description.
alt.periphs.pcmcia Credit card sized plug in peripherals (PCMCIA, JEDIA).
alt.perl No description.
alt.perl.flame Sundry flameage that touches on Perl
alt.perl.sockets No description.
alt.permaculture No description.
alt.personals Do you really want to meet someone this way?
alt.personals.abbotsford No description. Geek seeks Dweeb. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.aliens Looking for out-of-this-world love.
alt.personals.asian Personals for asians for people looking for asians Personals by or seeking bisexuals. No description. Communication forum for bisexual men
alt.personals.big-folks Romance for large people. No description.
alt.personals.bodyart A holey quest in search of a colorful one.
alt.personals.bondage Are you tied up this evening? No description. keith loves bondage boys
alt.personals.calgary No description.
alt.personals.edmonton No description.
alt.personals.fags Use alt.personals.motss instead.
alt.personals.fat Romance for fat people.
alt.personals.fetish Romance for object-oriented people.
alt.personals.fetish.coprophagy Face-sitting whilst pooping.
alt.personals.fetish.mucophagy Nose sucking.
alt.personals.fetish.urophilia Face-sitting whilst peeing.
alt.personals.furry No description. gays seeking other gays Only 73 to go...
alt.personals.gothic No description.
alt.personals.halifax discussion/personals for singles in Halifax, NS
alt.personals.herpes Contacting people with herpes. personals for those with HIV / AIDS.
alt.personals.intercultural Sometimes the twain can meet.
alt.personals.intergen Where the old meet the young.
alt.personals.interracial A newgroup for interracial
alt.personals.jewish Advertising for romance with Jewish people.
alt.personals.martin.hannigan.stalker.boi Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.personals.menage-a-trois Threesomes.
alt.personals.misc Dweeb seeks Geek. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.montreal No description.
alt.personals.motss Romance for gay people.
alt.personals.motss.women a women-seeking-women personals newsgroup
alt.personals.nanaimo No description. No description.
alt.personals.ottawa No description. Personal ads from people with voice mail systems.
alt.personals.poly Hi there, do you multiprocess?
alt.personals.psychedelic Looking for other drug users.
alt.personals.sanfrancisco.married-attach No description.
alt.personals.slavery Bondage ads.
alt.personals.spanking Oedipus gives this group a thumbs up.
alt.personals.spanking.punishment In search of bad butt burn.
alt.personals.sudbury No description.
alt.personals.tall Romance for tall people.
alt.personals.teen Teen personal ads and e-mail-me ads.
alt.personals.toronto No description.
alt.personals.transgendered People seeking TV/TS friends.
alt.personals.universities.csu.sacramento PSP at Cal State Sacramento.
alt.personals.vancouver No description.
alt.personals.viagra-users Don't worry I'm on the pill. for finding lost companions
alt.personals.whites-only No description.
alt.personas No description.
alt.personas.marketplace No description.
alt.personas.marketplace.discounted No description. No description.
alt.personas.marketplace.trolls-only No description.
alt.perv Home group for the Empire of perv.
alt.perv.christer-dufvenberg No description.
alt.perv.roland-rytterbrant No description.
alt.perv.ynf-ylva No description.
alt.pessimism No description. Evaluation and discussion of
alt.peter-hood.owned-by.professeur-von-two-steps Peter Hood is PWND!
alt.pets.arachnids Tarantulas & Scorpions, chat and info exchange.
alt.pets.barbecue.cats No description.
alt.pets.barbecue.hamsters A group to discuss the many ways to cook the
alt.pets.birds.dutch No description.
alt.pets.birds.softbills Softbill birds as pets general area.
alt.pets.birds.softbills.crows Crows ravens magpies jays rooks &etc as pets.
alt.pets.birds.softbills.starlings Starlings as pets.
alt.pets.cats No description.
alt.pets.chia Discussions on the chia pet and chia herb garden.
alt.pets.degus No description.
alt.pets.dogs.amstaff Name says it all.
alt.pets.dogs.aussies No description.
alt.pets.dogs.breed-specific-legislation Discuss BSL. Discuss dog fighting breeds.
alt.pets.dogs.flame-wars No description.
alt.pets.dogs.labrador Discussion about Labrador Retriever dogs
alt.pets.dogs.pitbull is a newsgroup for the discussion of pit bull
alt.pets.dogs.pitbull.dowap-has-one-in-his-ass Now 67 remain...
alt.pets.dogs.pitbull.dowap-has-one-in-his-ass.right-now 66 left
alt.pets.dogs.pomeranians No description.
alt.pets.dogs.pug Discussion for the Pug Dog Breed
alt.pets.dogs.sharpei Chinese Shar-Pei dogs.
alt.pets.dogs.telepathic.yogi Yogi Winston's virtual tree
alt.pets.dogs.vizsla Free-whelling discussions of the vizsla breed
alt.pets.dowap Only 72 to go...
alt.pets.ferrets Ferrets and the people who love them.
alt.pets.gerbils Raising, breeding, and caring for gerbils.
alt.pets.gerbils.dowap-has-one-in-his-ass Only 71 to go...
alt.pets.gerbils.dowap-has-one-in-his-ass.right-now Only 70 to go...
alt.pets.guinea-pigs No description.
alt.pets.hamsters Make that wheel go 'round.
alt.pets.hedgehogs No description.
alt.pets.hedgehogs.dowap-has-one-in-his-ass Only 69 to go...
alt.pets.hedgehogs.dowap-has-one-in-his-ass.right-now 68 remain...
alt.pets.mice discussion of care of and concerns regarding pet mice
alt.pets.parrots.african-grey No description.
alt.pets.parrots.amazons Pet Amazon parrots discussion group.
alt.pets.parrots.breeding No description.
alt.pets.parrots.budgerigars For breeders of exhibition budgerigars.
alt.pets.parrots.cockatiels Pet Cockatiels discussion group.
alt.pets.parrots.cockatoo No description.
alt.pets.parrots.jardines Pet Jardine parrots (Poicephalus gulielmi) area.
alt.pets.parrots.macaws Pussy!!
alt.pets.parrots.marketplace No description.
alt.pets.parrots.misc No description.
alt.pets.parrots.parrotlets No description. Open discussion of pet-rights and pet welfare.
alt.pets.prairie-dogs Keeping prairie dogs as companions.
alt.pets.rabbits Coneys abound. See also
alt.pets.raccoons Discussion of raccoons and other procyonids, as pets and in the
alt.pets.reptiles.lizards No description.
alt.pets.reptiles.lizards.gecko No description.
alt.pets.reptiles.lizards.iguana No description.
alt.pets.reptiles.snakes No description.
alt.pets.reptiles.snakes.pythons No description.
alt.pets.reptiles.snakes.pythons.ball No description.
alt.pets.reptiles.snakes.pythons.burmese No description.
alt.pets.reptiles.snakes.pythons.reticulated No description.
alt.pets.rodents All species of pet rodent.
alt.pets.rodents.degus No description.
alt.pets.rodents.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.pets.rodents.rats Everything related to rats.
alt.pets.skunks So the perfume section isn't bad enough for you...
alt.pets.sugar-glider No description.
alt.pets.tamagotchi Virtual pets
alt.petz unmoderated discussion regarding dogz, catz and petz ooh! fight! No description. United Kingdom version of alt.2600. No description. breadbun-related phreaking shit^Ifuckwits!! phuking lamers! No description. Logboek van pH, over ph en andere onderwerpen. No description.
alt.phan.phil No description.
alt.phat.jay-denebeim I hear this word all the time on IRC, it probably means
something nice ..
alt.phil-oliver.bambi.bambi.bambi No description.
alt.phil-oliver.die.die.die No description.
alt.phil-oliver.gehzober.gehzober.gehzober Gehgu, gehgu! gehgu! No description.
alt.phil-oliver.roar.roar.roar No description. No description.
alt.philez Support for mIRC scripts, TCLs, Eggdrop; Quake 2 stuff No description.
alt.philosophy.checkmate No description.
alt.philosophy.confucianism Confucius, Rujia and classical Chinese thought.
alt.philosophy.debate Back to basics.
alt.philosophy.happiness No description.
alt.philosophy.kant No description. No description.
alt.philosophy.objectivism A product of the Ayn Rand corporation.
alt.philosophy.rosicrucianism.moderated Consortium. (Moderated)
alt.philosophy.taoism All aspects of Taoism.
alt.philosophy.taosim.tzaddiks-wayonly No description.
alt.philosophy.zen Meditating on how the alt.* namespace works.
alt.pho paul harvey oswald paul harvey oswald paul harvey oswald paul harvey oswald paul harvey oswald phone number discussion phone number discussion phone number discussion
alt.phonelosers The discussion of all things telephonic in nature. For discussions of general photography issues. Photography by Ansel Adams Photography by Bret Douglas Photography by Dallas Dahms Study of the male nude Photography by Gordon Moat Photography by Mark Morgan New York Institute of Photography Students Photography by Skip Middleton Photography by Steve Kramer Photography by Tony Spadaro
alt.php Discussion of php, server side scripting. No description.
alt.php.e-xoops E-Xoops, php content management system discussions.
alt.php.sql Using PHP with SQL databases. No description.
alt.phreaking All about stealing phone service. No description.
alt.physical-world all about the physical world and its woes
alt.physical-world.die die, physical world. DIE.
alt.physical-world.die.die die, physical world. DIE.
alt.physical-world.die.die.die die, physical world. DIE. A newsgroup for Ana Voog pictures No description. No description. No description.
alt.pigfuckers pigfuckers are amongst us
alt.pigfuckers.dowap Now there is only 65 to go
alt.pigfuckers.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.pigfuckers.paul-heslop pigfuckers are amongst us
alt.pigfuckers.paul-heslop.pork pigfuckers are amongst us
alt.pigfuckers.paul-heslop.pork.pork pigfuckers are amongst us
alt.pigfuckers.paul-heslop.pork.pork.pork pigfuckers are amongst us
alt.pigs-can-fly For all twits
alt.pigwalk pigwalk contest
alt.pimpin This group is about mac daddy pimpin'.
alt.pimpsup.hozdown It's a good day 2B a pimp. No description.
alt.pinch No description.
alt.pinecone The heart of camp arts & crafts. 2-Face Aratzio makes a spelling lame against AUK rules Request for the FNVW No description.
alt.pinky.the.ferret.dork.dork.dork This is where you aren't! No description. Leadfoot Larry. Now there is only 64 to go No description. Some people are hopeless No description.
alt.pjhf No description. (Moderated) La Galaxie « ». Komentarze aktualnych wydarzen w kraju i na swiecie. No description. Byli i obecni czlonkowie tej wspanialej organizacji Gravitation No description. assembler pod Windows'em. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Wszystko o banku PKO BP Polish free internet bank Volkswagen Bank Grupa osob programujacych mikroprocesory atmel w jezyku bascom grupa dyskusyjna fanow the Beatles Polish prostitutes i northern Sweden. Grupa poswiecona programowi BigBrother. Pochwal sie swoim dzielem Informacje o wrzutach na binarne grupy The GOD of BiTTORRENT. etyka i odpowiedzialnosc w polskim biznesie, Insurance Internetowe publiczne pamietniki No description. Dyskusje na temat samochodowego sprzetu audio. No description. Nagrywanie plyt CD-R. DVD DVD Video VCD/SVCD Zapezpieczenia plyt CD. Grupa polskih chakeruf Internetowy Chat Uzytkownicy ICQ laczcie sie chemia w kazdej postaci - nie tylko dla chemikow Sprzet Cisco. No description. Nowy, rewolucyjny i w ogole jezyk U Alternatywne pcoa dla potluczonych. Remove CD-check itp. FreeBSD dla poczatkujacych automoderation test for group apcof test group for apcof By fuckers For fuckers No description. faq zwiazane z hackingiem, pytania, odpowiedzi, No description. Pomidor :) No description. No description. !No pasaran! Linux applications GNU Network Object Model Environment Aurox Linux No description. RedHat Fedora Linux Kernel Linux uruchamiany z plyty CD. MandrakeLinux. Polska grupa dyskusyjna o systemie Mandriva Linux. Poczatkujacy uzytkownicy Linuksa - laczcie sie RedHat Linux A po co mi root? Jak sie wlamie, to bede rootem! Slackware Linux Windows Longhorn Wymiana informacji na temat systemu OpenBSD. Windows Vista No description. Api pod Windows'em. No description. Grupa dyskusyjna na temat sterowników. Sztuka tworzenia komputerowych zarazkow. Jak szukac skutecznie taka sobie dyskusja No description. No description. Optimal Diet by Dr Jan Kwasniewski. No description. No description. - Grupa Lamaczy Szyfrow Divx movies filmy binarnie No description. DJ Tramp No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Dyskusje uwiklanych w Espol. No description. discussion for smoking pipe Fakty i Mity - grupa czytelnikow No description. Grupa dla fanow Cyberdude Dla tego jakze wspanialego Ekologa ;> Ma tu byc spokojnie - zrozumiano? ;) /E? futszaK i przyjaciele No description. No description. Grupa dla znajomych gophiego jceel i przyjaciele. Fani Kuby Wojewodzkiego! Legia, Legia, Legia! MopMan FanClub Madi na Usenecie szaleje Mostek i jego ideologia Grupa dla fanow wspanialej Myszki Grupa dla fanow wspanialego faceta - Obiego grupa przyjaciol r No description. Pogaduchy ludzi szczesliwych jak szczypiorek na wiosne No description. No description. No description. No description. Filmowcy-amatorzy w Polsce o filozofii, bez cenzury Racjonalne podstawy wiary i ateizmu No description. Newsgroup about Freesco - a small Linux distribution. Fuck you. Investment Funds. Warszawska Grupa Inwestycyjna Komunikator Gadu-Gadu the place for new group requests the place for new group requests the place for new group requests No description. No description. Garfield i jego wielbiciele Serial Gilmore Girls Global Positioning System No description. Alternatywne polskie graffiti No description. Grupa wsparcia dla osob No description. Emulacja gier video. Polish online console gaming. Wykorzystywanie mozliwosci zmodowanych konsol. Gry pirackie No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Technika gumy arabskiej w fotografii. No description. Grupa o historii. Grupa polskich gejow i lesbijek Hardcore'owcy z aph Sztuka hwdp. No description. Internet w kazdym calu No description. Internet droga radiowa. Rozmowy nt. iPAQ Pocket PC (HP i Compaq) IRC w Polsce. Niemoderowana grupa o IRC. No description. No description. No description. Popatrz, posluchaj, posmiej sie. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Zagadnienia 279 kk Wymiana informacji na temat kolekcji militarii No description. Rozmowy o sieciach i klientach IM No description. No description. Dyskusje mieszkancow miasteczka Krasnystaw i jego okolic. Grupa dsykusyjna na temat kung fu. Grupa dyskusyjna miasta Leczna. dla fanow Licznik Dial-Up Plus i LDU XIV LO we Wroclawiu IV LO we Wroclawiu Dyskusja na temat gier liczbowych Dyskusje o magazynach internetowych Dyskusje czytelników magazynu @t Ezoteryka i magia w szerokim znaczeniu A one-line description Polska grupa na temat filmu. No description. Dziwne maturzystow przypadki No description. Wszystko o Metallice Dla wszystkich zakochanych. Dla wszystkich nieszczesliwie zakochanych. Ogloszenia towarzyskie z apm Dyskusje poswiecone kolejom waskotorowym wszystko o programatorze Willem Eprom Samochody terenowe. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Samochody marki Volkswagen. grupa uzytkownikow i fanow skuterow No description. No description. No description. For sharing of MP3s of Polish music. Jalowe dysputy o wyzszosci mpc nad mp3 OffTopic o Mszczonowie :) Multimedia w komputerze Wszystko o Winampie No description. No description. Powtorki dla spoznialskich No description. No description. No description. Dla DJ'ow i o DJ'ach DJ TRanx rulez! No description. No description. Muzyka z reklam. No description. Wszystko o ekologii Forum jezyka francuskiego. Forum jezyka hiszpanskiego. for poles leaning german. No description. neostrada minus Telekomunikacja to huje No description. 40tude Dialog XanaNews news reader DNews news server XanaNewz Interactive multimedia game by Nokia. No description. No description. No description. Propozycje nowych grup w hierarchii No description. Pecunia non olet. No description. No description. No description. Ogloszenia kupna, sprzedazy i wymiany No description. No description. No description. Na poczatku byl papier... No description. dyskusja o sieciach p2p No description. PayPal w Polsce. No description. No description. No description. Piracka flaga na maszt! No description. Piwo - Wolna Grupa Wilebicieli Piwa fight religious fanatics in Poland No description. Grupa LO9 w Poznaniu Unmoderated job offers for Poland Zastosowanie Flash'a 5 i nie tylko Zglos prace we Flashu do oceny /E/ No description. No description. Prywatne rozmowy na publicznej grupie Czy to jawa czy sen? No description. wirtualne rpg. grupa er Radio, programy radiowe, FM Radio w Internecie Winamp's radio format seksuologia Radia Ma-ryja. ideologia Radia Maryja. Techno, dance itp. Wir Sind Unter Euch! No description. Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis Grupa fanow kultowego filmy Rejs. Ogloszenia kupno/sprzedaz cyfrowego sprzetu foto No description. Dyskusje uczestnikow pl.rec.ksiazki No description. My kochamy tanczyc! No description. Dyskusja na temat muzyki hiphop O grze na perkusji No description. We love rave Pojecia nie mam... :P Pojecia nie mam... :P Alternatywa pl.rec.muzyka.techno Zabawa do bialego rana Komercja NIE! Techno TAK Trance Energy No description. No description. No description. Grupa polskich spadochroniarzy Dyskusja na temat golfa No description. Kamery video - czym i jak No description. No description. No description. No description. Czestochowa w Usenecie. No description. Discussion about Elblag Silesian University of Techn. Ogloszenia na Gornym Slasku Rozmowy o Gorzkowicach /E/ News for the citizens of Grodzisk Maz Grupa dyskusyjna na temat miasta i gminy Grupa dyskusyjna stworzona do Jaroslaw(town) and region. No description. Koszalin No description. Miasto Krasnik All about town Krosno No description. Kwidzynianie o swoim miescie. No description. No description. Ogloszenia dla Lodzi i okolic Dyskusje ¿yciowych problemach mieszkañców No description. No description. Mszczonow, nasz maly swiat Wiesci z Olsztyna Advertises in Olsztyn Wiesci z Opola Dyskusje o miescie i okolicach. No description. Dyskusje ¿yciowych problemach mieszkañców Wiesci z Plocka No description. No description. No description. No description. Grupa dyskusyjna o miescie Przemysl PRZ Skierniewice w Usenecie Skierniewicki Mechanik w swiatowym
usenecie Sosnowiec w Usenecie Spoldzielnia Grupa dyskusyjna miasta Torun. No description. Warszawiacy laczcie sie Gimnazjum nr 26 w Warszawie Liceum nr 23 w Warszawie Liceum im. Stanislawa Wyspianskiego Grupa dyskusyjna miasta Wolin. Akademia Medyczna we Wroclawiu No description. No description. Grupa dla mieszkancow Zabrza All about town Zamosc. Grupa dyskusyjna miasta Zawiercie No description. No description. Kultura, podroze, spoleczenstwo. Grupa fanow tworczosci Sapkowskiego Satanizm jako religia, sztuka i sposob na zycie. wszystko o sluzbie cywilnej Grupa dyskusyjna sceptykow Discussion astronautic No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Stac sie kobieta swoich marzen Dyskusje na temat Skandynawii. No description. Wszystko o slubach i weselach Snowboard No description. Przyjaciele i znajomi SosnY No description. Wszystko o Hattrick SQN i inne ;) Grupa dyskusyjna na temat serialu StarGate. No description. Strowger Power Student to ma ciezkie zycie Studenci Politechniki Krakowskiej Grupa bez OT i NTG - Dla wszystkich i o wszystkim. Forum dyskusjne na temat (S)VCD No description. Szmal, szmalec, szmalcyk i skwareczki. Grupka o braku szmalu About the example.* groups Grupka Grupka o srednim szmalu <PRESS TAB> arsehingery on a global scale. No description. Dyskusje o taoizmie i tematach pokrewnych No description. Czysto testowa grupa alternatywna. Polski alternatywny test Test. No description. No description. No description. Dostep do Internetu DSL TP. Program Trzeci Programem Calego Narodu No description. No description. Komputerowe tunery TV. Alternatywa dla tvn.bigbrother. TWA mile widziane. :) No description. Polish talks about the United Kingdom. Kultura, podroze, spoleczenstwo. No description. No description. No description. Grupa dyskusyjna na temat loterii wizowej do USA No description. No description. Piwo - Wolna Grupa Wilebicieli Piwa Wszystko za free z sieci Spory o wegetarianizm. No description. Wiara. « Wikipedia », Wolna Encyklopedia... No description. No description. Wielbiciele Wisznu w kraju nad Wisla. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Grupa dotyczaca zarabiania w internecie. gophi jako podgrupina apezetu pregierz jako podgrupina apezetu Wszytko do lizania.
alt.places.tybee.island No description.
alt.plague Newgroup for discussion of the topics
alt.planet-mu No description.
alt.planetarion No description.
alt.planets.asteroid-belt No description. No description. No description.
alt.planets.jupiter No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.adrastea No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.amalthea No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.ananke No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.callisto No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.carme No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.elara No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.europa No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.ganymede No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.himalia No description. No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.leda No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.lysithea No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.metis No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.pasiphae No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.sinope No description.
alt.planets.jupiter.moons.thebe No description.
alt.planets.mars No description.
alt.planets.mars.moons.deimos No description.
alt.planets.mars.moons.phobos No description.
alt.planets.mercury No description.
alt.planets.misc No description.
alt.planets.neptune No description.
alt.planets.neptune.moons.despina No description.
alt.planets.neptune.moons.galatea No description.
alt.planets.neptune.moons.larissa No description.
alt.planets.neptune.moons.naiad No description.
alt.planets.neptune.moons.nereid No description.
alt.planets.neptune.moons.proteus No description.
alt.planets.neptune.moons.thalassa No description.
alt.planets.neptune.moons.triton No description.
alt.planets.pluto No description.
alt.planets.pluto.moons.charon No description.
alt.planets.saturn No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.atlas No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.calypso No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.dione No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.enceladus No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.epimetheus No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.helene No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.hyperion No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.iapetus No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.janus No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.mimas No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.pan No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.pandora No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.phoebe No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.prometheus No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.rhea No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.telesto No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.tethys No description.
alt.planets.saturn.moons.titan No description.
alt.planets.uranus No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.ariel No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.belinda No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.bianca No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.calibran No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.cordelia No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.cressidia No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.desdemona No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.juliet No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.miranda No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.oberon No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.ophelia No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.portia No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.puck No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.rosalind No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.sycorax No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.titania No description.
alt.planets.uranus.moons.umbriel No description.
alt.planets.venus No description.
alt.planning.transportation Transportation planning issues and techniques.
alt.planning.urban Urban development.
alt.plastic-surgery discussion regarding plastic surgery
alt.plastic-surgery.disasters discussion of plastic surgery disasters
alt.plastic-surgery.disasters.tova-borgnine discussion of tova borgnine's face. An interesting newsgroup Hi harry Hi harry
alt.please.dont.molest.the.charmin No description.
alt.pocket-rocket Discussions related to the Pocket Rocket Organisation
alt.podiatry.misc No description. No description.
alt.poetry.zoe-isa-best No description.
alt.pok.k.e.m.b No description.
alt.police.canada discussion of law enforcement/police in Canada
alt.politics.adultery No description.
alt.politics.arnold-schwarzenegger Ja. I'm ze Terminator. I'll be back, ja.
alt.politics.british Politics and a real Queen, too.
alt.politics.bush The politics of shrubbery.
alt.politics.carlos-may Information Super-Frog.
alt.politics.christian-democrat No description.
alt.politics.clinton President Bill Clinton.
alt.politics.codeine No description.
alt.politics.communism No description.
alt.politics.communism.jay-denebeim This man is worse than Hitler!
alt.politics.config No description.
alt.politics.correct A Neil Bush fan club.
alt.politics.datahighway Electronic interstate infrastructure.
alt.politics.democrats No description.
alt.politics.democrats.d U.S. Democratic party.
alt.politics.democrats.governors No description. No description.
alt.politics.democrats.senate No description.
alt.politics.dihydrocodeine No description.
alt.politics.dihydromorphine No description. The European economic community.
alt.politics.economics War == Poverty, & other discussions.
alt.politics.elections All about the process of electing leaders.
alt.politics.england.euro Discussion on the Euro.
alt.politics.england.misc No description.
alt.politics.equality An oxymoron.
alt.politics.europe No description.
alt.politics.europe.fuck-the-icty No description.
alt.politics.europe.misc The general political situation in Europe. foro no oficial sobre izquierdaunida espan~a
alt.politics.fuck-bil-keane No description.
alt.politics.gossip for political rumor, gossip, and speculation. No description.
alt.politics.greens Green party politics & activities worldwide. The next president of the United States of America
alt.politics.h-1b No description.
alt.politics.harry-browne Libertarian Harry Browne for US president.
alt.politics.homosexuality As the name implies.
alt.politics.homosexuality.dowap Now there is only 63 to go
alt.politics.homosexuality.hatemongers.phelps No description.
alt.politics.homosexuality.hatemongers.rev-white No description.
alt.politics.howard-dean No description.
alt.politics.immigration All issues related to immigration. All about Progressive politics in India Diplomacy, cooperation, conflict.
alt.politics.jaffo Six hectares long.
alt.politics.jaffo.dammit SIXTY-SIX HECTARES LONG
alt.politics.jason-steiner Denial.
alt.politics.kapt-kundalini.loves.gore Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.politics.ken-cooper All about the political career of Ken Cooper
alt.politics.kerry Just in case that fucker John Kerry gets elected
alt.politics.korea A forum for Korean politics. (Moderated)
alt.politics.liberal.bleed.bleed.bleed Hearts leaking all over.
alt.politics.liberalism No description.
alt.politics.libertarian The libertarian ideology.
alt.politics.libertarian.creative Libertarian creative fiction. Individual liberty and gay/lesbian/bi issues.
alt.politics.marijuana No description. How the mass media is involved in shaping politics.
alt.politics.metal.anti-christian Why we won't stop beating on them until
alt.politics.micronations Discussion of simulations of nations.
alt.politics.miserable-failure About an individual nation just for blacks.
alt.politics.nationalism.texas Secessionists unite for a free Republic
alt.politics.nationalism.white About White Supremacy.
alt.politics.nationalism.white.announce White Nationalism Announcement Group
alt.politics.neil-simpson Discussion of political satirist Neil Simpson
alt.politics.nyarth-for-president No description.
alt.politics.obama Discussions about President Barack Obama Politics of the U.S. firearms (etc.) regulation agency. The United States Centrial Intelligence Agency. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. Political organizations. No description. The ultrasecret security arm of the US government. No description. Politics at the "United" Nations.
alt.politics.os2 newgroup alt.politics.os2 The politics of OS/2
alt.politics.panarchy For discussion of panarchy
alt.politics.perot Discussion of the non-candidate.
alt.politics.phenylpropanolamine No description.
alt.politics.prayer Discussion and giving of prayers for goverment
alt.politics.raccoons Raccoons & politics
alt.politics.radical-left Who remains after the radicals left?
alt.politics.reform Political reform.
alt.politics.regionalism No description.
alt.politics.regionalism.andalusia Andulsian regional parties and issues.
alt.politics.regionalism.basque Basque regional parties and issues.
alt.politics.regionalism.bavaria No description.
alt.politics.regionalism.galicia Galician regional parties and issues.
alt.politics.regionalism.istria No description.
alt.politics.regionalism.moravia Moravian regional parties and issues.
alt.politics.regionalism.northcentral-us No description.
alt.politics.regionalism.northcentral-us.nccl Regional autonomy movements in the
north-central US, specifically the North-Central Citizens' League.
alt.politics.regionalism.northern-italy Lega Nord and regional concerns of
northern Italy. No description.
alt.politics.regionalism.silesia Silesian regional parties and issues.
alt.politics.regionalism.south-tirol No description.
alt.politics.regionalism.south-us No description.
alt.politics.regionalism.transylvania No description.
alt.politics.regionalism.walloon Walloon regional parties and issues.
alt.politics.religion generic discussion of religion in politics
alt.politics.republicans No description.
alt.politics.rightgrrl Discussion group for political website
alt.politics.satanism Political activity against gOD and Not a good idea to mix them, sez Marilyn & Profumo.
alt.politics.shadow-government.cryptarchy.rumjuggler No description.
alt.politics.socialism No description.
alt.politics.socialism.binaries Leftist images and sounds
alt.politics.socialism.democratic Democratic socialist talk and debate
alt.politics.socialism.libertarian Anarchistic socialist talk and debate
alt.politics.socialism.mao Maoist thought in theory and practice.
alt.politics.socialism.trotsky Trotskyite socialism discussions.
alt.politics.socialist.nazi Nazi interpretations of socialism, hail
alt.politics.terrorism Discussion about terrorism as it relates to politics
alt.politics.the-revolution The Revolution®, R.U. Sirius for President
alt.politics.turn-left No description. No description.
alt.politics.unacanceller The original
alt.politics.united-we-stand Government reform in the USA. (Moderated)
alt.politics.unix The politics of Unix & variants Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service. United States Christian Democrats of all types. No description. No description. No description. Midwestern US regionalist and local-control
alt.politics.usa.christian-democrat Christian Democratic and similar movements in
the United States.
alt.politics.usa.codeine-otc-now Lobbying for giving codeine over the counter
status in the United States.
alt.politics.usa.congress Discussions relating to U.S. House and Senate.
alt.politics.usa.constitution U.S. Constitutional politics.
alt.politics.usa.constitution.gun-rights Constitutional ramifications of gun
alt.politics.usa.death-metal No description. USA Democratic Political Discussion
alt.politics.usa.legalise-diamorphine Lobbying for FDA approval of this drug for
medical use in the United States.
alt.politics.usa.legalise-nicocodeine Lobbying for FDA approval of this drug for
medical use in the United States.
alt.politics.usa.misc Miscellaneous USA politics.
alt.politics.usa.mock.government A mock government "game."
alt.politics.usa.newt-gingrich Discussion of House Speaker Gingrich.
alt.politics.usa.regionalism.midwest Midwestern US regionalist and local-control
movements. Discussions of the USA Republican Party.
alt.politics.usa.stop-paracetamol Activism to stop the government poisoning of
pain patients with paracetamol (Acetaminophen,APAP) in the United States.
alt.politics.usa.usa-parliament USA Parliament Discussions
alt.politics.white-power People who believe in White Supremacy.
alt.politics.win98 The politics of the Windows 95/98 (including MS-Dos) set of
Microsoft operating systems.
alt.politics.winnt The politics of Windows NT/2000 discussion of world problems and solutions.
alt.politics.youth Discussions about youth politics.
alt.politics.yugoslavia No description.
alt.politiek.corruptie Discussing the corruptness of politics
alt.poltics.socialism.democratic No description.
alt.polyamory For those with multiple loves.
alt.polyamory.hannigan.rikijo.thorne.negron Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service.
alt.polyamory.paedophile.barry-bouwsma.binariez.moderated Created by
GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.poodles No description.
alt.poop.peanut.derek-mcmurray is a poop peanut
alt.poop.peanut.dowap Now there are only 61 to go
alt.poopy-pants unmoderated shitty droors disscussion area
alt.poopy-pants.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.pootergeek.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.pootergeek.lesbian For Pootergeeks and their friends.
alt.popcollectief.denbosch No description.
alt.poppies A forum for dried poppy arrangers and hobbyists.
alt.popularbooks No description.
alt.porno.images No description.
alt.porno.images.homosex No description.
alt.porno.images.lesbo No description.
alt.posi-kernel fer u No description. That's right! It doesn't! No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.postalguys No description.
alt.postalworkers Newsgroup For Postalworkers Worldwide
alt.postjacking-hypocrite Postjacking hypocrite discussion
alt.postmodern Postmodernism, semiotics, deconstruction, and the like. No description.
alt.pota No description.
alt.pothead.john-grubor No description.
alt.pouting.sandwich Funny what you can see in flopping balogna.
alt.poverty discussion of and solutions for poverty No description. Cypher is in the ZONE!!! No description.
alt.ppmpvklmz jT!S_>">'/7i:[fCVML hi brian ramos ]H+j<cTAMH'CX&U (Moderated)
alt.prank-calls Discussion of prank calls
alt.preferedalt No description.
alt.prehensile No description.
alt.premeditated Premeditated fun for everyone Premeditated fun for everyone
alt.president.clinton Will the CIA undermine his efforts? No
alt.president.clinton.penis.intern Keeping track of the part of his body No description.
alt.previdenza.sociale No description.
alt.pride A group for Pride Fighting Championships fans, fighters, and promoters.
alt.primenet.recovery Primenet was us
alt.prince.of.plankton No description.
alt.prison.reform No description.
alt.prisoner.rights No description.
alt.prisoners.wives No description.
alt.prisons Can I get an alt.* feed in the slammer?
alt.prisons.moderated No description.
alt.prisons.officer No description.
alt.prisons.waltyisms No description.
alt.privacy Privacy issues in cyberspace.
alt.privacy.anon-server Issues surrounding programs that aid anonymity.
alt.privacy.anon-server.stats Anonymous remailer statistics
alt.privacy.clipper The USA administration's Clipper encryption plan.
alt.privacy.spyware software that monitors personal/internet use.
alt.private.investigator Digging up the dirt.
alt.private.multimedia Multimedia from Private Media Group
alt.private.twinsuns.general TwinSuns personnel Discussion of professional wrestling No description. No description. Pro-wrestling nostalgia and history. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion of WWE Discussion of WWE Raw Discussion of WWE Smackdown - Discussion of the shortcomings of World No description. Another use for Kleenex Newsgroup for discussion of WWF Raw Discussion of WWF Smackdown Discussion of WWFE Discussion of WWFE Raw Discussion of WWFE Smackdown
alt.proba No description. No description.
alt.product-management alt.product-mgmt Discussions of the practices, policies,
and procedures of product management
alt.professeur.von.two.steps The disciplinarian of all stAUKers in SPP
alt.programmazione-spp Newsgroup di #programmazione-spp
alt.project.mayhem No description.
alt.projectmng Managing projects.
alt.propaganda.statistics How to propagandise with statistics.
alt.propeller-head Discussion of propeller-heads
alt.propeller-head.christina.eijkhout Discussion of propeller-heads
alt.propeller-head.dowap Now there are only 59 to go
alt.propeller-head.frogbut Discussion of propeller-heads
alt.propeller-head.john.henry Discussion of propeller-heads
alt.propeller-head.steve.leyland Discussion of propeller-heads
alt.prophecies.cayce The prophecies of Edgar Cayce.
alt.prophecies.drturi The prophetic witterings of Dr Turi.
alt.prophecies.karl-maldens.nose Future seeing penis power.
alt.prophecies.nostradamus Mystic verse.
alt.prophecies.sloggy No description.
alt.prophecy.rfid RFID Technology and its Prophetic implications
alt.prose Use rec.arts.prose instead.
alt.prose.memoir A forum for journalistic authors.
alt.prose.postmodern Joyce, Pynchon, Gaddis, DeLillo, Barthelme, Burroughs.
alt.prout No description. No description.
alt.provider.earthlink No description.
alt.provider.flashnet No description. No description.
alt.provider.mci No description.
alt.provider.tin No description.
alt.provider.uunet No description.
alt.providers.flashnet.not-bad No description. No description. No description.
alt.prowling-for-gay-sex.alex-cain Hold the mayo!
alt.prowling-for-gay-sex.jay-denebeim Dangerous when horny.
alt.prueba No description.
alt.prueba2 No description.
alt.psfsw aezruauapuianieeo
alt.psst.hoy Psst, buddy. Wanna buy a hoy?
alt.psycho Newsgroup for The Psycho
alt.psycho.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.psychoactives Better living through chemistry.
alt.psychology Use sci.psychology.misc instead.
alt.psychology.dramatherapy Healing aspects of drama and theatre for
psychotherapy. An group away from home.
alt.psychology.jung Discussion of works & theories of Carl Jung.
alt.psychology.mindmachine Light/sound/electrostim technology.
alt.psychology.nlp Neuro-linguistic programming.
alt.psychology.personality Personality taxonomy, such as Myers-Briggs.
alt.psychology.personality.pinku-sensei The pink pantied pseudo-shrink
alt.psychology.psychoanalysis Psychoanalytic theory and practice.
alt.psychology.transpersonal Transpersonal psychology.
alt.psychotic.roommates Single white female seeks roommate. En portugais. No description. Dedicated to the Portuguese railways opinion exchange. En portugais. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre... No description. Realistic place to meet and chat with friends. Your cyberspace friendly bar...come on in! No description. No description. A virtual reality pub on the Web. No description.
alt.publish.books For independent book publishers
alt.publish.self-publishing Discussion of self-publishing.
alt.pud "Discussion of the TFiLE PuD!@#@#!@$!" Whatever.
alt.pulp Paperback fiction, newsprint production, orange juice.
alt.pumpkin.militia No description.
alt.pumpkins No description.
alt.punk Punk rock and its surrounding culture.
alt.punk-ass-bitch Phoenix is my bitch.
alt.punk-ass-bitch.dowap Now there are only 57 to go
alt.punk-ass-bitch.phoenix Phoenix is my bitch.
alt.punk-ass-bitch.phoenix.phoenix Phoenix is my bitch.
alt.punk-ass-bitch.phoenix.phoenix.phoenix Phoenix is my bitch.
alt.punk.anarcho anarchist punk worldwide
alt.punk.europe The punk rock scene in Europe.
alt.punk.straight-edge Not shaving eyebrows, but the sXe movement. General discussion group for UK punks. No description.
alt.pyros A newsgroup for the amateur games company Pyros Inc.
alt.pzess.ltinm.xzi.yotb No description.
alt.pzttc No description.
alt.q No description.
alt.q.edi.h No description.
alt.q.i No description. (Moderated)
alt.q.jke.bhgpu No description. (Moderated) No description. (Moderated)
alt.q.xd.gphtiq No description.
alt.qbl En qabyl.
alt.qbl.test En qabyl.
alt.qbl.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.qdm.iknt No description.
alt.qed.u No description.
alt.qfe.x.zum No description.
alt.qfy No description.
alt.qgrf.y.ryt.g.qjmst.uqpbb No description.
alt.qiiwwnff No description.
alt.ql.creative Quantum Leap fiction for the typographically challenged. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.qu En quechua.
alt.qu.test En quechua.
alt.qu.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.quake.barrysworld No description.
alt.quake2 No description.
alt.queef a pussy fart is a pussy fart No description.
alt.queen-of-cans No description.
alt.queen-of-cans-jars No description.
alt.queen-of-cans.and-jars No description. the queen of phone sex.
alt.queen-of-the-pedos dowap is the queen of the pedos
alt.queen-of-the-pedos.dowap dowap is the queen of the pedos
alt.queen-of-the-pedos.dowap.dowap dowap is the queen of the pedos
alt.queen-of-the-pedos.dowap.dowap.duh-wap dowap is the queen
alt.queenfan.irc No description.
alt.quentin.debesciak.z.prfu No description.
alt.quit.smoking-uk No description. No description. No description.
alt.quizes.and.riddles.and.jokes No description.
alt.quotations Quotations, quips, .sig lines, witticisms, et al.
alt.quotations.inspirational Inspirational quotations (Moderated) No description.
alt.r No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.r.r.n.k.hro.t.p.q.e.g No description.
alt.r.v.znmusnk.l No description.
alt.r.w.j.ffssih.e.cpsj No description.
alt.r.zd.idsp No description.
alt.racist.christina-eijkhout No description.
alt.racist.mongrel-mind No description. No description. No description. AM and FM radio broadcasting. No description. For CB radio operators to post about skip conditions. Use instead. Like, but for radio instead of TV. Digital radio signals. Two-way Radio communications for Family communications. Coast To Coast AM radio host George Noory Discussion about the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) No description. For discussion of international radio issues Fangroup for KCUF internet radio. Newsgroup for Shoutcast related topics. radio personality michael savage Radio programming by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. U.S. National Public Radio: shows, stories, hosts, etc. Old time radio discussion K-EPRF Parnormal Radio Phanton's Amateur Radio Group Radio storyman Paul Harvey. Hide the gear, here comes the magic station-wagons. Satellite delivered audio radio services. Use instead. No description. No description. Use instead. WSIA 88.9 FM Staten Island NY Radio talk and call-in shows. Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio show. Discussion of KMPC radio station, and the hosts. radio personality michael savage No description. Right-wing radio talking head Sean Hannity No description. (Moderated) Radio in the United Kingdom. Talk radio (call-in) programmes in the British Isles. Discussion of UK radio station "Talk Sport" No description.
alt.radiohead.suck What more can be said?
alt.railroad Use misc.transport.rail.misc instead.
alt.railroad.steam Steam powered railroads and related topics.
alt.railroad.twofoot "to promote the two-foot railroads of yesterday" No description.
alt.railway.rail-gen.follow-up An arena for
alt.rainbow-heron No description.
alt.rainbow-heron.obsessed-with-stan No description.
alt.rainwoman6 No description.
alt.ranch.uncle-tex No description.
alt.random.noise Bitstream Underground's Random Noise.
alt.randompostcinema No description.
alt.rap Use instead.
alt.rap-gdead Fans of The Grateful Dead and Rap. Really.
alt.rap.cypher Step into The Cypher, kid.
alt.rap.highc This group is about rapper High C. No description.
alt.rapes.little.boys.trippy No description.
alt.rapist.dowap Now there are only 56 to go alt.rapist.Jaime.M.De-Castellvi Jamie M De
Castellvi is a rapist
alt.rasta-khan Rasta Khan
alt.ravage No description. No description.
alt.rave Techno-culture: music, dancing, drugs, dancing, etc.
alt.ray No description.
alt.rc.ltgk.j cfuuudfiyemoaxv Alles over de SAVAGE hobby (Moderated)
alt.rcn.edb.zd hooyeodapaiv
alt.real-estate.aust Bringing together buyers & sellers no middle man No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.fl-central No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.fl-north No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.fl-south No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.nh NH real-estate listings w/o binaries.
alt.real-estate.commercial.nj No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.nm No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.ny No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.oh No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.or No description. No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.tx-northeast No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.tx-northwest No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.tx-southeast No description.
alt.real-estate.commercial.tx-southwest No description.
alt.real-estate.multilisting-service No description. No description.
alt.really-do-hate Made for things you really do hate
alt.really-do-hate.americans Made for things you really do hate
alt.really-do-hate.democracy Made for things you really do hate Made for things you really do hate
alt.really-do-hate.hemorrhoids Made for things you really do hate
alt.really-do-hate.newgroup-posters Made for things you really do hate
alt.really-do-hate.people-who-hate Made for things you really do hate
alt.really-do-hate.republicans Made for things you really do hate
alt.really-do-hate.the-united-nations Made for things you really do hate
alt.really-do-hate.the-world Made for things you really do hate Made for things you really do hate
alt.really-do-hate.unconditional-love Made for things you really do hate Realtors helping with long moves.
alt.reap No description.
alt.rec.bicycles.fatcity No description.
alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent No description.
alt.rec.brucetrail A discusion of the Bruce Trail and the Asociation.
alt.rec.camping Use rec.backcountry instead.
alt.rec.cancelling The original
alt.rec.collecting.stamps.discuss No description.
alt.rec.collecting.stamps.flame No description.
alt.rec.collecting.stamps.marketplace No description.
alt.rec.crafts.metalworking No description.
alt.rec.geocaching For the discussion of geocaching.
alt.rec.hiking No description.
alt.rec.hovercraft Recreational hovercraft discussion.
alt.rec.robotica No description. No description.
alt.rec.trolling Lets do some trolling
alt.rec.trolling.harry-bloomfield Lets do some trolling Economic hunger prevention
alt.reciprocity Discussions of the reciprocal nature of existence
alt.recortes No description.
alt.recovery For people in recovery programs (e.g., AA, ACA, GA).
alt.recovery.aa Recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous.
alt.recovery.aa_germany Bi-Lingual Discussion of friends from
alt.recovery.addiction.alcoholism No description.
alt.recovery.addiction.gambling Recovery from compulsive gambling.
alt.recovery.addiction.sexual Recovering sex addicts. For adults from dysfunctional families.
alt.recovery.altconfig No description.
alt.recovery.altconfig.dethroned No description.
alt.recovery.auk This group is about people that need to recover from
alt.recovery.brainwash.telia.employees No description.
alt.recovery.catholicism Getting over a Roman Catholic upbringing.
alt.recovery.christian.abuse recovery from Christian cult abuse
alt.recovery.clutter Getting over a cluttering/messiness problem. No description.
alt.recovery.codependency Mutually destructive relationships.
alt.recovery.compulsive-eat Food is an addictive drug.
alt.recovery.cow-fetish No description.
alt.recovery.dean-stark No description.
alt.recovery.disease.muppet-crotch For those who suffer from Muppet Crotch
alt.recovery.dorothy No description. Discussion of Al-Anon/Nar-Anon issues
alt.recovery.from-12-steps No description.
alt.recovery.fundamentalism People who left fundamentalist christian
alt.recovery.jets-on-meth Troll Owned and Operated
alt.recovery.liberalminded Troll Owned and Operated Troll Owned and Operated
alt.recovery.lipbalm No description.
alt.recovery.mania.beanie-babies Recovering from the mania of collecting
alt.recovery.mlm Had a bad experience with Multi-Level Marketing groups?
alt.recovery.mormonism No description. Recovery and Narcotics Anonymous. No description.
alt.recovery.nettalk Recovery of former listeners of the NetTalk Live radio show.
alt.recovery.newfroup-anxiety new newsgroups are stalking me
alt.recovery.nicotine Discussion of recovery from addiction to nicotine. No description.
alt.recovery.panic-anxiety.self-help Self-help for panic recovery.
alt.recovery.procrastinate Overcoming chronic procrastination.
alt.recovery.rational No description.
alt.recovery.religion The twelve steps from the Ten Commandments.
alt.recovery.rmgroup No description.
alt.recovery.rmgroup.addict No description.
alt.recovery.sexual-addiction No description.
alt.recovery.small-town No description.
alt.recovery.sock-paranoia socks are stalking me
alt.recovery.sock-paranoia.dowap Now there are only 55 to go
alt.recovery.sock-paranoia.hatchetmama hm hates socks
alt.recovery.unitarian-univ Problems of people raised as Unitarian
alt.recovery.willie-nelson No description.
alt.rectum rectum? nearly killed-um!
alt.rectum.nearly rectum? nearly killed-um!
alt.rectum.nearly.killed-um rectum? nearly killed-um!
alt.rectum.nearly.killed-um.dowap submitted via BM's NRW
alt.rectum.nearly.killed-um.keith-wigdor rectum? nearly killed-um!
alt.rectum.nearly.killed-um.keith-wigdor.aka rectum?
alt.rectum.nearly.killed-um.keith-wigdor.aka.jbenway rectum?
alt.rectum.nearly.killed-um.keith-wigdor.aka.jbenway.aka rectum?
alt.rectum.nearly.killed-um.paul-heslop poor lil' paulie
alt.redheads an open forum for redheads No description. No description.
alt.redline-design No description.
alt.redneck.brian-stumm Brian Stumm is a Redneck.
alt.redneck.dowap Now there are only 54 to go
alt.reform.fresh-start Discussion of the Reform Fresh-Start-for-Canadians Plan
alt.regional.usa.fl.west-volusia West Volusia, FL, regional chatter.
alt.relationships.deaf-hearing No description.
alt.religio.konfuceo No description.
alt.religion.afterburner (MODERATED) Worship and discussion of net.gods
alt.religion.afterlife Discussion of the Afterlife
alt.religion.albertanism Albertanism --Natural Universal Wisdom Religion.
alt.religion.all-worlds Grokking the Church of All Worlds from Heinlein's book.
alt.religion.amiga No description.
alt.religion.amos Fanatical programmers in basic-like Amiga language AMOS
alt.religion.angels Belief in angels.
alt.religion.anthony-ciolli No description.
alt.religion.anticrust WeeSaul, the Great AntiCrust.
alt.religion.apologetics general apologetic discussions
alt.religion.apparitions Mary and Jesus appearing all over the earth.
alt.religion.artbulla For discussion of Art Bulla
alt.religion.asatru No description.
alt.religion.asatru.stupid.stupid.stupid No description. No description.
alt.religion.ayse-sercan No description.
alt.religion.bahai Bahai faith.
alt.religion.bartman Bartman bartman b a r t m a n.
alt.religion.biff-mullins hace you hugged your biff today
alt.religion.broadcast It's legal but not necessarily proper.
alt.religion.buddhism.nichiren Nichiren believers unite.
alt.religion.buddhism.nkt Buddhist sect New Kadampa Tradition (NKT).
alt.religion.buddhism.ris-med No description.
alt.religion.buddhism.theravada No description.
alt.religion.buddhism.tibetan The teachings of Buddha as studied in Tibet.
alt.religion.christian Unmoderated forum for discussing Christianity.
alt.religion.christian-identity Christian Identity theology & debate.
alt.religion.christian-teen No description.
alt.religion.christian.20-something Discussion for the Twentysomething.
alt.religion.christian.adventist No description.
alt.religion.christian.amish A place for Amish folks to shoot the shit
alt.religion.christian.anabaptist.brethren No description.
alt.religion.christian.baptist Baptist churches.
alt.religion.christian.biblestudy No description. The international Church of Christ.
alt.religion.christian.bruderhof History, news of the Bruderhof (Moderated)
alt.religion.christian.calvary-chapel No description.
alt.religion.christian.campus-crusade No description.
alt.religion.christian.charismatic No description.
alt.religion.christian.east-orthodox Eastern orthodox churches.
alt.religion.christian.elbrujo No description.
alt.religion.christian.episcopal Episcopal churches.
alt.religion.christian.favorite-books favorite christian books.
alt.religion.christian.greek-catholic Discussion of the Greek Catholic religion.
alt.religion.christian.greek-orthodox No description.
alt.religion.christian.heresies Discussion of heresies within Christianity over
the years.
alt.religion.christian.home-church Christian Home Churches. (Moderated)
alt.religion.christian.hymns Discussion of christian hymns.
alt.religion.christian.hypocrisy No description.
alt.religion.christian.intervarsity No description.
alt.religion.christian.last-days In anticipation of Christ's 2nd coming.
alt.religion.christian.lutheran Lutheran churches.
alt.religion.christian.methodist Methodist churches.
alt.religion.christian.monophysitism Discussion of Monophysite creed and
Non-Chalcedonian Christian churches.
alt.religion.christian.oneness Moderated Satanism chat (Moderated)
alt.religion.christian.pentecostal Pentecostal churches.
alt.religion.christian.plymouth.brethren Forum for discussion among
alt.religion.christian.presbyterian Presbyterian churches.
alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic Roman Catholic Church.
alt.religion.christian.russian-orthodox Discussion of the Russian Orthodox
alt.religion.christian.ruthenian-uniate Discussion of the Ruthenian Uniate
alt.religion.christian.ukrainian-orthodox Discussion of the Ukrainian Orthodox
alt.religion.christian.vineyard No description.
alt.religion.christian.youth-ministry Discussion of youth ministry
alt.religion.christian.ywam No description.
alt.religion.christianity.hypocrisy Use alt.religion.christian.hypocrisy.
alt.religion.churchofjesuschrist Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.religion.cjc Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.religion.clergy Ministers, priests, rabbis... from all religions.
alt.religion.clue No description.
alt.religion.computers Tiresome technical tirades.
alt.religion.course-miracle A Course in Miracles (ACIM).
alt.religion.cult-defense No description.
alt.religion.cypherology For the discussion of Rob Cypher's religion.
alt.religion.cypherology.high-priest.ryan-grant He spreads the Word of Cypher.
alt.religion.dake-bonoism discussion of rev. finis dake and bono.
alt.religion.dean-stark No description.
alt.religion.deism Discussion of deism related topics
alt.religion.dishwashing No description.
alt.religion.drew-hamilton A place for those who worship Drew
alt.religion.druid Druids and their ideas, practices, and beliefs.
alt.religion.eckankar Eckankar, the religion of the Light and Sound of God.
alt.religion.end-times.prophecies No description.
alt.religion.fishisim There is one fish; the creator of everything.
alt.religion.flonk hace you hugged your flonk today
alt.religion.flonk.flonk hace you hugged your flonk today
alt.religion.flonk.flonk.flonk hace you hugged your flonk today
alt.religion.frogbuttology No description. No description. requested via BM's NRW
alt.religion.getuology Render your posts with the Getu.
alt.religion.gnostic Unmoderated group like soc.religion.gnostic.
alt.religion.gnostic.orders CyberGnostic
alt.religion.goddess Perspectives on goddess worship & women's spirituality.
alt.religion.gods No description.
alt.religion.h2o Hourglass2 Outpost (H2O) for Jehovah's Witnesses and
alt.religion.hindu News, information and discussion of Hindu subjects.
alt.religion.islam Unmoderated group like soc.religion.islam. No description.
alt.religion.jaffo For civil dialogue about ethics, morals, and society.
alt.religion.jain No description.
alt.religion.jedi Using the Force(tm)
alt.religion.jehovahs-witn No description.
alt.religion.jewish.daf-discuss Discussion of the Daily Talmud Portion (Moderated)
alt.religion.jiffyism You must submit to Jiffyism or else!
alt.religion.judaism Orthodox Judaism. (Moderated)
alt.religion.judaism.orthodox Orthodox Judaism. (Moderated)
alt.religion.kibology He's Fred, Jim. No description.
alt.religion.liet.santoy No description.
alt.religion.louis-nick Worship in the Church of Lou.
alt.religion.macarena HEY, ITALIAN PASTA!
alt.religion.mcaw Magical Church of Ancient Wisdom.
alt.religion.meow hace you hugged your god today
alt.religion.monica Discussion about net-venus Monica and her works. (Moderated) Mormon religion. More Mormon religion.
alt.religion.neo-christian For followers of Neo-Christianity.
alt.religion.pagan.evil Evil pagans, a new sect of more progressive and
alt.religion.pagan.nazi Dark pagans and National Socialist ecopagans.
alt.religion.pagan.texas Open discussion about Texas paganism.
alt.religion.pastafarianism Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
alt.religion.paulo-dimas No description.
alt.religion.paulo-dimas.deveras No description.
alt.religion.paulo-dimas.misc No description.
alt.religion.paulo-dimas.newcomers No description.
alt.religion.paulo-dimas.philosophy No description. No description.
alt.religion.paulo-dimas.temples No description.
alt.religion.paulo-dimas.worship No description.
alt.religion.psychedelic.moderated discussion of Psychedelic Religion (Moderated)
alt.religion.quackzar Listen to the Chicken on this group and
alt.religion.rabbet The Rabbet sect.
alt.religion.raelian Discussion group for the Raelian Religion
alt.religion.rasta-khan Discussion of the whiner Rasta Khan
alt.religion.rastafarian a place for JAH children
alt.religion.rational Rationalities and Irrationalities of religion.
alt.religion.ray-karczewski Karczewski/Karczewskiism, duality, and sheep.
alt.religion.sabbath-keeper No description.
alt.religion.salvation-army No description.
alt.religion.satanism Discussion of Satanism
alt.religion.saxon The Holy Religion Of Saxon.
alt.religion.scientology L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology.
alt.religion.scientology-sucks For anti-scientology discussions.
alt.religion.scientology.moderated To discuss all things about Scientology and
Scientology Inc. (Moderated) L. Rob Cypher loves you.
alt.religion.scientology.squick.squick.squick The sacred Three Squick.
alt.religion.scientology.xenu The Galactic Overlord of Scientology (OT III).
alt.religion.scott-mcdowell No description.
alt.religion.sexuality The politics of sexuality and religion.
alt.religion.shamanism Use soc.religion.shamanism instead.
alt.religion.simpsons Everything about *THAT*
alt.religion.smerpology No description.
alt.religion.snuh hace you hugged your snuh today
alt.religion.spiritism.spiritualism.moderated No description.
alt.religion.spiritualism No description.
alt.religion.sputnik.beep.beep.beep Sputnik burned for your sins. Discuss.
alt.religion.stupid.asatru No description. KILL BOB!!!
alt.religion.submission A newsgroup dedicated to discussion of the
alt.religion.tantra Classical Tantric philosophy and practice ancient and modern
alt.religion.the-last-church No description.
alt.religion.thelastchurch No description.
alt.religion.tolkienology Await faithfully the return of the Valar.
alt.religion.totology No description.
alt.religion.triplegoddess No description.
alt.religion.ubergenetics Metagenetics, Creationist theory, DNA
alt.religion.unification Discussion of Unificationism.
alt.religion.unifier.flash-inc For worshipping the C64 borderzoom coder
alt.religion.unitarian-univ No description.
alt.religion.universal-life Universal Life Church.
alt.religion.urantia-book Discussions about the Urantia Book.
alt.religion.vaisnava Discussion of the Vaisnava spiritual tradition.
alt.religion.vim No description.
alt.religion.voodoo For Voodoo and Vodou Practitioners
alt.religion.voodoo.scott-abraham Weird!
alt.religion.vran The Church Of The Benevolent Emu, Farcical religion
alt.religion.w-w-chuch-god No description.
alt.religion.w-w-church-god No description.
alt.religion.watchtower Watchtower/JW discussion group. (Moderated)
alt.religion.watchtower.judicial Jehovah's Witnesses discuss Watchtower Society
judicial committee issues
alt.religion.watchtower.reform Jehovah's Witnesses discuss Watchtower Society
organizational reformation issues
alt.religion.wicca No description.
alt.religion.wicca.moderated A moderated forum for the discussion of Wicca
alt.religion.yuism Usenet's most demanded group.
alt.religion.zakkology Zakk goes, "Bitch, be cool!"
alt.relocate Setting up a new home in a far away place.
alt.replica Carries database updates to remote replicas
alt.replica.dns (UMass research) Carries DNS replication to remote databases. Carries .com database replication to remote databases Carries .edu database replication to remote databases Carries .net database replication to remote databases
alt.requests the place for all your requests
alt.requests.alt-newsgroups the place for new group requests the place for new group requests
alt.research.monroe-inst for discussion of Hemi-Sync research
alt.reseaux.wifi.montpellier No description.
alt.reseaux.wifi.toulouse No description.
alt.restaurants Use instead. Managing retail product categories. General grocery industry discussion
alt.retaliation Retaliation
alt.retard.lisaagnesgardner No description.
alt.retard.sleeperman No description.
alt.retribution Use alt.flame instead.
alt.revenge Two wrongs trying to make a right.
alt.revenge.adam No description.
alt.revenge.loveaffairs No description.
alt.revenge.roommates No description.
alt.revisionism "It CAN'T be that way 'cause here's the FACTS".
alt.revolution.american.second Jeffersonian dreams.
alt.revolution.counter Discussions of counter-revolutionary issues.
alt.revrend-jed88 fer u
alt.rf yoiesgiawba (Moderated) ouihmdkeiormouru
alt.rhadamanthos No description.
alt.rhode_island A little state with apparently world wide interest. Because they're already big fans of redundant
alt.rhubarb No description.
alt.riand An un-moderated, un-censored newsgroup about Riand More Money no dick
alt.rick.mather.dickhead.eldersile.nsw.australia No description.
alt.rlllkxsh.hftum.c No description.
alt.rmgroup.addict.j.a.y-d.e.n.e.b.e.i.m Because he likes to rmgroup.
alt.rmgroup.d No description.
alt.rmgroup.this.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.rmgroup.this.montgomery-wood No description. No description. fvunvoecfewj En roumain. En roumain. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.roastbeef.curtains For discussion of the benefits of lunch meat A beached whale
alt.robert No description.
alt.robert.fuckhead No description.
alt.robert.fuckhead.gorgonzo No description.
alt.robinhood.lives-in.clinton.missouri.aka.bryan-mcghee No description.
alt.robot.alien alt.robots.alien The terrible secret of space Discussion of robotic dogs.
alt.robot.evil alt.robots.evil Evil robots of the world will overthrow us all!
alt.robot.home alt.robots.home Domesticated mechanations Handymen in orbit
alt.robot.war alt.robots.war Warfare for the 21st century
alt.robotica No description. No description.
alt.robots discussion of robots and robot-related issues.
alt.robots.cartoon Those drawings are moving
alt.robots.first Discussion of the FIRST Robotics Competition
alt.robots.giant size does matter well equipped machines
alt.robots.small size doesn't matter
alt.robotwars International robotwars discussion.
alt.rock-n-roll Counterpart to and alt.drugs.
alt.rock-n-roll.acdc Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
alt.rock-n-roll.aerosmith Lead singer looks like an ugly lady. No description.
alt.rock-n-roll.classic Classic rock, both the music and its marketing.
alt.rock-n-roll.hard Music where stance is everything.
alt.rock-n-roll.jet No description.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal For the headbangers on the net.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.bad-grrrl No description. Evil nazi black metal not recommended
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.bruce-dickinson For discussing Bruce
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.death "Death metal" and newgroup overkill.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.doom No description.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.drain No description.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.gnr "Axl Rose" is an anagram for "Oral Sex".
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.groove Groove-oriented stoner metal.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.heavy Non-sissyboy metal bands.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.iced-earth Discussions about Iced Earth.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.ironmaiden Sonic torture methods.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.megadeth The band Megadeth.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.metallica Sort of like Formica with more hair.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.metallica.boycott Boycott Metallica
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.motley-crue The music of Motley Crue.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.nihilism Study of nihilism in modern metal.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.oldschool No description.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.personalities Discussion of the discussers, e.g.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.personalities.airmaster Fans of the mythical "KCUF
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.personalities.brandubh Discussion of the infamous
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.personalities.daemonic No description.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.personalities.goden Fans of goden of the oarsmen.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.personalities.gortician Discussion of famous Louisiana
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.personalities.hatred Fans of the user Hatred from
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.personalities.pimpbot-5000 Fans of the Pimpbot
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.philosophy Metal music and states of extreme
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.philosophy.evil Evil metallic philosophers discuss Slayer teams up with Tom Cora.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.slayer nioj
alt.rock-n-roll.moderated.crue No description.
alt.rock-n-roll.motley.crue.m For the real Motley Crue fans
alt.rock-n-roll.motorhead newsgroup for the hard rock band
alt.rock-n-roll.oldies Discussion of rock and roll music from 1950-1970.
alt.rock-n-roll.stones Gathering plenty of moss by now.
alt.rock-n-roll.ufo No description.
alt.rocksu No description.
alt.rodents.aratzio The least clean and most primitive of all rodents, Aratzio!
alt.rodney-king Riot catalyst.
alt.romance Discussion about the romantic side of love. Current events group for alt.romance.*
alt.romance.boink-your-boss-week Information about Boink Your Boss Week, the third
full week in January.
alt.romance.boink-your-boss.week No description. Chit chat about romance, often silly.
alt.romance.checkmate No description.
alt.romance.chinese Dicussion of romance between people of Chinese
alt.romance.config New group discussion and announcements for the alt.romance
alt.romance.conflict-of-interest No description.
alt.romance.conflict-of-interest.poetry No description.
alt.romance.latinas No description.
alt.romance.mail-order-brides For those who are interested in
alt.romance.mail-order-brides.dowap Now there are only 52 to go
alt.romance.mail-order-brides.former-soviet-union A public service Web-to-News
GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer.
alt.romance.mailorderbrides Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.romance.mature-adult Discussions and personals for mature adults. Love over the wire - does it work?
alt.romance.teen Talk about teen love and infatuations.
alt.romance.unhappy alt.angst on the run.
alt.romath No description.
alt.root.orsc Distribution of cryptographically signed DNS ORSC root zone
alt.root.orsc.d Discussions about distribution of cryptographically signed DNS
ORSC root zone No description. No description.
alt.rosicrucian.moderated Rosicrucian consortium.
alt.roundtable An ongoing discussion among friends.
alt.royalty An unmoderated discussion on the subject of royalty
alt.rpg.chesley No description.
alt.rpg.chesley.trials No description. (Moderated)
alt.rpg.earthdawn Dedicated to the legendary rpg.
alt.rpg.hogwarts No description.
alt.rpg.imperia The Empire of Imperia
alt.rpg.imperia.imperium No description.
alt.rpg.juanolia Popular Fantasy & Sci-Fi Role Playing Game.
alt.rpg.secfenia No description.
alt.rpg.wizardry The fantasy role playing game.
alt.rpotr.sje.n.bezzmi.dcl.kwnyv.q.say.f No description. No description.
alt.rrwf.lrs No description.
alt.rtlzms.u.amz No description. La Galaxie « ». Cycaty gburczyk mateusz marcinkowski kiss my ass Le forum de test de la galaxie « ». « Wikipédia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.running.out.of.newsgroup.names No description.
alt.rush-limbaugh Fans of the conservative activist radio announcer.
alt.russell-b No description.
alt.russian.z1 Russians abroad talk
alt.rv Rotten varmints or recreational vehicles, you decide.
alt.rv.airstream No description.
alt.rv.nash No description.
alt.rv.pop-up-trailers Devoted to discussing the hobby of pop-up camping.
alt.rvgnbadwkiw.hyjteotq.yis No description.
alt.rvt.oruvd.m.x.happns.i.ub No description. No description. (Moderated)
alt.rwfe.x.ja No description.
alt.rx.bjtodg.s.i.d.q.f No description.
alt.rxjr.gnm No description.
alt.ry.y.jtvgaol.qz.p.f No description.
alt.ryannosaurus No description.
alt.s.dsuvx No description.
alt.s.dyco No description. No description. No description. (Moderated) En sanscrit. En sanscrit. « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.sabmag For riders of Honda Sabre and Magna motorcycles No description.
alt.sad-people.vidders No description.
alt.sad.dowap Now there are only 51 to go
alt.sad.regina-fucks-dogs No description.
alt.sadistic No description.
alt.sadistic.dentists No description.
alt.sadomasochist.beth-baxter Beth Baxter is a sadomasochist
alt.sage.john-grubor No description.
alt.sailing No description.
alt.sailing.asa The American Sailing Association. All about crew members on wind-powered boats.
alt.sailing.pbsa Hey Sailor.
alt.sailing.tall-ships No description.
alt.sailing.yacht-charter To swap experiences and advice on yacht
alt.saladpuncher A newsgroup to discuss salad punching.
alt.sandy.claws No description.
alt.satan-sucks-zekey it is a froup
alt.satan.stoned.stoned.stoned Light up the bong and pass it to SATAN
alt.satanism Not such a bad dude once you get to know him. Art in the context of evil belief structures.
alt.satanism.murder Science of killing from the Satanic art. Sexual activity for Satanic freaks.
alt.satanville No description.
alt.satellite.direcpc No description.
alt.satellite.direcpc.stupid.moron.dpc-dealers Discuss DPC dealers
alt.satellite.direcpc.stupid.moron.dpc-dealers.2k-networks 2KDPC fans
alt.satellite.expressvu Information on Expressvu
alt.satellite.gps No description.
alt.satellite.gps.binaries Binaries related to a.s.gps - software, maps etc
alt.satellite.gps.garmin Discussion of Garmin's range of GPS receivers
alt.satellite.gps.magellan No description.
alt.satellite.gps.tomtom For discussion of the TomTom GPS units.
alt.satellite.internet Satellite internet and its related "issues". Discussion regarding Satellite Radio. For the needs of enthusiasts of satellite radio Discussion regarding Satellite Radio. Satellite TV in the Asia/Pacific region. all about satellite decoding Satellite signal de-cryption techniques. All about European satellite tv. Software for digital satellite receivers No description. TV satellite systems wanted or forsale. ll about satellite decoding
alt.saturday No description. No description. Environmentalist causes. Programming the Sound Blaster PC sound card. No description. No description.
alt.scally A test.
alt.scaramouche will you do the fandango
alt.scaramouche.scaramouche will you do the fandango
alt.scaramouche.scaramouche.will-you will you do the fandango do the fandango
alt.scarborough Discussion about Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
alt.scary.exe.files No description.
alt.scenereview Daily computer/warez news forum for
alt.schlock Schlock, Inc. Presents ... WEED FEST, CLARKY and MASCOT
alt.schmuck.follower.dead.bad.lady.novelist Ayn Rand. Looking for assistance with schoolwork. If you hate school , this group is for you Talk between schoolmates, find lost friends Discussions relating to violence in school.
alt.schools.germany.bavaria.erlangen.asg No description.
alt.schools.lhhs No description.
alt.schrodingers All things Schrodinger
alt.schrodingers.other All things Schrodinger All about Schrodinger's Other Cat
alt.sci No description.
alt.sci.amateur amateur and hobby science projects, issues and resources
alt.sci.astro.eclipses astronomy, solar and lunar eclipses
alt.sci.astro.hale.bopp No description.
alt.sci.criminology Discussions related to criminology No description.
alt.sci.joe-bay The "b" stands for "bargain!"
alt.sci.math.combinatorics Math: Combinatorics and related fields
alt.sci.math.design_theory Math: Design, Group and Coding Theory
alt.sci.math.galois_fields Math: Galois Fields (GF), Finite Fields, FEM etc.
alt.sci.math.probability Math: Probability and related fields
alt.sci.math.statistics.prediction Math: Statistical Prediction
alt.sci.mbe No description.
alt.sci.multi-d Multidisciplinary research
alt.sci.nanotech No description.
alt.sci.natural.phenomena.unusual No description.
alt.sci.physics.acoustics The soundness of the science of sound. Scientific theories you won't find in journals.
alt.sci.planetary Studies in planetary science.
alt.sci.proof-of-george Proof of George Hammond: Is he for real?
alt.sci.proof-of-god Scientific proof of God.
alt.sci.relativistic-proof-of-god Discussion regarding God
alt.sci.relativistic-proof-of-god.moderated King George the FUCKING KOOK
alt.sci.seti Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
alt.sci.sociology People are really interesting when you watch them. Science and technology in Indonesia.
alt.sci.time-travel Theory of time travel. No description.
alt.scn En sicilien.
alt.scn.test En sicilien.
alt.scn.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.scooter Motor scooters, like Vespas, Lambrettas, etc.
alt.scooter.moped Discussion of mopeds Someone in rec.skiing.alpine doesn't like him. Seriously!
alt.scottish.clans Discussions about Scottish Clans.
alt.screw.interlink No description. Scuba in New York
alt.sculpture No description.
alt.scum Discussion of scum and what defines scum
alt.scum.fred-hall Fred Hall! Nuff Said!
alt.scum.kevin-a-cannon Nuke Joisy!
alt.scum.lionelfake What happened to Lionel?
alt.scum.meat-plow ...needs Dummies Guide To Fatherhood 101
alt.scum.sean-monaghan Nuke Ireland before he moves!
alt.scum.tyrone-m-pierce Nuke France before he moves!
alt.scumbag Discuss all scumbags here
alt.scumbag.adam-kerman Discuss Usenet scumbag Adam H Kerman
alt.scumbag.aratzio Discuss Usenet scumbag Aratzio
alt.scumbag.archie-leach Discuss Usenet scumbag Archie Leach
alt.scumbag.candinal-chunder Mistake group. Do not sub here.
alt.scumbag.cardinal-chunder Discuss Usenet scumbag Cardinal Chunder
alt.scumbag.chadwick-stone Discuss Usenet scumbag Chadwick Stone
alt.scumbag.dvus Discuss Usenet scumbag Dufus dvus
alt.scumbag.fred-hall Discuss Usenet scumbag Fred Hall
alt.scumbag.gary-burnore Discuss Usenet scumbag Gary L Burnore
alt.scumbag.kevin-cannon Discuss Usenet scumbag Kevin A Cannon
alt.scumbag.meat-plow Discuss Usenet scumbag Meaty
alt.scumbag.pinku-sensei Discuss Usenet scumbag Pinky Panties
alt.scumbag.sean-monaghan Discuss Usenet scumbag Sean Monaghan
alt.scumbag.woodchuck-bill Discuss Usenet scumbag Woodchuck Bill
alt.scuola.itis_cassino No description.
alt.seafarers No description.
alt.seafarers.deck No description.
alt.seafarers.engineroom No description.
alt.seafarers.ratings No description.
alt.sean-monaghan.prick.prick.prick Impeach the prick FNVW
alt.sean-monaghan.should-foad Sean Monaghan should FOAD Security issues on computer systems. Discussion of Home/Business/Vehicle security alarms. No description. Security closed circuit television info. No description. Ads for Security Systems Installed Do it yourself security systems installers Ads for Security Systems Parts Only Espionage, intelligence, and tradecraft. Pointers to good stuff in (Moderated) No description. No description. Computer related security discussions in Dutch. The Pretty Good Privacy package. Free hard drive encryption for Windows Terrorism -- the bomb, the bullet, and the blade. The Bomb the rocked Olympics '96. TWA Flight 800 over Long Island. The story of television.
alt.seduction.outfoxing No description.
alt.seduction.pickup-artist Discussion of seduction and "pick-up" styles.
alt.sega.genesis Another addiction.
alt.self-esteem Discussing self-esteem improvement and help.
alt.self-improve Self-improvement in less than 14 characters.
alt.self-reliance No description.
alt.september No description.
alt.serbu Discussions of the designs, history and activities of Mark Serbu.
alt.sergi.burnore No description.
alt.serije.simpsonovi diskusija o Simpsonovima na srpsko-hrvatskom
alt.sewing A group that is not as it seams.
alt.sewing.extraspecial.fabric.and.custom.sewing No description.
alt.sewing.mach-embroider discussion for home users of embroidery machines Postings of a prurient nature. I can confirm that this is true. No description. Recovery From Sexual Addiction. (Moderated) Debating the pros and cons of sex. Off drugs and high on slime In bed with the Chinese How to make the most of your UFO abduction. No description. Ouch. Sexual acts involving the anus. No description. Possibly animal husbandry, but I doubt it. People who enjoy suffocation. Ben-wa, beach, tea, soccer, Lucille ... testicles too. No description. Hairy homosexual men. I mean this guy is SICK! Joke group. Intellegent For phallic fantasies. Silly, tricks are for kids. Happiness is a warm puppy. No description. For people with big, purple newt fetishes. That little squeek they make is so cute. No description. Trust me on this. Pictures of bestial acts. NEWS FLASH: ancient people did it mostly the same way. Tie me, whip me, make me read the net! A new marketplace competitor for Fruitopia. No description. Whatever spins your electrons. For frustrated SCO users. Excuse me while I turn the page. Discussing attraction to boy children. Only 50 to go bobbie! Discussions about female breasts -- big and small. See You know you want her! A sex newsgroup for model Brittany All about cathouses. All posts to this group will be cancelled. No description. Where Carasso's SO is himself. No description. No description. I dunno, that's a pretty small hole in the middle. Discussing attraction to children. Only 49 to go bobbie! No description. Obsessions with the First Family's sex lives. Obsessions with the First Family's sex lives. Obsessions with the First Family's sex lives. No description. No description. No description. It's amazing what tentacles can do. Phone sex with a real time Internet visual aid. No description. Booya!!!! Mickey, Minney --- you know. No poodles! doof Ask what this is about. Discussion of that wonderous guy, Drew. (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. safe and common sense sex with electricity (Moderated) Cleansing the bowels as an erotic act. Literary or artistic works with a sexual theme. Use The business of sex. No description. Looking for personal escorts. Discussion of personal escort advertisements. So you want to be a star. No description. No descriptipn. You know... queening. No description. Discussions about female dominant relationships. Sword play or containment systems, take your pick. Whan you're having more than one. Sexual attraction to missing body parts. Darius worship. Ansir fetishes. All welcome. Lusting after unnatural body forms. No description. No description. Worshipping the feet of male children. Eeeeeyyyoooowwwwcccchhhhh!!!! No description. You know you want her! Newsgroup for discussion of the fetish which Sex for the bean counters. Sex for bean counters who can't spell. No description. They're dry and secure all day, too. It's an ear thing. No description. Keen on ET's star child, all grown up. No description. For people who like being fucked up the ass
by Earthlink news admins Rollin' with the rolly polly. Rubber, leather, chains, and other fetish clothing. Kiss them. Now. We like opps' toes. Arousal caused by very big people. Hair, hair, everywhere. Palms even. Kristian Tanner, the sexiest man in Usenet We just _love_ Hannakaisa, She's Soooo sexy. Sticky and almost fluid ... hmm. At least you don't have that smell afterward. Macrame using a living human canvas. Tell me *you* didn't get a woody
watching them last night... No description. Torvald me. Motorcycles as sex objects. Ample, heaving spools and multiple feeds. The mysteries of Asia are a potent lure. People stimulated by panties. Peter D's momma sure is something. Need we say more? Discussion of sexy WCW superstar Rena Mero For wankers like the one that will rmgroup THIS! This too speaks for itself. This is for you robot types. Sexy Serena and friends. Scally lad images and stories People excited by excrement. For discussion & posting of fantasies related to size. Like necrophilia without being quite so macabre. Another MHM20x18 fan group. Discussion of smoking as a sexual fetish. For those with a fetish about sports clothes. Illogical yet fascinating Star Trek lust. The BOB(c) fetishes; The BOB(c) in drag. Mental masturbation. Laughter is the best foreplay. The potent powers of the petite. Ooooooo suck my tongue. Trent "NIN" Reznor's screaming slaves. Arousal by young, underweight people. Not all waifs are spinners, but all spinners are
waifs. They don't mean hottub polo. No description. No description. Sploshing, food, mud and other messy fetishes. No description. Bitch, bitch, bitch. People who dig covering a women with White-Out. Rough-housing for sexual kicks. Erotic pictures of the X-men. Use instead. No description. What was your first time like? Always wet. No description. Peaches, crew cuts, tennis balls, whatever. Sex games, duh! Ouch! Tonight's movie: 20000 convicts in the hood & a woman. group for gaymen to talk about gay porn and the Use instead. Discussing sexual attraction to girl children. No description. 'Various Public "Glory-Holes"' it said. Ewww. This group is about Gortician sex. Use* instead. Fuel for the pornography-incites-violence debate. Why are there so few, hot, exhibitionist, S&M pussies? Tracking the changing sexual mores of human society. Homosexual relations. Only 48 to go bobbie! Discussing the issues of intra-family sexual relations. Only 46 to go bobbie! No description. No description. No description. Robbing the cradle and the grave. No description. Yeah! Calling His name. I love chocolate ice cream. What's it to you? Discussion on sex with people with the initials J.P. That's "Sexual Perversity in Chicago" to you, bub. No description. No description. Discussions of magazines with sticky pages. Passion for the prosecutor. Self-satisfaction for people who can't spell. No description. Where one's SO is oneself. No description. Only 45 to go bobbie! Only 44 to go bobbie! Only 43 to go bobbie! Only 43 to go bobbie! Only 40 left 39 left Discusses Probably illegal traffic. No description. No description. No description. Sex with unusually short people. Serious discussion on Miguel Lopes's sex life No description. Jesse Helms would not subscribe to this group. No description. Discussing the ins and outs of certain movies. Asmodean, God of Fuck. No description. Penthouse Letters. Get the trimmers, that stuff is gross. Only 38 more to go bobby-boi! Dead people as stimulus. Gross! No description. Newsgroup for Newsgroup for No description. The pleasures and complications of remote mounting. No description. No description. No description. Not involving sound. Void where prohibited by law. Discussion of orgies and group sex. For all your parpering needs, kind sir. No description. Moderated discussion of underage sex Discussing the issues around attraction to children. The issues around attraction to boy children. The issues around attraction to girl children. No description. No description. Almost certainly illegal traffic. Almost certainly illegal traffic. Per Yakanoh's request. have sex with pjil for free! Sex on the line. Advertisements from adult pay-per-call companies For all phone fans. Gigabytes of copyright violations. Discussion of gigabytes of copyright violations. Copyright violations featuring mostly females. Copyright violations featuring mostly males. Upload Pictures to this group. NO SPAM PLEASE!! No description. Plush Sex: Strategically Placed Holes. Discussing the sexuality of pre-teen people. Stop the insanity. The precursor to many a deflowering. The oldest profession. The famous Amsterdam Red Light District! Jamie Baillie's favorite Hookers! No description. You know... face sitting. No description. Abyss Creations' sex doll and other plastic playmates Deep down, he likes animals. Possibly sex between reptiles, but probably with them. No description. For the discussion and encouragement of safe sex. Exon does the nasty. We have proof! The oldest profession. 6000+ Free XXX Pics 6000+ Free XXX Pics No description. discussion about and their related sites. No description. No description. Markup languages as a sexual tool. What's this? Bleats me! Baaaaah! Only 37 more to go bobby-boi! No description. No description. No description. No description. Only 35 more to go bobby-boi! Agh, I can't reach the rip cord! No description. Sadism and masochism with mulberries. Home of the Snake Cult. The Snuff Film urban legend grows weirder. Sex forum among Indonesian people No description. Noises from the heat of passion. You want to put that thing where? (Moderated) Bondage for beginners. Spanking as an exclusively adult activity.. (Moderated) Spanking as an adult activity. (Moderated) For those who need it *NOW*. STories involving pre teen children and sex Erotic stories involving bondage/dominations. No description. For those who talk about needing it *NOW*. Erotic tales involving homosexuals. moderated group for gay stories (Moderated) Stories featuring heterosexual sex. Stories about intrafamily sex. Misc stories w/sexual content. (Moderated) No description. No description. No description. Discussion of strip clubs, exotic dancers, etc. No description. Sugardaddies find their women here Women find their sugardaddy here Sex talk for very large people and their admirers. The promiscuous crowd. Mental masturbation. UK Swingers only. Insipid sex. No description. Only 34 more to go bobby-boi! Only 33 more to go bobby-boi! The sexuality of teenagers. A newsgroup dedicated to sex with Ms. Tel Bailliet. Discussion of phone sex services. Advertisements offering adult pay-per-call No description. You know...face-sitting whilst peeing. No description. Cartoon sex. The subtopics of are becoming more and more odd. Only 31 more to go bobby-boi! Sex lives of transsexuals. No description. No description. Not all girls are beautiful, but we love the ugly too. Only 30 more to go bobby-boi! Sex with uncircumcised men. The senator should lighten up. No description. No description. Group sex via the telephone. A lot of lurkers in this group. Requests for erotica, either literary or in the flesh. Looking for escorts. No description. Bet there are a lot of models beating a path to here. To streamline things a bit. Not quite co-ed naked water polo. Exploring the eroticism of feeding and being fed. discussion of having sex with vinny No description. No description. Questions for only true sex wizards. No description. No description. A discussion group for amateur model Bobbie A meeting place for fans of Brittany Halford discussion about and their related sites. The sexuality of young people. A place for young women to meet older men and vice
versa. A euphemism for A euphemism for 5000+ Free XXX Pics Every Day 1000s of Free XXX Pics 6000+ Free XXX Pics Daily 1000s of Free XXX Pics
alt.sexo.relatos No description. 5000+ fotos XXX gratuito
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery Helping others deal with traumatic experiences.
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery.moderated Recovery from sexual abuse (Moderated)
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery.scott-abraham He whines a lot. More Stardrek.
alt.sexzilla discussion about and their related sites. discussion about and their related sites.
alt.sf.creative Discussion and posting of original written science fiction
alt.sf.scale-models Building science-fiction and fantasy models
alt.sf4m A group for forumites everywhere. We know who you are.
alt.sfcivhov.bflgnp.ilzl.pi.hxb uejiqrpqi iixeuabojlozii (Moderated) aierautevaaekeoauau
alt.sgqckiy.l.gmjc No description.
alt.sgtrock-isa-troll No description. En serbocroate. En serbocroate. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.shadow.rules Group for discussions everything and anything to do with Shadow.
alt.shameless go biff go!
alt.shameless.bags-of-atrophy go biff go!
alt.shameless.bags-of-atrophy.dowap Only 29 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.shameless.bags-of-atrophy.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.shameless.bags-of-atrophy.hatchetmama go biff go!
alt.shameless.bags-of-atrophy.jbenway go biff go!
alt.shameless.bags-of-atrophy.keith-wigdor go biff go!
alt.shameless.bags-of-atrophy.paul-heslop go biff go!
alt.shameless.bags-of-atrophy.peter-j-ross Mullins public service
alt.shared-reality.sf-and-fantasy "Worlds Beyond" shared universe.
alt.shared-reality.startrek.klingon Klingons: Blood, Honor and Tribbles.
alt.sharereactor No description. No description.
alt.sharereactor.anime No description.
alt.sharereactor.dvd No description. No description.
alt.sharereactor.lang.danish No description.
alt.sharereactor.lang.french No description.
alt.sharereactor.lang.german No description.
alt.sharereactor.lang.polish No description.
alt.sharereactor.lang.spanish No description.
alt.sharereactor.other No description.
alt.sharereactor.screener No description.
alt.sharereactor.series No description. No description.
alt.sharesniffer No description.
alt.sheep.baa No description.
alt.shenanigans Practical jokes, pranks, randomness, etc.
alt.shit No description.
alt.shitface.montgomery-wood No description. Art Deco with the brown nose
alt.shits.his.pants.dowap Only 28 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.shits.his.pants.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.shits.his.pants.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.shoe.lesbians A discussion for shoe lesbians and their friends.
alt.shoe.lesbians.moderated discussions by lesbians, bisexual women. (moderated)
alt.shoplifter.montgomery-wood No description. Well, you should be, probably :)
alt.shoutcast Newsgroup for Shoutcast related topics.
alt.showbiz.gossip A misguided attempt to centralise gossip.
alt.shp.x.v edaosoecoakerrai
alt.shqip No description.
alt.shut.the.hell.up.geek Group for Usenet motto.
alt.shut.the.hell.up.geek.andrew-mckay For serious discussions on severely
alt.shut.the.hell.up.geek.dowap Only 26 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.shut.the.hell.up.geek.phil-oliver No description.
alt.shut.the.hell.up.geek.second-coming For serious discussions on severely
alt.shut.the.hell.up.geek.yiri-t-kohl For serious discussions on severely
alt.shut.the.hell.up.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.shy Cause I have to make this to make alt.shy.liberalminded
alt.shy.liberalminded Cause 2Rowdy said so
alt.shyi.y.nsrf _H\:+MMG`3O* No description.
alt.signitures No description.
alt.sigsnip.recovery No description.
alt.silkilocks No description. I.M. Pei's little known bland brother.
alt.silly-group.persian Rugs, cats, lambs, etc. Eponymy.
alt.silly.little.newsgroup With a
alt.sillytalk Please confine your nonsense to alt.sillytalk
alt.simpering-milktoast jesus is a non-existent non sequitur
alt.simpering-milktoast.dowap Only 25 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.simpering-milktoast.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.simpleton dedicated to all the simps out there
alt.simpleton.dowap requested via BM's NRW
alt.simpleton.dowap.duh requested via BM's NRW
alt.simpleton.dowap.duh.duh requested via BM's NRW
alt.simpleton.dowap.duh.duh.duh requested via BM's NRW
alt.simpleton.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.simpleton.keith-wigdor wigway is a simp
alt.simpleton.keith-wigdor.aka wigway is a simp
alt.simpleton.keith-wigdor.aka.jbenway wigway is a simp wigway is a simp go wigway go
alt.simpsons Homer Bart.
alt.sink.the.ship No description.
alt.sinner For discussions about sinner.
alt.siol.test No description.
alt.sixtyplus General topics of discussion by persons over sixty.
alt.sjat No description. En slovaque. En slovaque. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.skanky.slut.mariah-carey No description.
alt.skate Use* instead.
alt.skate-board Discussion of all apsects of skate-boarding.
alt.skate.figure Use instead.
alt.skeezewockers People who wock skeeze
alt.skeezewockers.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.skeptic.magazine No description.
alt.skeptic.society No description.
alt.skincare Dermatology.
alt.skincare.acne Fighting zits.
alt.skinheads The skinhead culture/anti-culture.
alt.skinheads.are.sexxxy.bastards No description.
alt.skinheads.jay-denebeim Black leather uniform hides the menace
alt.skinheads.kill.jenn-starkman No description.
alt.skinheads.moderated The skinhead culture/anti-culture. (Moderated)
alt.skinheads.personals No description.
alt.skunks Le pew.
alt.skuznet.anonymous No description.
alt.skuznet.general No description.
alt.skuznet.web2news No description. En slovène. En slovène. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.sl9 Crashing into Jupiter.
alt.slack Posting relating to the Church of the Subgenius.
alt.slack.eraserhead Not the famous director.
alt.slack.mid-atlantic.crusades SubGenius Mid-Atlantic Slack Crusades
alt.slack.midatlantic.crusades No description.
alt.slack.sputum No description.
alt.slak No description.
alt.slak.binariez No description. Heh.
alt.sleazy-weasel No description.
alt.sleazy-weasel.dowap Only 24 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.sloak No description.
alt.slovak.zavo No description.
alt.slurper.james-koput No description.
alt.slurps-man-gravy By biff as a public service
alt.slurps-man-gravy.peter-j-ross By biff as a public service
alt.slurps-man-gravy.peter-j-ross.0-phile A mullins public service
alt.slurps-man-gravy.peter-j-ross.a-roonie A mullins public service
alt.slurps-man-gravy.peter-j-ross.o-phile A mullins public service
alt.slut.fred-hall Fred Hall is a slut
alt.smack No description. No description.
alt.smack.dowap Only 23 more to go bobby-boi! No description.
alt.smee mhm 20x18
alt.smee.smeeter.smee.smee.smee.smeeter.smee No description.
alt.smelly.smelts No description.
alt.smfw wpieljgoiiiiqo Hi Harry No description.
alt.smokers Puffing on tobacco.
alt.smokers.are.addicts discussion of lowlife addicted smoker scum and their
alt.smokers.camel No description.
alt.smokers.camel.filters.100s No description.
alt.smokers.cigars From stogies to cubans.
alt.smokers.cigars-rectal the newest manner in which to enjoy a fine cigar.
alt.smokers.cigars.clubhouse cigar discussion, club
alt.smokers.cigars.cuban Discussion of Cuban cigars
alt.smokers.cigars.flame A place for the bickering, squabbling, and childish
alt.smokers.cigars.marketplace No description. No description.
alt.smokers.cigars.smoking is an unmoderated newsgroup for the
alt.smokers.glamour Discussion of smoking as an object of attraction. (Moderated)
alt.smokers.glamour.cigars Discussion of cigar smoking as an
alt.smokers.herfers Posting of non-commercial discussion
alt.smokers.marlboro Discussion on the merits of Marlboro.
alt.smokers.pipes Briars, meerschaums, and calabashes.
alt.smokers.pot No description.
alt.smokers.suck-harder Festering little addicted weasels suck harder and faster
for fix their wretched drug habit.
alt.smooth-move you make me feel like dancing
alt.smooth-move.exlax smooth move, exlax No description. Spoiled brats finally did it. No description.
alt.smurfs No description.
alt.snail-mail Mail sent on paper. Some people still do that.
alt.snail-tracks yummy concept
alt.snail-tracks.splat yummy concept
alt.snail-tracks.splat.splort yummy concept
alt.snail-tracks.splat.splort.queef yummy concept
alt.snert This group is about snerts. Those damn snerts.
alt.snetter Study of the Snetter
alt.sniffs.glue.dowap Only 22 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.sniffs.glue.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.snizzlebucket No description.
alt.snl L^A3C+c?7aC (Moderated)
alt.snorky No description.
alt.snowchyld.bounce.bounce.bounce Litestep and Win32 shells
alt.snowmobiles For bikers who don't like two wheels in snow and ice.
alt.snowmobiles.old No description.
alt.snubis Snubis
alt.snuh No description.
alt.snuh-made-cascades No description.
alt.snuh-made-cascades.are-the-best No description.
alt.snuh-tm No description.
alt.snuh.0wns ssssssspnak!
alt.snuh.0wns.dowap Only 21 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.snuh.0wns.the-flonk ssssssspnak!
alt.snuh.christina-eijkhout even christinA eijkhout gets her snuh on.
alt.snuh.jason-saslow This group is about Jason Saslow's brand of snuh.
alt.snuh.kwyjibo balding ape indeed
alt.snuh.rdrr get it? rdrr? har dee har har!
alt.snuhing-bumchums.dean-and-jason We snuh and play with our butts.
alt.snuhperv A froup for Snuhperv's missionary task to convert teh infidels.
alt.snuhwolf This group is for discussion of SnuhWolf
alt.snwe.t.sf otihueodujdniu
alt.soapy discussion about all things Soapy
alt.soapy-0wns-dowap see soapy. see soapy 0wn dowap.
alt.soc.cockteasers The social impact of cockteasers.
alt.soc.config Configuration group for alt.soc.* sub-hierarchy.
alt.soc.culture.swearing The political, linguistic, and cultural dynamics of
swearing. No description.
alt.soc.indonesia.mature Adult forum amongst Indonesian people
alt.soc.insane-old-crones.henrietta-k-thomas Henrietta K. Thomas, her No description.
alt.soc.reformation All topic concerning to history of reformation and its follows
for our life today.
alt.soc.religion.snuhperv Followers of Cardinal Snuhperv et al.
alt.society.anarchy Societies without rulers. No description.
alt.society.boomers No description.
alt.society.civil-liberty Same as alt.society.civil-liberties.
alt.society.conservatism Social, cultural, and political conservatism.
alt.society.economic-dev Discussion of economic development worldwide
alt.society.eric-davis.nosegroup eric is a cool guy....
alt.society.fruitopia Discord, but not Eris.
alt.society.futures Musing on where we're all headed.
alt.society.generation-x Lifestyles of those born 1960-early-1970s. L. *Shelton* Bumgarner
alt.society.has-no-place no place in society
alt.society.has-no-place.for no place in society for...
alt.society.has-no-place.for.dowap Only 19 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.society.has-no-place.for.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.society.has-no-place.for.keith-wigdor no place in society for him
alt.society.homeless - Discussion of homelessness
alt.society.kindness No description.
alt.society.labor-unions Theory and practise of labor unions.
alt.society.liberalism Liberal political research, news and debate.
alt.society.mental-health Keeping your marbles in the modern world.
alt.society.modern-life Multi-disciplinary discussion of today's world.
alt.society.monarchy No description.
alt.society.neutopia A place to further the cause of peace and love.
alt.society.nottingham Discussion about Nottingham or its people No description.
alt.society.philbert.bad-breath thank you come again
alt.society.philbert.breath thank you come again
alt.society.resistance Ohm's law applied to social science.
alt.society.revolution Espousing Jeffersonian ideals.
alt.society.rockunion For past pupils of Blackrock College scattered
alt.society.scapegoating what is it, who does it, how to escape it
alt.society.sovereign Independence in society.
alt.society.sustainable Networking for sustainable communities
alt.society.underwear What's the big deal, anyway?
alt.society.zeitgeist Adult discussion of current events, love, music.
alt.sockpuppet.david-gannon No description.
alt.sockpuppeteer Discussion of cowardly holey trolls
alt.sockpuppeteer.aratzio Aratzio the holey sockpuppet artist
alt.sockpuppeteer.archie-leach Archie Leach the holey sockpuppet artist
alt.sockpuppeteer.fred-hall Fred Hall the holey sockpuppet artist
alt.sockpuppeteer.kadaitcha-man Kadaitcha Man the holey sockpuppet artist
alt.sockpuppeteer.peter-hood Peter Hood the holey sockpuppet artist
alt.sockpuppeteer.trippy.starshine-moonbeam.noodles-jefferson All the same twat
alt.soda.moxie The best soda in the world MOXIE! No description.
alt.soft-sys.avantgo No description.
alt.soft-sys.corel.draw The Corel Draw graphics package.
alt.softax No description. Generating voltage from the sun's energy. Discussions of practical solar thermal energy use.
alt.solaris.x86 Sun's Solaris on Intel x86 compatible computers.
alt.solipsism No description.
alt.solly For (ex)employees of Dr Solomon's Software
alt.something.good No description.
alt.son-of-1000-fathers perma-spnaking some impotent wretches
alt.son-of-1000-fathers.dowap perma-spnaking some impotent wretches
alt.son-of-1000-fathers.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.son-of-1000-fathers.peter-j-ross-a-roonie perma-spnaking
alt.son-of-1000-fathers.spooge perma-spnaking
alt.son-of-1000-fathers.starshine-moonbeam perma-spnaking ieeeueek
alt.sophie-evans A place for the many fans of film legend Sophie.
alt.soulmates Richard Bach and his herculean odds.
alt.sounds.answering.machines.beep.beep.beep No description.
alt.sounds.midi.originals No description.
alt.sounds.moderated A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer.
alt.source-code.mac No description.
alt.sources Alternative source code, unmoderated. Caveat Emptor.
alt.sources.crypto Source code related to cryptology
alt.sources.d Discussion of posted sources.
alt.sources.mac Source code for Apple Macintosh computers.
alt.sources.wanted Requests for source code.
alt.southampton.goth.commandoes No description. Discussion of space monkey invaders Discussion of space monkey invasions
alt.spacebastards No description.
alt.spalax No description.
alt.spam What is that stuff that doth jiggle in the breeze?
alt.spam.apews Anything related to APEWS including removal requests
alt.spam.hicprime No description.
alt.spam.jamie-baillie Jamie Baillie is a spammer.
alt.spam.sightings used for spam sightings and help combat spam.
alt.spam.wonderful spam discussion
alt.spam.wonderful.spam spam discussion
alt.spambot No description.
alt.spamhaus No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.spammers.dowap Only 18 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.spammers.g-peet g. peet is a spammer
alt.spammers.g-peet.trolls-for-victims not a free host
alt.spammers.keith-wigdor spammer discussion
alt.spammers.keith-wigdor.president-of-nambla keith sodomizes boys
alt.spammers.leslie-paulin soy un perdedor No description.
alt.spammers.theapostle soy un perdedor
alt.spank.keith-wigdor spanking discussion
alt.spankards.jet.timmay.marty No description.
alt.spankards.petitmorte Group for petitmorte spankards
alt.spanked No description.
alt.spanked.bill-rollins No description.
alt.spanked.clams Run to the hills, spnakards!!
alt.spanked.dowap Only 17 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.spanked.dowap.dowap Only 16 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.spanked.dowap.dowap.dowap Only 15 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.spanked.dowap.over-and-over Only 14 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.spanked.dowap.over-and-over.and Only 13 more to go bobby-boi!
alt.spanked.dowap.over-and-over.and.over-and-over Only 12 left
alt.spanked.dowap.over-and-over.and.over-and-over.again Only 11 left
alt.spanking.keith-wigdor keith loves to be spnaked
alt.spanking.keith-wigdor.come-here keith loves to be spnaked
alt.spanking.keith-wigdor.come-here.little-boy keith luvs 2b spnaked
alt.spanking.keith-wigdor.come-here.littlegirl keith luvs 2b spnaked
alt.spanking.reality No description.
alt.spanking.reality.moderated Spanking in Reality. (Moderated)
alt.spanners No description.
alt.spartacus.netscape.bologna No description.
alt.speech.debate High school and collegiate debate and forensics.
alt.sphereal No description.
alt.spippolatori No description.
alt.spiritual-energy No description. No description.
alt.spiritual.enhancement Discussion of personal and group enhancement. Spirituality from a personal/experiential vantage.
alt.spirituality.druid modern earth/nature-oriented path of celtic
alt.spirituality.radical-faerie No description.
alt.spleen Venting as a biological function.
alt.spnak.zev.the-obsessed No description.
alt.spooge.i.gotta.wee-wee see dean. see dean 0wn spooge.
alt.spooge.mkay This group is so Spooge can pratice his M'kay?'s
alt.spooge.mkay.duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssssspnak!
alt.spooky Boo! Adventure Racing Sport Discussion Area Dedicated to the sport of Adventure Racing No description. Anything to do with the sport of air-hockey Fun paintball-style game with low velocity airguns. discussion of all coaching-related topics Use Rotisserie league basketball. How to build that perfect body . In the gutter again. Like alt.suicide with rubber bands. No description. Look what you've done to the wall! No description. No description. Discuss dog fighting issues. No description. Hunting with birds of prey. Table soccer and dizzy little men. will be actively used by many kids. This is a group where people can talk about No description. Run for the roses: breeding, betting on & racing horses. Horse race handicapping systems & strategies. No description. No description. Discussion of personal watercraft. The game of lacrosse. Indoor splatball with infrared lasers. laserquest discussion and information lasertag players using zone equipment Local Little League Administration Issues Variant on old sport for those with no access to cows. A forum for the motorized scooter Being a referee. Splat, you're it. Light amusement. Knock your balls into your pockets for fun. A LASER game. All aspects of indoor racquetball and related sports. Discussion of Roller Derby rock, paper, and scissors No description. Silhouette shooting discussion forum No description. No description. No description. No description. Snorkeling information and locations No description. No description. No description. Discussion of indoor soccer. With the proper technique, vegetables can go very fast. Discussions of street hockey. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Pöytätenniksestä suomen kielellä Tips, coaching advice, and discussion on Tractor Pulling, the Most Power Motorsport Use instead. No description. No description. Traditional Greco-Roman rasslin'. No description. No description. No description.
alt.sports No description.
alt.sports.airsoft No description.
alt.sports.badminton Discussion about badminton. Atlanta Braves major league baseball. Baltimore Orioles major league baseball. Boston Red Sox major league baseball. California Angles major league baseball. No description. Chicago White Sox major league baseball. Chicago Cubs major league baseball. Cincinnati Reds major league baseball. Cleveland Indians major league baseball. Colorado Rockies major league baseball. Detroit Tigers major league baseball. Florida Marlins major league baseball. Houston Astros major league baseball. Kansas City Royals major league baseball. Los Angeles Dodgers major league baseball. No description. No description. Minor league baseball talk. Milwaukee Brewers major league baseball. Minnesota Twins major league baseball. Montreal Expos major league baseball. No description. New York Mets baseball talk. New York Yankees baeball talk. Oakland As major league baseball. Philadelphia Phillies baseball talk. Pittsburg Pirates major league baseball. San Diego Padres major league baseball talk. Seattle Mariners major league baseball. San Francisco Giants baseball talk. St Louis Cardinals baseball talk. No description. Texas Rangers major league baseball. Toronto Blue Jays baseball talk. All about Washington DC pro baseball Big 5 conference basketball talk. U of Pennsylvania (NOT Penn State!) basketball. Atlanta Hawks NBA basketball. Boston Celtics NBA basketball. Charlotte Hornets NBA basketball. Chicago Bulls NBA basketball. Cleveland Cavaliers NBA talk. Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball. Denver Nuggets NBA basketball. Detroit Pistons NBA basketball talk. Golden State Warriors NBA basketball. Houston Rockets NBA basketball talk. Indiana Pacers NBA basketball talk. Los Angeles Clippers NBA talk. Los Angeles Lakers NBA basketball talk. Miami Heat NBA basketball talk. Milwaukee Bucks NBA basketball talk. Minnesota Timberwolves NBA basketball. New Jersey Nets NBA basketball. No description. Orlando Magic NBA basketball talk. Philadelphia 76ers NBA basketball talk. Phoenix Suns NBA basketball talk. Portland Trailblazers NBA talk. San Antonio Spurs NBA basketball talk. Sacramento Kings NBA basketball talk. Seattle Sonics NBA talk. Toronto Raptors NBA talk. Utah Jazz NBA basketball talk. Vancouver Grizzlies NBA talk. Washington Bullets NBA basketball. New York Knicks NBA basketball talk. The Atlantic Coast Conference. Sports at the University of North Carolina. University of Alabama athletics No description. No description. Big Twelve Conference college sports. Discussions of college sports in the Big East. The Big 10 college athletic conference. Conference USA college athletics. No description. Ivy League athletics. No description. Sports at Michigan colleges. No description. No description. Notre Dame sports. OSU Sports plus a whole lot more. Discussions about Ohio State Football Discussions of college sports in the Pac 10. Sports in the SEC athletic conference. Sports at the University of Kentucky. No description. No description. Sports at Syracuse University. Univerisity of Texas at Austin athletics.
alt.sports.darts Dart throwing games. No description. Arena football (US-style, not soccer). Florida U Seminoles football. Minnesota Vikings NFL football talk. Oakland Raiders NFL football talk. No description. Arizona Cardinals NFL football talk. Atlanta Falcons NFL football talk. Baltimore's franchise NFL football talk. Buffalo Bills NFL football talk. Carolina Panthers NFL football talk. Chicago Bears NFL football talk. Cincinnati Bengals NFL football talk. Cleveland Browns NFL football talk. Dallas Cowboys NFL football talk. No
description. Denver Broncos NFL football talk. Detroit Lions NFL football talk. Green Bay Packers NFL football talk. Houston Oilers NFL football talk. A member of the NFL family. Indianapolis Colts NFL football talk. Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football talk. Kansas City Chiefs NFL football talk. Los Angeles Raiders NFL football talk. Los Angeles Rams NFL football talk. Miami Dolphins NFL football talk. Minnesota Vikings fan discussion New England Patriots NFL football talk. New Orleans Saints NFL football talk. New York Giants NFL football talk. New York Jets NFL football talk. Oakland Raiders. Philadelphia Eagles NFL football talk. Phoenix Cardinals NFL football talk. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk. San Diego Chargers NFL football talk. Seattle Seahawks NFL football talk. San Francisco 49ers NFL football talk. St. Louis Rams NFL football talk. Tampa Bay Bucaneers NFL football talk. Forum for fans of the Tennessee Washington Redskins NFL football talk. discussion of the darlington fc professional American football league.
alt.sports.gaelic-games Gaelic football and hurling discussion.
alt.sports.greed Discussions on the overbearing greed of sports figures.
alt.sports.gymnastics Gymnastic competitions. No description. No description. EC Hockey League. Rotisserie league ice hockey. No description. I Hockey League. No description. Junior Hockey Discussions Worldwide for the discussion of the Boston Bruins NHL hockey talk. Buffalo Sabres NHL hockey talk. No description. Use instead. Chicago Blackhawks NHL hockey talk. Calgary Flames NHL hockey talk. Colorado Avalanche NHL hockey talk. No description. Dallas Stars NHL hockey talk. Detroit Redwings NHL hockey talk. Edmonton Oilers NHL hockey talk. Florida Panthers NHL hockey talk. Hartford Whalers NHL hockey talk. Los Angeles Kings NHL hockey talk. Discussion of the Minnesota Wild NHL hockey team. Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey talk. General discussion of the Nashville Predators
NHL hockey team. New Jersey Devils NHL hockey talk. New York Islanders NHL hockey talk. New York Rangers NHL hockey talk. Ottawa Senators NHL hockey talk. Philadelphia Flyers NHL hockey talk. Phoenix Coyotes NHL hockey talk. Pittsburgh Penguins NHL hockey talk. Use Quebec Nordiques NHL hockey talk. San Jose Sharks NHL hockey talk. Saint Louis Blues NHL hockey talk. Toronto Maple Leafs NHL hockey talk. Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey talk. Washington Captials NHL hockey talk. Winnipeg Jets NHL hockey talk. Some hockey league, maybe.
alt.sports.kitesurfing Forum for the discussion of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. No description. No description. No description. A newsgroup for fans of sports radio KTCK 1310 AM "The
Ticket." San Jose Tennis.
alt.sports.snorkeling snorkelers unite! No description. All topics related to Aberdeen FC No description. No description. No description. News and views about No description. Discussion of Derby County FC A test. L'Equipe de France de football No description. Football, European style. Footballs, British style. uk soccer with no bigotry soccer without scottish content The FA Carling Premiership No description. No description. Discussion of Liverpool Football Club - anything Discussion of the soccer team No description. The football club of Olympique de Marseille. No description. Non-league soccer and related topics. a nottingham forest newsgroup The French Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. No description. News and views about Sunderland AFC checking functionality of news-software No description. No description. No description.
alt.sports.spurs No description.
alt.sports.spurs.prediction No description.
alt.sq En albanais.
alt.sq.test En albanais.
alt.sq.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.sqgc rodoujyorehb (Moderated)
alt.squat As requested in alt.config En serbe. amxedwluoeubpoa oeiucpoueennqiuev En serbe. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.srp.thothcii No description.
alt.stagecraft Technical theatre issues.
alt.stagweekends No description. Stalkers are junk
alt.stalker.fred-hall Stalkers are fermented bat guano
alt.stalker.gary-burnore Stalkers are filth
alt.stalker.kali Stalkers are dung
alt.stalker.kevin-a-cannon Stalkers are trash
alt.stalker.michael-cook Stalkers are excrement
alt.stalker.peter-hood Stalkers are sleaze
alt.stalker.sean-monaghan Stalkers are garbage
alt.stamps No description. No description. No description.
alt.standard.examiner Discussion of the Ogden Standard Examiner, a daily newspaper
in northern Utah a discussion of sensitive legal issues a discussion of her guilt/innocence
alt.staralliance Star Alliance space research, news, goals and discussion.
alt.starfleet.primedirective.rpg Star Trek Based Interactive Fiction
alt.starfleet.rpg Starfleet role playing stories.
alt.starfleet.rpg.german Playing "Starfleet" using German language.
alt.startrek.animated No description.
alt.startrek.bajoran The Star Trek alien race known as the Bajorans.
alt.startrek.books No description.
alt.startrek.borg Galactic spam.
alt.startrek.cardassian Cardassians in the Star Trek universe.
alt.startrek.creative Stories and parodies related to Star Trek.
alt.startrek.creative.all-ages is to be an alternative group where (Moderated)
alt.startrek.creative.erotica Lustful stories set in the Star Trek universe.
alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated erotic fan fiction & discussion
alt.startrek.deep-space-9 No description.
alt.startrek.imperial No description.
alt.startrek.klingon AcK! What is that thing on your head?!
alt.startrek.lcars Discussion about the LCARS interface as seen the startrek
alt.startrek.people No description.
alt.startrek.people.deforest.kelly No description.
alt.startrek.people.gene.roddenberry No description.
alt.startrek.role-playing Message-Based Star Trek Role Playing
alt.startrek.romulan Romulans in the Star Trek universe.
alt.startrek.rpg.gsc Used by a Startrek RPG Organisation for giving information to
members and playin
alt.startrek.soul.rpg A forum for SOUL members to post stories to.
alt.startrek.steg For the discussion of the Elite topics of Star Trek.
alt.startrek.teroknor No description.
alt.startrek.the-next-gen No description.
alt.startrek.the-old-gen No description.
alt.startrek.tos.trekmuse The MUSE based on StarTrek, the Original Series.
alt.startrek.trill Discussions about Trills and symbiosis.
alt.startrek.uss-amagosa The Internet Star Trek Society.
alt.startrek.voyager No description.
alt.startrek.vs.babylon5 Star Trek and Babylon 5 goes head to head.
alt.startrek.vs.dr-who No description.
alt.startrek.vs.starwars No description.
alt.startrek.vs.starwars.vs.adjective-army To provide a forum for discussion as to
who is superior - Star Trek, Star Wars, The Adjective Army, or cake.
alt.startrek.vulcan Vulcans in the Star Trek universe.
alt.starwars.leagues.euro-fighter No description.
alt.starwars.xvt No description.
alt.stealers.fastpitch Keystone State Stealers
alt.steinberg.cubase Discussion of Cubase and Steinberg Products.
alt.stephs.stalkers So Steph can keep track of her stalkers and then later kick
their ass
alt.stereo Discussion of the use of automatic weapons to filter spam.
alt.stereo.awareness Discussion of the Year 2000 Problem.
alt.stereo.bigot-enabler Discussion of craters and semicolons.
alt.stereo.buddha Support group for recovering fans of Bill Palmer.
alt.stereo.caesium Because "caesium" has an "a" in it, dammit!
alt.stereo.caesium.toast Group for non-disciple-level fans of the AntiCrust.
alt.stereo.canadian.humour I want to find out if there -is- such a thing.
alt.stereo.crescent.oblong-juice Discussion of the Year 2000 Problem.
alt.stereo.cuddly.subgenii I don't know what I was smoking when I made this up.
alt.stereo.curveball.halogen Group for admirers of Smee.
alt.stereo.death.bork.bork.bork Discussion of the alt.stereo.* hierarchy.
alt.stereo.dennon-online Discussion of Dennon Online. It's with added convenience!
alt.stereo.embargo.bill-palmer Discussion of anything but squid. Discussion of the Year 2000 Problem.
alt.stereo.gordita Discussion of proper usage of the word "clusterfuck."
alt.stereo.grape-shuttle.rant Test group for French Canadians.
alt.stereo.grape-shuttle.sanctum No longer operational; use alt.flame instead.
alt.stereo.grape-shuttle.silence Discussion of the Year 2000 Problem.
alt.stereo.guest.sheep Discussion of useless newsgroups.
alt.stereo.hard-boiled.planets Nuke Pluto.
alt.stereo.heebie-jeebies Dammit, it's just fun to say.
alt.stereo.karl-malden.nose Because sometimes, one nose just ain't enough. Kia.
alt.stereo.liquid-moamo For fans of Zoogz Rift. Discussion of the Year 2000 Problem.
alt.stereo.meow AFKMN in surround-sound.
alt.stereo.mexico.bandwidth There's no such thing as Mexico, of course.
alt.stereo.nuke.tasmania The Tasmanian Devil must be killed.
alt.stereo.placekicker.cornstarch Discussion of the Year 2000 Problem. Whatever happened to the first one?
alt.stereo.soybean The name says it all.
alt.stereo.spin No description.
alt.stereo.spork The Spork of Eternal Damnation. Yet another puck fan group.
alt.stereo.therapy-slime Discussion of the Year 2000 Problem.
alt.stereo.thursday.evening Discussion of the Year 2000 Problem.
alt.stereo.toast Toast: the greatest thing since sliced bread.
alt.stereo.toast.with-cheese Maybe Space Girl will post here.
alt.stereo.viagra Because just saying the word "Viagra" makes people laugh.
alt.steve-leyland Leyland is the "fig" in alt.config (a prune)
alt.steve-walter No description.
alt.stink The scene is a stink. No description.
alt.stomps No description.
alt.stonecarvers A world Resource for Stone Carvers and stone art creators
alt.stonemasons A world disccusion forum for stonemasons
alt.stoopid.fred-hall Fred Hall has no brain
alt.stoopid.sean-monaghan Sean Monaghan has no brain
alt.stories.amateur Amateur authors sharing their stories
alt.stories.erotic Use rec.arts.erotica instead.
alt.stories.incest Storied about intrafamiliy sexual relationships.
alt.stories.transformation No description.
alt.stories.urban-harvest No description.
alt.stormfront.bbs No description. Student affairs net.
alt.students.aberdeen Discussion newsgroup for Aberdeen (UK) students.
alt.students.nontraditional No description. No description.
alt.stupid-ass.bill-palmer Discussions about Biil Palmer's stupidity.
alt.stupid-fucking-ng alt.stupid-fucking-NG A stupid fucking newsgroup
alt.stupid-is go biff go biff go biff requested via BM's NRW go biff go biff go Mullins public service go biff Art Deco is a stupid motherfucker
alt.stupid-motherfucker.fred-hall Fred Hall is a stupid motherfucker
alt.stupid-motherfucker.sean-monaghan Sean is a stupid motherfucker
alt.stupid-motherucker.fred-hall Fred Hall is a stupid motherfucker
alt.stupid.idiots No description.
alt.stupid.morons No description.
alt.stupid.nazi.turd.dvus Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service.
alt.stupid.paedophile.barry-bouwsma.binariez.repost Created by GruppenSchnitzer
users as a public service.
alt.stupid.religion.asatru No description.
alt.stupidass blah
alt.stupidity Discussion about stupid newsgroups.
alt.stupidity.hackers.malicious No description. No description.
alt.stupidity.spatch ...and bacon.
alt.stz.hvf uoieioaazatihiom En soundanais. En soundanais. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.sublime No description.
alt.sublime.d No description.
alt.subspace No description. No description.
alt.sufi Awakening to marriage of the sacred to everyday life.
alt.suh eaixomaeiajo
alt.suicide No description. Talk of why suicides increase at holidays. Hating life and loving it. (Moderated) Pro-choice life or death. (Moderated)
alt.suicide.methods Discussusions about how to do yourself in.
alt.suicide.recovery Recovery from having committed suicide.
alt.sunday No description.
alt.suopprt.dylsxeia Suopprt froup fro dylsxeitic pesons in teh wolrd.
alt.super.nes Use instead.
alt.superfreak.jay-denebeim He's super-freaky!
alt.superhelp No description.
alt.supermodels Discussing famous & beautiful models.
alt.supermodels.cindy-crawford House of Style's overexposed host.
alt.supernews.has No description.
alt.supernews.has.anyone No description.
alt.supernews.has.anyone.ever No description.
alt.supernews.has.anyone.ever.wondered No description.
alt.supernews.has.anyone.ever.wondered.why No description.
alt.supernews.has.anyone.ever.wondered.why.they No description.
alt.supernews.has.anyone.ever.wondered.why.they.require No description.
alt.supernews.has.anyone.ever.wondered.why.they.require.these No description.
alt.supernews.has.anyone.ever.wondered.why.they.require.these.damned No
description. No description.
alt.superphone 4¢ Long Distance Anytime
alt.superphone.australia 5¢ phone calls to Australia
alt.superphone.cambodia 55¢ phone calls to Cambodia on
alt.superphone.canada 5¢ calling to Canada anytime
alt.superphone.china 15¢ phone call to China on
alt.superphone.cuba 58¢ phone calls to Cuba
alt.superphone.france 5 cent phone calls to France
alt.superphone.germany 5¢ phone calls to Germany
alt.superphone.india 48¢ phone calls to India on
alt.superphone.mexico 13¢ calls to Mexico 5¢ domestic and international long distance calls 5¢ phone calls to Australia 55¢ phone calls to Cambodia on 5¢ calling to Canada anytime 15¢ phone call to China on 58¢ phone calls to Cuba 5 cent phone calls to France 5¢ phone calls to Germany 54¢ calls to India 13¢ calls to Mexico 5¢ phone calls to New Zealand = 49¢ calls to Pakistan on 19¢ calls to Russia 5¢ phone calls to United Kingdom 66¢ phone calls to Vietnam
alt.superphone.newzealand 5¢ phone calls to New Zealand =
alt.superphone.pakistan 49¢ calls to Pakistan on
alt.superphone.russia 19¢ calls to Russia 5¢ phone calls to United Kingdom
alt.superphone.vietnam 66¢ phone calls to Vietnam
alt.superstar.jigsey No description. No description. Looking for support in general. Pro-choice advocates. Pro-Choice abortion support forum. (Moderated) People with people who were abused. acne scar support Can you shift acres? I need some acres shifted. Support of addiction No description. No description. (Moderated) living with agoraphobia and its many challenges. Discussion of AIDS among serodiscordant couples. Altopia ex-users censored by the jack-booted thug
Chris Caputo Alzheimers and related dementing disorders. Discussions concerning amputee support and Support & discussions of remedies for itchy No description. No description. Support for people who have panic attacks. Because Panic and boB go together. No description. Mutual assistance and help.. (Moderated) Helping people with stiff joints. No description. No description. No description. Sufferers of an old norse religion. Dealing with labored breathing. Russian technique that works!! Helping people who can't control muscle movements. discussion and help for configuring the atguard firewall Attention Deficit Disorder. Truth about att'n deficit disorder People in relationships with ADD/ADHD afflicted. No description. Support and discussion about the Autism spectrum. Rimarts Becky! E-mail Client Users For the discussion of Bell's Palsy. Sizeism can be as awful as sexism or racism. A newsgroup for the concerns of birthparents No description. Borderline Personality Disorder Support. Peer support for boy lovers. Discussion of breast implants. Positive support for implant recipents.
(Moderated) A newsgroup specifically for the Discussion & support for breastfeeding. Support for victims of Religious Exclusion Emotional aid for people with cancer. support for those diagnosed and their Helping men with prostate cancer. No description. No description. Cerebral Palsy support. No description. Help for families involved with CPS. Childless by choice support group. No description. (Moderated) No description. No description. Support your chronic masturbator Support group for those with chronic pain. Anything to ease the pain. Community of Smoke Free People No description. for those affected by crime Support for sufferers of ulcerative colitis. No description. No description. No description. Chronically Single Males No description. Depression and mood disorders. No description. for asd members to flame each other. Extremely serious depression problems. bipolar support (Moderated) Discussion of anti-depressants. for those proactively fighting Depression resource. (Moderated) Depression that comes and goes. for younger depressives Critiques of original writing. Internet support/discussion for DESupernet customers Support group for developmental delayed children. Support for dealing with diabetes and related topics Support for kids w/diabetes and their families. Support for diabetics within the UK. Support for those with diarrhoea. Seeking enlightenment through weight loss. Discuss the Fit-For-Life diet program. Weight loss by low-calorie diet and exercise No description. No description. Discussion of the Paleolithic Diet concept Discussion of the use of anorectic drugs in obesity. WW123 information and support The Zone 30/40/30 Diet. To promote creativity among disabled artists. Support group for people who help disabled. Issues re: the disabled Sexual issues relating to disabled people. No description. Social/medical issues, treatment & research For persons with dissociative disorders. Discussion of marital breakups. Withholding of the GET from Jewish women Items regarding abuse of psychotropic drugs Support for unusually short people. (Moderated) moderated open-minded talk on death & dying (Moderated) open-minded discussion of the dying process Supporting dyspraxics and parents with dyspraxic The cyberspace support group for dystonia. People over the edge about weight loss. Endometriosis support group. Epilepsy support. Recovering from religious cult experiences. Support for ex-Siddha Yoga members Farting is fundamental. fat ppl go here fat ppl go here jet. fat whore. jet. fat whore. jet. whore. scatterbrained people talk about fluffy things Discussion group for people with food allergies. People who are foster parents. Support group for the fugly support group Living with gallstones or cholecystitis Support for those suffering with GERD support group for girl lovers Support for and by people with glaucoma. goat fucker support Support group for the grieving. For those grieving the loss of their pet. For those who have lost someone to suicide. Discussion of migraine and headache ailments. Support group for hearing impaired. No description. No description. Information on medications, remedies, and treatments. Hemophilia support group. Tips on how to grow your own hemorrhoids. No description. Discussing herpes. No description.
Supporting burned-out hightech workers. Families of spouses who work too much. No description. No description. Joint instability support group. hypoglycemia support (low blood sugar) Support for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome. No description. Erectile Dysfunction Discussion Area For partners of men with impotence He can't get it up. No description. Discussions regarding incontinence The urinary tract disease interstitial cystitis. Support & advice for intergendered individuals Where to send the Spineless Fools No description. No description. Discussion of jaw-disorders. Helping genitals cope. Helping people deal with kidney problems. For individuals with learning disabilities. stimulate interest of concerned people There is a need. It's not easy being green. No description. Lupus support group. Usenet reality soap Marfan syndrome support group. A test. marijuana users with munchies A test. Discussion of the problems and joys of marriage. Choosing to be single in a coupled world Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a
public service. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Helping women through menopause. No description. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
service. for all you fat chicks for all you fat chicks for all you fat chicks for all you fat chicks jet is a fugly bitch jet is a fugly bitch jet is a fugly bitch jet is a fugly bitch jet is a fugly bitch Use instead. Living with multiple sclerosis. Alternative treatments for MS. keith wigdor belongs to nambla keith wigdor - nambla keith wigdor - nambla via BM's NRW bad kwiggy bad kwiggy keith wigdor belongs to nambla keith wigdor belongs to nambla keith wigdor belongs to nambla he's with nambla Support for those affected by myasthemia gravis. For those with narcolepsy, a serious sleep disorder. Support for those with itching from narcotic use. Intern fucking and related No description. Discussing issues relating to second-hand smoke. The dangers of secondhand smoke. (Moderated) Information and Support for users Support/resources to treat obesity. For overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. (Moderated) Information and discussision of Oppositional Defiant. Support and resources for people with ostomies. Helping custodial parents cope. The endocrine disorder PCO, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. the pedophile support group No description. No description. Group for those with personality disorders. Discussions about schizoid Discussions and rants of life free of pets Discussion and support for people with phobias. No description. Post Polio Syndrome discussion area. Support for pouters Support your pouting sandwich No description. Moderated discussion of the Pro Life cause programming tips, discussions, help For individuals with prostatitis. Discussion of various pulmonary problems No description. Neo-nazi troll, racist net-kook recovery. Support newsgroup for all intimate relationships No description. No description. No description. For support and discussion of the nerve disease This is a support group for people Mutual support for schizophrenics. This is a german language No description. Discusses self-esteem problems. Discussion and support on all aspects of self-harm No description. Support for those undergoing sex reassignment surgery. Short people commiserate. Um, er, <blush>, well, maybe I will post, after all. support and information on sudden infant death syndrome Single parenting solutions and support. Inflammation of the sinuses. Psoriasis and other common skin afflictions. Discussion group for sufferers of HS Discussing the skin-disease psoriasis. For all types of sleep disorders. Do nescription. Helping Xenophobes. keith wigdor is a spammer keith wigdor is a spammer Support for people dealing with Spina Bifida. Unmoderated discussion area. He's angry again. Support and information on sex reassignment No description. No description. No description. No description. Dealing with step parents. Getting over the nicotine addiction. An alternative resource for student nurses. Support for people who stutter. the suicide support group the suicide support group Survivors of Prozac & all other SSRIs. Issues of interest to tall people. How to earn your keep with a fifteen foot commute. Support for individuals dealing with Support for sufferers of The Fear and their loved ones People with thyroid gland problems. Coping with ringing ears and other head noises. Support for folks with Tourette's Syndrome. Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
service. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. No description. No description. Turner Syndrome support group. Support for the non-beautiful Pre and post vasectomy support group No description. the warez helpdesk No description. A group dedicated to the suffers of Experiencing life from a wheelchair or scooter. No description. No description.
alt.surfing Riding the ocean waves.
alt.surfing.ausnz No description.
alt.surfing.bodyboard A mini-surfboard for playing in the ocean.
alt.surfing.europe Discussion relevant to surfing in Europe. Discussion relevant to surfing in the UK..
alt.surfing.hawaii Discussion relevant to surfing in Hawaii..
alt.surfing.longboard No description.
alt.surfing.luddite.homophobe No description.
alt.surfing.usa No description.
alt.surrealism Surrealist ideologies and their influences.
alt.surveyor No description.
alt.survival.millenium For serious discussions on terribly underrated
alt.survival.year2000 For serious discussions on terribly underrated Discussion about the biggest bitch in the
alt.susfuzwmb.r.b.gdmbuijbympn beiihijatoyadkiptetl
alt.sustainable.agriculture Such as the Mekong delta before Agent Orange. En suédois. En suédois. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.sven No description.
alt.svens No description. No description.
alt.svuuvnnlmy.rqa.u.p fieilgoaijooi (Moderated)
alt.sw En swahili.
alt.sw.test En swahili.
alt.sw.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork The beginning of the end.
alt.swedish.nightlife No description.
alt.swingers For those involved or interested in the swinging
alt.swingers.california No description.
alt.swingers.couples No description. (Moderated)
alt.swingers.cypher Rob Cypher is swinging, baby!
alt.swingers.m No description. (Moderated)
alt.swingers.moderated No description. (Moderated)
alt.swingers.moderated.moderated No description.
alt.swingers.wisconsin.wssc A usenet group for Wisconsin swing
alt.swnet No description.
alt.swnet.biltrafik No description.
alt.swnet.comp.lang.basic Grundläggande programmeringsspråk.
alt.swnet.comp.lang.c Programmering och kompilering i språket c.
alt.swnet.comp.lang.javascript Programmering i html till webbsidor.
alt.swnet.comp.spel.age-of-empires Stategispel från Microsoft.
alt.swnet.comp.spel.quake Våldsspelet quake från ID Software. Konsol eller TV-spel från Microsoft.
alt.swnet.comp.text.tex No description.
alt.swnet.datorforeningar No description.
alt.swnet.flame No description.
alt.swnet.internet.isp.telia.usel-service Dålig, hemsk service. Monopol.
alt.swnet.knark No description.
alt.swnet.knark.svamp No description.
alt.swnet.kontakt No description. No description.
alt.swnet.kontakt.hetro No description.
alt.swnet.kontakt.lesbisk No description.
alt.swnet.kontakt.permobiler No description.
alt.swnet.kook.bjorn.felten Real fan of Bjorn Felten
alt.swnet.kook.bjorn.westling Diskussioner om eller med Björn Westling Diskussioner om eller med kinesen Persson
alt.swnet.kook.roger-jansson Discussion about kook Roger Jansson
alt.swnet.kooks Idioter, knäppgökar och kretiner i swnethierarkin. No description. A group for discussing the tv-show Baren No description. A group for discussing the tv-show Nya Tider A group for discussing the tv-show Rederiet Välkända dockusåpan Big Brother. Dockusåpan Expedition Robinson. Animerad komediserie. A group for discussing the tv-show Vita
alt.swnet.musik No description.
alt.swnet.musik.glinpop.peaches.rosa-helikopter.arrrrrgh *RYYYS!!!1!* No description.
alt.swnet.perv perv,, swnet faq
alt.swnet.politik.feminism Jämställdhet och annat gnäll.
alt.swnet.politik.liberalism Skattesänkningar och annat gnäll.
alt.swnet.politik.socialism Group that give priority to humanity
alt.swnet.porr No description. Sex och sexulaitet i förhållanden.
alt.swnet.president No description.
alt.swnet.programmering No description.
alt.swnet.rave No description.
alt.swnet.region.goteborg Kultur och nyheter i göteborgsregionen.
alt.swnet.region.malmo Kultur lokalnyheter i Malmöregionen.
alt.swnet.region.norrbotten Kulturhändelser i Norrbotten.
alt.swnet.region.skane Kulturhändelser och lokala nyheter i Skåne. Kulturhändelser i Stockholmsregionen.
alt.swnet.region.vasterbotten Kultur och lokalnyheter i Västerbotten.
alt.swnet.sci.medicin.hepatit-c Virus. Somliga har det, somliga inte.
alt.swnet.sci.sprak.engelska Grammatik om engelska språket.
alt.swnet.snuh All about snuh in an scandinavian angle.
alt.swnet.sup-dej-snygg No description.
alt.swnet.trolls No description.
alt.swordfighting It's not what you think
alt.swujzou rmouuojjouoywoeuaue (Moderated) uoqaiqapitnequiron
alt.sylvia-saint Words and pictures on film legend Sylvie.
alt.sylvia-saint.multimedia Movie clips with Sylvie. Nothing else.
alt.sympatico.general Discussion about the Bell Sympatico ISP
alt.syncronys Discussion of Syncronys Softcorp products & services.
alt.syntax.tactical No description.
alt.syntax.tactical.hitler Our old friend alt.syntax.tactical with a spice of
alt.syquest the computer storage manufacturer
alt.sys No description.
alt.sys.abox The A\Box computer and related topics.
alt.sys.amiga.blitz The Blitz Basic programming language.
alt.sys.amiga.demos Code and talk to show off the Amiga.
alt.sys.amiga.e Group for discussion of the Amiga E programming language Miami, a TCPIP stack for Amiga computers.
alt.sys.amiga.thor Group for the multipurpose offline reader THOR.
alt.sys.intergraph Support for Intergraph machines.
alt.sys.mac.newuser-help A forum for Macintosh users new to the internet.
alt.sys.pc-clone.acer Acer computer systems.
alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq Discussion of Compaq computers.
alt.sys.pc-clone.compaq.servers For discussion of Compaq File Servers Dell computer systems.
alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 A PC clone vendor.
alt.sys.pc-clone.micron A PC clone vendor.
alt.sys.pc-clone.packardbell Packard-Bell home computer systems.
alt.sys.pc-clone.zeos Zeos (Micron subsidiary) computer systems.
alt.sys.pdp10 The trusty old PDP 10.
alt.sys.pdp11 The trusty old PDP 11.
alt.sys.pdp8 The trusty old PDP 8.
alt.sys.perq The trusty old PD... er, PERQ graphics workstations.
alt.sys.sun Technical discussion of Sun Microsystems products.
alt.sysadmin.bofh No description.
alt.sysadmin.recovery Getting over the trauma of system administration.
(Moderated) pmyiytuewiiiga
alt.ta En tamoul.
alt.ta.test En tamoul.
alt.ta.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.table-tennis.mike-lewis Does this entail me dressing up at Little Bo Peep?
alt.taima-technicians Employees of Taima Inc. unofficial newsgroup
alt.taiwan.republic Use soc.culture.taiwan instead.
alt.taker No description. No description. Talk like an animal, walk like an animal. (Moderated) bfd gang talk No description. No description. No description. A group for students to chat Discussion of and within the Commonwealth. No description. dream-reserve chatter Diskutoj per la internacia lingvo. No description. No description. A lighthearted place for discussions concerning Koreans. Alt.Fan.Pratchett's Fresh Start Club (Moderated) No description. Mort Davis is a twat Ramifications of Pollard affair. No description. No description. Discussion of royalty and nobility. Intermarriage in European royal families. For people seeking a self sufficient lifestyle. Sevthe Posthe discussions about many things. No description. No description. Discussion of all things relating to Ulster General talk about the weather. No description. Year 2000 Millenium Bug issues, non-programmer related No description. The Cruise - 4242
alt.talkers.dwts Ducks Windows Talker Server
alt.talkers.ewtoo Open forum for all relating to talkers based on
alt.talkers.jeamland About the JeamLand talker server software.
alt.talkers.joot No description.
alt.talkers.ncohafmuta No description.
alt.talkers.nuts The NUTS chat system.
alt.talkers.programming No description.
alt.talkers.snowplains Discussion and news about the Snowplains chat system.
alt.tamsyn.die.die.die No description.
alt.tanya.shalayeva Ask Art Deco the tard
alt.tard.bob-officer Bob the net-abusing tard
alt.tard.cujo-desockpuppet Cujo the tard
alt.tard.dave-hillstrom DAEV the tard
alt.tard.dennis-hammes Denny the tard
alt.tard.fred-hall Freddy boi the tard
alt.tard.sean-monaghan Sean Monaghan the tard
alt.tarot Your destiny is in the cards.
alt.tartans No description.
alt.tasteless Truly disgusting.
alt.tasteless.bottomfeeders No description.
alt.tasteless.hank-becker Discussion of Mr. Short
alt.tasteless.jokes Sometimes insulting rather than disgusting or humorous.
alt.tasteless.penis Try putting some chocolate on it. Use instead.
alt.tastless.jokes No description. No description. N-FVJ@'%a`!#"9@<[$
alt.te En télougou.
alt.te.test En télougou.
alt.te.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.tea No description.
alt.team11.techtips No description.
alt.teamspeak Teamspeak discussion of gadgetry Support for recovering technical support workers.
(Moderated) Discussion of use and setting up Use sci.engr instead. No description.
alt.teenage.void Shy quiet teens who want to shout out to the world
alt.teens Teenagers.
alt.teens.advice A place for teens to get advice.
alt.teens.anti-idiot No description. Announce your email list here. Discussion of being a gay teenage boy.
alt.teens.girls No description.
alt.teens.intelligent.insanity No description.
alt.teens.lesbian Discussion of being a gay teenage girl.
alt.teens.parents No description.
alt.teens.penpals For teens to advertise for/find penpals. NO SEX ADS!
alt.teens.penpals.canada Meet Canadian Teens here.
alt.teens.penpals.icq For Teens users of ICQ.
alt.teens.poetry.and.stuff Use rec.arts.poems instead.
alt.teens.sexuality Discussion for teens about sex & sex issues.
alt.teens.unity No description.
alt.teens.visual.basic for younger coders to discuss visual basic.
alt.teens.void A dark void for teens to post
alt.teenstation.bollywood No description. Troll Owned and Operated
alt.tejozlntg xieoafecqsbf
alt.telaviv No description.
alt.telecom.phones.plain-tariff No description. News and information about alternate UK
alt.telehealth.test No description.
alt.telescopes.meade No description.
alt.telescopes.meade.lx200 Discussion of Meade's LX200 telescope.
alt.teletext.megazine About Megazine, Channel 4 Teletext p142
alt.telia-suger Diskussioner rörande Felia
alt.tell-me.something tell me something good
alt.tell-me.something.good tell me something good
alt.ten98 For those counting down. Use instead. a netKKKopping kook nutjob.
alt.terror.hsm No description.
alt.terrorism.ariel-sharon SSharon's Blitzkreig against Palestinians No description. No description. No description.
alt.terrorists.kill-the-president No description.
alt.terrorists.usa-targets No description. No description.
alt.tesco.trainees No description.
alt.tesla Famous Inventor / Radio, Xray, Teslacoil.
alt.tesla-coils ATC is a group devoted to tesla coils and troll wars.
alt.test For testing news software, servers, etc.
alt.test-ns No description.
alt.test.a No description.
alt.test.aa-bb-cc No description.
alt.test.aaronw Personal testing of my newsreader No description. New alt.* Newsgroups Added Quickly Here. He's so big he needs his own test group.
alt.test.binaries No description. No description.
alt.test.cjc No description.
alt.test.clienttest Test Description
alt.test.clienttest2 Test Description
alt.test.clienttest3 Test
alt.test.cmsg No description.
alt.test.cmsg2 A test newsgroup
alt.test.control-header-test No description.
alt.test.control.approved.header No description.
alt.test.cypher Because we all need a Rob Cypher test group.
alt.test.cztery No description.
alt.test.d Discussion about posts in alt.test. A testgroup for Demon
alt.test.ds No description.
alt.test.dwa No description.
alt.test.fbc No description.
alt.test.fest No description. Use instead. Use instead.
alt.test.flyfishing Use instead. Test group for Free Agent Users
alt.test.frozzzzzt No description.
alt.test.fuckface For complete idiots to be told to test in
alt.test.glump No description. No description.
alt.test.group2 A test newsgroup
alt.test.gruppenschnitzer No description.
alt.test.headers No description.
alt.test.hello-world Human-to-human initial contacts on the net
alt.test.hulabaloo No description.
alt.test.ignore.yes.its.that.easy Naming, however, is more challenging.
alt.test.jamie No description.
alt.test.jeden No description.
alt.test.jt No description.
alt.test.localgroup1 A simple local test.
alt.test.localgroup2 A simple local test. Well, he does to Rob Cypher...
alt.test.mis3 No description.
alt.test.mizeria No description. Thank you for sharing. Just testing I hope I'm not breaking any A test.
alt.test.newgroup A test.
alt.test.newgroup.again A test.
alt.test.newgroup.again.again A test.
alt.test.newtest.create A test.
alt.test.not-r a test of Not R's existence
alt.test.ohmy temporary test for control message propogation Hardly just one.
alt.test.only Stop interrupting testing with discussion.
alt.test.paratransit No description. No description. A test.
alt.test.pope-john-paul-ii The Pope's private test group
alt.test.qqxw No description.
alt.test.rob-cypher Because alt.test.cypher wasn't enough.
alt.test.rododendro Rododentro test program.
alt.test.signature Signature(sig) test newsgroup
alt.test.stuphs another test newsgroup
alt.test.tesc No description.
alt.test.test Think, people! How many test groups do we really need?
alt.test.test.a No description.
alt.test.test.jojo No description.
alt.test.test.test No description.
alt.test.test.test.c No description.
alt.test.test.test.d No description. No description.
alt.test.this Another fine Mullinsfroup
alt.test.this.for-me Another fine Mullinsfroup
alt.test.trzy No description.
alt.test.tsetse No description.
alt.test.two This is getting ridiculous. No description.
alt.test.ug1 No description.
alt.test.wombat No description.
alt.test.yeah No description.
alt.test.yer.posts Directions for people who find "alt.test" too confusing.
alt.test.z8 French Nomicabale newsgroup.
alt.test.z9 No description.
alt.testes All about testes
alt.testes.testes All about testes All about testes All about testes All about testes All about testes
alt.testing.dammit No description. No description.
alt.testing.testing Radio check.
alt.testing.testing.testing What color is the wind?
alt.testosterone No description. Discussion of Regents
alt.tesxbp.gqy.qsrivm.xnpsde cuooirruaaupu
alt.tewu jieuojevyoeojze (Moderated)
alt.texas-shorthorn.fred-hall Fred Hall has a rice dick
alt.text-medium For and about Text Medium
alt.tfn.flame A hell to cast TFN badmouths into.
alt.tfn.flame.dork For damfools that don't know how to shut up.
alt.tfn.flame.dork.allisat Truth. En thaï. En thaï. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.thanatos No description.
alt.thank-god No description.
alt.thank-god.that-child-of-mine No description. ya better now
alt.thanksgiving.turkey.cockadoodledoo No description.
alt.the No description.
alt.the-chaps Discussion of the exploits of the infamous Leeds Sharking Club
alt.the-dude.jay-denebeim This guy really is "the dude"
alt.the-one.ying go ying go!
alt.the-original-poser all about allah
alt.the-original-poser.peter-j-ross all about ross-a-roonie
alt.the-porch-light Hi Harry Hi Harry Hi Harry
alt.the.brethren.of.beelzebub Forum to discuss the Brethren of
alt.the.lame No description.
alt.the.lame-troll No description.
alt.the.lame.troll No description.
alt.the.pimp.sin-x The exploits, and workings of Sin-x and those he keeps
alt.the.snot.i-hate-women a froup fer ya
alt.theapostle For TheApostle fans
alt.thebird No description.
alt.thebird.copwatch CopWatch collects reports of police/related
alt.thebird.copwatch.trolls No description.
alt.thebird.hippie The Home for Hippies on the Web
alt.thebird.liberal The Liberal Party of the United States
alt.thedavid fans of TheDavid, and topics related to TheDavid.
alt.thelema Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
alt.thelema.aa Argenteum Astrum magick theory and its modes. Outer and Second Order rites.
alt.thelema.oto Masonic and Tantric rectification or apolgetics.
alt.theosophy Teaching about God & the world based on mystic insight.
alt.there-is-no-god jesus is a non-existent non sequitur
alt.there-is-no-god.harry-bloomfield-is-proof Hi Harry No description.
alt.things-to-do-today.arrive-at things to do today
alt.things-to-do-today.arrive-at.the-apartment things to do today
alt.things-to-do-today.bind-him-to-a-chair things to do today things to do today things to do today go biff
alt.things-to-do-today.confront-the-investor things to do today
alt.things-to-do-today.explain-the-situation things to do today
alt.things-to-do-today.handcuff-him things to do today
alt.things-to-do-today.have-him-sign things to do today
alt.things-to-do-today.have-him-sign.the-documents things to do
alt.things-to-do-today.kill-the-dog things to do today
alt.things-to-do-today.kill-the-dog.kill-the-dog things to do
alt.things-to-do-today.kill-the-dog.kill-the-dog.kill-the-dog thingz things to do things to do things to do
alt.things-to-do-today.remember-gloves things to do today
alt.things-to-do-today.scan-apartment things to do today
alt.things-to-do-today.shoot-him-once things to do today things to do today
alt.think.tank No description.
alt.thinking.hurts So don't do that.
alt.thinkquest ThinkQuest online scholarship competition team's forum.
alt.this-isa-dead No description. No description. You made your bed, lie in it.
alt.this.isa-dead.newsgroup No description. No description.
alt.thomas.scott.blockbusters.wanker No description.
alt.thought.southern No description.
alt.thrash Thrashlife.
alt.thursday No description.
alt.ti.pvjnjckp.g.y ewoiuemeugi
alt.tickling Unmoderated discussion of nonsexual tickling fun
alt.ticklish.guys.alex-rose Discussions of Alex Rose's ticklishness.
alt.ticklish.guys.eric-miller Eric Miller is ticklish
alt.tiernan Because she is our favourite elf.
alt.tim-thorne.forge.forge.forge No description. Chimps and skates
alt.time-travel.cypher Rob Cypher has done it, you know.
alt.time.frequency As requested in alt.config
alt.timewasters.roddel Gossip for the Dutch group The TimeWasters.
alt.timothy.sutter No description.
alt.tinygirls Like
alt.tira No description.
alt.tisbgvj.m twuyqxuioaiwsoiop
alt.tits No description.
alt.tits.big No description.
alt.tits.fake No description.
alt.tits.real No description.
alt.tits.small No description.
alt.titty.fuck.the.skull.of.oliver1 No description.
alt.tiyfko fuoagehodxeigorkeoycaiui En tagalog. En tagalog. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.tmgbbs.b.zgbuf.szrtsj.e.rcj.rzgco.f iemteaayiobtiec
alt.tmo No description.
alt.todcg.cq.iw nwjoiimi
alt.toilet-paper.1-ply No description.
alt.toilet-paper.2-ply No description.
alt.toilet-paper.3-ply No description.
alt.toilet-paper.leaves No description.
alt.toilet-paper.shirtsleeve No description. Discussion of how radio host Tom Leykis just
alt.tony-net discussion area for the domain
alt.tony-sutton Newsgroup for discussion on Tony Sutton.
alt.tonya-harding No description. No description.
alt.toon-pics Use instead. No description.
alt.topper.pantscat.spank.spank.spank For topper and pantscat spanking
alt.toronto-jews No description.
alt.torture Remarkably insightful group name.
alt.tos.members.d No description.
alt.tosser for all the tossers in tha house
alt.tosser.peter-j-ross for all the tossers in tha house
alt.tosser.peter-j-ross.punk-assed-bitch ross rhymes with toss
alt.tosser.peter-j-ross.punk-assed-bitch.hth ross rhymes with toss
alt.tosser.peter-j-ross.punk-assed-bitch.hth.hth ross equals toss
alt.tosser.peter-j-ross.punk-assed-bitch.hth.hth.hth toss ross toss!
alt.tossing-salad-yoda-freak see dean. see dean 0wn dowap.
alt.tossing-salad-yoda-freak.dowap see dean. see dean 0wn dowap. No description.
alt.totosaid No description.
alt.townhouse.phillip-st Discussions of 256 Phillip St Waterloo ON CA No description. Created as a favor to GruppenSchnitzer users. The original For collectors of Diaclone and related toys. The toy sensation of 1998 ! Yo Joe! The G.I.Joe/Action Force action figures. discussion of G.I.Joe toy line of the 1980s Optimus Prime is my hero. Use instead. No description. No description. No description. RegEdit *is* a toy. From robots to vehicles and back again. Discussion about Classic Transformers
(Moderated) Transformers fan fiction stories Buy/sell/trade/ads for Transformers toys A forum for the discussion of virtual pets. for the discussion of the toyline and anime television series
"Zoids" buxauoqimleitjboafnlhi
alt.tpdtt.jctw.sf.d.k.o otshahiqauasxeem (Moderated) En turc. En turc. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre... No description. No description.
alt.trades Discussion of trades No description.
alt.trades.carpentry For discussion of the carpentry trade Canadian construction related info American construction related info
alt.trades.contracting The tribulations of being a contractor
alt.trades.drywall For discussion of the drywall trade
alt.trades.electrician For the people who power our lives
alt.trades.hvac For discussion of the hvac trade
alt.trades.masonry The non-evil Masons
alt.trades.painting For the practitioners of the painting trade For discussion of the plumbing trade
alt.trades.welding For discussion of the welding trade
alt.traditional.witchcraft Discussion of non-Pagan/Wicca based WitchCraft.
alt.trainersplace No description. Effective application of technology within training
alt.trainsim NewsGroup for the large Trainsim community.
alt.transformation.stories No description.
alt.transgendered Boys will be girls, and vice-versa.
alt.transgendered.jeffy-boyd meow's Ladyboy(d) loves you!
alt.transportation.trains.driving.high-on-cocaine Drivin' that train
alt.trapped A group for people who are trapped.
alt.trauma No description.
alt.trauma.rules No description.
alt.traumajunkie No description. All about travelling to Canada. Reviews and discussions about Greek holidays. Lighthouse related discussions Ever go to Montreal for pizza --- from Albany? discussion on air travel to and from Scotland No description. Personal experiences to travel Discussion of air travel in the UK Travel related services in the UK Personal experiences to travel
alt.trcitoj.jivv.w coujvsyooooiga
alt.treasure.hunting Finding lost riches.
alt.treasure.hunting.lrl Long Range Locators (LRL) including all dowsing devices. No description.
alt.trebel No description. No description. No description. No description.
alt.trebel.demos No description.
alt.trebel.diskmag No description. No description. No description.
alt.tree-of-knowledge No description.
alt.trees No description.
alt.triballs.announce No description.
alt.trini.alla.frutta No description.
alt.trold No description.
alt.troll The gentle art of trolling, on Usenet and beyond.
alt.troll-busters No description.
alt.troll-news-reports No description.
alt.troll-news-reports.config No description.
alt.troll-news-reports.sunny No description.
alt.troll.aratzio Aratzio the fuckheaded fuckwitted fuckfaced troll
alt.troll.brian-anthony brian anthony is a troll
alt.troll.buster No description.
alt.troll.cameron-vale Usenet's most excellent troll Cameron Vale
alt.troll.christina-eijkhout christinA eijkhout's pussy hurts
alt.troll.christina-eijkhout.rmgroup christinA eijkhout's pussy hurts
alt.troll.christina-eijkhout.rmgroup.rmgroup christinA eijkhout's pussy hurts
alt.troll.christina-eijkhout.rmgroup.rmgroup.rmgroup christinA eijkhout's pussy
hurts not a free host spooge is teh queen of teh trolls
alt.troll.dangerous.pjr Peter J Ross wants one hundred.
alt.troll.fred-hall Fred Hall the Usenet troll from AUK
alt.troll.g-peet g. peet's pussy hurts
alt.troll.greggie-gibson where greggie trolls herself.
alt.troll.john-corliss No description.
alt.troll.kadaitcha-man Kadaitcha Man the troll from 24hoursupport.helpdesk
alt.troll.kadaitcha-man.fred-tehbot Kabitchy's bot Fred (not Fred Hall)
alt.troll.mike-soja soy un perdedor.
alt.troll.mort-davis.nope.nope.nope No description.
alt.troll.paul-heslop poor lil' paulie
alt.troll.robert.barton No description.
alt.troll.scout-lady scout lady is a troll
alt.troll.sean-monaghan Sean Monaghan the Irish troll and FNVW
alt.troll.steve-badger steve badger trolls himself
alt.troll.steve-belling saving up his foodstamps.
alt.troll.steve-leyland He'll pull your leg and jerk your chain
alt.troll.trevor-swaney No description.
alt.troll.woodchuck-bill Woodchuck Bill the nasty news.groups troll
alt.trolls-itu it is a froup No description.
alt.trucks.chevy No description. purpose to discuss ford trucks
alt.true-crime Criminal acts around the world.
alt.true.ghost No description.
alt.truntfest Events pertaining to the forthcoming Truntfest '99
alt.ts.n.h.ioy.ojl.dltwo yaolpowoavotaeq Tests En tatar. En tatar. Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre.
alt.tuesday No description.
alt.turd-burglar to all the turd burglars
alt.turd-burglar.dowap this dowap lady knows how to burgle turds!
alt.turd-burglar.dowap.burgle dowap lady knows how to burgle turds!
alt.turd-burglar.dowap.burgle.burgle see dowap burgle mondo turds!
alt.turd-burglar.john-corliss Ain't you dead yet, Johnnie?
alt.turd-burglar.paul-heslop paul heslop is a turd burglar No description.
alt.turf-accountant.jay-denebeim No description.
alt.turin-shroud Discussion of the Turin Shroud
alt.turismo.camper No description. No description. JAM-TV/FABSMUSIC Discussion of the NBC Sitcom 3rd Rock From the Sun. Discssion of the TV show 7th-heaven. Dedicated to the 80s hit series The A-team Topics relating to Spelling and his work. Discussion of the BBC TV comedy Absolutely Fabulous. No description. The 70s TV series Adam-12. Discussion of the animated TV series and female role-model. A discussion group dedicated to the popular television discussion of the tv alien from melmac Discussion about ABC action-adventure series Alias No description. No description. Discussions about "Ally McBeal" with a UK theme No description. American Gothic. discussion about the television show American Idol Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda syndicated series Spinoff from Buffy the Vampire slayer Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs! Discussing Pinky & the Brain cartoons (Narf). No description. For the series "The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra". Discussing all incarnations of The Avengers. Use instead. He's everywhere. Now appearing in several alt groups. No description. The world's #1 show, aka "Babewatch". Some sort of science and comedy show. The Beauty and the Beast telly programme. No description. No description. No description. Fans of "Beverly Hills 90210" TV show. No description. a discussion of big brother Tv show in australia No description. We just made a newsgroup, we just made a newsgroup... Everything concerning BNN (Moderated) A public service Web-to-News GateWay: GruppenSchnitzer. Discuss CBS soap opera The Bold & The Beautiful. Discussion of the TV series "Boomtown" NBC's "Boston Common" show. Discussion of the US TV series Boston Legal ABC's "Boy Meets World" Here's the story of a lovely lady. Discussion of the television series "Brimstone" A western comedy adventure. No description. No description. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Creative writing for Buffy the Vampire Slayer No description. No description. CALIFORNIA DREAMS - The Peter Engel television discussion about the carnivale tv show. The US NBC situation comedy Caroline in the City. No description. No description. Discussion of cult Australian soap Prisoner Cell Block H The Syphillis Channel - For all your Science-Fiction needs! No description. Discussion of the TV Show Chicago Hope. The California Highway Patron dramatized in CHiPs. Discussion of the TV show Christy and related issues. For discussion on the television show Clueless. Just what the hell is going on here? Keep them on the boob tube and off the net. Discussion of Court TV programming For fans of the cartoon Cow & Chicken on the cartoon network. No description. Crime Scene Investigation, forensic drama series. No description. Larry David's HBO Comedy About Dallas and the spin-off Knots Landings series "I don't have low self-esteem. I have low esteem for everyone else" James Cameron's Dark Angel series The Truth Is Stranger (SF/conspiracy) For the fans that refuse to die. Discussion group for new TV Show Dawsons Creek No description. No description. Discussion of Daytime Television shows As requested in alt.config No description. A group dedicated to Paula Puke and her crewmates. A newsgroup for the new hit TV show Newsgroup for discussions about the TV show and the people A live action animated sitcom. Squish the saccharine newt. The Discovery Channel Canada discussion group. Newsgroup dedicated to the TV show Dollhouse For discussion of the tv show Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. No description. No description. The Duckman animated sitcom. For the discussion of CTV's Due South. Fan fiction based on CTV's Due South. Discussion of the tv show Early Edition. No description. Discussion of _Earth 2_ television series. Fans of the television show Eek the Cat. discussion on television series emergency To discuss the British made TV programme Emmerdale Discussion of the television show E.R. Fanfiction and fanfic discussions about the TV Series "ER" Grupo en español sobre la serie homónima For discussion of the TV show Family Guy No description. No description. group especially for fans of the father ted series No description. No description. Anything related to the television show. No description. Discussion of Food Network shows and personalities. a place for fans to chat The Forever Knight television programme. No description. Kelsey Grammer as Frasier. The Warner Brothers animated TV program Freakazoid! Discussion of NBC's comedy Friends. No description. A naive attempt to keep spoilers from Europeans. No description. Just look at these wonderful prizes. Come on down! No description. Discussion on the children's television show Gerbert Newsgroup for fans of Gerry Anderson No description. No description. WB's serio-comic mother/daughter-relationship drama. No description. No description. Dramedy on ABC centered around surgical interns. No description. Discussion of USA Network's cable television series GvsE. No description. No description. No description. No description. Fans of those inside (and outside) of Herman's Head. Discussion of the hit tv show Heroes for discussion of the show Hey Arnold! There was only one, then a bad sequel, now a tv show. Highlander-inspired Fanfiction Discussion of the TV series and stars. Discussion of the Australian TV series Home and Away. Discussions on the hit ABC sitcom Home Improvement. Discussions regarding the TV show Hometime. A shotgun does an impressive job of destroying a TV. For discussion of Fox TV's _House M.D._ Oh Looocceeee, I'm ho-ome! 30 minutes to sell you a vacuum hair cutting system. Discussions about the TV program Internet Slutts Discussion of the Sci-Fi Channel show "The Invisible Man" No description. No description. No description. Discussion of Jerry Springer Discussion the TV show Joan of Arcadia FOX TV series John Doe with Dominic Purcell. Junkyard Wars aka Scrapheap Challenge Discussion of the show 'Just Shoot Me' Discussions about Keith Olbermann on TV. The Kids in the Hall comedy skits. Kids Incorporated. Spirits. For discussion of the TV show "King of the Hill" Discussions about Knight Rider. "Kung-fu" and "Kung-fu, The Legend Continues". Regarding the weekly broadcast TV drama Lathe of Heaven PBS tv movie. The Law & Order television programme. For discussion of new cult tv series Lexx:The Dark Zone Stories Animated variety. The new adventures of the man from Krypton, Superman. Fan fiction about Lois and Clark. Discussion regarding the TV Show called Lost Lost in Space. No description. Macross on TV Some people really love their televisions. Discussion of the CBS television series "The Tom Selleck stars as a hunky private investigator. Discussion for comedy sitcom about boy genius Discussion of the TV series and stars. No description. No description. Nothing like a good comedy about war and dying. Discussion on Mathnet and Square One TV. Blipverts will kill ya. Cat fights and sleaziness, Wednesdays on FOX. Discussion of the tv series Miami Vice Use instead. For the discussion of Millenium in the UK. Discussion of the Chris Carter TV series 'Millennium'. For the discussion of Millenium in the UK. Discussing all incarnations of Mission: Impossible. USA TV series Monk with Tony Shalhoub. A discussion of the mork and mindy show. No description. Discussion of the classic TV show Hey, you robots! Down in front! No description. I want my MTV. MTV Europe Discussion Miss Piggy on the tube. Discussion of the TV Series "Murder One". "Married... With Children". My So-Called Life and Operation Life Support. No description. For fans of the NAVY NCIS televsion show Complaints about the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). The Australian TV series "Neighbours". Shows on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Discussion of the NBC sitcom Newsradio. Nickelodeon tries to appeal to the Boomers. The first network for kids. No description. For the TV show with moss growing on it. The TV show "Nowhere Man" on US UPN stations. For fans of the NYPD Blue TV show. Discussion about the "Ocean Girl" television series Discussion group for the showtime show odyssey5. The television debate show The O'Reilly Discussion of the MTV hit show, The Osbournes. Discussion of the tv show 'The Outer Limits' Unmoderated discussion area Fans of Fox's Party of Five. The NBC soap opera Passions and its performers No description. No description. Very good sitcom of 80´s and 90´s for discussion of the tv show pete and pete for the discussion of the abc television show politically incorrect The Picket Fences show. Pirate TV! Discussion of the anime "Samurai Pizza Cats" discussion of the tv show, politically incorrect Television show. The WB's "Popular" and cast. No description. The Powerpuff Girls cartoon show. Discussion of NBC's TV show Pretender No description. No description. The Prisoner television series from years ago. all topics related to the television show "Profiler" The NBC TV series Providence and its performers No description. Public access and community television. Fanfiction relating to the show Quantum Leap. to discuss popular tv show No description. Discussion related to the (Australian) ABC series Raw FM Discussion of the MTV programme "The Real World". discussion of reality shows. Convincing 3-D animation. The British sci-fi/comedy show. No description. No description. (Moderated) No description. (Moderated) (moderated) For REAL fans (Moderated) No description. discuss the TV comedy/drama "Remember WENN" Some change from Lassie, eh? No description. Boston Police Show with Women Cops. Watch for catfights. Road Rules, MTV series. Robot Wars, Battlebots, Techno Games, etc. The Robotech animated SF TV series. Discussion about the TV series Robot Wars But he won't do windows. In all her glory. This group is for fans of the tv show Roswell For discussion of the T.V. show Rugrats discussion of the TV program Sabrina The Teenage Witch For discussion on how Salem sucks a Saved by the Bell, a sitcom for teens. For fans of TV/movie actor Scott Bakula. SCTV (Second City TV) & alumni discussions. Bush propaganda-puppet Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel Deep sea adventures in the future. A funny guy. Live action Asian SF/Fantasy discussion, etc. No description. Sunny day. No description. HBO series Sex and the City No description. For discussion of shaggable TV babes No description. USA's Silk Stalkings murder/mystery show. Don't have a cow, man! The cartoon-within-a-cartoon. Discussed in alt.config No description. No description. The MTV dating game show Singled Out. General discussion on TV situation comedies. No description. FOX's Sliders. Writing stories in the Slider's show environment. Rob Cypher owns ATS proper! Hahaha Rob Cypher says it is so. No description. No description. Saturday Night Live, older but not better. No description. No description. No description. Space: Above and Beyond. Discussion of Space Cases and related topics Discussion of the show 'Spin City' Sports on television. Deep Space 9. Science Fiction Star Trek show 'Enterprise'. No description. Star Trek: The Next Generation. The original Star Trek series. Kirk and Spock - gay lovers. Another Star Trek universe show: Voyager. Science fiction sequel to Stargate SG1 No description. The third Stargate TV series. No description. No description. Discussion of the tv show Supernatural No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Discussion on the award-winning tv series and related Babble. Late night wars on the major networks. No description. No description. No description. For discussion of video on demand Time for Teletubbies No description. Discussion of ABC's "TGIF" - Discussion of Fox TV's "That 70's Show" No description. discussion about the television show The Apprentice No description. Discussion of the TV show The Closer As requested in alt.config FOX's animated series with Jon Lovmyself. Cult British 70s sitcom No description. No description. Showtime's lesbian drama series Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public service. No description. No description. ABC legal drama from David E. Kelley Discussion of the TV show The Shield No description. SPOOON!!! Discussion of "The View" talk show No description. The BOX Music Television No description. Discussion of the TV show "Third Rock" No description. Discussion of past and present episodes No description. A Tribute to one of the greatest toons out there Discussion about the "Tiny Toon Adventures" show. No description. No description. No description. Careful with that cel! Adult Tiny Toon Adventures Discussion No description. Let's pour a Pepsi One over Glenn Humplik's head. discussion of the tbaa tv show No description. Bartering in the Nineties. Extremely popular TV program on TLC For fans of the Comedy Central show TV Funhouse Some show called "TV Nation". The childrens TV series, "Tweenies". The counter terrorism drama on Fox. Discussion about the popular (and unusual) TV show. Discussion of the sci-fi phenomenon V. Talk about the TV show "Veronica Mars" Discussion of the popular syndicated TV series "Viper" No description. V.R. 5. About the TV show 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'. No description. For Sandpiper Air Frequent Flyers. A wise guy. No description. No description. Discussion of the NBC show and anything related No description. (Moderated) Extra-terrestrial coverup conspiracies. Related to the famous habanec or anyone with the same
surname.. (Moderated) Creative writings for the The X-Files. to accomodate NC-17 stories and erotica Discussion of the virutal town, X-Ville No description. Discussion of bisexual subtext of Xena TV show No description. Fan fiction for the show XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Violent or adult-oriented Xena fanfic. No description. What? Stories based on subtext in the Xena tv series That Connie Dobbs clone, her tv show, and her double Xs. TV Soap Opera "The Young and the Restless. TVP to huje.
alt.twit For all twits
alt.twit.bob-officer Bob Officer the cowardly twit
alt.twit.fred-hall Fred Hall the twit
alt.twit.sean-monaghan Sean Monaghan the twit No description. No description.
alt.twx.test No description.
alt.typical-dickless-wonder pjr is kotc!
alt.typical-dickless-wonder.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.typical-dickless-wonder.peter-j-ross-a-roonie pjr is kotc!
alt.u.hqql No description.
alt.u.j No description.
alt.u.kt.wgq.w.p No description.
alt.u.l.tpyxv.pkg No description.
alt.u.o.tq No description. (Moderated)
alt.u.uagnpe No description. No description.
alt.ub.y.oisk.l.expi.l.ivg.q.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.ub.y.oisk.l.expi.l.ivg.q.m.emzq.kb.g.j.raa.u.yd.vvd.g.f No description.
alt.ubergene discussions about ubergenetics
alt.ucd.volleyball.the_thunders No description.
alt.uceaujvqfl.l.v No description.
alt.ucp Discussion of UCP No description.
alt.udf2 No description.
alt.udkgryav.c.zrctnbif.vvd.jjva.yza.kajcut.t No description.
alt.uf.tizcuyu.bpcfw No description.
alt.ufc No description.
alt.ufo.reports Use alt.paranet.ufo instead. No description.
alt.uhaul.good.bad.ugly No description.
alt.ujm.vcnv eiqluwoyiuoduufo No description. Discussion about A-level exams No description. This group is for the discussion of all forms of arthritis &
related conditions. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Cardiff South Wales No description. No description. Discussion and experience regarding Discussion and experience regarding miscellaneous chat about the city of edinburgh No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. Charter free version of ukgvp A much needed group. Gay dating in the UK. For local gay news. A much needed meeting place. a much needed meeting point. alt.(group-name) A much needed meeting point. A much needed meeting point. A much needed meeting point. For all uk fans A much needed meeting point. A much needed meeting point. alt.(group-name) A much needed meeting point. A much needed meeting point. For fans of the yorkshire local hero. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. The county of Essex, England No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. UK Suzuki riders No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. For UK civil planespotters. For UK military planespotters. usa is THE superpower No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. No description. a place for masculine lesbians a place for masculine lesbians No description. No description. No description. A newsgroup for present and former users of ukc.misc Discussion of Universities in the United Kingdom Virgin Net oldbies international discussion group Discussion group about the City of Glasgow No description. No description.
alt.ukc.misc Miscers of the world unite!
alt.ukg.z 29/]JA,X+%i0_7#0AVN
alt.ukpcn.gsswxxvjct.kqu hdmueqseiauadvgulre (Moderated)
alt.ukr En ukrainien.
alt.ukr.test En ukrainien.
alt.ukr.wikipedia Wikipedia, l'encyclopédie libre... liuqeuoogheeiomzg
alt.ulk.tzv eaooooaueuqnihvu No description.
alt.umr.student.babble Babble and inanity from UMR students.
alt.umud No description. No description.
alt.un-config 2 be un-configged p0ast here
alt.un-flame 2 be un-flamed p0ast here
alt.un-netcopped 2 be un-netcopped p0ast here
alt.un-netk00k 2 be un-netk00k p0ast here
alt.un-outed 2 be un-outed p0ast here
alt.un-post No description.
alt.un-posts No description.
alt.un-rm-controls 2 be un-rm'ed p0ast here
alt.un-snuh 2 be un-snuhhed p0ast here
alt.un-spnaked 2 be un-spnaked p0ast here
alt.un-upa 2 be un-upa p0ast here
alt.unacanceller The original
alt.unacanceller.special-requests The original
alt.uncle-fucker.archie-leach Shut yo fuckin face, Uncle-Fucker Archie! Shut yo fuckin face, Uncle-Fucker Art!
alt.uncle-fucker.bob-officer Shut yo fuckin face, Uncle-Fucker Bob!
alt.uncle-fucker.cujo Shut yo fuckin face, Uncle-Fucker Cujo!
alt.uncle-fucker.sean-monaghan Shut yo fuckin face, Uncle-Fucker Sean!
alt.unclefuckers.przemyslaw-maciuszko Przemyslaw Maciuszko - famous unclefucker.
alt.uncwjni HA_H7!"DN4TKW
alt.underground.yalta Discussion of the Y. Underground & world hegemony issues
alt.unemployed.bum.montgomery-wood No description.
alt.union.iatse A entertainment/information industries union.
alt.union.natl-writers Publishing industry & labor movement.
alt.unitednations No description.
alt.unitednations.killtaig No description. Discussion of/between collegiate UK universities.
alt.unix.geeks The playpen for hardcore Unix Geeks!
alt.unix.geeks.moderated The moderated playpen for hardcore unix geeks (Moderated)
alt.unix.interix Forum to discuss the Interix UNIX OS for Windows NT.
alt.unix.wizards Like comp.unix.wizards, only unmoderated.
alt.unpopularbooks No description.
alt.unruly.rapscallions.bert-hoff Behave, dag-nabbit!
alt.untitednations.taigslies No description.
alt.untp alt.untp.server Subnews for the UNTP community
alt.uofb.bis No description.
alt.uos.gijres.pjmwl.g.k.h.llxn feueiaihausoooaegoz
alt.up-your-gi-gi-with No description.
alt.up-your-gi-gi-with.a-woo-woo-brush No description.
alt.up-your-gi-gi-with.a-woo-woo-brush.dowap via BM's NRW
alt.up-your-gi-gi-with.a-woo-woo-brush.harry-bloomfield Hi Harry
alt.up-your-gi-gi-with.a-woo-woo-brush.keith-wigdor moooooo
alt.up-your-gi-gi-with.a-woo-woo-brush.keith-wigdor.aka moooooo
alt.up-your-gi-gi-with.a-woo-woo-brush.paul-heslop poor lil' paulie
alt.upa Discussion and examples of UseNet Performance Art.
alt.upc No description.
alt.upe.kcfrpw.b.nisiyy.xwfv No description.
alt.ur En ourdou. No description.
alt.ur.test En ourdou.
alt.ur.wikipedia « Wikipedia », l'encyclopédie libre...
alt.urine As requested
alt.urine.trouble You're in trouble!
alt.urokosodoji Discussions on current Urokosodoji, Inc. projects The lowest of the low, Bob Officer The lowest of the low, Fred Hall Discussions abot HKT and us.* eaonswpmgoifk Discussions about HKT and us.*
alt.usa-0wns-j00 usa is THE superpower
alt.usa-0wns-j00.ass-trailia the usa own you
alt.usa-0wns-j00.can-uh-duh the usa own you
alt.usa-0wns-j00.france the usa own you
alt.usa-0wns-j00.germany the usa own you
alt.usa-sucks Not like an Electolux.
alt.usa-sucks.but-0wnz-j00 the usa owns the world
alt.usa-sucks.but-0wnz-j00.none-the-less the usa owns the world
alt.usa.disaster No description.
alt.usa.the-only the usa owns the world
alt.usa.the-only-superpower usa is THE superpower
alt.usa.the-only.superpower the usa owns the world
alt.usage.chinese Discussion in/of the Chinese language
alt.usage.english English grammar, word usages, and related topics.
alt.usage.german Questions and answers about the German language.
alt.usage.icelandic Discussion of the Icelandic language
alt.usage.italiano Discussion of the Italian language
alt.usage.names Name meanings, origins, conventions, and ideas.
alt.usage.spanish The Spanish language. No description.
alt.usenet-hopper.trashcan random Bins
alt.usenet-nomads No description.
alt.usenet.abusers.databasix Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.usenet.abusers.john-mcadams Usenet abuse discussion
alt.usenet.abusers.petitmorte Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.usenet.anonymous-role the men behind the curtain
alt.usenet.anonymous-role.snuhperv snuhperv has an anonymous role
alt.usenet.cancel.forger.chris-lewis is a cancel forger
alt.usenet.commoners tributes to the commoners
alt.usenet.commoners.rjacobs tribute to a commoners
alt.usenet.fuckheads.hannigan.rikijo Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.usenet.god.dr-hangnail I am your messiah.
alt.usenet.god.terry-moore PikerUK is a usenet god!
alt.usenet.goddess.christina Home of Dufus DVUS
alt.usenet.goodbye No description.
alt.usenet.kook-of-the-century that peter j. ross critter is kotc!!
alt.usenet.kook-of-the-century.peter-j-ross-a-roonie pjr is kotc!
alt.usenet.kook.robert.barton No description.
alt.usenet.kook.stan-de-sd Wanted to warn everybody
alt.usenet.kook.stan-rosenthal Wanted to warn everybody
alt.usenet.kooks Home of Peter J Ross & Sean Monaghan
alt.usenet.kooks.andrew-chung discussion of notorious kook and liar
alt.usenet.kooks.arthur-h-schwartz No description.
alt.usenet.kooks.dowap see dean. see dean 0wn dowap.
alt.usenet.kooks.gregory-hall A froup for Gregory, the award winning kook
alt.usenet.kooks.impeach-sean-monaghan Throw Sean out like a used tampon
alt.usenet.kooks.jet All about a kook going by the name of Jet.
alt.usenet.kooks.john-corliss No description.
alt.usenet.kooks.keith-wigdor keithey is a kook
alt.usenet.kooks.peter-j-ross-a-roonie.farted-for-a-week wah wah wah
alt.usenet.kooks.phoenix Phoenix is my bitch.
alt.usenet.kooks.phoenix.phoenix Phoenix is my bitch.
alt.usenet.kooks.phoenix.phoenix.phoenix Phoenix is my bitch.
alt.usenet.kooks.ratm-at-cotse-com discussion of discussion of
alt.usenet.kooks.sandra-maier All about a kooky cunt.
alt.usenet.kooks.sandra-maier.aka All about a kooky cunt.
alt.usenet.kooks.sandra-maier.aka.jet All about a kooky cunt.
alt.usenet.legend.anal-polyp paying tribute to a usenet legend
alt.usenet.legend.eugene-a-calame go eugene!
alt.usenet.legend.eugene-calame go eugene!
alt.usenet.legend.vertel a true usenet legend in his own
alt.usenet.legend.wobblemetits For Steph, Obviously.
alt.usenet.legends Discussion forum relating to the legends of the Internet
alt.usenet.legends.adie-snuh-man No description.
alt.usenet.legends.biff-mullins go biff go!
alt.usenet.legends.biff-mullins.rides-again usenet legend discussion
alt.usenet.legends.big-red-helmut go helmut go!
alt.usenet.legends.bill-cleere bill cleere is a usenet legend
alt.usenet.legends.bumpy A test.
alt.usenet.legends.cypher You know you love Rob Cypher.
alt.usenet.legends.dana No description.
alt.usenet.legends.david-ritz go david go!
alt.usenet.legends.dean-humphries dean roxors r soxors
alt.usenet.legends.dean-snuh-man No description.
alt.usenet.legends.derek derek roxors r soxors
alt.usenet.legends.doc Discussion of Usenet personality Doc.
alt.usenet.legends.duab Discussion of Usenet personality and
alt.usenet.legends.eugene-a-calame eugene roxors r soxors
alt.usenet.legends.frogbutt No description.
alt.usenet.legends.hivemind-snuhboi all about hivemind snuhboi
alt.usenet.legends.hokey-wolf he needs more dancing grrls
alt.usenet.legends.jason-christie what the heck is a gortican?
alt.usenet.legends.jungleacid hank was right about the snow!
alt.usenet.legends.kate No description.
alt.usenet.legends.kemosabe kemosabe is the king of os warez
alt.usenet.legends.lamey No description.
alt.usenet.legends.lester-mosley lester the usenet legend
alt.usenet.legends.liberalminded Liberalminded Legend Usenet
alt.usenet.legends.mike-soja A test.
alt.usenet.legends.moul No description.
alt.usenet.legends.natasha No description.
alt.usenet.legends.poetic-badgers pb is a usenet legend indeed
alt.usenet.legends.posi A test.
alt.usenet.legends.raoul-xemblonsky-iii go raoul go!
alt.usenet.legends.reverend-parson-peter-parsnip tribute to a legend
alt.usenet.legends.ryannosaurus No description.
alt.usenet.legends.sinner No description.
alt.usenet.legends.sinner-is-wun-twice No description.
alt.usenet.legends.soapy soapy is truly a usenet legend
alt.usenet.legends.the go beet man go!
alt.usenet.legends.the.beet-man go beet man go!
alt.usenet.legends.usenet-rulez No description.
alt.usenet.legends.voodoo No description.
alt.usenet.legends.voodoo-highway A test.
alt.usenet.liar.alexandra.kittrie Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.usenet.liar.kevin.cannon Created by GruppenSchnitzer users as a public
alt.usenet.mad-newgrouper fuhgehtabautit!
alt.usenet.mad-newgrouper.extraordinaire fuhgehtabautit!